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  • Cheryl

    "Terrible Customer Service"

    iPage review by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: clandarkstar.com

    I've decided to dump them from hosting my domains due to the absolute incompetence of these imbeciles. Yesterday I purchased a new domain from GoDaddy and wanted to point it towards my hosting at iPage. I could not add the domain to the existing domains area (I previously added domains with no issue), it said the domain was "In use". Not sure what that was supposed to imply, I contacted support (Their live chat is completely broken and doesn't work by the way, all you get is an empty window), so a day later I get a reply telling me that the domain was used previously on a "Closed account" on iPage and that I should supply the answer to the "Secret question" for that account. WHAT?! I had originally told them I just purchased the domain yesterday, not sure why they think I previously owned the domain under a closed account? Then explaining the same thing again, they told me to take all "protection" off my domain to prove that I own it. NO WAY IN HECK! Whois information is archived on some services and I might as not have any privacy on my account then since it opens up my info for all to see. I told them NO WAY and then they said they would have a "Domain specialist" contact me. I already am moving my domains to somewhere else. I've gotten better service at a McDonalds than these clueless dolts can manage to give.

    Pros: None
    Cons: Stupid, Terrible support

  • Godwin

    "Best Webhosting Firm With Better Chat Support"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: updates4life.com
    Platform: Wordpress 4.5.3

    I'm hosting my websites with Ipage for past several years and its awesome experience. The servers are far superior compared to other hosting. I had never experienced any server issues in my hosting journey with Ipage. The prices are also competitive and can get offers by contacting the support teams. I like the chat support which is always super and ready to help. Just upload the website to server and forget about accessing the control panel. Your website will be up and running always. Super cool servers. I jut love hosting with Ipage. The vDeck control panel is better than cPanel with best products

    Cons: Can't place tickets and always need to contact chat/phone support

  • joss

    "Don't Waste Energy And Money On Them "

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    worst hosting company ever. no one knows what happens in there. the infrastructure is flaky at best. 2 client websites disappeared!

    Pros: cheap
    Cons: never works

  • Razz

    "Horrible Company"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    I had changed my account setting to NOT Auto-renew and even waited on hold for about an hour to speak with a rep for confirmation. I specifically asked if it would renew and he said no. Today I just received an invoice where they tried to steal almost $400 from my bank account, but thankfully I did not update billing info. I went back to my account page and surprise, surprise the settings where switched back to auto-renew. I had to call again and try to sort that mess out.

    From all the other reviews I've been seeing today, this seems to be a common thing with them. I would highly recommend not using their service.

    Pros: Introductory price
    Cons: They'll charge your credit card without your consent

  • Kamini

    "Wow!! My 35 Days Account Was Accessed By Someone In Year 2015 And 2014"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: dglps.in
    Platform: Wordpress 4.5.2

    iPage is worse service provider. my account is just 35 days old and I pay the fees by my virtual card which i created for internet payment. iPage did not accept so I did payment by my original card.

    Issue one: After payment, I got hosting account. I hosted my site and got help from ipage support as well to fix one small issue. After three days my account got suspended and everything was deleted. when I chat support tem, he was not even ready to understand the issue. I gave him everything, who created my account. After 3 hours continuous chat, he agreed that it is iPage mistake. in net 12 hours my site was up. It was worse exp.

    Issue Two: After 10 days, again my account was suspended and iPage said that there is malicious activity and virus in the files. I again fight with iPage and it was four hours long chat. I sent my files to McAfee and Symantec and they confirmed that there is no virus. iPage restored my account. Funny thing is I have still those old file in one of the zip file and they are not saying that it has virus.

    Actually they were trying to sell Sitelock featureto customers by this kind of malicious activities by themselves.

    Issue Three : two days back my FTP account was suspended by saying that there was large amount of activity on FTP from this specific IP in 2014. F..k. My account was created in the mid of May 2015. How some one can connect to my account in 2014?

