InMotion Hosting Review: Pros, Cons and Performance Test

InMotion Hosting Review: Pros, Cons and Performance Test

Founded in 2001, InMotion Hosting is a web hosting company that has risen to the rank of major leagues while remaining an independent provider. While they've branded themselves as a "business web hosting provider", they are very well suited for individuals as well.

Over the years, I've referred many people I know personally in real life to InMotion Hosting and to this day, they've remained loyal customers. Unlike some of their competitors, their technical support team is based in the United States and they're highly qualified to help you out, may you need them.

InMotion Hosting Services

InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of web hosting services that allows you to upgrade easily as your website gains more traffic.

1. Shared Business Hosting Review

While InMotion Hosting has branded their shared hosting service as "Business Hosting", it's still very well suited for personal websites too. Each web hosting plan includes a free domain name, unlimited SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, SSH access, daily backups and a free SSL certificate. Their shared hosting platforms support all the main scripting languages you need to create your website: PHP, Ruby, Perl and Python. MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are also available.

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InMotion Hosting - Shared Hosting Plans Review

Users who are less experienced in web hosting will appreciate the cPanel control panel. cPanel allows you to manage all the aspects of your hosting account easily. The interface is very intuitive and there are a lot of video tutorials available.

InMotion Hosting - Control Panel Review

Beginners will be pleased to know that they can easily deploy any web applications without any technical knowledge by using Softaculous, an auto installer for cPanel. Softaculous allows you to install over 400 applications within just a few clicks. The applications are installed and configured automatically. You don't even need to create a database, Softaculous does it all for you. 

Softaculous Control Panel

Softaculous is provided for free by InMotion Hosting but if you want to try it out before you sign up, you can use the online demo.

2. VPS Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting offer two (2) types of VPS hosting services: managed VPS hosting and self-managed VPS hosting. For those who wish to setup a web hosting server to host multiple websites or to resell web hosting services, a managed VPS is the best solution. Featuring cPanel and WHM control panels, a managed VPS from InMotion Hosting provides you with all you need to start managing multiple web hosting accounts. You don't have handle server management, updates and security: the technical support team will take care of it all for you. So basically, you'll just have to learn how to use cPanel and WHM.

InMotion Hosting Managed VPS Hosting Review

On the other hand, if you need another control panel or no control panel at all, Self-Managed VPS Hosting will allow you to setup your virtual server as you want. However, while the initial price is reasonable, the renewal price is way too expensive. As a developer and Linux SysAdmin, I prefer using cloud servers paid by the hour from providers such as DigitalOcean and Vultr. You'll get at least the same amount of resources for half the price or less.

Self Managed VPS Hosting

InMotion Hosting does offer some great VPS hosting features that others don't:

  • Free SSD drives included with all VPS hosting plans;
  • Free backups;
  • Scheduled snapshots;
  • DDoS protection.

In the end, I think that the Managed VPS hosting plans are really interesting for those who want to host multiple websites or resell web hosting services on a cPanel server, however, the self-managed plans are too expensive for what you get.

InMotion Hosting Speed and Performance Review

In order to test the speed of InMotion Hosting's web servers, I've identified fifty (50) websites hosted on their shared servers. Over time, we've gathered a list of more than 3,500 websites hosted by InMotion Hosting so that wasn't really hard. Next, I've submitted these websites to our Web Page Speed Test to evaluate their performance from seven (7) locations spanned across five (5) countries: Germany, Netherlands, USA, UK and India.

Here are the results:

CountryFirst ByteTransaction RateThroughput
Germany0.53s11.3 trans/sec0.34 MB/sec
Netherlands0.45s13.6 trans/sec0.42 MB/sec
United States0.19s35.0 trans/sec1.36 MB/sec
United Kingdom0.49s11.0 trans/sec0.29 MB/sec
India0.85s6.6 trans/sec0.18 MB/sec

As you've probably noticed, I've left out the average loading time. I did this on purpose because I think that the loading time is not significant considering that a lot of websites are poorly optimized. In some cases, the page size was over 5MB, which is a lot and slows down the speed. So instead of relying on the average loading time, I prefer using the "throughput" in order to measure the speed of a network.

