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"Foreign Help"

There is no longer anyone in the states that answers the phone for ipage.com! I tried to speak to someone in my own country and no luck.

The accents are thick and hard to understand so I chose not to build a website with this company. Low wages for ipage employees contracted in

other countries but poor communication with US citizens who want to do business. BUYER BE WARE!


"Hidden Fees - Very Costly Mistake"

I used iPage to host a small website and completely forgot about it. I was not aware of the auto-renewal option that was active by default

Last year I was billed 260$ for Website Builder which I never really asked for. This year I was billed $280. After checking the pending transaction on my credit card I talked to them for refund. Hopefully I will be refunded.

Krishna G.

"If You Worry About The Worst, Lying, Thieving Hosting Company, Don't Look Any Further..."

Please stay away from iPage. If you don't like to get robbed, search for a hosting company with normal, affordable prices and services that level up to their promised expectations. Billing Central is a page where you can see all outstanding amounts for the next 45 days, year or so-on. After cancelling all their services months ahead it the statement should be empty. And it is, but the next day it is a totally different story and amounts for cancelled services just keep popping up. Why? It is the nature of the beast. Plain and simple. And don't ask or write complains because it will not get answered and just bring you more frustration and anger.

Steve Johnston

"Renewal Price After 4 Years Is Insanely High."

Website: carolinajasminephotography.com

I received a renewal invoice of $268.40 for the simple website I've hosted with iPage for 4 years. I was expecting a $50 to $100 renewal fee. When I contacted iPage, they said their prices had gone up and they didn't offer to reduce the fee. My website is going to move to another provider.

Venu Oruganti

"I-page Is Horrible - Stay Away From Them"

Website: avakaya.com

My experience with i-page is most frustrating and horrible. I curse myself every day for signing up with i-page for hosting.

Even though i subscribed for auto renewal for 3 years for my SSL certificate, they still have one year expiration on the file and my e-commerce business website is down for 3 or 4 days.

Customer support people have no clue about the issue. They lie through their teeth shamelessly but extremely politely. There is no other manager or supervisor or team lead to talk to - you only can talk to the customer support folks from Philippines. They are courteous but lie. They say politely they are coordinating-email will be sent-etc. but that's all a lie.

For a simple issue like renewing an SSL certificate, they will take 48 hours to even work on the issue after half a dozen frustrating phone calls. If and when they fix SSL certificate, it will take another 24 to 48 hours for it to "propagate". They won't tell you that upfront. they will say so after your 7th phone call if you vent your frustration.

Imagine going through this frustrating experience every year at least once definitely when something comes up for renewal and probably more number of times if you have any other issue.

No manager to talk to - no escalation process - low information support staff - low caliber technical staff .

So, just stay away from i-page. I am sure there are lot of better choices out there.


"Incompetence That Cost Me A 4 Day Outage"

Website: betterlivinggroup.ca

In short: a 4 day outage and refusal to refund a failed product.

Horrible experience. It was cheap and you get what you pay for. The support people were first level and there is nobody to help you beyond that. My site was down for 4 days as they continually failed to fix it or even take it seriously.

The issue was a failed SSL certificate installation. After 4 days they still couldn’t fix it, so I migrated to Siteground where they walked me through everything step by step. The guy at siteground was a genius, especially compared to the iPage support.

iPage now refuses to refund the failed certificate because they fixed it soon after I had migrated off their systems.


"Do Not Use Ipage Ever"

customer service / support: useless

services: useless

ratio offer price / term: liars

cheap OK, but you get what you pay for...


"Ipage Is Plain Garbage"

Been an iPage customer for 2 years now and will be switching once my contract is up.

Just an overall negative experience. Lets begin:

--Support: Pretty okay once you find a way other than calling them to get help. If you want a simple email to send thought out questions and information to, good luck. Better chance of finding the holy grail.

--Site coding ability. -- Python 2.5 to start. They are so behind in updating to new software its incredible. And trying to ask about it, refer to support.

-- Performance - Site stays up for the most part. But if you are testing and hang the server there is no way you can flush it. You just have to wait 15 minutes or so.

-- Overall - Dont use them if you have any type of experience coding and want to actually develop your site. They are cheap cost for a reason.

