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Thomas Strang

"Great Customer Support"


I could not figure out to sign in to my online account

JD your Lunapages rep, did a great job getting the information that I needed and it explained it quite well so I would understand it

Abbe Jaye

"Pro Support From Lp Tech Support Dept."


Tech support technician was very helpful, patient, courteous and knowledgeable. It's been a few days, and I've forgotten his name, but i was impressed and grateful. I've always had great support with call the tech support line at Lunar Pages.

Maureen Loiselle

"A Winner"


I had the pleasure of being assisted by JD at Lunar pages. He sorted out the problem as to why my site had disappeared and within a short time, it was up and running again.

I appreciated his patience, knowledge, and gentle polite manner.

William E Foster

"Re-hosting Original Web Pages To New Domain"


Mark and JD Carr we invaluable to me in helping to connect our original website contents to a new domain.

Art Reed

"Outstanding Job"


Timely, professional and helpful response to a situation that developed requiring correction to a segment of the website. RV was truly "Johnny on the Spot" with his assistance. His level of expertise when dealing with my antiquated website is outstanding. All of the support personnel are helpful and professional.

Paul Christensen

"Always The Best (back To The 90s)"


Always the best at assisting those of us who know enough to be dangerous... :)

Karina Epperlein

"Problem Solving"

The person (Eric Dutton) was very helpful, thorough, courteous, not too long of a wait, and this is very much appreciated! keep it up, thank you. Karina

Audrey Sendrowski

"Always Excellent"

always excellent - patient, knowledgeable, professional. You should hire yourselves out to other customer service companies and show them how it's done.

Sal Colascione III

"Excellent Experience"

Excellent service throughout several years of my using a dedicated server. The support staff was always quick, effective and friendly...


"Love Lunarpages"

I've been with Lunarpages for 15 + years and they truly are the best. Great tools and customer service. Great price. I plan to never leave! Thank you Lunarpages.

Tom Steele

"Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else"


I've been with these guys for 15+ years and they've hosted multiple domains over that time period. Yes there have been some problems, but I can always get through to someone here in the USA that's able to solve it. Hard to find both great pricing and great service, especially with everything being outsourced overseas.

Ky Vu

"Great Experience"


Lunarpages has been recommended to me by my sister. It has been a great experience.

Paul Morris

"Superb Service"


I have hosted several business websites with Lunarpages for over 15 years. They have provided absolutely superb service. When I encountered a problem I couldn't handle, the technical or the business representatives were extremely helpful and all my problems were resolved. They are more expensive than some of their competitors, but you would be hard pressed to find a better web hosting service. I plan to stay with them indefinitely.


"Good Job "

Great job

I'm happy to be one of the lunarpages costumer ...

They are great


"Avoid Them"


I'm a webmaster and I can say that today this is a very bad service.

I was not opening new accounts for my clients with them since 2011 but the situation nowadays to manage hosting is just unreliable.

I was a customer of them since 2008 but the service today is so bad that I was forced to move move out more then 10 websites wasting my time and money.

As soon as you have few people visiting the websites hosted with them they say that you are over usage the shared hosting, starting to push you to buy a unjustifiable and expensive dedicated server.

I definitely encourage all of you to skip this hosting provider and look for something better.

I solved all my issue here in Italy with just 40 euro per year!


long time customer with Lunarpages, several clients have joined their services--here is what i know today:

domains hosted by LP over 5 years ago NO problems.

'newer' domains (from my experience) added less that 5 years ago BAD, in one of my cases the mail has NEVER worked in send mode even from their webmail service--told over and over the server the domain is on has been flagged due to bad conduct from another domain (not mine)? BS! move me then! oh...then we'd have to upgrade you to a dedicated service :(. I have been paying 2 years for nothing on this domain (my other 5 are fine) and hence cannot conduct business thru this account.


I've been with LunarPages for 2 years now after having a very bad experience with iPowerweb. Lunarpages is awesome!!!!

Support is excellent. servers are reliable. Overall they're just a great company. I'm going to sign up another account with lunarpages for a new website in teh next week or so.

Highly Recommended.

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