ibVPN Reviews and Ratings

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Msabo Gurnavoj

I for one have absolutely no complaints. This is an amazing online service insomuch that it is clear that many will want to have access. Plus that you can't beat the price elsewhere.

Great going, kiddos!

Julian Eberhart

First of all I want to congratulate ibVPN for the service they provide. I am using it for more then 2 weeks now and find it suitable to use, especially for the Hulu and Netflix streaming. After I've tested each server I found the best to be around 3 Mbps and this is very good considering its price. Another plus is that all three types of protocols (PPTP, L2TP, openVPN) are included for each account. I use openVPN for my desktop and PPTP for my Ipad and its working like a charm. The support is fast and their knowledgebase is user friendly.

Paul Done

Tried 3 of the 6 available sites. worst is .5 MBps best is 2.2MBPS, Just enough to get marginal feed from Hulu and so on. My download speed during same time period was 5.65 MBPS (Ping was almost exactly 10x slower). Easy enough to set up on PC, have not yet figured it out for my Mac, but have only spent 1/2 hour trying.

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