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"Do Everything Possible To Avoid This Company, They Are Horrible."

Do everything possible to avoid this company, they are horrible.


"Worst Service Provider"

We have used for more than 3years. At first, this is a good company. This year, our hosting has been stopped 4 times with different reason more than 2 weeks. The technicians lack of internet knowledge and no support from the company. They just always ask you to wait and you need to wait days to resume your service. If you dont want to waste your time and lose your data, you should not use this company.

Ahmad helalat

"Garbage Webhosting"

Webhostingbuzz will kill you online success

To much downtime your data will always be lost because they always restore old backup with out telling .

The support team need to go for college to learn about hosting .

They never fill any of their guarantee that mentioned on there web site uptime or suppport or money back guarantee they are a big scams .


"Very Very Very Baaaaaaad Experience"

I'm loosing my clients, this year 2016 i'm suffring with this horrible poor shit company

suspended accounts, bad migration, poor issus resolution... and many many many reasons that push me to change this service and choose another company


"Not A Reliable Host. "

Website: evobrand.net

I have been with web hosting buzz for ovwer 5 years and frequently, at least once per month my sites will go down. Sometimes for days at a time. I have a reseller account and have lost many clients that have been with me for ovcer a decade because of my choice to switch to this company. It's very embarrassing and detrimental to rely on thier servers.


Website: suspended

I've been with them for over four years and although their web hosting plans have great value, they have had spotty support over the years. When requesting features, some of the customer support didn't know a lot of terminology (SQL, PHP, etc.) and it would always take a few e-mails before they had to "upgrade the ticket to level 2"; for simple questions, it shouldn't take 6 back and forth e-mails. Their support has always been my issue with them, sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow - overall inconsistent, and the people answering me always seem to have little to no experience.

At one point, they suspended my account for 3-4 months because of bandwidth issues. Fair enough, I tried multiple times to log-in to fix it, but I could not even log-in. I kept inquiring as to why I couldn't log-in/why they kept asking me to fix it when I could not even log-in! It was always a different rep replying with the same response; like they couldn't see previous e-mails or something, because I kept telling them I can't fix anything if I can't log-in. I asked if they would pro-rate my plan which sounded like a reasonable request, but no. Poor service, money-hungry company that does not care about customers or their loyalty.


I lost completely all my data websites/databases/emails because of RAID array failure in webhostingbuzz-rs5.abstractdns.com. Check http://status.webhostingbuzz.com/ . So they dont have any redundancy, any other storage backups, any tape library backups nothing.

And this company do not do anything but posted funny offer:

As compensation for the issue that has affected you, we are offering a free upgrade with 1 year's free hosting on any of our next generation reseller hosting plans, found at http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/reseller-hosting.php

Additionally we would like to draw your attention that we're doing this despite the following point of our Terms (full text is available at http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/terms.php )

Alec Viljoen

Website: sportdirect.co.za

I've been with them as a reseller for over 6 years and have no plans to move, they are great. Only once in that time have I had huge downtime when they had to rebuild the server that handled incoming email. Otherwise the service has been faultless, the few times I've had to deal with online help they have also gone out there way to sort out a problem.


Website: designer-daily.com

I've had a dedicated server with WebHostingBuzz for a bit over a year now, and I must say that I'm delighted.

The technical team has dedicated a lot of time to get set up, and they have answered every request I had within one hour. I cannot promise it will be the case for everyone, but for me it was like that.

In one year, the server went down once for ten minutes, but only because they were upgrading it. This is by far the best uptime I've ever had.

Also, the user interface for dedicated servers is very simple to understand and work with, so no worries if it's your first time with a dedicated server (it was my case).

I also own a few websites on shared hostings with WebHostingBuzz, and I must say that those are much faster than the ones I had on other shared hosts. I may be due to WHB owning servers in several places across the world.

Anyway, I now recommend WebHostingBuzz to all my clients, and will keep on doing so.

Andy Sowards

Website: andysowards.com

I just wanted to share with everyone my experience with WebHostingBuzz. First I want to say THANK YOU WebHostingBuzz Team! Your service rocks.

Quickly I will explain where I am coming from. Over the years I have hosted with nearly every hosting company there is (quite literally, either personally or via a client of mine) as I have progressed through my web design, development, and programming career. While some hosts are pretty similar, some are definitely better than others - WebHostingBuzz easily rises above "the rest" and I have noticed a few things while hosting with WHB that I just never experienced with other hosts.

First of all - my UpTime, since hosting with WHB has literally been 100% uptime some months - that is ridiculously awesome. I have had usually 97% or less uptime at other hosts - which 97% is good for most hosts - but 100% is fantastic, and that is what WHB has given me so far. I haven't hosted with them for a super long time, but its been almost a year so far, and I have to say its been my best hosting experience ever. EASILY. I've had nightmare hosting experiences too.

