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"Wysiwyg Environment"

Website: propolar.org

Easy to use with pre formatted field types. Allows some changes on format configuration if you know some code. Not so amazing on design. Allows also to incorporate code blocks. I believe some of the previous upgrades on features didn't turn out on a higher performance. I would recommend trying to maintain the older functionalities in this cases. On the other hand, buttons tool is likely needing an improvement on design. But in general, a nice reinforcement on features and good supply on additional applications.

I use Weebly for more than 5 years. I have tried out some other services (I confess) but still keep faithful to Weebly. I have a lot of data on my website and I believe it makes it slower to edit and sometimes it blocks, which obligates me to turn it off and restart. Or making refresh on the page but it brings you to the homepage of your site and not allows solves the blocking.

Weebly remains completely free of charge for us, thank you so much! Some constraints on the free version but I believe it's the "price". I'm still with the hope to get search engine as a free tool!

Finally, thank you sincerely for the good support.

Nanne van Doorn

"Easy To Built And To Use"

Website: nannevandoorn.weebly.com

To built a free website Weebly is easy to use. You can manage your website both on your laptop and your tablet.

I use the webhosting for more than 1 year and never had any problem. Not so many formats and only 10 pages. Periods in statistics not easy to understand.

Michael France

"Brilliant Web Hosting Site"

Website: oldfallingsurc.org

I have been running Oldfallings URC web site for a couple of years and I must say as an amateur I find the web site easy to navigate. When I do need help there help is very good. I would recommend Weebly.

Alan Ryan

"Weebly Rocks!"

Website: interactional.org

I have a very simple site that was quick and easy to create using Weebly's interface. Also, very easy to edit and upload again and again.

I was especially happy with Weebly when I acquired my domain name (registered with a separate company). As I was busy, I asked Weebly what to do about redirecting to my site. They immediately sent a lovely email, with a section written for my domain name registrar (Register 365) supplying relevant details so that they could do it for me!

Weebly remains completely free of charge for me, and I couldn't be happier with their support and general attitude, despite them never getting any money from me.

Adam gill

"Complete Rubbish"

Website: outdoorfitnesscoach.com

Not much to say other than a total waste of time and money


"Weebly Is The Best Free Website Maker."

Website: ikredittkort.com

I have been using Weebly for almost 6 years, and it is in my opinion the best free website maker I have seen. Decided to upgrade to the pro version 5 years ago, and am still using it.

Weebly is perfect if you don't know how to code, or think wordpress is to complicated. Just drag and drop!

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