    Issue Four: Today on 18th June 2016, again my account got blocked and I got response that there was large amount of connection request in 2015. This was the response from ipage support. I am adding my account details too.

    Account Status
    Account Created On Monday, May 16, 2016
    Membership iPage Hosting Package - The Essential
    Credit Card None
    Next Hosting Bill Date Sunday, May 12, 2019
    Last Hosting Bill Date Not Available

    [P15302785000000000] Unable to connect to FTP


    Thank you for getting back with requested information.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Your IP had large number of failed attempts on April 26, 2015 and thus the IP is blocked on our server. Thus, you are unable to connect the FTP. Can we have the below details, so that we can unblock the IP address?

    1. Why there had so many failed log in attempts?
    2. Is this a shared IP address which is being used by multiple users?
    3. Is there any FTP connection test active in your computer? If yes, then please disable it.
    4. FTP client that you are using.

    Also, please set the below details in your FTP client settings:
    1. Maximum number of retries: 3
    2. Delay between failed login attempts: 300
    3. Set maximum simultaneous connection limit to less than 8

    Please update support console if you have any further questions.



    Never ever go for iPage.

  • milli

    "Ipage Has Left Me Furious Cheated And Ignored!!!! "

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: urbsgroup.uk
    Platform: Wordpress 4.5.2

    So when signing up almost a year ago, I smelt a rat when the mistakenly registered my details with the wrong ones. Luckily, AND I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO DO THE SAME - THAT IS IF YOU STILL PURSUE AN ACCOUNT WITH THESE LYING CHEATING THIEVES - well I have not been able to use my account through out, each month something goes wrong I gave up after 3 months and left it as it was. Could log in my details mysteriously changed. when i could log in my website changed or was down or my password had changed. Then now I am told i have exceeded my limit - wait a minute iPAGE I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO USE THE NUMEROUS DOMAINS I REGISTERED A YEAR AGO THERE HAS BEEN NO ACTIVITY SO HOW CAN I EXCEED MY LIMIT - MY BUSINESS HAS BEEN RUINED BECAUSE OF THIS. I ASK HOW I COULD COMPLAIN ABOUT THE NUMEROUS ISSUES. MY TICKET WERE CLOSED EACH TIME WITH NO SOLUTION OTHER THAN GO TO KNOWLEDGE SECTION. REALLY. SO NOW I CANNOT POST A TICKET ANYMORE, LIVE CHAT FREEZES BEFORE I CAN RESOLVE ANY ISSUE. My site is now just plain text - plain text!!!! I am from UK can someone direct me on how i can report this company it is diabolic - I am not even allow me to transfer my domain -

    Pros: NOTHING

  • Jesse

    "Unauthorized Charges"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    Unauthorized charge of $286 to my check card which overdrew my checking account, creating a myriad of NSF and bounced checks. They claim my refund has been processed but blame the bank for taking forever to post. BULL! They can refund SAME DAY! What was so maddening about this is I only authorized $16.99 for Domain Name Renewal, but they chose to create another transaction for the hosting which I did not order. Never saw this in my cart. But they claim it was an "automatic" charge which I could have changed in my settings. This is a lie. All my renewal options were set to Manual. Never received an Email receipt for the charge either which makes it even more sinister. I'm receiving nothing but lip service on my refund. What they should have done was REVERSE the charges, not process a refund since it was the same hour that I caught it.

    Do not use iPage. Stay AWAY.

    Pros: None
    Cons: Poor Customer Service, inept tech support,

  • ajay214

    "Pitiful Service So Far"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    I don't normally write reviews, but am so very angry with this pitiful excuse for a hosting company I could scream. First, when trying to set up a database, it would not allow it. They finally created one for me after 25 minutes on the phone. Then I tried to set up another one. Same issue. Another 20+ minutes on the phone. Each time talking to someone I can barely understand.

