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Daniel M.

"The Best Web Hosting Provider By Far!"


I have used KnownHost for several years now and I'm yet to have any issue with them. Their support team always answers my questions at a rapid speed (within minutes!) and they are highly knowledgeable and super friendly. They've even helped me out with certain things that other companies have charged me for in the past. This company is just amazing and I would recommend them to anybody!


"If You Are Using Anyone Other Than Knownhost, You Are Messing Up"


I have had so many issues due to my novice behavior. I was new to VPS and mistakes were made on every platform but the level of care I needed to hold my hand to help me get started just didn't exist and I tried greengeeks, hostgator, prosites from godaddy, bluehost, and a bunch of other EIG companies. The managed VPS has been nothing short of exceptional and I have had month after month of 100% uptime, I think the lowest I have had was 99.993%! Seriously, these guys are amazing and I couldn't recommend them more. Best investment for my website / business needs to date.

Selwyn Orren

"Best Service Provider Ever!!"


Where does one actually start when it comes to KnownHost. Servers are great, Christmas Gifts are Great, Support is Great, Everything is Great.

Knownhost truly understand how support needs to work. They really dig deep to understand the issue at hand and to find the best possible solution. Never has their stock answer been, you need to upgrade, unless it was truly that case. They have also always taught me what they do to get teh results they found. This allows me to learn and grow as a system dev myself.

Love these guys!!


"Five Star Support"


Over the years, I've used several host providers. Not one can compare to KnownHost when it comes to fast, efficient, thoughtful support. If you are looking for a host provider, I highly recommend KnownHost!


"The Best Web Hosting I Have Ever Dealt With"


Just UNBELIEVABLE!!! I didn't even thought that such host company exist..I was with a lot of web hosting companies Called big players and they're the worst players..I switched to knownhost because i saw their replies on the forums and the feedback of their clients and the managed feature was a plus for me as i'm not as good on managing servers.

I've been with them for 6 months now and i can tell you that they will take care of you as no one did before even your daddy. WOW!!What a support!!! You create a ticket and after 10 seconds MAX you get a response from an agent and "HOP" the problem is solved. And what i like the most they will not just solve the problem, they will explain what's the problem and give you professional recommandations for best practices in the future.

The performance of the server is top notch 100% uptime, i've never get a downtime for 6 months. Everything is just perfect with knowhost and believe me if you ever got a good support before, with knownhost you will be extremely shocked, it's like the PERFECT SUPPORT.

Thank you guys for all your hard work and your recommandations and i'll recommend you to all my friends and clients

Bobby Phillips

"Why Choose Anyone Else"


I've been with knownhost for about 10 years, and I just can't say enough good things. The servers are solid and reliable, but where they really shine is the service. When I turn in a ticket, I hear back in only a minute or two at most, and it doesn't matter if it's during normal hours, the wee hours of the morning, or even on a holiday. They're always there. These days most hosting companies can throw up some decent servers, but they can't provide service and support like this. Not only are they quick, and efficient, but they're willing to help with anything I have ever asked, be it something small that I just can't get to, or the times that I'm in over my head and really need some help. I can depend on them no matter what. How can you put a price on that?

Phil Mayes

"Great Performance And Great Support"


I signed up for a VPS in December 2006 and have been happy ever since. I've recommended them to several friends (darn, should have signed up for their affiliate program!) Their response on tickets is awesome fast, and the techs know what they're doing.

Chris Eoff

"A+ Service, We Even Refer All Of Our Vps Hosting Clients To Them"


What can I say? Knownhost has made my life so much easier and saved me so much money on having to pay a server admin.

customer support is industry leading in speed, we can't compare to 1.5-2 min response times on a consistant basis like these guys. 2am, 5am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, it doesn't matter the time. I've opened around 20 support tickets and the longest response time was 4.5 minutes.

Performance- My site load time avg is 1.224 sec. That's a avg over 6 months according to Alexa on my oldest site hosted there. This is without a cdn. This is faster than 69% of all sites. I tested the same setup on godaddy. load time was 3.85x seconds load time with an exact replica site.

