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Terrance Hodgins

"A Terrible Over-seller"


I had my web site, "", on Hostmonster for over 3 years, and it was a nightmare. First off, they do throttling. They have patented technology for throttling the number of CPU cycles a customer's web site may use, and they use their throttling technology heavily. When your web site takes off and becomes popular, you will get email messages from visitors complaining that your site is down, and inaccessible. That's Hostmonster at work.

Hostmonster is an over-seller. Meaning: they do not have the resources needed to give you what they sold you. They promised you the moon to get you to sign up with them, offering free and unlimited everything, but they do not actually have enough computers or bandwidth to deliver on their promises. So they throttle your web site, and don't serve out the pages, or just serve them out very, very slowly.

They have, or had, when I was on it, a hard limit of 50,000 files. They promised unlimited storage, but the gotcha is that you could only have 50,000 files. Now that sounds like a lot, but it isn't. EVERYTHING counts as one or more files. Every piece of spam email that you receive is a file, and if it has little graphics in the email, each image is another file. Each attachment is another file. You can receive a bunch of spam email, and suddenly you are over the 50,000 files limit, so Hostmonster stops accepting email for you -- they just throw your email in the trash can. It doesn't matter if it was really important and not spam -- into the bit bucket, never to be seen again. NOT retrievable.

Then they will try to guilt-trip you when you have problems with their limits, complaining that you are using more than "your fair share" of the resources, and taking services away from somebody else. That's to cover for the fact that they are an over-seller. If using the services that you paid for causes pain to somebody else, it's the hosting company's fault, not yours. They sold you the services, and they are supposed to deliver, which they cannot do because they are an over-seller without enough resources.

Speaking of which, tech support sucks. No matter what the problem is, it's your fault because you are stupid and greedy. Or your code isn't optimized. Or you have too many files. Or your cgi-bin scripts are doing something wrong. Or you are doing something wrong. I have heard from many people, including ex-employees, that Hostmonster employs "tech support" people who are required to just read scripts that explain how all problems are caused by the customers. They always say that everything looks fine at their end, so the problem must be at your end of the network.

DO NOT register your domain names with Hostmonster. They will register your domain name IN THEIR NAME. They OWN your domain name. (They say that they are "keeping it safe" for you. That's like letting the local junky "hold" your money for safekeeping.) If you decide to leave Hostmonster to move to a better hosting system, Hostmonster won't let you have your own domain name back. They will hold your domain names hostage.

(I use for my name registrations. No problems, even after several years. I thank my lucky stars that I had already registered my domain names with Omnis before I moved my web site onto Hostmonster, so they couldn't claim my domain names.)

When I decided to leave Hostmonster, they were peppering me with notices to renew the hosting for another year or two, which I ignored, because I was getting a new host. They lied and told Paypal that I had authorized auto-renewal, which I most assuredly had never done, and they tried to suck a couple of hundred dollars out of my account (which wasn't in there). So Paypal tried to pull the money out of my bank account and caused overdraft fees, twice. It took me a couple of months of phone calls and getting letters and statements, to get the overdraft fees reversed. I've heard this before. Hostmonster routinely claims that it is authorized to auto-renew customers when they have not agreed to that. They sometimes hide fine print in the sign-on form, so that when you pay for the first time, they can claim that you agreed to auto-pay. They are just money-grubbing.

By the way, Bluehost is the same company, just using another name, and they do the same throttling. It's the same people and the same racket. Avoid both of them.

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Daniel Tigert Sr.

"Wow "


Recommend Hostmonster only to your arch-enemy. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !!!Hostmonster is a failing company I have been a customer for over 10 years and I used to brag about there customer service and tell other people to use their service .... NOT ANY MORE they have locked me out of my account and literally are stealing my url's .... I called them and they took my credit card over the phone to take my money but have locked me out of my account because I can't prove to them its me OMFG these people have become a special sort of retarded ...... so screwed by host monster and I will tell the if it wasn't me why would I be paying ? really? they expired my password ... they have locked me out ! but they have no problem taking my money ...... so sad ......cant even get in to move my URL's to a new server so host monster is a thief too..........


"Stay Away"


HostMonster was great about 7 years ago. They were accessible and helpful. Every year, their service and customer service gets worse and worse. Today it is just plain horrible. They have become a company who does everything in their power to NOT be available for their customers. In otherwords... outsourced and understaffed. Today, as of June 2017, I needed to speak to technical support. I was having email/hosting issues and had to sit on hold for over 1 hour. I was transferred to an outside affiliate, who was unable to help me. I was transferred back and put back on hold for another hour. I finally had to hang up because no one ever came on the line. My problem was not listed on their support database. I decided to try Live Chat but that also was not available - after I clicked the option and sent my initial message, I read their response "Please wait for the next available agent You will be connected to an agent within 35 minutes" I have wasted over three hours just trying to talk to a live person. Do yourself a favor pay a little bit more money and go elsewhere.