    Then I am trying to get another service which needs to access the database. It won't connect. Chat with someone and they file a ticket and say it will be between 2 - 4 hours. After than, still no way to connect to the database. Another chat. This guy tells me it will be a few hours. That's what I was told the first time!

    I hate being lied to. This company offered a great price for hosting. You get what you pay for.

    Pros: cheap hosting
    Cons: you get what you pay for

  • Chuck


    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    10 concurrent server connections allowed. 10. Only 10. Support regarding the slow service. Terrible. All the bad reviews on this site? Accurate and truthful.

    Pros: Price, initial service
    Cons: performance, service, and most everything else

  • k

    "Terrible Company, Do Not Use"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    theft, money stolen from my account, read the other reviews, its not just me. DO NOT USE

    Pros: none
    Cons: joining them in the first place

  • ipage sucks

    "Absolutely No Joy"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Reseller Hosting
    Website: ipagesucks.com

    ipage advertises unlimited disk space and unlimited email addresses... The catch is that your email will simply stop working after you reach a certain amount of disk space (which in this case is 500mb PER EMAIL ADDRESS)... so if someone is emailing images or other large attachments, suddenly their email will simply stop working with no explanation why... and to get it working again you either need to delete emails (once you figure out why it's necessary) or pay ipage more money for the supposedly free unlimited disk space that doesn't apply to disk space if it's associated with email.

    Oh, and if you ARE willing to pay them for the highway robbery, it doesn't tell you up front which "package" will upgrade your email disk space, and it doesn't tell you how much disk space you get for each email address... but you're welcome to blindly pay them for whatever package they offer and hope it will finally provide enough disk space on top of the unlimited disk space you're supposed to have. Oh, and you get to pay them for a year or two at a time, so it's not like you can try a $5 option for a month and see if that works for you. I wish I'd never heard of ipage.

    I have to go to my customers (reseller) and explain why their email isn't working and that their unlimited disk space is just a joke on them. ipdage needs a good old-fashioned class-action lawsuit to straighten them out.

    Pros: ipage sucks
    Cons: ipage sucks

  • kevin


    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    this company stole money, its not the first time reviews have been submitted with the same information. its fraud pure and simple.
    if you join you will be scammed........
    any positive reviews on this site are from employees or scouts, who publish great but totally untrue reviews.....
    this information is true, £270 taken from my account without consent after i cancelled my subscription.......
    THEFT AND FRAUD.............

    Pros: none
    Cons: theft

  • Rafael Acosta

    "Credit Card Charge After A Year Of Not Using Service."

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: projectbluehorizon.com

    Over year after not using their service I get a charge of $215. The first time I called they said they refunded the charge completely me which was a complete lie. Then they told me to email proof of ownership of the domain to another company then call them back. This place is a scam they will charge you and hope you dont notice, then make you jump through hoops just to get your money back. Stay away.

    Pros: N/A
    Cons: They'll charge your credit card without your consent

  • Tiamiku

    "Ipage Charge My Credit Card Without Proper Notification. I Feel Cheated"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: tiamiku.com

    i previously subscribe my domain name tiamiku.com to ipage but have not used it for a long time.
    iPage automatically charged my creditcard without informing me of their action and the renewal cost.
    They sent me n email of the renewal link only but not notification of auto charging.
    their email note "If you do not wish for this domain name to be renewed, please disregard this message."
    Now they refuse to provide me of a refund and i cant afford to pay my credit card.
    I feel so cheated... Be carefull

    Pros: No Pros
    Cons: Expensive Renewal and Decieving


    "Very Dishonest Company. Do Not Use"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    Anyone who sees this PLEASE DO NOT USE iPage. I have a full time job and my time is valuable. The reason I'm spending time on this is to prevent more innocent people being scammed by iPage. When you search for review all the results are jammed by iPage's own paid ads. But if you do research deep enough to see this. They are really a scam. They renew your site even if you chose not to. Then they charge you. There is also no option to remove your credit card information from them once you put it in. Not sure if it's legal. And they charge customers (me, at least) randomly. They charged me one unintended renewal THREE TIMES and refused to refund me. I've seen a lot of scams but iPage is definitely the most technical scam I've seen. Host speed is not fast at all. The slowest, actually, in most comparisons. DO NOT USE iPage. Otherwise You WILL REGRET your decision!