Another thing I have noticed is that my visitors have actually mentioned to me how fast my site is now, and asked me what did I do - and my answer to them was "I optimized the site a little bit, but mostly I switched to WebHostingBuzz!" because I had optimized before I switched to WHB - but no one mentioned it until AFTER I switched to WHB which was about a month later

I haven't had to use their support too often, because I have a server administrator background so I can manage the server myself for the most part via ssh - however, I have used support a few times and they were quick and friendly each time! Which is more than I can say for some other companies.

All in all, no one can tell you what the perfect host for YOU is - you really kind of have to test the waters and try different hosts and find the one that fits you. If you are looking for a new host though, I would definitely urge you to give WHB a try and maybe you can cut down on the time it takes for you to find a nice home on the web where you don't have to worry about paying a ton on hosting and still having your site crash. 10/10 Would recommend again! Good luck on your hosting hunt everyone!

Rich G

Website: solidifyit.co.uk

I have been a WHB customer for over 10 years now.

I started off with a shared hosting package, which was good for my basic needs back then. I then needed more power and added a VPS to my portfolio to run a 7,000 user vBulletin forum.

Early days there were some performance and reliability issues on the shared server, but these have been fully resolved and were always dealt with quickly.

Since then, I have recommended many of my friends, family and customers to use WHB services, and today WHB host a number of dedicated servers, VPS, and shared hosting packages for my business customers, ranging from small web developers to corporate clients.

I note a review commenting on not allowing files over a certain size, this is not my experience. I was once asked to remove a large file that I had uploaded just to share with some friends, and had no problem removing it, the T's & C's openly state that you may not use the servers for file storage purposes.

All in all, value for money and service considered, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending WHB to anyone that asked for great value hosting with excellent support.

I've used many other hosts in the past, and WHB has been the most reliable and efficient service I have used, with great features to boot!

Thanks to all at WHB, here's to another 10 years :)

John Madison

Website: none.com

Cancelled my subscription back in 2008. In 2011 they auto renewed by subscription again. Sent e-mails as if I had requested the re-activation then auto charged the credit card they kept on file.

Emylee Schonhoeft

Website: ificouldfly.net

I am delighted with them, and I have been for the past 5+ years! The support I receive is awesome, never once was I turned down when asking a question like other hosting companies generic "We can't help you with that, it's your ow problem" response. The most helpful support comes from the instant chat support, and sometimes they help me solve my most seemingly obvious questions... like refreshing the cache! I get quick responses through e-mail support tickets if chat can't answer my question immediately.

Webhostingbuzz's shared hosting is one of the feature packed hosting packages I've seen. It includes code-guard, fantastico, softalicous and Google SEO tools, all very easy to set up, even if you know 0 about websites, you can probably start one up by yourself for your business or blog there poking around in the control panel long enough. They also keep upgrading it as well so you aren't left out dated.

Sorry for such a long review, but I hopes it helps you in your decision to find a reliable and awesome company.


Website: robertfabros.com

I have been using WebHostingBuzz for a while and I am really happy with it. The customer support are very friendly and they respond quickly. I had no problems with my VPS server so far, everything is smooth.

Cheated Customer

WHB requires that 90% of your used space be composed of files under 500kb. So practically no image galleries, audio files, video, etc.

Unless you just happen to have 10GB of HTML sitting around you can upload.

That's why they can offer 2TB of space and 20TB of bandwidth. You're not allowed to use it.

Oh, and their support stinks.

I recently received an e-mail from WHB that my account had been terminated because I was violating disk space usage, #11 on http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/?hosting-account-usage-policy.

I'm only using 18GB of the 2TB I purchased (http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/website-hosting.shtml?host_smashingmagazine-special)

Here's #11 in full.

Disk Usage Provision. 90% or more of your content on your website must be linked from an HTML or similarly coded web page where all content is freely available to the public. Your website consists of web pages of a standard design, essentially HTML based text and graphics. Downloadable files, media, streaming content or any file which consumes more than 500kb of space must not exceed 10% of your total used disk quota.

Thomas Sampson

Web Hosting Buzz is by far the best web hosting company out there. There prices are cheap but the satisfaction that you get from hosting with them is priceless. All of their servers are reliable, shared and reseller, on average achieving 99.5% uptime and higher. The support truly is 24/7 and supports tickets are sometimes replied to in minutes usually about 30 miniutes to an hour. I have been a customer for a year now and I have nothing bad to say about them. I highly recommend them!

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