My auto provisioning hosting company offers multiple types of hosting and we refer all of our vps clients to KnownHost. It would cost more money than profit to house them ourselves and hire enough support staff to work 24/7/365 that is competent in server maintenance and setup. It's definitely a goal for the future but currently it's more logical to refer to knownhost, have a satisfied customer and collect the affiliate payout. We still have plenty hosting options for automatically provisioned cloud apps from time of order.

Personal recommendation- I highly recommend KnownHost for all managed vps hosting. It's honestly cheaper to get managed hosting than manage yourself after buying vps, cpanel+whm license, softaculous license. I pay $36/mo for one vps and that includes- Cpanel+whm, WHMCS LICENSE, softaculous license, plus their support team saves me hours upon hours by me simply opening a support ticket, "can you guys install the lets encrypt plugin on my cpanel for me? Sure not a problem. I had a whmcs issue, whmcs support is horrible. Knownhost contacted them for me and had my issue resolved within minutes.

Not only does the support put out your fire, they tell you exactly what they did to fix it, as well as tell you where they found the documentation to instruct them to fix it correctly. Free support, plus free lesson if you actually care to know how to do it yourself next time as I do.

Overall, I give KnownHost 10/10 Stars in every single aspect. Even billing, one month my debit card was messed up. They extended my license 2.5 weeks until my card was fixed . All you have to do is contact these guys and they will work with you as long as you are not trying to take advantage of it.

You absolutely can not go wrong with choosing these guys.

Product Used:


Price: $30 for just vps

Includes: Whmcs license $5 Savings of $13

Cpanel +Whm license Free I think I believe this is a $20 savings (may double check)

Softaculous license $1

Around the clock customer support- Free and thats a priceless savings.

tony featherstone

"Terrible Experience With Knownhost"

Worst mistake of my life was signing up with these guys. One of my accounts was hacked and their abuse team sent me an email alerting me to the files that were malicious. I deleted all of them except one (which I missed by mistake). Because of this, on a Friday night, they shut my site down - took it off line. Then they give me the spin that their 'abuse team' is different from their "support team" and they only work 9-5 monday to friday - no after hours support. So my site is now offline until Monday at the earliest. Dreadful service, in no way fit for a professional business to rely on. Please learn from my mistake, avoid these guys at all costs.

Dallas Alexander

"Great Service, Fantastic Support And Excellent Pricing!"


I have been with since November 17th 2014. Let me tell you, working with Known Host has been pure bliss! They have excellent pricing (better than anyone from what I found for managed VPS). They have only been down once over the past 3 years (from what I can remember) and they have excellent customer support! I open a lot of tickets as I manage a lot of websites and they're always there to help! I have been with more than 5 managed VPS providers over the past 10 years and Known Host is hands down the best! In fact they are the first hosting company I have written a review for... YES, they're that good! I would highly recommend Known Host!


" Best Technical Support Ever Seen"


I host hundreds of websites for 15 years. So I tried the majority of the big providers of hosting services. This is the first time I take the time to write a review about one of them. The Known Host services are all just perfect, the technicians know their work and apply very quickly my requests.

They do not try to feel more technically knowledgeable than their clients. (Several other hosts act as well)

highly recommand

RH Sterling

"Knownhost Exemplifies The Strategy Of Preeminence"


I have been a Knownhost customer for the past 8 years. This is the first review I have written praising their company and support team. It's not that they didn't deserve my praise before, they have. I'm no different than anybody else. In that I mean we are often in a rush and forget the magic words, please and thank you for expressing our appreciation.

Recently I migrated from my old Knownhost server to newly configured upgrade. Actually, I missed the free upgrade by several months. When I accessed my cPanel I saw it was no longer being supported. I contacted Knownhost and found out that I missed the upgrade date by about 3 months. It could be helped, as I was in the hospital and everything up until then was working fine. Deborah in Knownhost billing told me not to worry and they would honor the free upgrade, even though the deadline passed.