But what do these statistics mean? Let's do a comparison with some other popular web hosting services and see how they perform from North America, Europe and Asia:

CompanyFirst ByteTransaction Rate (trans/sec)Throughput (MB/sec)
InMotion Hosting0.19s0.49s0.85s35.011.976.631.360.350.19

* HostGator has web servers in India, hence the faster throughput rate, however you must sign up at

While InMotion Hosting seems to offer faster loading speed to visitors located in North America, it seems their competitor might perform a little bit better for visitors from Europe and Asia.

InMotion Hosting User Reviews and Ratings

There are currently 1,130 user reviews of InMotion Hosting:

4.5 1,130 Reviews
Carin Handsun

"Great Support"


Professional, timely and expert support, I am sold on inmotion hosting, prices are fair, and they are not too busy to help!! Love this company! I use them and refer my clients to them as well.


"The Best Hosting Ever"


I'm from Loja Ecuador, a small town south of it. I started my business as a software developer a few months ago and I am not only happy but also delighted with the service offered by InMotion Hosting. The support is great, and they have helped me in real time in everything I needed.

I recommend it, and I can guarantee that you will be very satisfied with the service they provide.

Bandixus Xaverius

"Worst Vps & Technicians"

Unreliable in fixing issues. "high tier" technicians are too lazy to read the information posted on the ticket. Oh, their ticket system is horrible! 99% of the time, the system didn't send out email. I had to either call/ chat the support to get the latest status and asked them to manually send the email. All manual emails arrived with no issues.

When they upgrade a server, they don't check the sites linked to the server. Suddenly I have multiple sites that are down due to the upgrade. "Minimal downtime" they said.

Every domains that I have, all with DNS issue, oh and they cannot do it right when I asked them for the first time. I had to contact them for the second time. So for the second time, I had to ask them to push the DNS and check the cluster.

Very knowledgeable? I don't think so.

Very responsive? Average

Jim Hendricks

"Fantastic Work"


InMotion has been highly effective, reliable, and timely in all their work. Everything is done with great precision and care, and their team is always friendly and eager to help. I highly recommend InMotion, and I will continue using their services, hopefully for many years.


"Outstanding Tech Support"


Just knowing that Inmotion Hosting tech support literally has your back covered

is a great feeling.

Once again, the tech support at inmotion hosting is simply outstanding.

In this case, it was Robert that took the time to clean up a mess on my server

with folders being under the incorrect domains thereby causing the htaccess for

all my domains, to show internal 500 errors, pages not loading, broken images,

audio files not playing and the list goes on and on.

Robert at least 1 hour with me on the phone fixing these issues and also taking

the time to teach me, per my request,

how i can fix a lot of these things myself which is what i need to learn.

Working with Robert is an absolute pleasure as he is patient and more than

willing to spend what ever amount of time it takes to help a client.

He also has a great since of humor which helps with the process of moving

forward to tackle any issues that are brought to the table.

Personally, i feel that Robert should be in Managed hosting because he is more

than qualified for that position.

Please be sure to let Robert know how much he is appreciated.

I wish to both thank the following tech support agents and commend them for a

job well done.

These individual agents went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me in

some very tough issues to resolve.

Jason, Michael BA, Andrew, Corey, Matthew and Daniel in Managed Hosting.

I definitely have to send these guys more free pizza from PaPa Johns.

Please reward them with the proper accolades and that their help is added to

their record of support as absolutely outstanding.

Good Morning Todd.

Hope your doing well and having a great day.

Just wanted to commend the outstanding tech support from the following agents.

(Advanced Hosting Support)

Corey, Jason, Julian, Muhammad, Nick.

(Managed Hosting)

Will and Daniel.

Thank you


My Cloud Radio dot com

Bill Stein

"Great Support Service. Pleasure To Deal With A Great Company With Outstanding Support..."


I had great support service from one of your provider, Kalyn B. She was very professional and helpful. A great asset to your company.


William Stein

jim cobon

"Great Response To Service Calls"

Website: http

I have been using Inmotionhosting for several year and they have always been responsive. I believe they go far beyond just hosting and will do whatever is required to keep my site active and up. i would recommend them to new users as well as to those who are thinking of making a change.


"Great Customer Service!"


I was struggling mightily and quite discouraged and frustrated in trying to set up my new website. I continually felt as though I were beating my head against a wall. After putting it off for a few days, I finally decided to ask for help via a live chat, and Malcom was the poor sap assigned to help me out.

