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Stacy Peairs

"Always Excellent"

Website: bradisom.com

I've used Webhosting Hub multiple times & have always been extremely satisfied with the customer service, tech service and the over all outcome. I would recommend them anyday & their pricig is great, too.

Nathan Collins

"Great Hosting - Poor Customer Service"

Website: npccontracting.com

Web Hosting Hub has the worst technical support program that I have ever experienced with any company! I have had an issue with them for the past week and I called for customer support and after being on hold for almost an hour I gave up. I tried again at a different time with the same futile results. Each time I call I get the old "we are experiencing longer than normal wait times and please wait while additional agents are made available". NOT!

I tried contacting customer support through the email option and received a reply that a representative would call me back within a couple of days. The return call never happened. I emailed customer support again and keep getting auto reply answers. Needless to say I am frustrated and not at all pleased with Web Hosting Hub. This sentiment has been expressed by numerous others on reviews of this company that can be found on the web.

I previously had Go Daddy for years. I was seduced by Web Hosting Hubs lower price. Fools gold is what I got

Dr. Uchechukwu Eke

"Excellent Services"

Website: http:test prof.org

I stumbled on webhosting Hub when I was presnented with the choice of picking a company to host my domain. When I chose webhosting Hub for the first time I did I not know what to expect. Some how I was attracted by all you promised to offer including your web builder Boldgrid.

I am glad to say that I am proud I chose webhosting hub. Your services are excellent. Your support is supper excellent.

Dr. U. Eke

Ted Schaar

"Excellent Host Company"

Website: naturalscratch.com

My sites have been on Web Hosting Hub for several years now, and I am very pleased. Help desk technicians are knowledgable, friendly, and efficient. And, without exception, they answer my questions patiently and expertly. Billing is straightforward, charges reasonable.


"Good Service"

Website: iosonovegano.it

Your customer service has a very high level. Pleople are clever and kind and they always reply understanding the promlem

and trying to fix it in every way. Very good!+

Dwight Clough

"Best Of Both Worlds"

Website: dwightclough.com

Great support! Great price! I've been here for years, and I'm very happy.

Jim Jones

"Unbelievably Incompetent Host."

Website: antifraudintl.org

After reading some good reviews (How many are posted by them?) we decided to go with Web hosting hub. We found their support staff to be good but limited in what they could do.

They then received an INVALID and fraudulent DMCA take down request which they had been notified of in advance, instead of just removing the image and contacting us they totally suspended our account without any warning and would not even allow us to remove the content.

Even when we offered decisive proof that the request was invalid their unethical and unprofessional legal department acted totally wrong and refused to activate us again.

Now despite any or all good things one may read about this unbelievably bad hosting group and their incredibly incompetent legal department it is of no use when your website is suspended and they will not act in accordance with their many boasts about how "the customer comes first"

This seems to me to be false and misleading advertising from this very bad hosting organization.

If anyone is thinking of going with them I suggest you look elsewhere, if being up and running is of any importance to you.

Frank Petrucci

"Excellent Service"

Website: lightofthetimes.com

Excellent Service..need I say more?

Peter Blake

"Very Helpful"

Website: fatherpeteols.com

I have had a difficult time getting back to my blog I set up @ fatherpeteols.com to add content. WordPress doesn't recognize my username/password. I called for support and and set up an online chat with Jami. He was very helpful and understood I am not technology savvy. To try to log in at the WP site I had to end the chat, and never did get to my blog. I can get to WebHosting, to the Cpanel, etc., but not to the actual blog ad-min site.


"Excellent Service"

Website: cppbetterexplained.com

Excellent service that was very quick

Fred Mason

Website: themaverickpath.com

I love their patience and availability! With how nervous I was, they made sure my website was taken care of before they got off the phone.


Website: vibrantacresfarmstead.com

I am new to this whole blogging process and building is a bit frustrating but I had questions and they were quickly and easily answered!


Website: simplyjerry.com

So far so good.