Angry Customer

"Ipage Sucks!"

iPage sucks big time. You pay very little to beggin with but soon after you need to repay and repay for basic features. It'S basically a trap.


"We Need A 0/10 Option"

Website: appleandpearwardrobe.com

Honestly, I don't even know where to start. iPage has gotten so bad in terms of knowledge/competence by their "tech support" and completely non-existant when it comes to customer service. I've been with them 5 years, and the thought of moving everything to a new hosting company is daunting to me, but I can't take iPage any longer. They consistently relay the wrong problem to higher level tech support, causing days of delay in fixing issues, the hold times are outrageous, and nobody cares. I've probably spent 30 hours on the phone with them in the last 6 months--2 hours today alone. My site isn't fancy and doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it still doesn't perform reliably. Today's issue is a contact form that, despite being properly formatted, does not connect. No error message, no confirmation message...just nothing. Their resolution is to have people who visit my site clear their browser history, try on a different web browser, not try to access it on mobile, and restart their computer. They didn't see why I found that more than a little impractical, and bad for business. If you run a business, and need a website that works on the most basic level, ipage isn't for you.

Xizzee Web Designs

"Ipage Crashed 5 Of My 9 Sites"

Website: xizzee.com

I don't know what is going on at iPage, but when one of the billing specialists cancelled a product I did not want anymore, he brought down 5 of my 9 sites causing me to get Forbidden 403 errors. Customer Service ratings are misleading because they only ask 2 questions: Was the rep knowledgeable and was the rep willing to help? The people are always super nice, but that doesn't mean they helped solve my issue. I have lost at least 20 hours to them in the past year because the customer support people are not properly trained. When transferred to the Phillipines, I was given all sorts of conflicting information. When I finally got a US rep, I was told that the information I was given was completely incorrect.

Also, if you are going with them, make sure you do not auto-renew. Always call and tell them you want to cancel unless they have better prices. The guy I spoke to actually told me I should have called and asked for a better rate. I should never have auto-renewed. How's that for customer service? I'm in the process of transferring my sites to another host provider, but it is not easy. Choose your hosting service carefully. You want better service than iPage can give you. They are clearly cutting corners.

Steve Winter

"Worst Tech Support Ever And Getting Worse By The Hour."

Website: emailmg.ipage.com

Their webmail is all but unusable because of sluggishness. I don't know if they just oversold their servers or have a serious bug. Their tech support are uncaring and incompetent even on their higher levels. They close tickets without fixing the problems and we can't reopen them. Their website builder is a joke as it lets you make a website but then when you want to edit it it does not work and makes you start from scratch or "upgrade" All their tech support accomplished was to ruin the site that was there.


"The Worst Ever!!"

Website: lilesburney.com

This is the worst customer service ever!

John Halley

"I-page Is Pure Garbage"

Website: mybiketrails.com

You'll pay for bot and site crawler traffic, and wait on hold for hours for Philippino call takers. I-Page baits and switches your pricing, and has horrible customer service. Swear clear from these clowns!

Al Bailey


They will automatically put you on auto-renew and you cannot stop it, even when the service is terminated. They provide nothing in writing or confirmations etc. Once they charge your credit card they will vigoriously fight you with all the "small print" in their user agreement even if they are not providing the service.


"Horrific - Consumer Protection Is Required"

Website: newlifecoaching.us

My list of complaints is so long I do not even want to get started. Very poor support... hard to believe but perserve passive aggressive tendencies with some if you try to port your site out which I am in the process of doing. Their support for WordPress was misrepresented. You can load it in, but that is when the trouble starts... my site was inoperable for many days after many promises to address the issue. The incompetence and double talk is staggering. One admitted to me that they were just not able to provide adequate hosting for my site because of plugin for a merchant service that worked just fine with another provider... BUYER BEWARE!!!

Partheepan Mathivanan

"Worst Hosting Service And It Terrible Support"

Website: oneeyedreams.com

Cant solve a simple error issue on new CC Updation. uses a international phone number as a global support number, how come ipage expects all their global customer have International call facility. Its better ipage can serve only Europe country please dont waste other people's time and money.

Ramsay Bell


Terrible, unreliable, incompetent worthless customer support!