"Terrible Response Time, Issues Not Resolved, Unhelpful Support"


Absolutely terrible response time, was put on hold for 30 mins, after an hour i gave up, over the years its definitely gone downhill, had issues with stats and told technical was working on the problem, that was a few days ago still not resolved. Decided to test Hostgator's support time vs Hostmonster's given that I am not even a Hostgator client; I had chatted to their support and logged off , all the while Hostmonster was still timing out, when I first started with Hostmonster about five years ago it was excellent with helpful support staff, fast forward today and its gone into a total tailspin, I hate changing suppliers, but in the end I might just have to. Really disappointed.


"Stay Far Away From Hostmonster"

Terrible. I've been with hostmonster for years, but this is the straw that broke my back. My server has been down for OVER 3 days, due to a problem on their end, of course, no details of said issue, either.

Each time I contact customer service for an update, they tell me "exercise a little patience and wait". Seriously hostmonster? I've been offline for over 3 days!!! Maybe you can tell your clients that, but I cannot keep telling my clients to have patience.

I have over 10 servers with them, and I will begin my migration to another company.


"Stay Clear Of Them"

They have (and exercise) a right to disable ALL all domains if you exceed file count within 3 months of previous such incident. See their response:

"The account was deactivated due to exceeding the file count limits again. When an account is suspended for excessive files or database tables, if it re offends within 90 days it is immediately suspended...."


File Count: Deactivated if over 200,000 files

Databases (Account Total): Deactivated if over 1,000 tables OR 3GB

Databases (Individual): Deactivated if over 1,000 tables OR 2GB"

David Robins

"Worst Company Ever! "

My business has been suffering a lot due to their bad service. I have experienced over half a day downtime. called, chatted and nobody does anything. They dont even give any ETA. Whether they don't care or don't know how to fix their issues if you have not started working with them it's better to save yourself from future hell building your website on their bad servers.


"Unable To Do Basic Maintenence"

So my website on their site became corrupted. Most files had garbage in them. They blamed me, told me I was hacked (I'm a security professional, I was not). They suggested I look at using their backup system to restore my files. Their automated backup system hadn't run in months, and they did not even know it was failing.


"Bad Bad Service,"

Boy has hostmonster gone down hill... long, long, long waits for tech support...


"Bad Service"


I have been having problem with there system all the time and charging you for site doctor to fix problems, when its there work to fix their own problems, it suck!!

Don't spend or waste your money with them.


"Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. "


its been 3 months that I cannot send emails via Hostmonster. The shared IP has been blacklisted and the support team are useless. They are not even able to offer you a change of IP

The support team does not have any experience.

The live chat takes average 30 minutes to answer.

Avoid. Avoid!


"Vpn Is Down For Over 3 Days Now!!"

I have 30 sites down for over 3 days now almost 4 now,

And they don't even give you ETA.

I can't even get access to my files to move a server !!

Stay away


"Avoid Like The Plague"


Have been using Hostmonster for 6 months. The service was ok but server a bit slow. Then their server went down for 4 days. My site was completely unavailable. It took 1h10 min to speak to someone on day 1. Day 2 it took 7 hours to get through support. However if you try to get through to sales it only took 1 min. Hugely disappointed and advise anyone to stay away.


"Terrible Since Being Purchased By Eig - Avoid Them."


I went with in 2008 when I needed a host for a business web site. I looked around for a decent host with cpanel and "unlimited" bandwidth and hostmonster was really good for quite some time but some years ago Hostmonster was purchased by EIG (one of the largest hosting companies in the world) and like what happens every time a larger company purchases a smaller company, the service degrades (& cable tv/telephone company quality customer service) because there's no need to compete.

Hostmonster is a perfect example of that stereotype. Their prices went up, customer service went down. The performance of the shared hosting servers is bad, really bad. For instance trying to run a shopping cart (like zencart or prestacart) takes over 10 seconds to load a page. It's not possible to optimize the carts without submitting tickets, and they'll just run a few script. Getting SSL setup is difficult, requires a ticket even though the process should be automated. The automated scripts for installing carts and other add-ins will sometimes fail leaving you no choice but to submit a ticket. Ticket response time is generally 24 hours and support very often does not fix the problem on the first go around usually requires another ticket. If you rely on your site being up 24/7 avoid this host.