He was so patient and very, very helpful. I am so new to all this that I didn't even have the vocabulary to explain what I was doing to figure out what was going wrong. He continued to ask me questions until he was able to figure out what I needed. He didn't make me feel stupid in any way and provided some great solutions. Our chat ended with me feeling encouraged and understanding what needed to happen next. I'm making progress again.


"Inmotion Provides Superior Hosting"


I'm relatively new to the website game. Based on my comparison shopping, I decided that InMotion looked like it gave me the most bang for my buck. It has not disappointed me at all. The customer service is FANTASTIC, I have had zero (to my knowledge) downtime in two years of running a site, and everything is very easy to do for a rookie like me. I pretty much figured out how build a website through trial and error, and I'm constantly finding new features that InMotion offers. I'm extremely happy with my choice and have no plans to shop around for anything else. As long as InMotion continues to offer their services with the same level of quality that I've experienced for the past two years, the they will have a customer for life.


"Excellent Service"

Time after time InMotion has set itself apart from the pack. I've been blown away by their support. Their tech support is unbelievable. I highly recommend. I've used for multiple clients and they've been amazing each time.


"Charged My Credit Card Without My Consent"


I had been with the company for 3 years until May 28 2017. I notified the company that I will not renew my subscription 2 weeks before my renewal date. But the company charged my credit card a full year subscription regardless, even though the auto-renew button in my account was turned off. The company refunded my money after I disputed about the charge. My credit card company charged me exchange fees for the 2 transactions because my credit card account is Canadian. I called the company again to ask for reimbursement of the charge because of their mistake. They refused to do so. Now I'm paying for their mistake. Beware of the company's billing practice!!!

Antonio Nunes

"Vps Is Down Again"


You'd think VPS would be more reliable than standard hosting. Doesn't seem to be the case with InMotionHosting. About 1 year ago we were down for close to 48 hours. Today it's been nearly 2 hours and still not working. Support is clueless "Unscheduled maintenance on the containers. Nothing I can do." There have been other smaller hiccups in the past year. Not very reliable.

John Indreica

"Great Customer Service"


I have been using inmotionhosting for the last 5 months and since then, I'm totally satisfied by the services they provide.

Few times I needed technical support, and every time they 24/7 support team assisted me.

This is one of the things that I was looking for since we're based in Europe now, we needed a company with 24/7 support team.

I really appreciate the fact that they did not outsourced this service (as other companies do) and their team are native English spoken people and that's fantastic when you deal with any kind of problems.

Their mail server since now appears to be quite stable an that's another great thing.

I have several websites hosted here and overall I'm totally satisfied with the services they provide.

Great service


"Best Hosting Ever"


I had a lot of hosting companies that supported my websites, i can tell you that the guys from inmotionhosting are the greatest. They have an excelent support team that will help you no matter what. I strongly recommend them t anyone


"Alwayes So Helpfull"


I am glad for using inmotion, there are always help to find and they are patient and nice.

Daniel Gross

"Great Technical Support And Customer Service"

I switched to InMotion Hosting because my prior hosting service had many technical problems and if I tried to call them I would be on hold waiting literally for hours. I use my computer extensively for business, but am not a computer expert. I needed to not only change hosting services but also migrate all of my emails from the prior host. This may seem simple, but for me it was not. I needed to contact the technical support people many times to have them walk me through the process. I was never on hold for more than a couple of minutes.

During that process I mistakenly changed the Named Server to InMotion before downloading my emails from my prior host. I called for help and was told that I would need to undo everything I had already done. Not a pleasant thought, but it appeared that there was no other choice. However, within 5 minutes of getting off that call, the InMotion technical support person who I had been working with called me back (yes, he actually called me back) to say that he had given it more thought and had an idea for a much simpler and straightforward solution. He held my hand and took me step by step through the process and it worked.

All the people at InMotion come across as being very knowledgeable, considerate and very professional. They all did an amazing job with phenomenal attitudes. But, the initiative taken by figuring out a solution and then actually calling me back certainly speaks highly of their motivation and character and sets them apart from others.

I at the age where I look back and wonder what happened to good customer service. Dealing with InMotion was like going back in time to when people went out of their way to be helpful. I highly recommend InMotion.