"After A Few Years With Ipage, I Warn Others To Stay Away From It."

I've used iPage for years. At first, every thing was fine, but then it got bad. Now, it is very bad. Customer service seems to have completely stopped. It seems like the only stuff working is the automatic stuff. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that what used to iPage is now an empty room with a land line telephone setting on the floor. Whatever their problem is, maybe they'll fix it in the future. If you want to do business with them, don't spend more money than you can afford to lose.


"A Consistent Downhill Slide To Oblivion"

I'm giving up on these folks and you should avoid like the plague. At first iPage was excellent. Pages loaded fast and reliably. When you needed tech support you got an answer right away. Then EIG's brilliant leadership decided to outsource support overseas and cut back on investment in infrastructure - now it's simply a pathetic mess. "Live" chat is a 'night of the living dead' episode, and calling tech support means long holds to get to people who simply don't know what they're doing. Bottom line: a steady service decline to the point of being useless as a service provider.

I'm an actual (about to be former) iPage customer, not some troll trying to trash them and send you to another provider. These guys deserve to lose their customer base as a reward for stupid, greedy leadership. My message to EIG is: keep making these kind of decisions and watch you profits decline. I'd go so far as to say check if a company is owned or affiliated with EIG and if so run in the opposite direction as fast as your legs will carry you!

Thess Santos

"Ipage Charge Us$394.20 To My Credit W/o Notification & Confirmation. They Autorenew M..."

I am an Ipage user for 3 years often they block my IP address and it is difficult to contact since their chat box is really not working fo long time. So oftentimes I cannot upload my files until it get expired. Then lately I found that they charged my credit card with 394.20 USD for 3 years without any notification. Their customer service is also unreachable as always. So I make dispute to the bank and I hope it will get cancelled. They are spammers!

Robert McKenna

"Don't Even Think About Doing Business With Ipage - It Is A Scam On Several Levels."

Website: anwvinylrecordstore.com

To be brief. I had to spend a Minimum of 30 minutes EVERY single time I called them. Took me over one hour to buy one domain and the idiot who took it managed to enter the wrong domain , this was after we both spelled it back and forth several times. I called the next day, less than 24 hours of buying it and complained that they had the wrong spelling and wanting to cancel my transaction which was about $75. The woman Swore she had cancelled the transaction and a refund was issued. I saw the next day it was not. I again had to spend over one hour and this time a man swore the same thing. AGAIN the next day still no refund and again over one hour. I am going to just put in a claim with the credit card company because they can't be trusted.


"Very Bad Experience With Billing Department"

I wish I had read these reviews before I signed on with IPage. They are a headache. Just like some of you, I signed on for cheap, had a $155.40 for a year charge to my bank account, without notification August 2016. I disputed the charge with my bank. The money was reversed, then it was non reversed. In the mean time a monthly plan was made, $9.49, which comes to $113.88.

That sum is $41.52 less than what was taken out of my account. I brought that to their attention back in August. Fast forward to March 6, 2017. I get an e-mail saying my account will be shut down because they can't withdraw the $9.49. Forgive me here, I notice when $155.40 is withdrawn, I do not notice $9.49. Now I realize that I paid for the year, and I am paying monthly for the year. Lucky for me they do not have access to my money! Still waiting to here back from billing department.

Doing business should be fun, in spite of the everyday snags. I would never treat my customers the way I have been treated by IPage. They are crazy makers!!!


"Illegally Charged 286,80 Usd On My Credit Card And I Am Not Ipage Customer"

They charged my credit card with 286,80 USD and I am not even their customer. Their customer service is unreachable and they claim they have not received my 5 faxes with my credit card statement that I sent and which are clearly delivered. Already for 9 days they have my money on their account and it seems I am not getting it back.

Bis Ghi

"The Most Sucking Provider Ever"

I registered a domain and purchased hosting plan in Ipage. I have really bad experience with payment. I have been charged with the features that I did not asked for in the first place. The customer support is pathetic. Now that I finally decided to move my domain away from Ipage, but the transfer has taken already a week. Lets see how long it will take.


