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"Thank You For The Great Service"

Started with a shared account, then moved to a reseller. After my business grew bigger, I moved to a VPS. Was greatly satisfied with all the services, but the thing that attracted me the most was the fact that they accept bitcoin for everything, including domain names. My business is working really good so I am not moving anytime soon. ;)

Clement Molamu

"Nerd Hosting Plan"

Hello. I am using hosting Nerd plan since a few months and I have 2 websites on it. One is wordpress site, other is forum with phpBB installed, I have about 300-500 visitor per day on each. My loading speed is good, I have multiple email addresses but I need to watch for the 100 emails/hour rule, or my emails won't get sent if I send more. The support is friendly and answer really quick when I need help. 10/10 vote from me.

Charlie B

"A Rather Nice Hosting Company With Good Support"


Simply the best customer support experience ever! I had few minor problems with transferring my website from another "famous and horrible" hosting, and they really went more than the extra mile to help, even if the issues had nothing to do with them. With the previous hosting I waited more than 24 hours for an answer, the chat support of THCServers is just brilliant, I contacted them day and night and they always had a solution for my problem.

I highly recommend them, try their services and you will stop having problems with your website!

Unfortunately they do not offer free domains with their hosting plans but overall I am very pleased with them.


"Good Overall Web Hosting Service"

I have setup an account with thc servers in may. It's a wordpress based website, with about 30k-40k visitors per month so nothing fancy. From the beginning I liked the ease I could install WP from cpanel, using Softaculous and my website loads really fast. I have the nerd hosting plan and I am really satisfied with it, so the resource distribution is good. The support was good, they helped me install my ssl certificate free of charge. I like that they accept bitcoin as a payment method. I have their logo on my website, so I got a 10% discount :))


"Beware Do Not Buy Their Hosting Plan"




They are nothing but a scam. I will narrate what happened briefly.

I signed up for an account with them after seeing an offer, and have been a regular customer since 6 months.

Suddenly one day I received an email saying my account is suspended with reason "site is serving up redirection links to spam or malware".

I am a web developer and I use the hosting only for hosting my own site and client sites which I make. I have been using hostgator and bluehost since several years, NEVER had problems with them.

So I contacted them to find out why. They are just saying we got email from some spam site that my hosting is generating SPAM. And then they ask me to send me my legal documents, ID proof and address proof for verification for ICANN. ICANN ??? ICANN is used in domain registration and not hosting. I told the support staff this, and he is lost, he then changes his sentence and says we need that to verify that you didnt use a fake name and address.

I was like WHAT? I have an account with your for 6 months, you didn't bother about my name and address, and now you are bothering about it. And if they really required these verification, why after 6 months ?? Why not after Sign up ?? Now they have my files and everything and harassing me to send documents or they won't reactivate my account at all.

I am asking them to send me the backup of my files. They are not even sending that. Instead they are saying to me, do whatever you want and acting very rude in the chat. Here is the proof of their chat.


Dolorees Sadowa

"Great And Reliable Hosting Company"


I am with THCServers for over one year and i never encountered any problems with their hosting. When I started with them their support was there to guide me when I needed assistance and their cPanel gives me access to lots of programs that I can install - all programs on 2 3 clicks install ... Thank you guys for the exceptional service !!


"Great Services And Support!"


These guys know what they are doing..seriously :) Have been a customer for over a year and even if I have the smallest hosting plan, they always help me out (even if it is not a hosting-related problem)

Thumbs up THC Servers! :D ..and thank you for your patience, I know I can get pretty annoying..

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