I was told the mitigation would take 4 days. My request was passed to the support team and the task was completed within 24 hours. I had another technical issue that needed to be resolved and being "not as geeky," as I should, I opened a support ticket and that issue was resolved within an hour.

If you are looking for a responsive, reliable, hosting company, I strongly suggest you give Knownhost a try. You don't need to be a geek to use their service and you can always reach them by email anytime day or night. You can get basic VPS hosting with awesome support for under a dollar a day. How can you beat that? Not even with a stick

Sam W.

"So Glad I Found Knownhost From The Pile Of Cr@# Out There"


If you're reading this review, listen to my opinion from a person who's just trying to run a business and not waste time. I recently was hosting with From the increase in traffic we started to receive, I noticed that in google search console, we had an increase in server errors. I contacted stablehost support, and I was told that our account is exceeding resource limits, and they recommend that I upgrade to a managed vps. I said, hey no problem. If business is growing, Im gong to need more power. I placed my order on a sunday and they started to set everything up. I told them to take our exact account, and just move it over, all setting, everything. I don't want to go into the grueling details of how many things went wrong, but let me tell you, it was a very aggravating situation. I would send support tickets and only get really bad troubleshooting recommendations with no actual person looking into my problem. Later, I would get them to upgrade the ticket and by the end of a full day, something that could have been fixed in minutes got fixed finally. I was told by their tech that I really shouldnt upgrade to a managed vps because I was not technical enough. This was said to me 4 days after I placed my order, still without even using my account yet. I don't exactly know how I found Knownhost. I think I was searching on a forum, and googled the name in a message. I really did not want to go through trying to move again, and I blasted the chat lady with questions and concerns. I decided to place an order for their vps. I created a ticket for helping me with the move. To make a long story short, I was moved into a new vps in one ticket with 3 maybe 4 responses to the ticket. Very short and accurate responses. The support guy was Derrick B. and he was thorough, accurate, and can communicate to us in a few sentences. Our entire account settings and all moved in less than 3 hours. It works exactly like our WHM from before the only difference is, its much more powerful. The speed of the site is much faster, but more importantly if you're a business person and you don't have time to play this back and forth, this is where you want to host. I haven't tried many hosts out there, but this is where Im going to be. I really can't be happier, and this is a real review, not bs. We need more real reviews out there so people can make good decisions again. Half of these dumb reviews are fake and end up costing real people money.


"Knownhost Support Is Uncomparable"


I moved my website to their servers since i was changing host. Its a magento site. 1st they helped me copy website

Somedays later i realised most of my links were redirecting to old websites and this was not a hosting issue rather i needed my web developer to sort this out.

I explained to knownhost team, and they gladly assisted me solve every single problem and now all issues on site is working

Joe Maynard

"The Knownhost Support Team Is The By Far The Best One I Have Ever Worked With!! "

I wanted to say these guys are awesome! I have had other VPS Vendors in the past and I must say the KnownHost Support Team is the by far the best one I have ever worked with!! They helped me with some software setup I knew little about and they were patient and worked through it with me, everything is working great!

A big THANKS to KnownHost Support!

Joe Maynard

Salty Dog Print Company | Salty Dog Designs LLC

Barbara Jaquez

"Super Service From Known Host"

Known Host is always so helpful and fast with their support. They are never condescending or rude, unlike another hosting company I work with. They are reasonably price and the BEST!!!


"Terrible. Incredibly Frustrating. "


The best part of their service is the fast support response. They are very fast with email responses but none of them know anything and the service is down at least once a day. They block your ip if you accidentally type in the password once and the speed is all over the place.

Shadiest hosting company I have ever dealt with. Email problems, hacking problems, server down all the time, speed issues. So frustrating. I have to move my 140 websites again now.


"Knowhost Rules!"


I have been working with them for two years, the server always works properly and the rarely times i have needed help their attention was excelent, however i'm uruguayan and my English is not the best.

i really recommend Knowhost, is one of the best hosting server of the world undoubtedly :)

Sorry for my bad english.


"Knownhost Superb!"