"Great Experience!"

Great customer service, timely response and always helpful. Very happy with inMotion Hosting, will remain their customer.

Zheng Gao

"Like Inmotion Hosting Support"


Hi, I have chatted on the chat line and communicated via email with them. They are friendly and supportive. Its important that a hosting company cares about their customers and Inmotionhosting does it well. Having first hand encounter with them is great.

Thank You Inmotionhosting staff and support team.

Yours sincerely

Anthony Zheng Gao

B Coleman

"Inmotion Customer Service"


InMotion provides tons of free supporting documentation. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and they really know their stuff. When they cannot help you, they always point to the resources you need, and when the problem is on their end, their customer service is fast, responsive, and never a problem.


"Technical Support "


I am extremely happy and thankful for the outstanding support provided by Jason K from InMotion.

I lost my website database, I contacted technical support and they pointed me to get a backup restoration.

After the restoration was completed, the restored backup did not get any data to recover my website since the backup we had was from the day before and still looks the one with no database.

He found the issue and now my website is running as usual..

This is awesome. Save me a lot of time and headaches

Thanks a lot.


"***** Five Stars"

Excellent customer service. Amazing staff, I received a quick and knowledgable advice. And they offer a fantastic hosting plan for e-commerce websites now.Pleasure to work with them

Thank you so much Adam B and Brandon L from INmotion Hosting

***** (5 stars)

Michael Fox

"Awesome Service!!!"


I have been working on starting up a new Web Design business and had a few questions with various items with the Reseller Hosting package and I contacted the support chat a few different times and had a very good experience every time. They had answered my questions fully and thoroughly and also gave me links to various tutorials and things like that so I could also get read more about the issues.

I highly recommend using InMotionHosting for all of your web needs.

Wayne Rothman

"Real Time Chat-based Support"


I think this sums up:

11:28:34 AM [Matthew S] Sure. I will bring this to my higher tier to make that root change for you.

11:28:35 AM [Matthew S] Please hold 5 - 10 minutes while I look into this for you.

11:31:59 AM [Matthew S] We were able to get that added for you.

11:32:02 AM [Matthew S] What else can I help with today?

I've never had things escalated and completed as fast!

Gennaro Perillo

"Complimenti Per L'assistenza Chat"


Ho voluto sottolineare la professionalità e la diligenza di Brett T. vs. come chat di supporto dell'operatore, grazie.

Denise McCanles

"Inmotion Hosting, Inc. Best Customer Service!!"


I had the greatest experience with InMotion Hosting customer service. I have to say both Dylan and Cory were so wonderful and very patient. The BEST!

Thank you!

Jim Maynard

"Totally Non-responsive. Avoid Inmotion."


Since InMotion had such great reviews and my contract at JustHost was ending, I signed up with InMotion.

My site is WordPress with WooCommerce and a dozen other plug-ins. It has no email. Only two databases. It is less than 1 GB.

They said they would transfer my site to their servers. They said it could take anywhere from one to four days.

The next day I emailed them asking why no one had contacted me for transfer detail. They email back a link where I could go online to "request" they consider transferring my site.

Then I get an email saying they have started the transfer and to NOT change ANYthing on my site until they are done.

One of their messages said the transfer could take anywhere between four to twenty-four hours.

Four days have gone by since they notified me that they had already started the transfer. They have not moved anything. Every time I contact them I get a line about how busy they are and my site's transfer has to wait in line.

OMG. They really expect to leave my site in Maintenance mode for days on end. I've pointed out that our bizz is very seasonal and that we're in the selling season now. Again, they just say my site has to wait. Wait for what? Why tell me that it is being transferred, to not change anything on my site, put up Maintenance Mode, if they aren't ready to do the transfer.

So, this has been going on for a week now. There's no end in sight!

I've had to go back to JustHost to extend my contract with them.

I'm considering just waiting to see if InMotion ever gets back to me.

If they ever do transfer my site, I wonder if they will give me a credit since they are counting this as time they have been hosting my site. Shouldn't they extend my renewal date to reflect when they actually get it moved?

So, could someone tell me why they have such fantastic review everywhere.


"Inmotion Web Hosting Is Great!"