"Ipage And Sitelock Scam"

iPage is an awful company to deal with. I've been with them for 3 years and had a bunch of sites with them. From Jan 30 to Feb 5, my sites have gone down 4 times. I called the first three times, and was told that they found 25000+ malware files (basically all my files). In the past 3 years, it has never been a problem, and all of a sudden all my files are infected?? I speak to 3 different reps, and they rescan all my sites and all say that no malware was found, and all put up my sites again. Finally, the last time my site goes down...today...I call in to speak to a supervisor. Her name is May. May says that she will retrain and speak to the past 3 reps who apparently put my sites up by mistake or temporarily so that I can remove all the malware. Everyday it gets scanned again and it finds all the malware again. I say BS. There is no way they rescanned and found nothing, and then their system finds it and then automatically shuts down my sites. So I ask what the solution is, and they said to remove all the files, or get a one time malware removal from Sitelock for $200. I said no thanks, and backed up all my files and moved all my sites from ipage.

Stay away from iPage. Looks like they are losing money or in cahoots with Sitelock to make that extra $200 off of people. Do not pay for sitelock and get a second opinion from your designer or host, and if they try to push it on you, take your business elsewhere. iPage should be protecting its customers on THEIR servers, not the other way around. They should include site protection in their fees, rather than charging for sitelock on each of your sites.


"Stay Away From Ipage"

Website: opamart.com

i had nothing but embarrassment to my customers and stressful time dealing with ipage. 1 out of 100 that i rated them is not what they actually deserve. I would never use or recommend them to anybody.

They have a security dpt that scans your account for mailware. According to their way of thinking, even if you have a picture that is attached to a product your ecommerce site offers, it is considered a suspecious file and they force you to delete it. The worst part is that they suspend your website and keep it suspended until these files are removed. You may have an important website running, an ecommerce store with high traffic like mine, or a blog that needs to be constantly up and running with content for your viewers to read. With ipage, there is no guarantees. They will suspend your account like they keep doing mine on an average one or two times a month and stay suspended even after you submit a request upon deleting these files recommended. Imagine the embarasment your business will receive when your website looks like the attached picture for days or weeks.

Their service is useless too. All their service is routed in chat rooms only. There is no phone number to call. Their service team are outsourced to India and they are not knowledgable if you need any assistance. If you need to speak to a technical team the only way is to email back and forth.

I am going back to inmotionhosting. I hosted with them in the past and satisfied with their services they offered.

Seriously save your money and struggle and STAY AWAY FROM IPAGE. IT IS NOT WORTH IT


"Terrible And A Ripoff"

They deleted my account immediately as I violated their terms by having a person's contact details on the web site. They did not allow me to edit it. They refused to allow me to reinstate it. They refused to give me my money back, despite their advertised 30 day money back guarantee. And I had to call twice, spending an hour on hold each time. I have to now dispute the charge with my bank. Ipage has wasted a lot of my time and treated me badly.

Frustrated with iPage

"Ipage Sucks!!"

I've used iPage for several years after transferring from another hosting company. Their control panel is very unusual, completely different than standard cPanel. However, I lived with it for the duration. For the past couple of years they have progressively gotten so bad about transferring domains in/out, tech support has mostly moved offshore (they promised that would never happen when I transferred to them many years ago) and they are clueless.

Recently, I have been trying to move 2 domains away from iPage and it has been over 2 weeks.....on tech support for over 3 hours total over several days abd still NO RESULT. How hard is it to transfer a domain? It's not. Its a simple process.......BUT NOT WITH iPAGE!!!! I could rant for several paragraphs about their incompetence, lack of quality knowledgeable tech support, their inability to simply transfer domains. Their bandwith speed is slow.......website display is slow, etc......but I won't......RIDUCULOUS!!!!


"If You Cancel Your Service - Change Your Bank Acccount!"

Website: putneypc.com

seriously they are a scam - they will not cancel your service even if you delete your account and turn auto renew off.

They just switch it back on again straight away.

SO if you cancelled your account with them and deleted the info. contact your bank and make sure that any direct debits with ipage is cancelled. and do yourself a favour - switch your current bank account completely to a new provider.



Signed up for hosting with iPage as it seemed good value. I had my domain with their sister company - Fatcow - so in order to keep everything together I transferred the domain.

The iPage support person I spoke to did this for me and when it showed up in my iPage control panel I renewed said domain.

