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1.) If you want to cancel your services there - Good luck! Very complicated and messed up, they have to approve it. It takes days.

2.) Even when you think you cancelled it, you may have not, just like in my case.

3.) When you want to double make sure that they won't charge. You cannot delete your credit from their system. It's there forever. Btw, it that even legal?

4.) So, they end up charging you whether you are for it or not.

5.) Of cours, no refund!

Traci Lovelace

"Don't Let This Company Host Your Website."


Host Metro has a fantastic automated billing program. They will always get your money on time. That's about all they seem to do well.

I hosted a site with them starting in 2015. In 2017 I renewed hosting for 3 years. In early 2017 they disabled the IP address my site was pointing to, without updating the ip address (they were also managing the domain name), or notifying me, or keeping a backup of the site. When I discovered this, it was somehow all my fault because I didn't notice it right away. I did not have a full back up of the site, nor did I get any type of a refund for the renewal of the domain name or the hosting fees. The many hours of work I put into the site are gone. Save yourself the headache and go elsewhere. Its not worth the financial savings.


"Customer Service"

This is the worst hosting service I've ever had the sad fate of using. They suspended my service because I had a cron job sending emails within my organization. They called it mail abuse and suspended me without first contacting me. They wouldn't un-suspend my account. I'm wondering if they do these fake suspensions in order to control their bandwidth. Also, I couldn't talk to anyone because their phones don't work. No one answers the online chat. Finally, I spoke with someone via their online chat and they flat out told me that they couldn't help me. I received random emails from the admin asking me obscure questions like, "What are you going to do about this?" But they wouldn't let me access my account to do anything about it. I know you're thinking, this is a cheap service, and that it'll probably be fine, but I PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET USING HOSTMETRO!

Spencer Patterson

"Biggest Scam Ever!!"




"Worst Host I Have Ever Encountered "

I have been with hostmetro for just over a year if you ever want a Web page to load do not buy any of their packages. On average while monitoring my websites they get around 4000ms response time. As for their wild guarantees of 99% uptime this is a real joke. They struggle to get 97% uptime.

They also recently suspended my whole account as one of my websites had high resource usage. Why couldn't they just stop one website that caused the issue. Instead they caused my other hosted websites to go down. I paid for 3 years upfront which was a mistake as they say if I cancel my account I will not get a refund for the 20 months I have left. AVOID AT ALL COSTS THIS HOST IS WORSE THAN USELESS.

Andre Loureiro

"I Think It's Too Slow For The Ammount Of Data"


I am considering moving to another host because of loading times...

but still I don't know if the problem is with hostmetro or with wordpress

My experience is good overall.. but it's a pain to edit or conffig something at my website


"Confusion Re Ftp Host Directory Set-up."


Contacted live chat but it was unavailable, so I left a ticket and they responded very quickly with clear brief instructions that resolved my problem. Very happy now. :)

iris graves

"Excellent Handling Of Mis Communication"

I had moved my site from another hosting company and had paid for HostMetro to rebuild it.

Between me, Host Media and the 3rd party hosting company, there was a miscommunication and the site did not get rebuilt.

Miscommunications happen; but, what is noteworthy is how well they addressed. When I saw the site was down, I called and got thru to support immediately who tracked down what happened. He set up my refund and I was refunded within the hour. Very professional, helpful and responsive.


"Unbelievable Support, Very Flexible"


I have no issues so far with my hostmetro shared hosting. I wanted a custom extension on my account. Though the whole thing was never in shared hosting, host metro constantly worked with me to install it for me and complete my request in just few hours. Unbelievable support, very flexible and totally unlimited functionality along with unlimited storage and traffic. Thanks HostMetro.


"My First Steps"

Max from the support of Hostmetro did excellent work and settled everything very quick(!). The company knows how to keep his customers. The team is always friendly and they love their job.I look forward to discover what they can more.


"Truly Great"


Hostmetro are a great and reliable web hosting service, their staff know how to do everything meaning that if you run into any trouble they'll help you out.

Unfortunately their support system is a little slow and It's kinda hard to get into a live chat but if you leave a ticket they respond really fast with detailed instructions.


"Tim Is Awesome!"


Tim is the best. Hes helped me a few times with some problems I\'ve had with my site. They should give that guy a raise just for putting up with my ignorance when it comes to running my site!


"Waste Of Money: Hostmetro"

I have been using Hostmetro with their hosting system and I am not happy at all.

Firstly, the sites are amazingly slow.

Second, they keep on suspending the account. They told that they suspend it because I am sending spam with my wordpress plugin Akismet.

I told them that Akismet is an official plugin, and it is for malware and spam protection. The support is inexperienced, and sends me reports of the external attacks Akismet is blocking, claiming Akismet is sending these!

They suspend the whole website without informing.

Don't buy it because it is cheap. It's a waste of money

Vedat Gurtan

"Keep Away From Hostmetro"


Keep away from HostMetro, It is a total rip off. Servers are down, support is horrible, they have no idea what they are doing.

I have to tell them there are issues with the server, they insist server is fine until I tell them I am going to leave.

Then they offer me to move to another server.

They are worse than AIG hosts that they are bragging about that they are not.


I need to issue a strong warning against HostMetro.

