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Amir Cohen

"The Best Hosting Experience Of My Life!"


I'm working as a web designer since 1996. In past I had several different hosting companies but none of them were as good as Siteground. Regarding hosting quality, efficiency and the best of all is their quick support. I recommend to all my fellows and clients to open an account on Siteground and they all thank me after experiencing an issue on the website that needs support to be involved.


"Quick Response"


I’ve contacted support a couple of times via chat and they answer very quickly. Very helpful too and resolved all my issues straight away.

They have great online guides as well and easy to set up a wordpress site with.


"The Best Customer Support Specialist Ever"


I've tried many hosting services and Siteground is the best so far. Not only that, even among Siteground's top quality service, Dessy stood out among the rest for just how knowledgeable she is. The initiative she took to help me with something I was stuck in was just incredible :)

Patricia Kammerzell

"Amazing Service From!"


Our organization has been with for four years (since 2014) and we couldn't ask for better service. They are literally always available and have met my needs every single time I contacted them! If you are looking for the BEST, choose Siteground. You will never regret that choice. -Patti with Housing Help of San Diego, CA USA


"Great Customer Service More Than A Thousand Percent"

I've never seen this kind of service before really, not exaggerating, these guys are awesome. I just kept wondering where they been all my life. Martin M., one of their representatives took the extra effort to make my website upload work fine. Incredible. I feel so excited and i will recommend them a thousand times all over. others might say it but these guys do it. shout out to siteground

David McCreary

"Best Support Service In The Industry"


I've built websites for 25 years, used a dozen different providers, including some of the biggest ones in the SF Bay Area. Siteground is FAR superior tp all I've worked with. Whenever I have to submit a ticket for something I'm not smart enough to figure out... I just post the ticket. Leave the browser window open. Hit refresh 1-2 minutes later... and the reply has been posted in detail. I am completely spoiled.




I had questions about my renewals. They explained every detail and after this the numbers on my bill seemed fair compared to the kind of customer service that I've received every time. Excellent support! Thank you!


"Super Support From Chat Team"


Super Chat Support.


"Just Amazing"


There are no words to which do justice as to just how fantastic the folks at SiteGround are. The only regret I have is spending so many years at GoDaddy. The customer service is unlike anything I've ever experienced, and I've experienced a lot of support tickets. This folks are just the nicest people. Extremely polite and willing to go out of their way to help. They take a situation where you may be feeling tense about an issue your having, and by the time their finished, you feel like you just had a beer with a long lost friend.

Your Digi-Biz-Wiz Lyn Bowker

"Simply Awesome Support At Site Ground"


While setting up my own 2 websites and designing another one for a client I've had to ask SiteGround for Support on a number of topics since I'm not a developer.

They've been so friendly and helpful and so EMPATHETIC! That's a breath of fresh air when you're not a developer who codes all day :)

I've had sites hosted with 3 other companies and Siteground is by far the best I've experienced.

It's not ONLY the Support Team sites are faster than before and SiteGround offers everything I need for my online business ventures.

I know, I sound as if they paid me for this review :)) lol, but definitely NOT!

I stumbled on the opportunity to give SiteGround a Review after my chat with Support (again :) today. Hadn't noticed it before.

I cannot recommend SiteGround more highly.

Edgar Axel Abadía

"Great Customer Service. Great Technical Service"

Very pleased with Siteground professional tecnhical service and customer support.

Very fast, they found the problem in seconds and corrected it.

I'm a happy customer.


"Great Customer Service"


Great customer service. Great Technical service. Hosting was been rock solid.

Alvaro G

"Great Tech Support"


Had a problem with inodes and all my sites went down, Tech managed to free some space and allowed me to backup my sites before removing them to reach a reasonable size again. He was very helpful and polite.

yoga arizona

"Big Thanks"


I can't count how many time Costumer service help me...again BIG THANKS!

Wayne Walsh

"Great Customer Service"


Fantastic level of customer care by far the best hosting company I have dealt with head and shoulders above any I have come across in Ireland

Alice-Marie Archer

"Awesome Support"


Thank Goodness for Siteground - always impeccable support!

Curt Stowell



Ivan, is fantastic. I'm not that keen on things and he had the patience to help me out. That's why I stay with and recommend SiteGround. You have excellent support.


"Fantastic Support"

The best around - I can always depend on Sitegorund Support!

Ray Porrello

"I Wish I Could Convince Everyone With This Review... Literally The Best Service You'l..."


I've worked with over a dozen hosting companies between my own sites and client sites, and have always had disappointing service and support. Most can't change settings to accommodate the needs of a modern website (like installing plugins that are too big- what?) or they just send me to articles or random websites to learn how to fix php file or other techie stuff. But not that I'm with Siteground, every time I'm on with their support they go ahead and just do the stuff for me in seconds! Get ssl on my entire site? They ask me if they can just get it done for me! Set up my staging site? Yep, they just did it. Increase my php file upload limits? (Siteground's is already higher than most hosting companies, even the last one I was with that cost over $25/month!).

