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Service: VPN Service

Ok, their support STINKS, and I mean it stinks. This must be a 1 man show! There was a screw up on my credit card, my credit card company did a charge back on all charges of the day that my credit card was lost, one of them charges included hidemyass. Anyhow - I told my cc company that HMA was ok, so they immediately reversed the charge-back, but HMA refused to allow me in and they disabled my account, saying "because I performed a chargeback to them, my account is permanently disabled and that if I wish I may re-order for another $78.60 for the year." WAIT one min HMA, you already have my money from the reversal the credit card company did!! Anyhow, they refused to re-enable my account. So i called the CC company to file a complaint, they said they will re-issue another chargeback to the, HOWEVER this time there is a $20 charge to me! So I am going with http://www.hide-my-ip.com/ as they are really gaining on HMA.

Service: VPN Service

You vpn works really great and i love with would always do bussiness with you

Chris F
Service: VPN Service

Pro VPN is very very slow. Speedtest.net has my downloads coming in at 5-10% of non-vpn speeds.

Service: VPN Service

We tried Hide My Ass for a French VPN because we like to watch French television programs which are blocked in the US. The service was very unreliable so we later found a good German VPN which is actually working great for 4 euros per month. I asked HMA for a refund starting the first week. What a joke! One excuse after another all for $11! I asked 5 times for a refund and each time they gave me a different excuse. It was almost comical. Finally I just told them to keep the $11. and buy themselves a couple of drinks. Really a pathetic unethical company. I would have considered them for vpns for other countries but not now. Run from these guys.

Liam D
Service: VPN Service

HMA was working great for about a month, and then it just shut off. I emailed them asking about the service and got a response to the effect that they were aware of the problem, their servers were down, and they hoped to get them up and running shortly. That was four days ago, and it's still not up and running. And I paid for this service a year in advance ... they might have screwed me out of my subscription fee.

Service: VPN Service

I think the support from HMA is very good, they tried to help you work through the issues. For some reason, both my Apple and Windows system had lots of problems from Asia. I just couldn't hook up consistently with there servers in the states. I think if they could get that reliability issue up it would be an awesome product. As I said in my first line, they have a great support center. They provided my funds back so they stand behind the product.

Service: VPN Service

hidemyass = shopyourass - no warrant required. Downloaded music... no problem these guys will shop you on request.

Curt R.
Service: VPN Service

I'm a little new to vpn use but I have no shortage of business knowledge. I contracted HMA's service to procure a secure connection to my USA based services while I travel abroad. I accessed my Paypal account using HMA's service with the result that Paypal found that to be suspicious and place my account on "limited" status until i verified it. Of course HMA's email warning not to use HMA to connect to Paypal came AFTER I had already attempted it and even though I verified my Paypal account within two days, there was a "charge back" to HMA without my knowledge.

HMA said there was a dispute placed on the order. I did not dispute it and in trying to rectify the situation (I was perfectly willing to use any other method of payment HMA would like), HMA said I would no longer be welcome to contract their services.

There are a million other VPN services out there that actually want my business and I am more than happy to give my business to someone else.

Do Not Trust these People
Service: VPN Service

this UK company do keep server logs, and upon request have just released them to the united states, i believe it was to so with lulzsec hackers using their service, the point being, this company cannot ensure your anonimity, or more importantly, your privacy. Therefore, what is the advantage of using them over your normal internet access?

Editor's note: please read this blog post => http://blog.hidemyass.com/2011/09/23/lulzsec-fiasco/

Steve Chalmers
Service: VPN Service

I use HideMyAss to watch Hulu from outside of the U.S and it's very fast.

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