Rodney Hill


After using HostMonsters for several years, I left to go abroad on a cruise which had no Wi-Fi and they sent me billing information to renew which I didn't receive for a month after returning as it had gone to junk mail. I renewed for several years and my site didn't appear. When I inquired about it, they had taken it down and trashed it. They said it was not retrievable. The person I had hired to do the site didn't have records so I asked for my money back since it was a blank website. They told me they would not refund my money and it was my fault for renewing the site and they would charge me if I ever wanted to load new information. I would never use them again.



I host several sites and Hostmonster used to be good...NOW THEY SUCK....always a long hold for service......

Michael Anderson

Host Monster has a lot of IP addresses on spam lists so be prepared to have to have your emails bounce. They claim to punish the offending websites for spamming but they don\'t. HM uses public proxies to send email... that's right PUBLIC PROXIES.

Support phone calls have an average wait time of 30 minutes.

Lots of slowness during peak times... sometimes the website is unreachable.

I have been a HM customer for 5 years... yes, 5 years and in the last year their service and support has been so bad we are switching to a new host.



Complete garbage of a company. I talked to a rep about an issue, told me to hold, then hung up the phone. Happened twice. Then I got the pleasure to talk with a rep named Kevin, Employee id 1513, who blamed me for the server down, time, refused to provide any assistance, and also refused to let me talk to a manager. Now I have over 200 websites deactivated and unable to move any of them off the server because everything is disabled. This is ashame, because I was recommended to use Hostmonster by a friend whom trusted the company. Using this company was the worse mistake I had ever made. STAY AWAY from hostmonster!

Edward Elliott


I have been using Hostmonster for 6 years now and can not compliment them high enough on the experience. The costs are great and the customer service, both on the phone and online are top notch.

Andres Botero

Host Monster sucks because they lie about providing unlimited space, unlimited databases, and unlimited email accounts. On their home page they list those items as a main feature but actually on the terms of service they stipulate limits for number of mysql tables, limits on total number of files, and so every email you receive is counted as a file, so actually there is no unlimited email space.\r\nMy account has been deactivated - taking all of my sites down - twice. Once because I had too many mysql tables, and the second time because One of my email accounts had too many emails on it.\r\nI think if they were a honest company they should remove those highlights from their home page as they are deceiving people, or at least put a big asterisk on each one of them and a copy at the bottom letting people know that those features are not actually real.

Chris Ruhl


I think Hostmonster used to be good, but not so much anymore. Having all sorts of problems with my email account the last few months. Servers seem to go down quite a bit lately and now my emails are taking up to a week to get to me. Their support used to be a lot better also. When I was chating online with support she said she would get me a tech and then disappeared and my chat was closed. No one called either. I then called them and was told to hold for a tech and then was put on permahold and my email problems still persist. They don't seem as friendly as they used either. I have been with hostmonster for about 4 years, but I think its time to switch to someone new.

Melanie Swiftney


The support team at HostMonster fixed my problem as soon as I called about it and I was up and running in under half an hour. I've had very few problems over the years, but when I have it's always been resolved quickly and efficiently. I will continue to recommend HostMonster to anyone who asks.



I am very happy with the excellent support received from HostMonster for cleaning my website database system, php, joomla which were attacked by malicious files. I am so relieved and I can only say that you very much!!!

Casey Gotcher


Their service and support sucks. Their recommended WP upgrade took my site down and it took them 4-5 days to respond to my support ticket. I lost a lot of sales because of this. I will be moving my site to Rackspace.



I had a problem which I cannot resolve by myself. HostMonster solved the issue just in 10 sec



What a great service! Got an answer for my problems within a couple of hours and with a few simple steps and tips I fixed my websites. Everything is working again as it should. Thanks supportteam!



I use HostMonster for both of my websites, and have always had nothing but good things about them. Quality service for a very affordable price, and not to mention there customer service is top notch. I have had questions throughout the past about issues, and some not even concerning there product and they are still willing to help and provide any information that they can! I would recomend this service to everyone in need of a hosting company!



Patience and expertise on the behalf of hostmonster helped resolve my issue!

Lindee Climo


I delayed contacting HostMonster support, using YouTube Filezilla clips to help me instead. But when I could not figure it out by myself, I sent a message to Hostmonster Help. Sterling responded immediately with clear, concise, followable (if that's a word) instructions that solved the problem on the first attempt. I am not an IT person, but it was through such responsive HM support last year that I was able to post our web page in ONE DAY. And update it quickly and without trouble. Ask and you shall receive should be your motto; and it should be my takeaway from an experience that, but for your help, was frustrating and seemingly insurmountable. Thanks again.