Seriously, having a company that just helps get stuff done on the hosting side has save me countless hours and tons of frustration in managing our websites. We've moved all our sites over, personal and business, and I try to get all my clients to switch their hosting too. If I'm going to help build their website, I love knowing that I've got such strong support from the hosting.

Linda Whitesitt

"Super Support!"


The support couldn't have been better! My problem was quickly fixed and the advice was spot-on! I'm thrilled with SiteGround!


"Love Siteground"

Great customer service. Great Technical service. Hosting was been rock solid.

James W Happer

"Fast "


I write a ticket after having trouble resolving a problem on my own. In less than ten minutes, Dimo Dimov has investigated and fixed the issue. I don't contact Siteground very often, but they have always been very fast, responsive, and competent.


"Responsive, Professional Customer Support"

We're new to SiteGround and very happy about how things are starting with them. Swift, friendly customer support. Our problem was solved in no time.

Pasquale Clienti

"Fantastic Roisin"


Ragazza veramente molto disponibile e paziente. Grazie per avermi aiutato!


"Fantastic Support Team"

I have been with Siteground for a while and their support team is amazing. For the first time in my 5+ years with them, I had a terrible experience with a support rep who was very uninterested in helping me find a solution to my issue. After the conversation ended with this rep, it was quickly escalated to a manager, Petromir, who was infinitely more helpful and friendly. Petromir diagnosed my issue quickly and was kind enough to give me step-by-step directions to fix it.

Highly recommend SiteGround. They are fantastic!


"Fantastic Support"


Pavel solved my issue within 5 mins and then helped me out with a couple of other little issues i had....fantastic knowledge, excellent support, cannot praise the support team at siteground enough. Have only needed to use them a couple of times but every time they deliver the best support anyone could hope for. 10/10 from me0

Indrani Nayar-Gall

"Website Loading Issue"


I had an issue with website loading properly. Martin was very helpful in resolving the issue

Mr Gary Fielding

"Just What I Wanted To Happen."


Had a problem with video length. Got onto the chat, and Darko Z, and it was fixed for me. Darko did tell me what he was doing, but it didn't mean a thing to me. I am just happy that someone did it for me - and all in 6 minutes. I have used the chat before, I don't know enough to be messing around myself, and it has always beenn an excellent resource.

Seb From WP Sites For Kids

"Just Got Set Up, I Already Know They're Amazing!"


My website has only been hosted with SiteGround for about 20 minutes, and I already know I'm going to love this company.

If you're tired of annoying, slow, and rude support, go with SiteGround. I've been with a couple of Support Teams and SiteGround is by far the best. Their support team is so friendly, so nice, and so, so helpful in such a way that makes me feel good about my choice. I would say that they have THE BEST Web Hosting Support Team in THE WORLD. They also offer a variety of things unique to their company. They offer free SSL certificates, free CDN (Content Delivery Network), free caching, amazing uptime, and a great Money-Back Guarantee! The only thing that is a little bit limited is the Web space, as they only offer 10 Gigabytes of Storage Space for the StartUp Plan. That's fine if you're starting out, though, and if you're only hosting a blog, their StartUp plan is going to be perfect for you for lifetime!

Still, I'd recommend SiteGround to anyone who wants to create a website.

I <3 you SiteGround,

-WP Sites For Kids

Suzana Sporta

"Excellent Help!"


I cant tell you, how much help I got from the Siteground chat members. And all in just a few minutes. I am not an expert in websites, hosing and emails, this but that doesent matter. My questions were simple and maybe stupid but they could solve and explain everything. This is a really recomendable provider here. I would love to have a short video to every section, where you have to fill out your detailes. There are so many options, and a little video can quickly clarify all that. Thank you soooo much!

Bill Stiber

"Great Service"


These guys are all great. Best customer service all around.. So glad I switched to siteground.


"Great Service.. Moved From A Different Hosting.. Been Super Happy Ever Since"


this is a no hassle company ... they are professional and helpful .. love em

Holiday Austria

"Good Prices, Easy Interface And Excellent Support!"


We changed our website hosting to Siteground in Spain, one month ago and are more than happy.

The prices are good, the interface is easy and the support is excellent!

They have different price structures for all your needs and an easy cPanel where you can see everything on one page.

But the best thing about them is the support (I hope in the other languages they are as good as in the Spanish one). They offer different ways of contacting them, for example by chat, what is very useful and they always do their best to help you.

Sitreground, please continue always with your excellent support, this is what makes you outstanding, very personal and adds value to your customers experience.

Thank you, Siteground Team, and talk to you soon :)

hieu tran

"Thank You Steve Mr."


