Web Hosting Tools

Website Speed Test

Don’t let a slow website drive your visitors away. Use our free website speed test from multiple locations around the world to test the load time of a web page and get optimization tips. Current testing locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and India.

Website Host Lookup

Find out who is hosting any website from a domain name or a URL. Get technical details about the web hosting company hosting the site, including the content delivery network(s) used.

SSL Error Checker

Having a problem securing your website? Use our SSL Error Checker to troubleshoot issues with SSL certificates.

Remote Black List Lookup

Use this tool to check whether or not your IP address has been blacklisted by one of the many remote services.

IP-to-Location Database

Get the geographical location of any given IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Simple FTP/SFTP Backup Script

This free Perl script allows you to backup your website files and databases over FTP/SFTP automatically using cron jobs.

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