Why it’s Important to Split Test Your Landing Pages?

Why it’s Important to Split Test Your Landing Pages?

The importance of landing pages cannot be under-estimated because they help build loyalty with customers. Through landing pages, you are able to collect email addresses which in the long run can be used to market new products, services or even promote content. However, many people simply don’t split test enough so when they see low conversions they give up. I’m here to tell you everything has to be split tested until you see optimal conversions. For example, authority bloggers will tell you the following:

You have to split test:

  • Landing pages
  • Website design
  • Email newsletter
  • Content
  • And even track data

I know this seems like a lot of work however you have awesome tools which can help you track everything you need from top to bottom. Once you find out what works, you can start implementing the changes, and increase your conversions. However, it’s important we first look at the importance of split testing your landing pages.


Unbounce is one of the best landing page testing tools in the market.

Let’s get started and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Improve Conversion Rate

Landing pages allow you to improve your conversion rate so you get more out of your customers. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or simply promoting content because the end goal is engagement. The higher the engagement, the higher chance you’ll be able to achieve conversions. For example, if you can get more people to read your content, you’ve increased the ability for them to share your content on Facebook or even Twitter. This means more people will find your content, and allow your blog to grow within your niche.

Your ultimate objective should be to make sure people opt-into your landing page so you can build loyalty with them going forward.

Mobile Conversions

It’s no secret that mobile phones are playing an even more important role with bloggers. It’s stated around 65% of people are checking content on smartphones so you have to make sure your content is completely visible when viewing. This means you have to split test landing pages to ensure they display EXACTLY the way you want them to. Remember, the more people who check your content or landing page through mobile devices, the more likely they’ll opt-in however you have to ensure you have a clear-cut landing page which displays accurately. For example, pay attention to these elements:

  • The content displayed on your landing page making sure you keep every condensed and bullet points;
  • Have clear call-to-actions so people know what to do once they land on the page;
  • Ask for only the information necessary because too much information can push the person away;
  • Make sure the landing page design is responsive because this means it’ll adjust to the smart-phone screen.

The good news is you probably have smart phone, and can check the design when you like right? If you don’t then you can use tools like: quirktools.com/screenfly/ which is an awesome tool to check how your page will display on devices like:

  • Desktop PC’s
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Etc.


The most important reason to test your landing page is to grow your business. It’s stated that email retention is the best way to keep visitors in the loop so it’s important to have them opt-in to your newsletter for updates or content and products. Blogs go stagnant when they have NO clear cut way to grow their business so make sure you get visitors as subscribers. It’s important to note that other marketing strategies can get very expensive overtime because of the increasing bids on PPC or even banner ads. However, once someone opts into your landing page they can be loyal subscribers for years WITHOUT you spending a dime trying to get them back.

I encourage you to test your landing page so that you continue to grow your business, and this will help you achieve your bottom line. When your business does NOT grow then you tend to lose motivation to continue which destroy your business going forward.

Start by signing up for a solid ESP because they offer great ways to split test your landing page. They also provide you with the necessary statistics you need to know what’s working or what’s not.

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