However, after a week or so I received an email notifying me of my domain expiring.

When speaking to both Fatcow & iPage they couldn't do anything to resolve the situation, except ask for $400 to get my domain back.

Totally useless and waste of time.

Charmaine white

"Got Damn Criminals!"

They set up auto renew, then charge your card however they want. Then make it seem as if everything is your fault!

FYI- Pay with a prepaid account.

This company is a FUCKING JOKE!


"Liars And Thieves"

Website: mggbet.com

This hosting company is real scam. They host your site for one year for 1.99 month and after that they triple price and make auto renew domain without your permission. Actually, they are stealing from your Credit Card that they keep in database, and you cannot remove. Also servers are very very slow, and support is ZERO!


"Account Auto Renewed And Charged Even Though I Set It To Auto Renew Off"

I had purchased a domain with iPage and I set the auto renew off after the purchase. But they turned the auto renew back on again, and today they have renewed my account for another year and charged my card. I called immediately after I noticed the email saying my account was renewed they say they would NOT cancel the transaction and reimburse me. They also said they will now set the auto renew off so it does not renew for next year, but who knows when they will turn it on again and conveniently renew again? This is a scam.

Joe Damore

"Poor Service"

Website: joedamore.com

My credit card was copied and subsequently had to be canceled. I did not realize one of my customers Domain and server were on that card. I did not see Ipages warning. My domain expired. I renewed it with a new card, paid 99 dollars to prevent a waiting period for others to buy the domain. The ticket was dated 8/30/2016 and I was told that my site would be back on the air in 24 hours. Here it is 9/5/2016 and I am now told a "screw up" caused the delay and my site will be up in 24 hours. IN the course of calls to Ipage I spoke to Ashley, Angel, Jasper, and Greyson in the Philipines who were useless. I am disappointed in Ipage. I teach conducting business on the Internet at the local college and before this recommended Ipage highly.

office manager

"Customer Service - Fail"

We went with ipage looking for an inexpensive option to hosting our domain e-mails, having a webpage was just a bonus.

We could never get the e-mail to work properly on all devices even though the set-up was the same.

The KB and instructions were incorrect or outdated, no Windows Live Mail set-up.

Customer service was a joke, every time I called to get things fixed I felt like I was talking to a high-school dropout, who was never actually able to fix anything and in the end always blamed me or my systems.

I finally transferred all of our hosting to a local company with dedicated intelligent support and let our ipage plans expire.

Also, while it was cheap for the 1st year, the renewal is not.


"The Worst Hosting & Customer Service Ever"

I have used godaddy and websitepalace for my freelance projects and was happy about their services. But recently they raised their prices, so I researched and decided to use iPage...wrong idea! I always hate auto-renew, so I specifically set to not to auto renew when I created account, but somehow magically set back to auto-renew. I received an email that my service would be auto renewed, so I logged in and set back to "no auto renew". A few days later, my bank account was changed $180 for one year of domain name & basic hosting...ridiculously expensive! I called the customer service and cancelled my account. What they did not tell me was there was $35 cancellation fee. I asked the representative for her agent id, and she refused to give it to me because of their privacy policy. While I was still talking to the customer service agent, I received an email saying that my account was cancelled...but no confirmation number. I asked her for confirmation number in case I don't get refund and have to call them again. I had to talk them for 10 mins to finally give it to me. This is too much....I learned my lesson...you get what you paid for. Never going to use iPage, ever again.


"Ipage Provided Unreliable Ssl Encryption"

Website: kimberlykeown.com

In June 2016 I purchased 3 years of webhosting from iPage, an additional domain name, and a single-domain SSL certificate. The SSL cert was only offered through their website with no option for third-party purchase or installation.

Within a few weeks of installation, the SSL certificate began triggering continual insecure domain errors in multiple folders & files within the domain, browsers, computers, and physical locations. I opened a ticket through iPage chat support. The first rep stated they had reproduced the error and escalated the ticket. From there iPage refused to admit there was a problem with the SSL, despite numerous screenshots I provided and the fact that the myriad insecure domain errors occurred nearly every time I worked on webpages in the domain, which was practically daily and for hours at a time.

