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SiteGround User Reviews

Louis Dallara

"Great Quick Repair Of My Site"


I could not ask for quicker response and tech knowledgeable help.

Rob Ellis

"Gave A Quick Solution Thank You"

Gave a quick and easy solution which solved my problem

thank you

Gina Stevens

"Love The Support At Siteground"


Nothing better than these folks... sadly, i have to leave... can\'t afford to stay. once trial period ended (2 years) i couldn\'t afford the regular rates. Siteground truly has the best folks in support. Chat probably better than phone... altho phone isn\'t bad... just that chat is better.... and chat support from siteground beats everyone... hands down. I\'ll miss you guys.

Teresa Schlup

"Excellent Customer Service, As Always! "


I love SiteGround! Their customer service always exceeds my expectations and they are always so friendly and helpful. I have worked with other hosting companies in the past and was almost always disappointed with the service I received. I am so grateful that I don't have to ever deal with that kind of mediocre support again!


"Great Support"


I am in the process of transferring all on my 18 sites from GoDaddy to SiteGround due to GD\'s police to not support automated LetsEncrypt accounts and charging anywhere from $2 to $7 per month for my 18 sites. That actually is more than how much I pay for all my sites hosting combined. I was worried about SG\'s support but my first encounter with their support was Excellent! It did take 30 minutes as it was fairly complicated (my fault) but the support person was patient and understood everything I was saying and walked me through the process. Don\'t worry about support with SG if that are all like Alexander Boz. He was great!!


"Blazzing Fast Administrative Solution"


I had a problem with a client that didn\'t pay me and i had also bought a plan hosting for him for a year. They gave a solution in less than 5 minutes. Just Awesome!

Angela van Breemen

"Exceptional Service"

Exceptional service, each and every time I use the chat service. Thank you.

Your sincerely,


Alan Anderson

"Service Excellence"


I have never been disappointed in the support received using the Siteground Chat facility.

The staff are wonderful, friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and have NEVER let me down.

After bitter experiences with other hosting companies I consider SiteGround to be amazing

Pete Karamanis

"Great Support"


2 words ..Great Support .* * * * *

Simon Sinigoj

"The Best"

The best live support I ever had. Great team, keep going.


"Customer Service Chat With A Smile"


I have been a customer of Siteground for around 6 Months and mainly the experience has been exceptional. But this review has mainly to do with the Chat Support which Siteground offer as their first level of support. I have had technical challenges that have occurred along the way and today was no exception, I just couldn\'t work out what the problem was behind my site not loading correctly either in full of at its admin end. So I contacted Support using the Chat system which usually resolves the kind of issues which I come across most. In this case, Veronica came to my aid and not only solved the problem for me, but she took the time to explain the cause of the problem and the reasons why it had occurred and what to do in order to prevent it from happening again. Veronica had the patience to do this where in the past my experience has revealed that not all customer service agents are equal in this, most just want you off the line as quick as possible and tell you very little if anything at all and one time I was told to read up on something which didn\'t really feel like customer service at all, this was before my time with Siteground by the way.

Jana Briggs

"Super Knowledgeable"


I had signed up and was frustratingly trying to migrate to another cloud server provider. I decided to shop around, even though I was already signed up at this other place, and found SiteGround. Boy am I glad! I was able to have all of my questions answered within 20 minutes of excellent chat service, plus found a platform that\'ll actually do what I need it to do! Perfect match between SiteGround and my business. I can only recommend you check out their offerings.


"Amazing !"


There is simply not enough time to list all the Great and Economical reasons to switch to SiteGround! There people respond rapidly and accurately. They are friendly and responsible, to say nothing of the fact that are educated, speak english and don\'t take hours on live chat or with service requests. We have been with several other hosting companies and NONE even come close. Thank you so much SG Staff !

Loredana Paunescu

"Best Service"


This is the best service I ve ever had.

My experience with SiteGround is one of the best so far.