I move my old VPS to KH with no problem. Everything goes smooth and also fast. Support always fantastic. They always answer my problem with super fast response. keep up the good work KH!!

Bert Geens



Just excellent. Very helpful support. Deborah with billing is absolutely amazing both in speed and in assistance. Quick response times. Extremely professional and very much a host I recommend to friends.

Kim Bruce

"Tech Support "


I host a number of artist sites on my VPS server at Knownhost. When I contact support for help on even the simplest of tasks they are always courteous and happy to help. I highly recommend Knownhost for knitch web design companies such as mine where tech support is required.


"Kh Should Be Your Only Option"

When it comes to hosting, this company is the ultimate hosting package. Previously our hosts for vps and dedicated servers were Siteground (vps), Simple-helix (dedicated), and Godaddy (vps). We had been with Siteground for over 5 years and as they grew they started being greedy and started to over charge for a lot of simple features. Simplehelix is just too pricy and and mainly for ecommence optimization. Godaddy is just terrible on all ways for hosting.

Upon discovering KnownHosts I read more reviews and not a single person was complaining.

And honestly hosting I could write for days on how good KnownHost has been, but too keep it short, you won't go wrong by choosing them. When choosing a host we wanted a company with promising server performance and fully managed vps.

Server performance, has been great. No problems at all

Customer service is like absolutely incredible.

Technician named Freddie helped migrate out magento site in a matter in minutes.

I hope they never change the way they treat customer!

I highly recommend them.

Mike F

"Excellent First Service"


As a new customer I asked KH to migrate my existing sites to the new VPS. They handled it quickly and seemed happy to do so. If services stays this good we\'ll enjoy a very long relationship.

chow kwan yu

"My Data Got Deleted By Knownhost"


I have not paid them for 4 months because my credit card has expired. I should take some responsibility. But I didn't got phoned or any means of physical mails to advise. And what made me mad was that my data has been deleted without me responding any "okay".

I've subscribed to knownhost for 7 years and this is my award of losing my data today. It is only < 1G data that merely a USB or CD can hold. But they decided to "rm -rf" instead of trying to contact me except 2 auto-mails that I had simply missed.

Conclusion. My comment to knownhost:

- No sense of CUSTOMER CARE, even for loyalty customer. Money goes first.

- No sense of importance of value of data. Data are only digital bits to them and don't care how you think.

Claude Cloutier

"Great Support!"


My site has been hacked and was down. That's a membership site where subscribers go daily to get their Sports picks so I need it to be up all the time.

Sent a support ticket labeled "Critical" and William at Knownhost got back to me within minutes.

He had a look and found the problem.

We had to restore from a previous version that Knownhost had as a backup and that was also done within 20 minutes. My site was then up about 10 minutes after that.

I really appreciated the speed and the quality of the support.

Thanks William!

John M

"10 Out Of 10 Again."

What can be said about KH that hasn't already been said. They are nothing less than stellar in the hosting game.

I've been through several hosting companies in the last 11 years, and KnownHost is where my search has finally met a happy ending.

Their knowledge, service, professionalism, and speedy response time is nothing short of amazing.

I don't normally write reviews, but I've been with them over a year now with both a VPS and now a dedicated server, and every time I've dealt with their techs, they've gone above and beyond to earn every bit of my 10 out of 10 rating.

Thank you KH!


"Cut The Nightmare Out And Just Choose Knownhost First Up"

I tell you I am still in a state of surprise at how good these guys are at what they do. After 7 years of leaving one host after another as soon as I could I cant believe how much I apreciate whirlpoolforum website chat for existing so I could read Dalehoof (no idea who he was but he seemed knowledgeable )comments in an old thread on recommended hosts. Man I had 7 years of hell only to fork out more money to get tied up with rude incompetent crap artists who locked you in to years of frustration before you could escape.