I repeatedly stated to iPage that the encryption lapses were a liability and jeopardized the safety of data transfer. iPage disregarded those concerns and responded by stating the SSL Cert would work for my website. Over the 10+ days of ticket non-responses and refusals to address the problem, I did my own research and provided evidence through a third-party testing website that the SSL Cert was not showing up for the domain. Upon inquiry I had eventually been told that iPage uses SNI and does not offer dedicated IP for SSL. That was the crux of the issue and after providing the third-party test results, iPage refunded the SSL cert payment. The refund was justified but left me with no ability to use SSL encryption with their hosting plan, therefore the subscription was worthless.

Despite that iPage refused to refund the webhosting payment, using the ridiculous assertion that their refund policy only applied to cancellations within the first 30-days of hosting. (I was only 45-days into the hosting plan at the time I opened the support ticket.) I opened a dispute through the payment company, and iPage then stated through the SSL support ticket they would refund all of the unused webhosting and I would keep the added year of domain registration. I told them I would accept the refund offer. iPage then stated they had no ability to refund the money until I closed the dispute with the payment company. After responding that the payment company recommended not closing the dispute until the refund had been received, iPage AGAIN stated they would not provide a refund until the dispute was removed. They were attempting to scam me into closing the dispute without receiving any refund whatsoever, and further unafraid to state it in writing twice.

I escalated the dispute with the payment company. iPage never responded to the payment company, and I received a 100% refund.

In the interim I transferred to a reputable hosting company with excellent customer service and Dedicated IP. The new SSL Cert with Dedicated IP that I purchased through a third-party and was installed by the webhost company works perfectly.

iPage's refusal to address the SSL encryption issue was very disturbing. They disregarded the liability implications of sending personal information without reliable encryption. iPage tech support provided no help in diagnosis or research of the issue. and had I not found other resources and gained recourse through the payment merchant, iPage would have encouraged the website to continue being hosted with unreliable data transfer security and robbed me of three years of website hosting.


"Don't Be Fooled By Youtube Ads"

Website: milestoen.com

Terrible performance, 5 out of 10 times I check my websites, I get a server down or database down. They upsold me to a premium package, same story. Incompetent customer service, their job is to make you wait 15 minutes to chat (the only way to reach them) then question you on every statement to prove it to them for 20 minutes then they escalate to level 2 and in 4-5 hours you might hear back with sorry we were unable to replicate your problem.


"Customer Service Is Not Open On Weekend For Their Dedicated Server"

Their customer service is not open on the weekend. especially when you have question.

elsa de reus

"You Can't Cancel! Big Time Scam!"

I made screenshots of the online confirmation of non-renewal I put in. Then I had 10 emails every day thereafter, telling me I had to pay. I checked the status of my account online and the non-renewal was gone and the account still active! So I repeated the procedure, and currently, I am getting harassing emails daily that I havent paid. Im closely monitoring my paypal and bank accounts to ensure they dont withdraw the funds. This company should be fined or something.

Linda Brown

"Poor Poor Customer Service"

Website: apeacefulvoice.com

What a frustrating experience. I opened an account for email purposes and then decided to transfer my domains to iPage. UGH. One domain name would not transfer....at least 8 calls and 3-4 hours of support and it could NOT be done. In talking to GoDaddy many times and iPage many times, I believe the issue was with iPage systems. I finally left that domain with an unusual extension at GoDaddy. However, the email for that domain name is at iPage and used to work there BEFORE attempting to transfer the domain. Now, no email PERIOD.

I've placed several calls in and get "India", which is of little help. The issue was escalated to another team who will only email me incomplete information with no instructions. I've complained and asked for clarification and get the same answer over and over. I've requested and American agent and get only India. They tell me call in. I will only get India. Apparently I cannot talk to the escalation team and the team members I talk to tell me to change the MX records. The next person says yes, but I must also change the IP address of the MX records but it is unclear in their fields what goes where. I say this over and over to them and they tell me to ask probing questions. *@#*!!! They tell me to call in so I can do this all over again. WTF?

Now two of my websites are down. There is no way to resolve this without talking to the escalation team and I cannot talk to them.

George Colacicco


A $300.00 unauthorized charge to my PayPal account for some "security" bullshit I never ordered---Need I say more?

I cancelled instantly and now my business will, of course, take the hit of not having an active site for a while...

