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Rafael Granado

"Awesome And Then Not Awesome"


I've been working with mt since 05/2012. It was awesome. Then 2016 came. My biggest concerns now are 2 changes they made. One involving ip bannings from Outlook wrong passwords that are difficult to lift. The other one being that anyone of my clients can flood the smtp and compromise all other clients for as long as 24 hours.


Very poor performance. Both production and staging server kept going offline and could not sustain any solid connection to my servers at all. Support system kept insisting that everything is fine as far as what they can monitor in their computers. But many of my clients and developers just could not access our sites and they remain unstable. I dealt with them for one month and I finally cancelled. They also provided poor support when I wanted to migrate my site from their issue due to their poor performance. I do not recommend MT to anyone.



I was a customer of Media Temple for over a year. Never needed their support, never asked a question.

One day I wasn't able to access any of my sites hosted at Media Temple.

I contacted them and they explained that they have blocked my IP address due to hack attacks coming from that IP address.

I explained that I am assigned a dynamic IP by my ISP Time Warner Cable. I guess I was the lucky one being assigned this IP address after the fact.

Should that be my problem? Surely not to the extend of not being able to access any of my websites.

I begged for weeks and they never removed the block.

I ran out of patience and contacted the BBB and the block was removed a few days later. One month later I was able to access my sites again. Very disappointed with Media Temple's poor customer care/support.



I started with MT in September 2012. I was in love! The price was right for top notch customer service.

Sadly, it was a short affair. In following months the down time kept increasing. Sometimes they had an explanation, sometimes they didnt. In the end, it did not matter, I simply could not afford the REGULAR downtime.

I was willing to pay more for the great customer service, but a friendly staff means nothing when my sites are down almost as often as they are up ( yes, as of late Dec 2012 it is nearly that bad.)

Elliot Ali


Generally fantastic. (mt) have helped me quickly resolve numerous problems and provide a professional, secure and easy to use system. The only downsides are the disorganised list of domains (you can have hundreds!) in the account centre and the course pricing on the ve. Digital ocean and linode are more competitive there.

Naina Redhu


Excellent customer service. So good that even if you had serious downtime, I would not be bothered. Really. Friendly people.

I moved from Dreamhost and find your Urchin stats confounding though. DH had a simpler, much easier display system.

I'm not very technically strong in handling websites' back end but your KnowledgeBase is good and in simple-to-understand language. Also, even though I am in India, your customer support, on Twitter, have taken not more than five minutes to respond to my query.

I have NEVER experiences service equal or even close to that.

Matthew Mascioni


Media Temple has provided me with top-notch services since day one. Their support is kind, caring, and knowledgeable, their services barely ever go down, and when they do, the Twitter team keeps you informed of everything to the minute, and the quality of their hosting is perfect. Really recommended.

Jake Hendy


(mt) Media Temple are simply outstanding. From their professional website, to their account centre, to their staff. You know a company are outstanding when you can visibly see their staff having a good time and being happy and focussed (examples are their Twitter & Facebook support). This easily reflects their infrastructure. No nonsense, extremely fast, efficient and reliable.

I will not think twice about hosting, I'm going to (mt), end of!

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