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Faltus Rudolf

"Excellent Technical Support"


I just wanted to note for the record the excellent service that I received from Nick. He demonstrated a great amount of patience, and keen level of awareness/knowledgewhile explaining a complex matter. Nick is a great example and testament to Hostingsource company and it's ability to hire quality service providers.

Lucas Kluge

"Very Happy As A Customer"


I have been using Hostingsource since the beginning of 2018.

These guys are the most professional of all the webhosts I’ve worked with providing patient and thorough customer service quickly and also charge the lowest rates I’ve ever paid for the myriad of services they offer. Everything is turned-around fast and reliably and those are 2 words I didn’t know could be in the same sentence with webhosting.

I recommend them to all my clients, and use their dedicated server because I am confident that anyone who uses them will be 100% satisfied and swear by them too.

Kata Ganer

"Hostingsource Is Really Cool Ddos Protected Web Host"


I have been with for some time now and thought it was time to give them a review.

Uptime is amazing, the servers are top notch! This host is not some cheap crap that i have been on before with other hosting providers.

Amitee Seguin

"I Strongly Recommend You These Guys"


Would like to feedback our appreciation of your support staff Hostingsource, who patiently helped to resolve our website issues today. Also we appreciate Hostingsource's prompt response throughout. Would recommend clients to use Hostingsource, based on the great support we received today. Thank you.

Kyoko Tonaga

"I Can’t Say Enough Good About These Guys"


Their technical support worker was incredibly quick to respond to my domain name problem. It is great to have Hostingsource support 24/7. Thank you so much. It is always a pleasant surprise to receive such great service online.

Cerys Hobbs

"I Can Recommend Hostingsource Web Host Without Reservation"


I wanted to let you know about the positive experience I had with Nick in the support department yesterday. I am a novice programmer and designer, often tasked by my company to handle the management of a number of webpages and applications that are hosted at Hostingsource. I had some trouble getting my SSL renewed and Nick did an outstanding job of explaining the processes and, in my opinion going above and beyond his duties to make sure I didn’t feel like I was in over my head with this. He made the necessary phone calls to smooth out the communications and kept me informed all the way through the process.

Tatjana Pranjic

"Top Web - Speed Connectivity Is Really Fast!"


I can’t thank them enough for their patience and the prompt and courteous manner in which they’ve handled every issue I’ve ever needed their assistance with. Even taking the time to address little things, like making accommodations to change my billing cycle date to better fit my business structure is so appreciated.

Hostingsource sets the bar high above what would be expected of any support staff!

Uwe Kohler

"I Will Be Recommending Hostingsource Web Host To Everyone"


As a new customer I can only praise Hostingsource and how they treated me so far. Great support team with concise and knowledgeable admins. I'm very impressed by the quick response and resolution to my support tickets, even in the middle of night. That gives me a lot of confidence in having all my sites on HS. Definitely the best hosting provider I have used!

Gladys Lowther

"An Outstanding And Reliable Web Hosting Service "



I'm a relatively new customer - Dec, 2017 - and this is my first fan letter to a webhost.

I was just updating some content, clicking through WHM, enjoying my VPS and wanted to write and say: I love you. support team is awesome too - helped me transfer from the bad people, setup and then later rescued me from email hell. I don't know why I wasted so much time getting here. I think we'll be together forever.

Thanks Hostingsource dudes! Have a great day.

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