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  • Stephane Brault
    Linode review by on

    Service: VPS Hosting
    Platform: Wordpress 4.1.1

    I just got a Japan cloud VPS from Linode as a test server for the Website Speed Test tool and I am totally impressed by the speed of their nodes. Even though the node I deployed is located in Tokyo, Japan, it's almost as fast as if it were in the US.

    Unlike many hosts, Linode does not provide any control panel so you got to have some good knowledge of the Linux OS. They provide all the most popular Linux distro possible including Red Hat Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. They've got them all.

    The great thing is that once your account is approved, deploying additional node is easy and takes only a few minutes. By using the Linode Manager, you can easily destroy a node and rebuild a new one in another data center in a matter of minutes. You can also clone a node for either backup or development purposes.

    Highly recommended.

    Pros: Fast deployment, full control of virtual hardware
    Cons: No control panels available

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