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" If You Are On The Fence About Which Hosting Company To Use.... "


Hey Everyone. I know first hand how hard it is to decide on a hosting company. I originally started out with godaddy shared plan. Why not right? Godaddy seemed to be the biggest. It was a terrible mistake. After three years of constant frustration, and battling constant issues with Godaddy I decided to make a change.

I spent countless hours looking for another hosting company. Choices were plenty but with so many opinions, reviews, pricing, specs, it was hard to know which one to go with, to trust.

I contacted Jaguar. I explained my situation with them and needed advice. They were extremely helpful and explained since godaddy shared hosting didn't use cpanel that the move would be difficult but they would assist and walk me through the process.

Without exaggerating, Jaguarpc made this move seamless, and helped me through the process and got everything set up perfectly. I signed up with Jaguarpc 5 years ago, Hands down was the best choice I ever made. I started with a VPS with Jaguarpc and later upgraded to a Hybrid server. I can honestly say both of my servers with Jaguar has been ultra reliable and no issues at all. I have contacted support on several occasions with issues I ran into on my own, and they were totally awesome with getting the issues resolved. They are always there when you need advice and they are always actively involved in the forums. 24/7 support is working round the clock.

Over the years I have gotten to know some of the customer support and tech support people, and they are all awesome, very personable and genuinely concerned with any issues you have. Does Jaguarpc have hiccups now and then, sure they do, just like the hundreds of other web hosting companies, but the only difference is that Jaguarpc makes things right, and they do care for their clients.

I recommend Jaguarpc to everyone because I believe in this company and support them right back with good word of mouth. I also take the time to leave good reviews around the web. THis way others that are on the fence can have a good solid recommendation.

My 5 year anniversary is coming up with Jaguarpc, and I wanted to extend a big Thank you to Jag and all of the customer/tech support team. You guys all Rock! Also, I wanted to extend a huge thank you and kudos to Greg. Greg you are a stand up guy and run a great company. You have the right people in place and all of you and your teams success shows every day.

Finally, A tribute to a friend that was a great asset to Jag, ~Jim~. I got to know Jim through Jaguarpc interactions. He was a great guy that has passed on. GOd Bless him, RIP my friend.

David Orser

I've been a customer of JaguarPC for years. On the few occasions I have had need of their customer service, they have been very responsive and helpful. The price/performance ratio isn't the best, but the up-time, regular communication about planned outages, and customer service are all excellent.



I love this hosting service. They keep upgrading their range of services and also have excellent customer service

Admir Rahmani


I'd like to say that you have a very good service and to make them to work in a group right in Europe die every little differently

Yessica Toche


Good strategic partner, plan tailored according to customer needs.

Graham Pearson


I have been with JaguarPC for over 6 years now and have always found the service great.

Even though I'm on the other side of the world, their response times are incredible.

Keep up the good work!

Milan Stankovic


Our e-commerce site is hosted on jaguar(former hostingzoom) for 9 years, it is hard these days to find company that you can rely for that long period, bud we did it with jag. Jag provides great performance, really good stability and value. One of the most important things in web business is support, and we can say that there is no issue that they can not fast resolve. We are also very satisfied with speed of our site, our homepage weights 2MB and it loads from Europe for 3 sec Jag, just keep it going good as You do it now

Amar Madhurkar


I have been associated with Jaguar PC for more than 2 years now. I was recommended to Jaguar PC by one of my clients. They provide quality services and at very affordable prices.

They have a good ticketing system which addresses issues quickly. The best part is, the ability to control the priority of the issue is given to us. So we can set severity depending how quickly the issue needs attention.

Overall I am very happy with the services provided and would like to continue with Jaguar PC.

J, Wayne Ruddock


I have been a satisfied client of Hosting Zoom a subsidiary of JaguarPC for a long time (since 1/3/2005). I have found their hosting services to be better than any other host I have used at a cost lower than any other comparable service. Of course over more than nine years there were some bumps in the road (not all were caused by Hosting Zoom I made a few boo boos too),but they were handled quickly and efficiently. Even when the problem was of my own making like somehow deleting a lot of email I didn't want to lose, the customer service and tech service people sorted things out for me and made me happy. I highly recommend JaguarPC since they are the same company and I fully expect to get the same flawless service from them that I got from Hosting Zoom for years to come.



JaguarPC is a one of the good service providers when it comes to a solution where you need the most features altogether. The most critical for a reseller is a downtime and support during it. JaguarPC is good in providing any kind of required support. However, the obvious maintenance are always there which is probably with every single service provider. Hence, if you need the most features out of a reseller plan with good support and you do not care a lot about the obvious maintenance downtimes, JaguarPC is good enough.

John Allan


I've been working with JaguarPC for 10 years now, their system was always functioning above the average market.

Technical support has improved over the last 2-3 years to an outstanding level of solving matters promptly with a personal contact ,which is really the key to a good provider.



I transferred my hosting from another vendor because of multiple issues. I was wanting a good hosting company and also wanting the switch to go smooth with no downtime.

I did months worth of research and settled for JaguarPC. They are awesome.

The switchover and setup went smooth as silk, and there was no hiccups at all. No Downtime, and no problems.

Their support was excellent and set things up for me that I even forgot to do!!

The customer service and support staff are fast, friendly and extremely good.

I saw all the reviews, good and bad, and from first hand experience I am totally satisfied with them and took the time to send a good review.

I have hosted with them with a VPS and now a Hybrid system for two years now and everything is flawless. No down time, Excellent support and the customer service is just awesome.

I couldn't ask for a better hosting company that truly cares for its customers.

Thanks Jag!

Brian Latchford


Jaguar, particularly Zachary, has been very good when it has come to customer service in regards to both our VPS setup as well as exploring options to build out dedicated servers. Whenever as issue has come up, the turn around time to get it fixed has been good.



I have been with JaguarPC for 9 months now and while it hasn't always been smooth due to a hardware problem with my VPS node, most of it has been pretty good and the techs have been very responsive and caring even during the one issue which I know happens at times. I appreciated them doing everything they can to save my latest data even though I do keep my own backups for safekeeping. They have great video tutorials for us newbies and an excellent knowledgebase as well that really helps. Some things I can get help for from other customers in their forums. Live chat is available when I have a quick question. I like them and will be sticking around.

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