    Pros: NOTHING
    Cons: Anyone who sees this PLEASE DO NOT USE iPage. I have a full time job and my time is valuable. The re

  • Traci

    "Big Hidden Costs"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    I received an advertisement email from iPage since I was once a customer. The ad was only for former customers for $1 per month for 1 year and then $5.99 per month. I was not told that each of these amounts must be paid in one sum, not monthly payments. I was offered (via IM) a deal of $71 for 3 years but I have to pay it now. I paid the usd12 for one year and asked that it not be automatically renewed. I was told by the customer service rep that my PayPal was deleted from my iPage account (but I was skeptical). I was urged constantly to use Weebly Drag & Drop feature. Then I found out why. I was told that I was only allowed to make 6 pages for my website....but I could upgrade Weebly for usd600 - usd700 depending on the plan I chose. This was NOT told to me in the application process, displayed on the pages I used to sign up, or displayed in their advertisement. Then they offered me a monthly Weebly plan for usd14. I will remain with the Russian hosting I have; much easier to use and more honest (I am American in America).

    Pros: Rather user-friendly control panel.
    Cons: Hidden costs

  • vladar

    "Site Lock Extorsion"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: raywebmedia.net

    Orwer all not impressed. I had to migrate to another host because Ipage does not support Magento but I stayed with them and used my Ipage account for Wordpress and Joomla sites. Or rather I used Ipage because I am now in the process of moving all my websites away, far far away, from Ipage.

    Reason being I hate being ripped off. In the true mafia manner they suspended my account and insisted me to pay protection. They even unsuspended my account for 24h as a show of "good faith" but if I do not pay 9.99 for every site hosted with them they will suspend it again. Now, if my sites are dangerous why the hack risk infecting visitors for full 24h?

    No prior warning, no explanation what type of malware they found. Just email that I am suspended because they claim I have malware on 6 sites recently moved from Godaddy and that I must pay 9.99 for each hosted website or lose days looking for malware my self. If it ever exists. Now any anti malware software gives you info about the infection so you can Google it and find a solution. After arguing with support I got list of files "infected". UNOFFICIAL FOUND is the only explanation what the malware is.

    So my advice is don't mess with mafia. You wouldn't in the real world right. If you pay once, they will use new and new ways to rip you off more.

    Pros: nothing I can point out that is actually better than anywhere else
    Cons: ripof

  • Shyam Dadimuni

    "Do Not Get Ipagehosting, Very Slow, And Less Up Time"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: meegua.ca

    I'm receiving Jetpack alert almost everyday stating that my site was down. Also when I compare with same site in another server, this is very slow performing server.

    If you just need a place to backup your data use this. If you need to host your website, try something else.

    Pros: Unlimited disk space & bandwith
    Cons: Everything

  • Ali

    "Very Unprofessional And Blackmailers"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: aasiasohail.com

    Very incompetent staff, when you get a good amount to traffic, they start blackmailing you buy cutting your site off. Support doesn't reply at all, my website remains suspended for days before the issue is resolved. Very slow browsing speed. The promise you of unlimited storage but as soon as you start using a little bit of storage above 2-3gb they start blackmailing you that you are using your website for other purposes and suspend your website even if you remove your files.

    This is my second website on ipage and I still regret the day I renewed my current website. my previous website was also suspended without any cause.

    Pros: Seems cheap in the beginning
    Cons: everything; specially support and staff.