Knownhost are unbelievable good. Expect helpful immediate polite and knowledgeable responses EVERY time to any query. They are well organised professionals offer the best service I have found on the web after months of research and hideous trial and error. Definately do not believe everything you read but believe this and you will experience a care free hosting. I dont know how their pricing compares but I found it reasonable in the state of desperation I was in at the time when I signed up I would have paid x 10 what they asked to get a decent operator. I got far more than I bargained for thats for sure as my expectations were so low after so many years in constant lurching from one hosting bungle to another, I found Knownhost gave a seamless migration and all incompassing set up beyond any experience I had come to hope for. And the service has faultered, its still coming. Helpful advise, friendly guys always ready to sort you out quickly and effortlessly with any query you have along your way.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to all and only hope you believe every word of this review and dont go off in to the sould distroying world of choosing a host from the miriad of convincing looking shysters and incompetent tight fisted greedy upstarts that litter the net everywhere. It is Soooo difficult to tell who is proffessional before it is too late and you have signed up for another year of hell. Do yourself a favour and remember - Knownhost are the only hosts out there worth a cracker. More than a cracker they're great.

p.s.I have no affilation with them what so ever this is a completely genuine review from a more than happy customer.

Regie R.

Anthony Nalli

"Seamless Migration! Bye Bye Hostgator, Hello Knownhost!"


Migration complete and everything looks good and works right! Jeremy A. was great!!! He made the transition that I was VERY nervous about as simple as it could be. Kudos!!!!!

As one of the DNS setup steps I actually stopped directing my site through to a CDN. Despite this, my site actually seems faster and more responsive. It's only day 1, but KH really got things started right!



"Great Job"

I just migrated from shared hosting to VPS hosting the other night and had a great experience. The support staff they have is the best I've ever had to work with in the past 3 years of having a website.

Greg K.

Moved over from a shared hosting provider (using KnownHost at the suggestion of someone who does this day in and day out).

I have over 30 years of experience in IT and am a degreed Computer Engineer. Developing and managing this site is NOT my full time job, so good support is essential.

My goal was to move a Wordpress site over without the 100 users noticing anything except a faster response time.

KnownHost migrated the CPanel and the supporting database, and offered two ways to test it BEFORE I changed the DNS to point to them.

When I was finished testing, the only problem I had was that the DNS doesn\'t propagate across the face of the planet instantly when you change it. My DNS looked good at first, and then went back and forth between KnownHost and the original host for a good part of the day. The various browsers had different issues too. KnownHost provided information about a number of popular browsers and how to clear the various caches (see below). Chrome and Firefox handled the DNS change the best. IE and Maxthon (a Chrome derivative) took a lot more baby sitting.

They helped me assess this propagation progress, offered suggestions, written material (which we published on our Facebook page for our users), and web site links to various tools throughout the process.

On the second day, I had a user in Germany who still had issues. After we talked, she contacted her ISP, and I opened a ticket with KnownHost. The technician at KnownHost set me to a web site that listed what various DNS servers across the planet were seeing for the DNS resolution. My user connected with her ISP and was able to access the site within the hour.

Jaime Ojeda


There are really no words to describe the amazing level of customer service and quality you get when you host with KnownHost. Notice how everybody is giving them 10/10? Do you think there's a reason for that? Fact is that I've hosted my sites with many different hosting providers and customer service left something to be desired. With KnownHost, they give customer service a whole new meaning! They are FAST to respond to your tickets and every time I've had an issues, there was always someone knowledgeable who was able to help me.

If you don\'t have service with them... Do it! You\'ll never regret it!


Jaime Ojeda



Knownhost support is absolutely fantastic and the speed of my VPS just can't be beat. Everything just works and the few times I've had issues they are there with support within minutes. Love this company!



Been with them for at least 4 years an running. One of the best hosting companies I worked with. And I have been in the business for at least 7 years now. For me the best are: Liquidweb, Rackspace and Knownhost.



Knownhost support staff has always been helpful, effective and, importantly, amiable. No matter what the issue is, and often it may come from my own limitations, they have resolved the issue in a satisfactory manner in no time.

Every time I need them, they deliver excellent customer service.

Water and Woods


I've been using the same hosting for a decade but the support was slowly disappearing. I moved over to KnownHost and these guys migrated 16 sites, some with over 10,000 pages, and other than a forum error that they were able to repair in 1 hour, I've had not a single problem. I'm kicking myself for not moving earlier and completely impressed with the support.

