Rebel Hosting Reviews and Ratings

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Jack Mahogoff

"Scam Alert"


Rebel is hosting this scammer website. Shame on both Rebel and website owner for taking advantage of the children.

Tom Lodder

"Worst Experience Ever."


I switched from my old hosting account because the features at looked more appealing. This was a huge mistake. I asked them to transfer all my data about 3 weeks before my old hosting service expired and they said it would be no problem. They literally promised they would have everything switched over. A couple days before the expiry I emailed them because i was concerned that our emails were not swtiched operational yet and the website had been down for about a week. They told me they would be able to get the emails switched over in that time. A week later the website was up and email finally started to work, and thankfully I had local backups of all our old emails. However the emails kept timing out and I constantly emailed support with my issues and they at first would respond once a day, and then just stopped all together. I could check my emails on my phone, and at home flawlessly. But at work(where i need it the most) it would occasionally time and and stop working for hours at a time.

I do not recommend any one to use


"Scam Artists"

I purchased a domain from someone and they pushed it to my account on It is a good thing that I recently disabled my Paypal authorizations because this company IMMEDIATELY tried to bill me for an extra year at the price of $39.98, then sent me an e-mail to inform me that my payment had failed! I am transferring away immediately. If they give me trouble with this I will file a lawsuit. What a horrible company. If there were any oversight in the domain industry, this company would have been shut down by now.


"Disappointed With Renewal Tactics"

Overall I've never had a problem with rebel. I'm pretty tech savvy and got my wordpress running with one of the wordpress online tutorials.

Today however I received a bill for my domain renewal which was 8 times what I paid last year. They had tacked on some add-ons without my knowledge. That is a pretty slimy marketing trick used by shady retailers and not what I expected from Rebel at all.

The support staff has been friendly and started the refund process. I hope all goes well and I hope this was not done to other customers.


"Horrible, Unreliable Service"


Warning to stay clear of Rebel. WordPress does not work with one-click installation and support staff can't seem to work out why.

Cheap service, but it's cheap for a reason - DON'T USE!

Barbara Blowers

"Shall We Sue Them? I Think So"


A nightmare company. I have had my website for 20 years; updating it all the time; iPage did not get paid so they DESTROYED MY WEBSITE AND i CANNOT GET IT BACK. iT WILL COST ME THOUSANS TO GET A WEBSITE AS COMPLETE AS THE ONE i HAD. I see lots of lost websites; we should go together to go after them for our costs and loss of busihness.

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