Knowing that a genuine review is very helpful for both potential customers and a company, I've always been willing to write one for companies, services, or products I love. Inmotion Hosting has been offering great services for years, and I have been a loyal customer. I have to stress 2 things. The customer support it GREAT! Every time I needed something, I contacted a representative via the online chat they have 24/7 and I always have had the best support. In a few minutes or even immediately, I had my questions answered. This is amazing, given that a big majority of website users do not have much knowledge about websites. Other companies do not offer online chat, if they do it is not 24/7, and in rare cases that it is, you may have to wait and wait for long until you speak with someone which discourages you to do it again. The second great thing about Inmotion is that its website is super professional! The dashboard for your account is very clear and you can find easily everything. There is information about how to do everything online and that is really a great tool. In general, when one looks at Inmotion website, easily understands that it is a serious company that respects customer the most!


"Great Hosting"


InMotion Hosting is great. They tell you when they're going to be down, well in advance, and there are seldom any outages or problems. Their support is great, whether by email, chat, or phone. When you forget your user ID or password, they're always willing to help you get going again. Their Web Builder tool is great. Not always intuitive, but always productive of good results.

Bruce burger

"Stellar Tech Support! "


I had just renewed with HostMonster for 3 years at $10 a month when I found myself waiting interminably for tech support. I then vowed to change servers...following the fake reviews on the "10 best hosts sites" I signed up with a really cheap service, which turned out to be in Bulgeria with consequent communication problems, I dropped them. Tried another cheap host and didn't do much better. Somehow I lucked into inmotionhosting and whose prices were also quite reasonable, and with a real basis for comparison can say that they have the most amazing, consistent, effective, tech support...there is nothing else quite like it in my experience! I must admit Cpanel is another planet for me, where I am constantly dazed and confused. Inmotionhosting's tech support wizards have been doing all the brilliant work keeping it simple for me...a unique job of stellar hosting tech support.


"Customer Service"


After months of run around from large and small companies to develop a website, I decided to do it myself. The learning curve is steep and I run into problems. I have called tech support relentlessly and they have been far more than helpful. They offer solutions with a great attitude and work with me until I understand. Then I receive follow-up emails on each call asking me if I need any more assistance. This kind of service deserves respect and I appreciate finally finding a way to build my project without dealing with lazy and incompetent people that have wasted so much of my time.

Erica P.

"Good 1st Impression "


Nicole called me to confirm my web hosting information. Very professional and helpful with telling me about how my hosting account and renewal information. Very good service and on a Holiday (Memorial Day). Two Thumbs up. Keep Up the good work!

Erica P.

Paul Alford

"The Best Hosting Company Ever"


I have been with for several years now and I can\'t saw enough great things about them. I also design websites for my own clients so I have sent many people to IMH and will continue. Their support staff is the absolute best, fastest, most knowledgeable, friendliest I have been involved with....and I have bought with several hosting companies through the years. Their live chat is usually responding within seconds, not minutes and certainly not half an hour or more as other companies do.

Liam Huxley

"Awful, Awful --- Avoid"


Have had to use their support 3 times in last few months for basic issues (e.g. today Outlook 2013 not receiving email). The online chat support is worse than useless, they know nothing and cannot ever be bothered to find out. E.g. today. Online for 80 minutes, no help at all except trying to say "it's working fine" which it obviously wasn't. Finally gave up and tried the sales line and got put through to a real tech human who knew the problem, said "everybody here should know it".

Previous issues such as migrating website pages etc.m have not been solved at all.

I am terminating my account with them. There are better ISPs out there.


"Outstanding Customer Service"


I am very impressed with the customer support at InMotion. I had a issue and called customer support, they picked up quickly, understood my problem, corrected it and thanked me for being a customer. Does it get any better than that?


"Quick Email Mr Fix It"


I was working with jacobst on our email issues and he helped identify the issue quickly for our mail problem :) After a few frustrating days of trying to do it on our own I was glad I was a able to get in touch with a this webchat Customer Service Rep. I've actually had a few experiences with the webchat techs and all have been quick and effective. Keep up the good work :D

Robert Mr fix It


"Great Online Support"

Been with inmotion for about 4 months now and its always been a pleasurable experience with the inmotion team especially for a tech newbie like myself. They're really patient to answer the dumb questions,walk-me through the upgrades,installs etc and mostly very helpful.Truth is ,for me,if they keep up this level of service,it would be difficult to switch host.