  • Deb Hawken


    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: debhawkenmedium.com

    I paid over $600 for a website design service. They started building the website before I had completed the design form (it was over the Christmas holiday). They didn't design it they imported my old website which I REALLY didn't want. We are some weeks down the line, the website still isn't complete although they're saying that it is, but if they look at my form and my requested changes they will see that it is not. They're refusing even a partial refund even though I've waited 2 months for a site. They are also just populating one of their templates, not designing.

    Pros: Sadly, none.
    Cons: Poor customer support. Slow communication, bill reminders weeks before due date.

  • rick schott

    "Ipage Is Really Bad - "

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: reefradiance.com

    I have several domains and websites on iPage. Firstly - the many reviews on google on the first page are from ipage even though they are written and titled like they are objective reviews - they are not. Read them factually and objectively and you can clearly see that they are created and owned by Ipage and are just marketing ploys to make you think their service is really good.

    It is not. They just changed weebly - their website design software and it is a night mare to use. I have gotten good with the prior version and could make effective changes to my sites quickly and easily. The new version is really hard to use. What is worst is that when you make any change on your site - IT SHUTS YOU SITE DOWN - and anyone typing it in any search engine gets a 404 message - they cannot find your site. I have called 5 times and been told that it was fixed and every time I try to make changes using weebly - my site shuts down. And I have been given 5 different reasons why it is not working - some very bizarre ones - and told every time that it is fixed. I just tried to make changes for next week on one of my sites and it immediately went down and my business is closed until they fix it. I am on hold - for 30 minutes - again to get my site back up - time to start looking for another hosting company.

    Pros: None
    Cons: terrible customer service

  • Justin

    "Sitelock Scam"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    I used to deal with ipages lack of support and slow speeds but now they're a shill for sitelock. What a scam, before they started using sitelock my sites never got hacked, now I have to either buy sitelock (for every site) or manually repair the infected files which takes forever. I secure my sites pretty good and still have issues, I wouldn't be shocked if something shady is going on. I decided to clean up my sites after the latest hack, bought sitelock and realized you have to buy it for EVERY site on your account just to clean them up. Stay away from ipage and their pretty much forcing sitelock on you unless you have a ton of time to constantly fix your hacked sites. Stay away!

    Pros: None now
    Cons: Slow, bad support, shill for sitelock.

  • Nancy Steele

    "The Worst Should Be Isuckpage.com Really They Suck"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: alliancelegalvideo.com

    Plan on being on hold an average of 30 minutes; plan on the customer service to jerks because they are so tired of pissed off customers. They got me with that whole cancel thing and screwed me now I am left without a site until the domain transfers out. They charged my credit card an outrageous amount 2 weeks ahead of renewal despite the fact that I repeatedly told them not to. Additionally they did not have my updated credit card and how they forced thru the payment is beyond me without the new expiration date - simply outrageous! and the worst templates and website builder - ALL of my sites were forwarded to a godaddy site that I was also paying for. Good riddence isuckpage.com

    Pros: None
    Cons: customer service website builder, dashboard, difficult to use, crappy templates.... I could go on

  • John

    "Transfer Out Process Is Very Tricky, Be Careful ..."

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: naerg.org

    I submitted a transfer request out and the email I got was very confusing.

    Email showed it came from a person called, Transfer not from ipage.com
    Be careful of this or else will miss out.

    2nd part of this trick is how they word the email to transfer it away.

    Here is actually email:
    If you want to proceed with this transfer, you do not need to respond to this message.

    If you wish to cancel the transfer, please contact us before Tue Jan 12 14:26:58 2016 by going to our website,

    https://transfers.domain.com/?away=1&domain=........................... to confirm.

    Based on their email initially, seem like dont have to do anything. IT turns out that you do have to click on that email link.

    They should change the header of their email to read that its coming from ipage.com and their transfer out email should be more clear.