Octa R


You can never go wrong with KnownHost! Folks at KH really know their stuff and very knowledgeable ! I come from reputable host before , and The level of support & price that KH provide is beyond awesome!



I have never had support this good, an I have dedicated servers for over ten years! My average response on a ticket is less than 2 Minutes!! TWO MINUTES!! I waited over 20 minutes at my old hosting company!

Marc Beck


Support is awesome. I just opened a ticket and within 30 seconds got an email from their support tech letting me know he is looking into the problem. Two minutes later, another email and the problem was resolved.



I have been through at least half a hosting companies over the past 18 years and could write a book about the subject but I have to say Knownhost is definitely on the top of the list. Excellent speed and connectivity of the servers along with friendly, knowledgeable and fast tech support. I would recommend them to anyone.

Qinghua Chen


Luckily, Knownhost has been my first VPS experience, since I have read other people's sad experiences with their host providers. The biggest advantage of knownhost to me is their absolute outstanding support service. I was wondering how could they still make money when they charged so little but provided so much tech support. Anyway, My experience with knownhost is very positive.

Jose Dieguez


I have been with Knownhost for almost 8 months, 8 months with the best desicion i have ever made about Hosting. I started with a VPS SSD, and thanks to the great Uptime, and performance the VPS gave me, i was able last month to make the big jump, and got my first Dedicated.

Amazing deal with a very good price, that allows me give my clients a high performance server, secure, and stable.

i have been with several companies, but what really made me choose and stay with Knownhost, was their incredible support, i just have no words to describe the response time and their knowledge, they have been very nice to me, explaining everything so i can also learn.

100% Recommended


I was struggling to find a solution for a issue with Joomla CMS for three days, three long days when i decided to contact Knowhost techs via their internal ticket.

They was back to me in one minute.

Support was GREAT and Josh C. find the solution in NO TIME!

Simply great!

Jan Gregory


Best way I know to review KH is show you a recent support ticket result. In IM and using software, scripts, and hosting data centers for 16 years, without good support that is prompt I won't even look at a product or service.

KnownHost does most things right, but they excel with their excellent super-fast Support Team. These guys know their stuff.

Jan Gregory



Hi Marjorie,

I want to give you a Special Thank You! for handling this request so well. I can report that your advice to switch to suphp for the handlers worked like a charm.

All permissions issues with Wordpress disappeared in an instant. I suggest this is something you put in the KB for others to know about.

I really appreciate you going the extra mile with the URLS to extra research. Very helpful

Tell your boss you deserve a raise :)

Guillaume Kanoufi


After few year of going from one hosting service to another and being most of the time disappointed , i got lucky in finding Knownhost, i took a vps, which is great and the awesome support is fast and incredibly efficient.

I would recommend it to everybody.

Cheers to their team!

Ryan Bonner


This has been my first experience with a dedicated hosting environment, and while it has provided me with unbelievable flexibility, I was a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of such a free-form offering. Thankfully, the support team at KnownHost has helped me through all of my Week One setup and configuration challenges, and I've been absolutely blown away by the response time and resolution turnaround.

Jim Higgs


I got a good deal when I signed up for knownhost at a reduced rate and I also got a technically higher spec that I signed up for.

I have had my dedicated server for around 3 years now and during that time downtime has been virtually non-existent.

Technical support has been great and have always got a prompt response to tickets and most of my questions and requests for their help in achieving what I want has been quick and successful.

My only minor winge is that there is no chat line. Although other hosting companies I have used that do have this service seem to have them staffed by individuals less savy than me (and that is saying something!).



I have been using Knownhost for about 1 month now after moving from Hostgator who I was with for years. I manage about 20 accounts. Firstly, their VPS hosting is great but their service is world class. After submitting a ticket for help the average response time is about 20 minutes, sometimes even 5 minutes. HG used to take 1-2 days. They are helpful, friendly, fast and effective. Always going the extra mile to solve the issue.