Eric Peyer

The staff is amazingly friendly and helpful, but ultimately the process was a bit too complex for us. We are looking for something more canned--which is obviously not for everyone/perhaps more advanced designers/developers.

Joe P.

Website: jerseysmarts.com

Web Hosting Hub has been absolutely wonderful to work with during my transition. I spent 10 years with my old host first as a shared hosting customer and then as a reseller. Not only was my old host incredibly overpriced for the market, but they were lousy with follow-up on customer service requests. They also had a stance that the customer was always wrong, which was exacerbated by the fact that you never dealt with the same person twice.

Web Hosting Hub changed my mind on what a hosting company can be. They are quick to respond to help requests and they are proactive in helping push off potential problems by e-mailing me about red flag issues before they become worse. When I needed to transfer my suite of websites from my old host to Web Hosting Hub, their support team seamlessly uploaded and installed the CPanel backups for each site. No questions asked, no problems encountered - it was amazing.

On the back end, the user interface is clean and efficient. It's a very intuitive design that shows great care and thought was put into its creation. The process to set up addon domains is smooth and easy. I can't say enough good things about the way that Web Hosting Hub has organized itself.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with the switch that I made to Web Hosting Hub.


Just wanted to send a quick email that \'ve called many times for help with my first site transfer from another host and each time I\'m always impressed by the level of help I receive from each tech support agent.

Tonight Kevin L helped me and remembered when I had called last week for an error I was receiving. He fixed my problem tonight and I was on my way in 10 minutes (including the hold time!)


Website: igorstallthoughts.us

I just talked to Carlos E. in WebHostingHub tech support, he was knowledgeable, polite, fast, and everything you want in a customer support person. He solved 2 issues that I had in less than 3-4 minutes. Thanks Carlos, and thanks HUB.

Frost Newton

Website: frostnewton.com

This is now the second site I'm building on HUB and I'm so impressed with the customer service and all the resources they provide.

They've made a very complex process easy and accessible through their on-line resources and their CSRs have been great.


Website: alexbradbury.co.uk

I just had a chat with Alicia H in the Web Hosting Hub Chat for a email server issue and she was very helpful and quick to resolve the problem. Top service!

David D.

Website: autowebsite.net

I've been a customer of WebHostingHub for a little over 2 years now and have nothing but positive things to say. They have always been extremely helpful. They have never let me down in any way. I've been surprised a few times by this company and each time it was something that they did for me without me asking. I took a long time studying hosting companies before I went with WHH and have had an excellent experience with them from day one.

Rob G.

Website: designpath.com

I've had nothing but good experiences with WebHostingHub. The few times I've had to call tech support were met with enthusiastic and informative help. I think the value for the money is outstanding and after weeks of research, I'm very happy to have found them.


Website: surefireonlinemarketing.com

WebHostingHub has amazing customer service. Contacting them, sorting any problems and getting quick, direct answers is an absolute pleasure. Of course their hosting service, range of services, cost, etc are also excellent. Probably a bit more expensive than other crappy web hosts but, as they say, you get what you pay for. I recommend them highly to people I know and here as well.

Abraham Kuhr

Website: avikuhrdesign.com

Hi Web Hosting hub,

Your one of the best web hosting resources.

Amazing techsupport

What a great web hosting company!

Thanks you web hosting hub for being a human company that cares about its clients

Best Regards,

Abraham Kuhr


Website: wholesomegifts.com.au

Very good. Quick and answered my question.


I'm a newbie without any skill to process in Web Hosting and not good in express English Language. But Sincerely say with my experience. Web Hosting Hub Is Come With Friendly, Good Patients, Politeness etc.

Phillip Luther

Website: fatcityfootballpool.com

I contacted your support for help with my site. I talked to Sean L. via email and he helped me get my site back running. He was polite and courteous and very knowledgeable. I am glad to know that he will be there if I ever need support again. Thanks!!