    Pros: initial 1st year price $27 than jumps to $157 next year
    Cons: Very tricky on renewal, get charged $157

  • Dilesha

    "Best Service Provider."

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: carey.edu.lk
    Platform: Joomla! - Open Source Content Management

    I have been working with IPage for the last two years and their awesome support team has been by my side every time i needed. They have been supporting me to keep my websites up at my financial crisis and would love to recommend Ipage over other hosting providers.

    Chat support waiting time is considerably low than most other providers.
    Only problem is i found is that their up-time is just above 98% by experience i know that this is not a bad value since there are other big time players with a up-time of 90%.
    IPage Email Servers are the best & Fast servers i have ever used.
    VDeck Control Panel is a very good alternative to CPanel. Once used to it you will feel problems although it is still in a beta.

    Pros: Support, Fast Reliable Mail Servers
    Cons: 98%+ Uptime

  • Az

    "Absolutely Horrible Customer Support, And They Actually Lie To Customers!"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Other
    Website: webwoods.co.uk

    Good-ish range of features, but the poor service quality ruins it...

    I arranged a callback for my client to have their Outlook configured as I couldn't be at their office all the time; so iPage charged me $36.00 for this service, and I had to chase FOUR times across three continents, two American states and two weeks!

    Every single time I got in touch, I was told that the tech guys will CALL me within an hour, which never happened. So during the last chat session, a SUPERVISOR (yes, my complaints have been moving up in the world!) told me that the DON'T PROVIDE THE CALLBACK SERVICE!

    I immediately pointed out that her team have been lying to me this whole time, which she called "misinforming" (nice, diplomatic synonym for lying); I wouldn't be that frustrated if it was just one person that told me (he/she may have been not trained well enough, it happens, no biggie), but EVERY time they said they will CALL back, so... back to lying, I guess.

    Also, just generally frustrating lack of decent customer support training, like repeating what I said to them, but in a tone that suggests that they are actually telling me what's happening, it just insults my intelligence, when they think they have to keep repeating the same thing over and over again. For example, every time I asked why they lied to us, or why did they not call, they just start telling me that there are problems with Windows 10 and Outlook... (what the hell... but I asked you a different thing?).

    So, absolutely horrible, will move away as soon as possible, and do my best to ruin their reputation at every opportunity, I don't think any customer deserves to be treated in such manner, and I have worked with some real clients from hell!

    Pros: very low prices
    Cons: ... and appropriately low quality of service (despite a good range of features)

  • Jason

    "Criminal Business Practices, Horrible Support"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: thevoiceinc.com

    This is my latest issue with ipage:

    Last month I decided I've had enough of ipage so I turned off auto renew on my account.
    Today I started the process of transferring my domain names to another hosting company.
    While going through my account settings, I noticed that ipage charged my bank account today for $155 for web hosting.

    I called and requested a refund for charging an unauthorized payment. Support said they would look into it. A few minutes later I receive a notice they have refunded my charge, then about 30 seconds later I receive a notice saying my account has been cancelled and my hosting account has been deleted. I tried logging in and sure enough the account and my website was deleted.

    I called ipage back and said I did not request my account be deleted...I still have a few weeks of paid hosting left.

    Support apologized and said they will contact an account manager and get the site back up, but it would take about 12 to 24 hours to get the site back up.

    So just to keep score: at this point we have ipage making an illegal charge to by bank account.
    Then when I catch them and request a refund, their response is to cancel and delete my account without permission.

    IPAGE ARE CRIMINALS. Do not host your site with these criminals. If your site is currently hosted with ipage, check your bank account carefully for unauthorized and illegal charges!

    Pros: price
    Cons: everything

  • Krystal

    "Don't Give Them Your Money!"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: fairytale-photography.com

    Extremely expensive, constant maintenance, and zero customer support.

    After purchasing the long-term plan (one of their cheaper options) I have found tons of other hosting sites with greatly lower prices.