They need to be reported to your State Attorney General's Office, like yesterday!

Hiram V

"Shady Business Practices"

I cancelled my i-page account when they sent me an email about renewing my account for $286.80. I also set it to NOT auto renew to which they emailed me confirming it will not be auto renewed. Even more seriously the card they had on file had expired on 4/2016. Today, 8/2016, I was charged $303.79 in 2 payments (the $286.80 renewal fee + $16.99 which I still don't know what for). When I called and followed the prompts. I selected the cancel subscription option and was on hold for about 15 minutes. I hung up and dialed using the start a subscription option I got someone in like 15 seconds. How amazing is that? The first email I got was to inform me that they deleted the site and the files cannot be retrieved. I guess they were punishing me. The last email I got was confirming the refund of $286.80. They owe me $303.79! Did we forget to refund the $16.99 which they never told me what it is for. What a shady business!

LA Jones

"Robbed By Ipage"

Just got off the phone with iPage today. I called to cancel our hosting since we were unable to successfully link our hosted domains to our new website, even with their "technical assistance". I was told that since we were not within their 30-day window, we would not receive even a prorated portion of our pre-paid hosting fee back. We were paid through early 2017, so we got ripped off for most of the services we paid for. They also tried to do the "auto-renew for your convenience" trick on us too...for two years. Thankfully I caught that in time and limited the renewal to only one year. I don't like companies that operate in what I feel is an underhanded way. This one appears to do business that way. Based on that, I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Eddie Thurston

"Ipage Crooks"

Website: urbanexoticlandscaping.com

Been a customer of Ipage for 3 years just renewed for another year. then suddenly they suspend my site due to malware.

Told I need to by their SITE LOCK to fix the problem. The other option remove infected files. Looking at the files they have not been accessed since 2013. Scam SCAM. no help from there Help line they avoid my questions and keep trying to sell sitelock.

Guess what they can stick it where the sun don't shine bcoz I am taking my business elsewhere.


"Terrible Customer Service"

Website: clandarkstar.com

I've decided to dump them from hosting my domains due to the absolute incompetence of these imbeciles. Yesterday I purchased a new domain from GoDaddy and wanted to point it towards my hosting at iPage. I could not add the domain to the existing domains area (I previously added domains with no issue), it said the domain was "In use". Not sure what that was supposed to imply, I contacted support (Their live chat is completely broken and doesn't work by the way, all you get is an empty window), so a day later I get a reply telling me that the domain was used previously on a "Closed account" on iPage and that I should supply the answer to the "Secret question" for that account. WHAT?! I had originally told them I just purchased the domain yesterday, not sure why they think I previously owned the domain under a closed account? Then explaining the same thing again, they told me to take all "protection" off my domain to prove that I own it. NO WAY IN HECK! Whois information is archived on some services and I might as not have any privacy on my account then since it opens up my info for all to see. I told them NO WAY and then they said they would have a "Domain specialist" contact me. I already am moving my domains to somewhere else. I've gotten better service at a McDonalds than these clueless dolts can manage to give.


"Best Webhosting Firm With Better Chat Support"

Website: updates4life.com

I'm hosting my websites with Ipage for past several years and its awesome experience. The servers are far superior compared to other hosting. I had never experienced any server issues in my hosting journey with Ipage. The prices are also competitive and can get offers by contacting the support teams. I like the chat support which is always super and ready to help. Just upload the website to server and forget about accessing the control panel. Your website will be up and running always. Super cool servers. I jut love hosting with Ipage. The vDeck control panel is better than cPanel with best products


"Don't Waste Energy And Money On Them "

worst hosting company ever. no one knows what happens in there. the infrastructure is flaky at best. 2 client websites disappeared!


"Horrible Company"

I had changed my account setting to NOT Auto-renew and even waited on hold for about an hour to speak with a rep for confirmation. I specifically asked if it would renew and he said no. Today I just received an invoice where they tried to steal almost $400 from my bank account, but thankfully I did not update billing info. I went back to my account page and surprise, surprise the settings where switched back to auto-renew. I had to call again and try to sort that mess out.

From all the other reviews I've been seeing today, this seems to be a common thing with them. I would highly recommend not using their service.

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