They have been nothing but trouble, extremely unhelpful, rude, dismissive. They blatantly lie about server uptime, they delete files without warning or confirmation, they lock me out of my account for no reason, they refuse to co-operate or answer emails. Their attitude stinks. I have given them numerous opportunities to sort out many of the issues with my hosting, but they have just been rude, ignorant and extremely unhelpful, unreasonable, often providing completely inaccurate advice.

The absolutely worst host ever - even worse than 1&1, and that's something. So, people, stay away from HostMetro as they will rip you off. I would not host with them again if they paid me.

Howard Hoyt


You get what you pay for.

Error log clears itself every two hours


IP down for past 24 hours

Kaitlyn Beck


Haven't been with hostmetro for long but so far the support has been helpful. I'm not great with web hosting stuff so they transferred my website from hostgator for me. So far so good though.

John Hudson

I've been with hostmetro for 8 months now and they have surpassed all expectations. I've been with 3 or 4 companies in the past and none have given the kind of support that hostmetro does. Ron is always a great help and explains things well so that I know where I went wrong.


Initially servers were slow, but because I live in Italy support team told me to add cloud flare. Now my website loads faster and I am happy they told me how to fix it.

Uy Nguyen


Nice hosting! Very happy customer. Website never is down.



I'm angry at myself for not signing up when they were running a sale, but it's ok because of the level of service I've been getting. I've been with 5 or 6 hosts over the years and so far Hostmetro has given the fastest support. The guys over there have always been quick to answer my questions and are helpful whenever I ask. The server response time is quick and they use cpanel which I am familiar with from the other hosts I was with previously. I will be transferring my other domains and websites to Hostmetro because of their service.

Gary James


Great company, helped me get my website uploaded. Very cheap prices with a 50% of coupon. A little confusing for me because I am a beginner and am learning as I go, but support responds quickly.



I have been with hostmetro only for about a month, but so far they have been exceptional. I moved my website because my old host tried to jack up my price. They transferred my files from my old host in less than a day. Got a free domain name too which is always nice.

Al Lyman

I am always a bit skeptical when ordering a service overseas. Having a business based in the UK, I must make sure that I can reach my customers here. I have only been with HostMetro for a month but so far everything has met my standards. They've a happy customer in me.


I am living in France and my site was having problems loading quickly. Support suggested I add cloudflare to make it faster so I did it in my control panel and my site loads much faster now! Very helpful and friendly.

Dominic Ruiz

I some issues with uploading me site. They fix problem and helped me very fast.



Ive had my domain hosted with them since march. Ive been happy with the service thus far. The control panel is easy enough to navigate and support is responsive. I only signed up for 1 year but I will be renewing when the time comes because they offer price lock, unlike iPage, who I transferred away from.

Phil Morgan


I picked this host because I just got my renewal notice from ipage.

They increase my rate by 100%. Very dishonest practice.

I love the fact that they lock in your price and so far their servers are pretty good.

They transferred website over and didn't charge me a penny.



I got with Hostmetro a couple weeks ago and everything has exceeded my expectations up to this point. I have a few sites on other hosts but haven't been pleased lately so I have been shopping around. I decided to give them a try and so far everything has been great. I have not had any problems getting into my control panel or setting up my site. If they continue being this good I will be moving all of my sites to them.

Millie Hanley


i am very much a beginner and i still dont have my website even up yet, but i am calling support pretty much every day to help me. they are always very friendly and helpful even when i call several times a day! they dont make me feel stupid when i call which makes me comfortable with asking them (probably stupid) questions every day. thank you guys!



So far so good! I opened account with them in March and they have been extremely reliable. Got my site up and running that day and it's been smooth sailing ever since. I've only had to call support once but they were very friendly and prompt.

Mohammad Kahn


Host Metro has been great. My site has only been down once, but they warned me before it happened. It's reassuring knowing that they'll notify you when things like that will happen. Great customer service, also. I would recommend Host Metro to everyone who needs a website hosted.

Trevor Michael


So far, so good. I'm very impressed on how HostMetro turned out to be. I've been with 2 different hosts and I was skeptical to even try another one or just give up all together. My site has never been down. Good customer service, too!

Dr. Michael L. Stanley


HostMetro has been a wonderful host for the past 3 years. I have not (knock on wood) encountered an issue with them. They have a nice support/billing team that are always there to answer my questions right away and I'm very pleased with that. I have multiple websites (personal and professional) that they host and I would tell everyone to do the same.

Christina Stovers


If you're looking for a reliable hosting company, Host Metro is the place to go. They've been so professional and helpful in every way. I bought a 3 year package for a decent price and it was worth it. Nice work Host Metro!



I am very pleased with the service this company provides to me. They have a very good support department that always helps me when needed. They have good hosting package prices that include a bunch of free tools. I'd say Host Metro is one of the best!



I transferred to Host Metro a little over a year ago and I could not be happier. My old hosting company was just garbage compared to this. Host Metro has great prices for their packages and it is definitely worth every penny. My website,, is always up and running without a problem. I would recommend them to all my friends!



I've been with HostMetro for over 2 years and I don't plan on switching to any other company. They have a wonderful tech support team that always answers my questions in a friendly way. I'm not very tech-savvy so having them there is great. A big thanks to Host Metro for being so reliable!

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