Warez-Host Reviews and Ratings

Warez-Host Reviews and Ratings
  • 9/10 Features
  • 8/10 Speed
  • 9/10 Support
  • 9/10 Overall
Warez-Host is recommended by 5 out of 5 customers.

There are currently 2 user reviews of Warez-Host

  • Asad Aohor

    "The Support Team Provided Me With Helpful Answers"

    Warez-Host review by on

    Service: VPS Hosting
    Website: banglapdf.net

    I spent over 3 weeks looking for reliable host with servers located in Bulgaria and who can meet my monthly budget. I needed VPS hosting account for my warez linking forum board. Found warez-host.com and must say their pricing met my budget. They provide very good support. Solid server configuration. Fast and easy registration process. Would recommend this provider. Have experience in web development for 4 years and just found this offshore host is one of the best ones i ever dealt with.

  • Nicky Stemple

    "I Like Their Features. Recommend Warez-host"

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    Service: VPS Hosting
    Website: bmk-is.com

    I've enjoyed warez-host.com service and their unrivaled transparency. When things go wrong, they explain what's happening and what they're doing to fix it and prevent it in future.
    I run my site at their VPS Bulgaria - everything works fine.
    Very happy so far and my sites are loading much quicker and I am now in control of my server, no limitations and fully managed so if there is anything I would like to experiment with I know I have the help at hand.

    Recommend this decent offshore host.

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