So, thank you for this.

wayne miller

"Works Great"


never a problem and customer support are the best part.

Laurie Szott Rogers

"Review Of Siteground"

I just got off from a chat with Viktor. He was amazingly helpful, quick and polite. I have found this with each encounter I have had with the siteground staff. Very impressive and positive.

Patty Grasher

"Best Support Ever!"

I had two issues with transferring my domain - and connecting FileZilla - FTP - Both problems were quickly and expertly resolved in a very friendly and nice manner.


"Great Support. "

Just moving over to Siteground and had a lot of help. Really great. They are happy to answer any and every question I throw at them.

Brenda S.

"Best Hosting Ever"


Fantastic pricing. Excellent customer service and easy to use dashboards. My favorite web hosting provider ever.

Karen Stubbings

"Best Customer Service"

Every time I contact Siteground, their customer service are amazing, always prompt and helpful, I spent over an out on chat with someone trying to help me with my issue today, great service, even better customer service,


"Super Support"


fast, kind, available support!!!

Ahmet BARI?

"Best Support Ever"


I had an issue with one of my domains, reached support and they fixed it in minutes. It was my job but they did for me, totally recommended.

Javier Alonso

"Kind And Helpfull"


Very understanding and professional, she fix my issues very quickly


"Very Good Support"


very good support ,many thanks


"Awesome Customer Service!"


I rarely have any need to contact customer service because the sites I have hosted run so smoothly, however on the rare occurrences I have needed to it is SO easy to get help. They are kind and helpful and work with my very limited knowledge to help resolve any issue I am having almost immediately. Very impressed and so happy to have switched my domain, as well as 2 of the non profit organizations I am on the board of to siteground.


"Excellent Support!!"


This was the first time I contact SiteGround chat support. I am very very satisfied with the help I got. They are very patient, professional and know what they do very well!

Jake Enholm

"Took Six Months To Transfer A Domain In"

Siteground took six months and three service requests to transfer a domain to my account. Finally, after spending a half hour on chat and escalating to supervisor I got them to do their job. The only reason I didn't cancel was I have two other domains there already.

Joshua Tharby

"Great Customer Support That Fixes Problems Fast"


Had an issue with my site that i didn't know how to fix, spoke with a customer support agent who fixed the issue for me and was able to teach me what i did wrong. Would recommend.

Elvis Agard

"Can't Say Enough About Support!"


I have been with Siteground for many years and have found customer support to be extremely quick, responsive, and highly knowledgeable. No need to be passed on to level 2 or 3 support with added wait times and repeating the problem; anyone you contact can assist and get the issue solved. Support is available 24/7 with answers usually under 10 mins for postings or immediate with support chat. It\'s amazing! I would recommend their services to anyone.

Matt Jackman

"Great Support"


Their web hosting is great and I certainly can\'t complain, but their support is what sets them apart from other hosts I\'ve used. They\'re available 24/7 and have always resolved my issue in a matter of minutes. Would definitely recommend SiteGround.

Ramakrishnan E Koovappadi

"Quick Crisp Solutions"


Great service. Quick and crispo solutions

Lee Foulkes

"Great Improvement!"


To host my moodle website, I used FatCow for 2 years, now Site Ground for over a year ; there is no comparision, Site Ground is overwhelmingly superior. I'm lucky to have discovered them. FatCow, maybe now it's time you drop some weight.

Paula N

"Awesome Customer Service!"


I just transferred my domain to Siteground this week and am so happy that I did. They have been so responsive and so helpful with everything that I have needed. Awesome customer service! And my website is so much faster now!

Steve Tadlock

"Constantly Amazed"


I'm constantly amazed at Siteground's tech support. Never had a bad experience. Keep up the great work.

Bergur Enghamar

"Good Pricing - Good Costumer Service"


Have been using them for several years, and I have to say that their service keeps getting better and better :)

Christopher Carlsson

"Saved Our Site!"