Website: reallyawesomemarketing.com

Don't do this to yourself. I'm a developer, I have about 40 clients who were on their servers (I also used their service) recently, every single bloody one of them got hacked. Clients on other hosts had no issue, but anyone who was with WHH was down and out. This isn't the first time I've had this problem with them. They used to be great but they have really declined in the last several years. the security is terrible and worst of all, they offer no support when it happens. Apparently it's all 40 people's fault, not theirs. Today they deleted all of my files because I had a "security breech" they didn't warn me or try to resolve, just wiped them. They even wiped files that were zipped and not possibly hacked. So really, just say no to this one.

Anthony Scopel

Website: youmeandthedock.com

I was very satisfied with your support


Website: bravelittlesalamander.com

Wow, I was expecting to be sent back a list of instructions I would barely understand on how to try and restore my own site, but instead I get an email right away stating that my site has been completely restored and as far as I can tell so far it has been!



Website: championmetalinc.com

I had an issue with editing my website. Quick response and quick resolve


Website: nutrizionebenessere360.com

Excellent service all the positive praise and great staff really 10

Talia Loos

Website: random9q.net

Excellent support, this was the beginnings of an exit from this service for me as I now need a VPS with SSH service. Up until then, I've had no problems with the service or support, which was especially courteous.

The only thing I wish had been discussed was the wrinkle I later had with Melbourne IT, which WebHostingHub revends for the purpose of domain registration. For whatever bizarre reason, Melbourne IT does not provide any means to simply accept a domain transfer, only reject it. This leaves a persons personal details publicly visible for some time (the simple increase in spam traffic I gained verified it, I'll hopefully never know that anyone was interested in my street address). A simple mention that this was the case might have given me what I needed in the way of time to prepare for this and mitigate it somewhat.

Peter Capazzi

Website: goldenraintree3.com

I installed RoundCube via Softalicious with default settings. Support says that it's 3rd party and cannot assist.

That left me feeling that I need to look elsewhere for support with installations from Softalicoius.

Drupal works from the get-go... why not RoundCube?

Loukas Mikoniatis

Website: louk-kep.com

Excellent service

Betty St John

Website: tripleluckjewelry.com

Your staff has been very friendly and helpful. I give them an "A".




Website: stellarcreations.net

super helpful and very professional to speak with.

Thank you



Website: randoffice.com

Support was good, seeking help when difficult and extraordinary.

Heather Decker-Davis

Website: heathermdecker.com

The customer service person was very helpful. I was actually going to cancel my service but I decided to stay.

Gail Love

Website: sbpflorida.com

Web Hosting Hub is the best hosting service I've ever had. Professional, great technical support, and plenty of features. Keep up the good work...


Website: none yet

complicated start-up... the service I'm desiring to migrate from has poor support, but a very simple and user friendly site development program (almost a drag and drop graphics and text) with the ability for multi-templates per web site. Note sure I'll move forward.

Denise Cullen

Website: iraparry.com

Christian Ba. responded quickly to my request with easy to understand instructions. Problem resolved with minimal effort on my part. THANKS Christian!


Website: not public

Have used many hosting services and am very happy with the features, price and support.

Bob Rockefeller

Website: bobrockefeller.com

I get fat, accurate and consistent support when I may have a question or need some help.

Carla B

Website: shinykoala.com

What fabulous customer service!! Here's what I've experienced in the last two days with them :D

Yesterday, I was getting myself in a terrible tangle regarding DNS records and Edward, the customer service rep, sorted out the correct method to use smoothly and without hassle, and even implimented it straight away. It was just so reassuring to have someone there to help! He was polite, speedy, knowledgable and it was overall a very satisfying interaction.

Today, despite having to wait a good five minutes to be connected to the team on live chat (something I haven't experienced before!), I found Cory the rep was polite, attentive, knowledgeable and knew exactly the issue I was experiencing with regards to Logaholic not working and how to solve it. The interaction took longer than normal but that was due to the issue and the solution. Again, a very satisfying call with everything sorted out once again.

