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"The Worst Experience, Rude, Unprofessional And A Terrible Customer And Technical Supp..."

The rudest and unprofessional customer and technical support you can experience.

My experience started with transfer of host: the website shut down, the guy who transferred it didn't leave any note, they told me It was my fault and my claim that it was done by one of them was a lie!

2- I used their terrible website builder, panels sizes were changing overnight, they claimed my computer was hacked

again they didn't do anything so I started using wordpress, I had to cancelled website builderI called several times I was reassured if I cancelled website builder, it won't affect my website. So I cancelled it, and within 5-6 hours the website and my emails were down. I was in panic, again in a cold blood they said it was a mistake.

3- I applied for a SSL certificate. The first time I applied and I didn't receive it I was told I applied through a different website, which I didn't, the guy told me I imagined it.

The customer service and technical support team is located in Phillipines. They are absolutely rude and unprofessional.

I don't recommend Netregistry to anyone. Just stress and humiliation from a bunch of kids on the other side of phone line. One of them tole me I misheard the name of his colleague because of my phone. They just come up with all kinds of theories when it comes to their mistake. They have no shame of calling you liar or defective, and mistaken.

Terrible service.


"Absolutely Worst Company I Have Ever Had The Displeasure Of Dealing With"


Literally the most unreliable, pathetic service I have ever been associated with. Their support team take weekends and long weekends off, and their service goes down ALL THE TIME - with no one there with even an inkling of how to fix it.

We are a charity business who's business is being affected continually from these incompetent twits and I have NEVER left a scathing review on any other business. This one is wholeheartedly deserved! DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU ARE A MASOCHIST!!

If I could leave less than a 1 for performance and support, I would!!


"Horrible !!!"

The worst service I have ever received !!! Please stay away !


"A Real Disappointment After Many Happy Years With Uber Global"


I had my two Aussie domains registered and hosted with Uber Business Pty Ltd, otherwise know as Uber Global, from 2010.

Unfortunately, in 2016, Uber Global were acquired by Melbourne IT and my service was migrated over to Netregistry.

Ironically I'd actually moved away from Melbourne IT to Uber Global in 2010, but now found myself back with them.

Apparently I "should have recently received notification of your account moving" but I don't recollect any notification and can't find a copy of one either. Anyway, I let the migration happen as I was told "your services with us has changed - for the better".

Sadly that was a big mistake. I should have got out of there as soon as I found out about the migration.

It was a shambles; double billing, incorrect DNS records, domain redirects not working, e-mail forwarding not working, etc.

Who's going to reimburse me for all the hours I wasted asking them to fix all the things they'd broken; nobody.

I've moved one site's hosting already - to an independent - and the second will follow just as soon as the expiry approaches.

I've found their prices are much higher and they also change $'s for simple services that you'd expect to be included.

Save yourself a lot of time, $ and hassle and keep clear.


"Disappointing Is An Understatement!!"

They gave my whole account details to anther person, It was clearly a mistake on their behalf, but 2 weeks on, and I still can't access my own domains and website. Bad for business.


"Will Flush Your Business Down The Toilet And Never Get Your Emails Working"

18 hours on the phone so far and they can not fix anything. Incompetence and liars. 10 times they said they would call back


"Netregistry Bad Service"

Regarding SEO. Before netregistry took charge of Seo i had 4900 organic visitors per month and as soon as Netregistry took over the SEO the website dropped to 1600 visitors. I lost alot of business due to this dramatic drop of visitors.

I want to cancel the deal and a refund for 3 months payment.

Thank you for your time as you are the worst company I've dealt with. You dropped the visitors to my website. I had the worst experience with your staff. Firstly you're representative [name removed] and he put me through to [name removed] as he promised he that he will look after the website and i was told he left and [name removed]. For SEO campaign was looked afterby Maur. He never answered my calls to returned calls. All a bunch of gang misleading representatives for a well known company that i trusted.

I want to cancel the $69 per month service i have for oz limo hire. The website that you built. This website was hacked and had a virus from your server. I rang several times to fix the problem with netregistry bit nothing happened and my website was still dropping. I changed it now to Crazy Domain they have the best service hosting. They fixed the problem and now the website is working properly.

Now i also want to cancel as it's not working properly. I have to change it to crazy domains. The website opens after the 30 secs which is too long. I spoke to [name removed] and [name removed]. [name removed] said i have to change companies he advised i have to change photos myself and optimize the website. This is very bad advise to a customer as I'm paying you.

I have now sought legal advice from Fair Trading and my solicitor. And they advised me to email you. I wish to apply full refund plus last 3 months business loss from the day me website dropped. You made oz limo hire suffer loss of business. I want to have this matter resolved asap before i take this matter further.

My contact number is [contact details removed]


John Skoubourdis

"Don't Waste Your Time Or Money."


I am getting server response times of 1.8 sec and I can't even say that is average as it seems to swing typically even higher. I contacted there support, and all I got was "it's your problem". The data validates that this site is around A grade yet all I seemed to get from there support agent was sarcasm. This site is an eCommerce site and I spent more money to get fast cloud hosting, but all I got was a big bill and (now) an even bigger work load, because I will now need to migrate the site to another host. I wish I could have said good things, but there isn't any. Take heed : (

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