"Inmotionhosting - Outstanding Value And Customer Service"


We switched our site hosting over to InMotionHosting a few years back, and couldn\'t be happier. Performance and uptime has been great, and their customer service has consistently been speedy and extremely helpful. Can't recommend them strongly enough.

Stan M

"Exceptional Customer Care"


I just want to point it out that I had like a three different chats with Jadon and he is always been knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. Exceptional Customer Service.


"Fast And Reliable Support."


Thanks to the inmotion reseller hosting support staff, I had my questions quickly replied. Therefore, I uploaded all of my clients files very much sooner.

Jezault Alejandro Ramirez Tello

"Best Technical Support Ever!"


Inmotion hosting have the best technical support ever, they response promtly and polite if you have any query or issue. That kind of service make me love his support.

Steve Henry

"Excellent Technical Support"


I really appreciated the technical support received from Brett T. this evening. I had a very tricky name server / DNS issue to sort through, and he got help to figure out the part he didn't understand and then patiently worked through what I needed to do-- holding on while I did some testing. This is very typical of InMotionHosting-- that the technical support staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and don't make up technical details when they don't know the answer-- they go find out for you.

Samir Alexandru

"Awesome Services ! "

InmotionHosting is one of the best hosting platforms , I love them !

Always helping their clients , always resolving all problems.

Thanks !

Steven Brier

"Inmotion Was Disappointing In All Ways "


Including hosting service, support service and refunds despite poor or no performance. They were the worst in a decade plus of experience.

They froze my account several times because I uploaded two sites which they unexplainably considered excessive bandwidth usage. Their support on this issue was non existent sending me to departments to solve which could not be reached or not available.

They are the only hosting company that does not give a pro rata refund that I know of despite that my cancellation arose from their abysmal performance.


"Fool No More"

I was attracted to InMotion due to its specs and alleged focus on business. However I soon found out that the only thing InMotion seems to be good at is marketing. The things that sound so great on the website are mostly scams, like "Pro Level Support" which is exactly the same as regular support, or "Pro Plan for Business" which no serious business should ever even think about. I fell for it and regretted it miserably.

Business grade support does not exist. All tickets are handled in the order received, and take days to get responses to. There is no priority support for business, it is a fraud. You get the same priority as a hobbyist and there is no difference in support priority no matter how urgent and important the problem is. You will sit for days waiting for a response while your business burns, and nobody cares. Then the requests are not done correctly and you have to wait more days to get them to do it. The chat reps give wrong information and you face extended hold times.

The services they say they offer are offered only until they are inconvenient. We were sold on a Power Plan by a rep after describing exactly how we wanted to use it. No problem they said, we will transfer your email and domains for you and you'll be up and running in no time. WRONG. Weeks of hassle and errors, lost time and money, only to wind up with "we only offer limited transfer support". The exact opposite is bragged about on their website and by their reps. I tried to talk to a supervisor thinking the rep was just incompetent, but I was told that there was no supervisor and that the last response was the only correct one. I cancelled my account immediately. What a colossal waste of time and money. I will do my homework better next time. If you have a business, do NOT fall prey to InMotion's incompetence and fraudulent advertising. If you value your business at all, look for a real business grade host and not a fake one.

Richard G

"Stay Away, Waste Of Time"


5 days later and still the same lame responses like "it should work that way", "I don't know whats taking so long", "were going to get on that right away!". Its been a waste of time. These guys say they know wordpress but do you really?



"Very Bad Experience"


I transfered my site to Inmotion Hosting about 2 months ago, they transferred our site. As the site give always "Internal Server Error" we contacted the support but today after 1 month and half we still have the same problem. Very bad support.


Excellent service. Been a client for over three years and have always had great support. Thanks for everything keep it up the great service and support.

Vince Vaccaro


Prag was an Awesome Customer Service Agent for you. Not just once but twice. Super knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, polite and more than willing to serve as needed to make this work the best for us. Give him a huge raise or I will steal him from you when we get bigger ;-).

Lindsay Green


I received quick and dedicated support from Malcom M. with inmotionhosting. He gave me several solutions to my problem, all of which were helpful!



Thank you so much Edward M. for helping me get things straight with my site! I really appreciate your patience and time!

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