Was quick and to the point on how set up our site and get it away from GoDaddy - who was ransoming it to us at a ridiculous price while we were trying to get it away from them.


"Great Hosting Support"


Excellent hosting service provided by Siteground...They always have your back when anything goes wrong...highly recommended..!!!!

Marcelo Cardos

"The Best Support"

the best support

Rui Martins

"The Best Service Ever"

Website: sense

This is by far the best customer service I have ever had.

Amir Cohen

"The Best Hosting Experience Of My Life!"


I'm working as a web designer since 1996. In past I had several different hosting companies but none of them were as good as Siteground. Regarding hosting quality, efficiency and the best of all is their quick support. I recommend to all my fellows and clients to open an account on Siteground and they all thank me after experiencing an issue on the website that needs support to be involved.


"Quick Response"


I’ve contacted support a couple of times via chat and they answer very quickly. Very helpful too and resolved all my issues straight away.

They have great online guides as well and easy to set up a wordpress site with.


"The Best Customer Support Specialist Ever"


I've tried many hosting services and Siteground is the best so far. Not only that, even among Siteground's top quality service, Dessy stood out among the rest for just how knowledgeable she is. The initiative she took to help me with something I was stuck in was just incredible :)

Patricia Kammerzell

"Amazing Service From!"


Our organization has been with for four years (since 2014) and we couldn't ask for better service. They are literally always available and have met my needs every single time I contacted them! If you are looking for the BEST, choose Siteground. You will never regret that choice. -Patti with Housing Help of San Diego, CA USA


"Great Customer Service More Than A Thousand Percent"

I've never seen this kind of service before really, not exaggerating, these guys are awesome. I just kept wondering where they been all my life. Martin M., one of their representatives took the extra effort to make my website upload work fine. Incredible. I feel so excited and i will recommend them a thousand times all over. others might say it but these guys do it. shout out to siteground

David McCreary

"Best Support Service In The Industry"


I've built websites for 25 years, used a dozen different providers, including some of the biggest ones in the SF Bay Area. Siteground is FAR superior tp all I've worked with. Whenever I have to submit a ticket for something I'm not smart enough to figure out... I just post the ticket. Leave the browser window open. Hit refresh 1-2 minutes later... and the reply has been posted in detail. I am completely spoiled.




I had questions about my renewals. They explained every detail and after this the numbers on my bill seemed fair compared to the kind of customer service that I've received every time. Excellent support! Thank you!


"Super Support From Chat Team"


Super Chat Support.


"Just Amazing"


There are no words to which do justice as to just how fantastic the folks at SiteGround are. The only regret I have is spending so many years at GoDaddy. The customer service is unlike anything I've ever experienced, and I've experienced a lot of support tickets. This folks are just the nicest people. Extremely polite and willing to go out of their way to help. They take a situation where you may be feeling tense about an issue your having, and by the time their finished, you feel like you just had a beer with a long lost friend.

Your Digi-Biz-Wiz Lyn Bowker

"Simply Awesome Support At Site Ground"


While setting up my own 2 websites and designing another one for a client I've had to ask SiteGround for Support on a number of topics since I'm not a developer.

They've been so friendly and helpful and so EMPATHETIC! That's a breath of fresh air when you're not a developer who codes all day :)

I've had sites hosted with 3 other companies and Siteground is by far the best I've experienced.

It's not ONLY the Support Team sites are faster than before and SiteGround offers everything I need for my online business ventures.

I know, I sound as if they paid me for this review :)) lol, but definitely NOT!

I stumbled on the opportunity to give SiteGround a Review after my chat with Support (again :) today. Hadn't noticed it before.

I cannot recommend SiteGround more highly.

Edgar Axel Abadía

"Great Customer Service. Great Technical Service"

Very pleased with Siteground professional tecnhical service and customer support.

Very fast, they found the problem in seconds and corrected it.

I'm a happy customer.

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