I really am astounded at the level of customer support supplied by WHH. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I especially love the fact I am able to contact them whenever I have a problem and the time difference is actually ideal as I mostly work during the evening (I'm in the UK) and this means it is lunchtime/afternoon with them and there is always someone there.

I seriously cannot recommend Webhostinghub enough, service has been perfect from the very moment I signed up 9 months ago.

Marius M.

Website: amigosenared.com

I'm a happy WebHostingHub's customer!!!!

After trying that called "big and best" hosting companies like: Hostgator, Bluehost, Arvixe, GoDaddy, Mochahost, 1and1 and others, like 5 months ago I finally fund the best hosting company ever, WebHostingHub.

I also resell hosting packs of various companies, witch I tested and discovered as the worse hosting ever.

Now, I happily host Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop, Elgg, Boonex Dolphin, personalized Roundcube Mail, other CMS and HTML sites at WebHostingHub.

At the beginning I was suspicious because of customer's support nice treat and the low price.

They helped me from the begging with the restoration of my cPanel backup.\r\nEach time I had a problem or a misunderstanding, because I'm a beginner of coding, I asked support via the online chat and each time the operators resolved the problems in matter of minutes. I really hated with the previous hosting companies when requesting support in their online chat, getting links to open tickets, or email addresses to like support@... , witch they answered in days...

With WebHostingHub i got installed a SSL certificate in only 10 minutes, via chat.

I fully recommend them and I hope they will keep like this for ever.

Andrew Freeth

Website: andrewfreeth.co.uk

Very impressed. Have had two contacts with you dudes. The presales dude was awsome, I am sorry I have forgotton his name but you need to find out who is is and ensure you keep him. A real asset.

The second dude was a tech support question and he was straight back with the solution.

David Loomis

Website: 18holesforacure.org

I am a complete newbie to website construction. I knew nothing about html, css, or php before attempting this website. When it came time to publish, I did some research and chose Webhostinghub because it offered a good price and received good reviews. Webhostinghub contacted me within minutes after I selected a domain and paid the reasonable fee. The customer service representative was enthusiastic and clearly explained how to find and use the support materials. He asked a number of questions and sent additional materials that specifically addressed topics about which I had concerns. I followed the clear instructions and had the website published in a short time. When I encountered difficulty with the website's "contact" form, I called technical support. My hold time was minimal. The tech support representative listened carefully and quickly checked my website to see if he could help. He clearly explained his analysis, which enabled me to narrow my efforts to fix the problem (quotation marks not closed on one line of html). In sum, I have enjoyed a confidence-inspiring experience with Webhostinghub. Everything works as advertised, the start-up information is clear, and customer support is accessible.

Charmaine E.

I cancelled my website with WebHostingHub because it is extremely difficult to get a hold of the customer support. The first day I was not able to get anyone on the phone. On the second day I waited for on-line chat for an hour and twenty minutes before I was helped.

adolf witzeling

Website: under construction

I did a extensive research before choosing a web hosting service. Webhostinghub had excellent ratings in regard to cost, service and user experience.

After signing up, everything was ready to go in really just minutes. Working on building my first site, I soon ran into technical problems (caused on my end and due to my inexperience).

I called customer service on a Saturday around midnight, and was speaking to someone within minutes - no long waiting periods at all. The very professional and friendly customer rep had my issue resolved in less than 5 minutes by walking me trough it over the phone ( Actually I learned a lot in those 5 minutes just by asking a few questions).

I was a happy camper...! Webhosting is a very competitive business with many good and some not so good providers. To me SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, and webhostinghub in my opinion provide excellent service combined with all the bells and whistles one would expect.

So after all my research paid off and I found a great home for my business I'm in the progress of building up online.

Thanks to webhostinghub and their great staff.


Website: jewelrydiet.com

John S. was very helpful! As with other "helpers," he was prompt, courteous, and kind.

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