Best VPN Services of 2016

Top 10 VPN Services of 2016

Rank Provider Avg. User Rating User Reviews Would
Price From Link
1 ExpressVPN
5 100% $8.32 Visit Website
2 Liberty VPN
1 100% $8.99 Visit Website
1 100% $2.49 Visit Website
4 PureVPN
21 76% $6.00 Visit Website
5 VyprVPN
5 80% $6.67 Visit Website
6 ibVPN
3 67% $1.54 Visit Website
7 StrongVPN
2 50% $5.83 Visit Website
8 HideMyAss
38 42% $6.99 Visit Website
9 SwitchVPN
3 33% $6.66 Visit Website
10 OverPlay
1 0% $8.33 Visit Website

Recent VPN Service Reviews

  • ibVPN website screenshot
    ibVPN User Reviews


    "I for one have absolutely no complaints. This is an amazing online service insomuch that it is clear that many will want to have access. Plus that you can't beat ..."

  • ExpressVPN website screenshot
    ExpressVPN User Reviews


    "I have used expressvpn for years and it has always kept great security, privacy and speed no matter where I am."

  • HideMyAss website screenshot
    HideMyAss User Reviews


    "Used for a week, all it did was make my internet connection constantly go in and out. Then, THEY REFUSED TO REFUND MY MONEY after only 7 days of use. This company ..."

  • HideMyAss website screenshot
    HideMyAss User Reviews


    "Although not the cheapest service it is defiantly one of the best i have ever come across. There is a huge choice of countries and speeds that simply cannot be matched ..."

  • HideMyAss website screenshot
    HideMyAss User Reviews


    "HMA disables your account if you download bittorents. HAPPENED TO ME. DO I REALLY NEED TO EXPLAIN FURTHER?"

  • VyprVPN website screenshot
    VyprVPN User Reviews


    "I've been very happy with vypr. It was very easy to set up and get connected. I like that they give you 5GB of dump truck online storage free too. The discounted ..."

  • HideMyAss website screenshot
    HideMyAss User Reviews


    "They keep far more detailed logs than they claim. Your private browsing is monitored - they terminated my connection for downloading a TV programme! Included in ..."

  • SwitchVPN website screenshot
    SwitchVPN User Reviews


    "SwitchVPN is useless. I tried the service and requested for refund within 30 days. I never received the refund and Tech Support was always offline whenever I tried ..."

  • HideMyAss website screenshot
    HideMyAss User Reviews


    "Love it. Been living abroad for 3 years (Cayman Islands) and can finally watch 'normal' television :) I probably would have needed support as I couldn't work out ..."

How to Choose the Best VPN Provider

A virtual private network (VPN) is a fantastic way to protect your online privacy and get around Internet censorship but it’s also important to remember that both your online security and privacy will depend upon the quality of the service provided by your VPN provider. Likewise and before selecting a VPN service provider, you will need to ask the following two important questions:

  • What do you want out of your VPN provider or service? In other words, are you living in or often travel to foreign countries where there is Internet censorship or do you live abroad and just want an IP address that will give you access to websites like Hulu, Netflix or BBC iPlayer? Moreover, how important is the data you transmit over the Internet?
  • What is the reputation and reliability of the VPN providers you are considering? In other words, will you get your full money’s worth out of the VPN service you ultimately decide on?

Likewise, other important considerations when selecting a VPN service will include the following:

  • VPN Cost Consideration. There are plenty of VPN providers who offer VPN packages that range from a few dollars a month to around $20 a month. However and as with any service, you get what you pay for or don’t pay for. In other words, a $20 a month VPN service might be more value for your money if its more reliable and secure than a $5 a month VPN service.
  • VPN Privacy Considerations. The whole point of having VPN is to protect your online privacy and to get around Internet censorship. Hence, your VPN service provider will need to have adequate infrastructure and more importantly, make sure that the provider does not keep a log of your online activities. After all, this would defeat the whole purpose of protecting your online privacy with a VPN service.
  • VPN Security Considerations. Likewise, another point of using a VPN service is to protect the security of your data while surfing the Internet. For users with high security requirements, make sure your VPN provider offers or supports protocols like L2TP, Ipsec or SSL. On the other hand and if you just want to watch streaming websites like Hulu or Netflix, PPTP will be enough.
  • VPN Severs in Other Countries. If you live in China or a number of Middle East countries where there is heavy Internet censorship, you will need a VPN provider that has servers in other countries in order to get around the local firewalls. Likewise and if you need an IP address in a specific country in order to access streaming websites in that country, you will need to make sure that your VPN service provider has servers there.

With the above considerations in mind, you should have no problems finding a couple of VPN service providers who can meet whatever requirements you have for both online security and online privacy.

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