J.Campbell [for L. Climo]

Scott Leslie


I have returned to HostMonster after trying cheaper services--you get what you pay for. HostMonster tech support people may not be significantly more knowledgeable than those at other ISPs, but they are more determinedly helpful; they will stay with me until a solution is found and I understand how it works.

The interface is the cleanest, most intuitive, and best I've found. I actually enjoy logging in and managing my accounts. But a few features I expect, like WordPress or ZenCart, are offered in a rather roundabout way.



Prompt, clear and useful answer to question submitted

Melanie Sherwood


Amazing customer service, the best I've seen in any company bar none.


Website: badboyspitbulls

had some questions that i did not understand so aksed info at the hostmonster support team.

could not be more happy with the way they helped me out and how fast they were to respond to me.

Kathee VZ


Excellent customer service. Fast response, polite representative, problem solved.

Corinne Sayles


After many phone calls with all parties involved with getting my website transferred to HostMonster, it is now up and running! Going through all of the steps and LONG phone conversations with support were very draining, but I am happy now that my website is up.

Michael Cofelice

I have been through a lot of hosting companies testing them all out. I never had as many problems with a hosting company than I had with HostMonster. I am shocked to see them so high on the ranking scale. They suspended my account two times because of high useage. What's really nuts is I installed the same script on other hosting companies servers and had no problems. I think what they look for is members that need to host tiny web sites so they can pack their servers to make more money per server. The help tech that I was dealing with was so rude, I had no choice but to say goodbye to them. Also, you can't use any scripts on your site that requires any type of bounce e-mails because the email address always hows hostmonster as the sender. I would stay away from these guys, they are terrible.

Bob Kistner


Alan was sooooooooooooooo helpful this morning. I had place a phot from the secure side on the open side of the web-site. he found it in a few minutes.

I am verrrry happy to get this resolved. I thought I was smart and could fix it myself. NO, I need your expert assistance.


Lindsay Coats


Hostmonster provides top notch customer service time & time again. With over 30 websites to worry about, I am thankful to have such a wonderful partner to rely on when I need assistance.

Richard Lagerstedt


I have had to request minimal support for my site, and when I do I have been pleased with the timeliness and help from the support team.



Again your team has gone the extra mile to keep this customer satisfied. Many thanks!

Carey Kelley

Website: http:

I have worked in the Web industry for 6 years, and I have never experience such great service then that I have received from HostMonster. They answer the phone within a minute of calling, there techs know about the servers if there is any issues. Their servers are some of the best configured I have ever worked with. I Recommend this company to everyone who wants a headache free hosting service.

Steve Hix


I recently moved my business website from another domain registrar, and also brought up a new domain for a local church. The tools are good, the service prompt and courteous, costs reasonable.

I spent most of the past 30 years in various computer manufacturers development organizations, (mostly doing hardware and software developer and end-user documentation, both written and multimedia) and have some experience (sadly quite rusty these days) with unix sysadmin work. It's been a while since I did much admin work, and the toolset offered here has made getting things done pretty painless, even for someone who's older than dirt.

I like HostMonster.



Thank you very much! Great help on the quickest time!


Website: few

nice hosting and great support

Stella Breathnach


I had my query answered almost immediately and it solved my problem and I am very very pleased

thank you so very much




The support that i can see for years. Congratulations HostMonster!

Tanika Jones


The Support team at HostMonster was excellent, prompt, positive, helpful and another other words one can conjure in their thoughts when they think of what a real Support Team should be. The guys - Alan, Cameron and Nathan (Level I Tech Support Engineers) were a pleasure to deal with and very professional. They all did their best in helping me resolve my matter. I'm super grateful and this is why I would and could NEVER use another hosting service. I recommend this company to everyone I know!

Debbie Schulte


Hostmonster's support tech, Alan, was extremely helpful in moving my new website setup from a subdirectory to the main domain name. I couldn't have done it without him, his replies were quick and the instructions were easy to follow, which made it possible for even a non-techie like me to do.



Host monster support staff is always very fast to respond to my problems and have easy to follow steps. I don't have much website building experience and they have been very helpful.

Kelly Conklin


Thank you Andrew for your excellent customer service today in helping me work out my issues with PCI Compliance! I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to participate in a 3-way call with Security Metrics to help me solve all my issues today! Your prompt response and cooperation is greatly appreciated!

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