It was great support to help me complete the payment transaction successfully. Very quick reply and serious working attitute.

Thank you alot.

Danny Canning

"General View And Calls For Assistance"


I've been with SiteGround now for three years and have several domains with them. I was originally with GoDaddy but the lack of flexibility with their site builder and over the top pricing policy forced me to look elsewhere. I checked out a number of reviews and settled on Siteground. It proved to be a first glass decision.

Since them, through a number of domains and installations they have proved to be beyond excellent. I've only ever had to raise one ticket and that was resolved quicker than I can type this review. On the very odd occasion I have gone to live chat, I have been served with outstanding friendliness and knowledge. I have never, ever, left a chat where I have not been 100% happy.

I would highly recommend SiteGround to anyone that needs a host. Quality of service and quality of support come as standard.

Maria Rudolph

"Customer Service Rocks!"


Siteground's customer service is absolutely, hands down, the best in the industry. Any industry. I have never had to wait more than a couple of minutes to get someone on a chat and they always figure out what I've done wrong.

Brenda Doucet



I just joined siteground about 10 mins ago. Just how quickly I was able to get around, and how smoothly was a huge improvement from my last host. I spoke with chat and was answered within 5 minutes. I was walked through exactly what I needed to know and she was fast, patient, understanding and easy to follow.

I'm sure I'm going to be very happy here.


"Switched To Siteground"

I am glad I switched from another provider. They have been courtesy and quick with their responses. I have no complaints. Very pleased!

Jenny Lens

"Great Tech Support!!"


I cannot express how great is SITEGROUND!! Today, Antonia P walked me through duplicating a WordPress site in my own domain. I needed a dupe to modify. The cloning didn't update the url correctly. She went into PHPMyadmin and fixed it. Then told me what she did when I asked her. She was very patient. and helpful. SAVED ME SO MUCH TIME!! They rock!

I've used a few other web hosts and they were AWFUL. Horrible live chats, terrible waste of time (one with big ad here, urgh). I ONLY wish I switched over sooner. They are the BEST!!

I've been making WP sites since 2007, making sites since 1995. SiteGround is the BEST!!!

H Blakie

"Support People Are Very Fast And Helpful"


Got into trouble twice today by same wp plugin that locked up my site, contact support chat and spoke to Mladen. He was there and helped me out, twice. Very professional, friendly, helpful and fast, just as any other support staffs I've dealt with in past. Thank you siteground for providing us such help in time of trouble and need, thumbs up for you guys there, couldn't recommend more than this :)

RE Hunter

"Absolutely Love This Company. As Others Have Mentioned Even If You Don't Know Much A..."


Where most companies either provide horrible service and/or charge for every single thing you might need these people will go way above to help out on things I know most other companies would charge for or simply decline. They're also lighting fast with support and always helpful fast and to the point. I've switched from several big names ie Bluehost and Hostgator and those companies aren't even on the same planet as siteground


"Siteground Superhero"


Has a problem. Got through to Siteground customer service in less than 30 seconds. Spoke with Pavel. He got the problem sorted quickly and with no hassle. A real superhero. 10 out of 10.


"10 ??????????"

Website: https:

I know nothing about computers let alone a website. I am so happy I choose Siteground the service for any kind of questions is detailed and instantly resolved. It took 6 weeks of research to decide and I feel secure in the choice. Not to mention a PARTY in my head on not having to commit a year up front for those who cannot afford it. Yay ? Siteground & Thank You for services.???

Kevin Soler

"Quick Reliable Service Each & Every Time"


Once again I needed help resolving an error, this time a 403 error. Within 20 minutes issue was fixed. Each time I have contacted SiteGround either by phone or online support they are right there to resolve the issue. Thanks for making this work for a novice.

Nikos Vasilakos

" Is Awesome"


These guys rock!

Simon Elisha

"Siteground Has The Best Customer Care Ever"

Website: https

I am forced to make this review about the service of Siteground. Apart from having best of services in the web hosting sector, they sure do have the best customer service. Their staff are top notch executives who are ready to help you with any issue raised. The best web hosting company in the world has an array of customer centric personnel who add value to customers. I have never regretted using siteground and was forced to move all my five websites to my siteground account due to this professional and exceptional service. Nadia, Pramen and all customer care reps are just awsome

Thank you siteground as you have added great value to my business.

Liz Wood

"Superb Company"


Absolutely outstanding service from Siteground, they always take time to help and sort issues. Above and beyond other hosts that I've used in the past. Incredible company.


"Fantastic Customer Service"

Outstanding customer service !! They answered my chat and solved my prblems in a heartbeat!


"Fast Wonderful Support!"


Thank You very much, Siteground! Your support team is AWESOME!


"Quick And Useful Support"

Stefani was really helpful supporting me with a big issue. She was really quick in investigating and asking the support team to have a deeper look. Polite and friendly. 5 stars

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