I did massive research over a period of six weeks to try to find a new VPS provider. One of my finalist candidates was KnownHost, based on all the stuff I'd read. One Sunday night before I went to bed, I thought I'd e-mail their sales team with a couple of questions I had regarding their service. I went to bed, thinking that I'd get an answer sometime Monday.

To my great surprise, when I checked my e-mail on Monday, I discovered that the sales team had responded to me within minutes of my routine inquiry. Not only had they answered my questions, the person responding to me also anticipated my next two questions that I thought of after I went to bed and answered them as well. At that point, I was sold on KnownHost because if their sales team responds that quickly on a Sunday night, they care about customer service.

Based on my conversation with sales, I chose the SSD-2 plan over the VPS-3 plan I had been considering. While I sacrificed some memory and storage for superior SSD drives, I have not been disappointed with this decision. Even without using caching tools, CDN, or other solutions to make WordPress run faster, my load times are very quick without the unexplained performance walls I'd hit with my former provider.

Although KnownHost does offer a cPanel site (or sites in my case as I have four subdomains), they were not able to do this feature for me. I was a little scared at the prospect of moving four WordPress sites to a new host. However, the support team was there with me all the way. No matter what issue or question I had, they responded to it in minutes.

I feel the customer support team went above and beyond when I asked about pointing my DH sites to the KnownHost databases in order to minimize the impact of pointing my domain from DH to my name servers on KnownHost. They helped me get this set up, which was awesome beyond belief.

The only negative element on the move to KnownHost was when I asked support about setting up the name server elements. One of the staff misunderstood me and told me something incorrect. So when I pointed my domain to the new name servers, things didn't resolve as it should. As soon as I became aware of the site not being accessible, I reported it to KnownHost and they fixed it a few minutes later with an apology. Considering how awesome they'd been everywhere else, and how quickly they fixed the mistake, I'm fine with how things turned out.

Since then, the support has continued to be outstanding. They've quickly helped me work through anything I've needed help with.

I've been so impressed by KnownHost in the short time I've been with them, I even had an e-mail sent to their management to express my gratitude. If they continue this superior customer service and continue to have servers that actually do what they are supposed to do, I'll be a customer of theirs for life.

Bruce Munson


As I did research on managed VPS hosts, I came across KnownHost. At the time (mid 2012) they had a sparkling reputation, with great reviews. I was skeptical, but I moved all of my sites to their VPS-2 plan.

I was pleasantly surprised when they successfully and painlessly migrated all of my sites from my previous host. Their support people are uncommonly pleasant, professional, and thorough. They never leave you hanging.

The VPS-2 plan I moved to was INCREDIBLY fast and stable. In my year and a half with KnownHost, I have had only brief (as in minutes) downtime on my VPS, in the entire time I have been with KnownHost. In the extremely rare case an issue arises, all information is shared with the client. Nothing is hidden, and no excuses. I really like that.

After the migration, I began to make changes to my VPS to further improve performance (not that it needed it, but I think I am an obsessive speed freak). I did not have a server admin background, and had to learn as I went. KnownHost Support was EXTREMELY supportive in helping me make changes. This is really above and beyond the normal support level. I have now made several tweaks, and my VPS is blazing fast.

I have now moved to the SSD-3 VPS package, and the SSD based servers are even FASTER than the VPS-x plans. I mean VERY fast.

What makes KnownHost most unusual is their unwavering level of support. A support ticket is always answered within minutes - often even less than 1 or 2 minutes! I get the feeling that they really care about their customers, and want to grow their business based on great customer service, and of course excellent product (server technology).

I would not hesitate to recommend KnownHost to anyone asking. I'm not a person that frequently does reviews. I only endorse a product or service on rare occasion. But this is one of them.

Remington Phillips


I switched to KnownHost for my VPS needs after having a bad experience at another VPS provider, and wish that I would have tried Known Host first. The service has been reliable, with very little downtime. I use Status Cake as a website monitor for a client's website, and I have a record of over 38 days straight with not even 1 minute of downtime.

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