    There is ALWAYS something that needs update or changed just to stay online. I would often come back to my site, maybe even after just one day, to find that some other application was no longer working or that I needed a newer version, and a blank home page on my site. Irritating, to say the least.

    When I had these issues I would contact "customer support" and rarely get a quick response, let alone a helpful one.

    In addition, I have gotten a new credit card since signing up and somehow, they were still able to charge me after I cancelled my services ($194). When I contacted iPage (and sent them a negative feedback report) I was never answered. After calling to amend the situation I was first told that my renewal was automatic. I argued that I had cancelled AND that I had been charged on a card they had to test the dates and security code to use.

    After a lot of bumbling and, "uhh, umm..." I was told again, that my renewal had already been put through and that there was no way to return my money. Three people later, I was finally assured that my money would be put back in my account.

    I have made several more calls and still have yet to be refunded, two months later! This situation is just ridiculous and easily fixed, but they refuse to do anything.
    Don't end up in my situation.

    Pros: None
    Cons: Expensive

  • V

    "Beyond Horrific"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting

    ME: So yet again, my site is down. And to be clear, you are telling me down because it was too popular
    ME: Is that right?
    Vignesh H: Yes, correct
    Vignesh H: If you wish to increase the max_question to more than 75000, then you need to purchase the product called ?MySQL Query Limits? 150k per hour for which we will charge $240.00 per year or $20 per month or $60 per quarter.
    Vignesh H: Do you wish to purchase it?
    ME: So, because my site had lots of visitors, you cut it off. You didn't notify me. You didn't call me, you didn't email me. You cost me over $500 of lost business. And the fix is for me to contact you, and be asked for more money. Is that correct?>
    Vignesh H: I am really sorry for the trouble and inconvenience Vinney
    Vignesh H: It was never our intention to inconvenience you in anyway
    Vignesh H: The default query limit is 75000
    ME: You are really sorry, but not sorry enough to email me, call me or warn me. And it's the forth time this has happened. And you actually have the guts to blackmail me into a higher charge.
    Vignesh H: If it is exceeded then the website will be down automatically
    ME: On Tuesday, I will expect a call from iPage management.
    ME: You will put my site back up, right now, or I will look into legal action in the morning. Your service is beyond awful. You don't even have a record of when you cut it off. Do you realize that is that has been cut off for two days it has cost me $1000+
    Vignesh H: I understand your concern Vinney
    Vignesh H: May I place you on hold while I look into this for you? I should have some more information regarding your issue in 3 to 4 minutes.
    ME: Please send this exchange to your superiors and ask them to call me when they are in on (my phone number). As for now, please realist my site immediately.
    ME: Re-boot my site please. I will not hang up till it is done. And confirm that I will get a phonecall.
    Vignesh H: Thank you for your patience, I am still testing the issue, I will be back with some more information in 3 more minutes.
    ME: I know for a fact that you have a record of the exact time it went down, and I am very confused why you won't share that information.

    Pros: Evil money grabbing thieves that blackmail you by cutting your site off it it's popular.
    Cons: I like the green on their website

  • Alan Smith

    "Dont Recommend Ipage"

    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Website: placesuggest.com

    So you get this cheap hosting but they want to make you buy other services like Sitelock, domain privacy and many other things. The big and main problem is that comes after many years with them paying for hosting and building websites that you later don't want to or hard to move to other hosting, especially Wordpress websites. I was getting emails buy this buy that for years and then they suspend my websites that I paid lots of money to build for years, and offer me Sitelock because you have infected files. I have to pay $200 so they can remove those files. The problem is they infected files on my website and they those security guys have access to your account, to do whatever they want to do. They will make you pay I know it, lots of Webmaster told me to move my domains to other hosting provider before I really pay lots of money to build websites because iPage has too many bugs and security problems. Dont recommend iPage to anyone. Thanks

    Pros: NOT GOOD
    Cons: NOT GOOD

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