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subham prasad

"Excellent Services"


I am fully satisfied with the service of Hostinger. I amazes with lots of features in an affortable price. Support always response on time and it is very easy to use.

Its the best web host I have ever used.

Bashiru Mansaray

"2018 The New World To Hosting Technology."


If you have been using hostinger previously like in 2015 you will notice that they have been massive improvements in terms of support, features, user-friendliness and cheap hosting. I have been using hostinger for a long time now and if you have never use it before you should give it a chance. Hostinger is just incredible I don`t know where I would have been with my online business if not for hostinger. I know lot of you guys have been using crap hosting and that really feels awful. Trust me hostinger is great and i`m proud of their hosting services and will be very happy to recommend people.

Aditya Bhavsar

"I Love Hostinger!!! Hostinger Is The Best From The Rest."


Indeed Hostinger has been proved to be the best host I have used so long and that far...

It's services are just amazing!!! The most amazing part about it is their Customer Success Team. I mean, they are passionate, intense and just amazing. The way they serve is something you cannot expect from Anyone else.

My website is running smoother, faster and just amazing and I'm really truly grateful to find Hostinger as my host.


"Hostinger The King In Web Hosting "


I have had an interesting history with hostinger. All I can say is that it's a phenomenal host and I have all my life thanked the blogger Wyo wrote about the best cheap web hosting provider and listed it first, I decided to try it out and I must say that it's taking care of all the needs I would need in a website.

What I like about hostinger the most

Up time is good.

Responsive live chat support.

They have a knowledge base full of articles on using their cpanel and other related information.

Nice host, love it!

Pranshu Maheshwari

"Hostinger Rocks"


Guys Hostinger's service is phenomenal, it offers a good bang for the buck! The support is also A+ and everything is simple and easy to work with for people with vague knowledge of web hosting! Speed and reliability is just up to the mark. Moreover the company also provide 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services. Believe me I have used almost all major Hosting services till now and I have found Hostinger as "THE BEST".

Ayush Agarwal

"Easy Setup"


I've been using hostinger vps since 1 week and it is very easy to use it. It have many type of setups and one of them is webuzo which i really liked because it have full cpanel like features. Which means easy to use and very simple to start you website on it. It's price is cheap so anyone can easily afford it. I would recommend it to everyone.

Payton K.

"Superb Hosting!"

Hostinger and I have a long, long history together. I've been with them for about 3 years now, across all of their other sites that they offer as well (000webhost, Hosting24) One of my favorite things about their hosting is their amazing support. I always get answers from them with very little delay. They are also packed to the brim with features, so you can accomplish almost anything you'd want to using their services. Also, they give you a free domain with the Premium and Business plans, which is super neat! (Please not that they only offer that if you use their services for a year, but it's well worth it!) They also offer SSH access, which basically no host offers. I would definitely recommend Hostinger to ANYONE, new or experienced with making websites.


"Surprisingly Nice!"


I'm using Hostinger hosting for my second blog. When I started, I was skeptical. Nothing is free or so cheap and at the same time has a high quality. And I really mean it. However, Hostinger does miracles! Affordable price is not the word, because you can buy a hosting and domain and spend only few euros at the same time. Moreover, you have money back guarantee. On other hand, I thought, if it's cheap when it's slowly but it's not! After whole year of using Hostinger services I'm 100% sure that my desicion to chose them was right!


"It's All About The Structure.."


My experience with other hosting sites led me to Hostinger and I think it's the best choice I ever made. I hope, I'm not wrong by saying this but till this moment I'm happy. For me one of the best values are optimization, speed and quality. Until now Hostinger team shows all of it. A big team of profesional workers do their job fast, give answers to my questions, solves every problem, know every thing I need, create structural platform so you could easily do what you need to do. It really helps!

Jason Stevens

"Very Misleading"

Initially it looked good, except reading through the T&Cs there is a mention of $25 fee if your paypal doesnt have $ on it at the time, etc. Few things like that that arent mentioned anywhere else.

Despite that, signed up, created DB, went to create Wordpress site. Although the icon is listed as one of the CMSs that can be created - upon clicking it, a message comes up saying that the site cannot be created. Ok, no problem, I download Wordpress zip, adjust as needed - go to upload via FTP, getting error "552 Disk full - please upload later". Wtf? Check my dashboard, basically empty. Try again, same problem. Go online to see if I can find an answer and I see this FAQ here: ""

"You can see the "Disk full" error only if you're using Free services. This error simply means that the server is currently overloaded. Our admins are already aware of this and they will clean some space on the server. However, if you do not want this to occur anymore, please upgrade your hosting package. You will not get such errors anymore."

Here is the screenshot:

So what they're saying, regardless of promises of free hosting, available space, etc, you will have this occuring unless you're upgrade to a paid version. So why not mention it from the start? Why sucker people in with free hosting promises. I'm not sure who made all these positive reviews above, must be Hostinger themselves. But this is absolute rubbish. Dont waste your time with these muppets.


"Tres Bon"


J'utilise les services d'Hostinger pour deux ans et peux dire qu'ils provient les services bons


"Best Price - Thanks"


Purchased my .xyz domain for 25cents, great deal, now I can work on my website and also save a lot of money. Thanks for provding awesome deals

Quin Bergy

"Pretty Good"


Not so long ago I purchased my first hosting plan. I'm only begining to develop my site but noticed some great things about the services, such as a very easy to use UI and quickly responding support staff.


"Excellent Value"


I recently moved from my old hosting provider to Hostinger and am glad I did! Both support agents I spoke to have been helpful during the transfer process to Hostinger servers. Thank you for turning this experience into a painless journey. Go Hostinger! I’m glad I made the switch! Keep the quality standards high!

Edward Louis

"Very Nice Services"


Very nice services with very professional staff. Been with them for around a year now and am very happy that I switched from my previous hosting provider. Here I feel like valued customer.


"Best Services"


This is a host that provides excellent support. My site loads fast, they actually managed to help me on first ticket submitted even told what else needs to be fixed. I have a WordPress site and can’t be more amazed with their support. I have moved all my sites to Hostinger and the experience is simply amazing.


"Very Good And Trustworthy"

Website: don\'t want to share

These guys are really doing a great job, so my review is more of a "thank you".

I have a small yet growing business and recently something went wrong and no one could purchase anything!

When contacted by some customers, I contacted the support staff. Turns out I messed up the code somehow. Glad they detected and fixed the problem in minutes. Feels good to be valued.

Thanks again.

Constantinn D.

"Very Reliable"

Website: freelancer

As a freelancer, tried a lot of different services, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT, but seem to always go back to Hostinger.

Even after more than 3 years, it still amazes me, how they manage to grow and improve their services with each year. Sure they had some 'down time' but still managed to bounce back and came back even stronger. Their services are constantly improving and the new 24/7 customer support is simply amazing.

Continue the great job and keep the standarts high. Cheers!


"Bad Services"


I joined in March,2016, after reading all reviews. They proved to be the worst ever hosting services. Their coverage is only for 8 hrs every days and no coverage in the evening or night times. Without any notification and message they suspended my business website incurring me the losses of thousands. No one provide telephone number to talk. They usually reply messages one per day.

Overall experience is worst.

It would be my first option to quit.


"Great 4/5"


Great hosting and website fast support for those few problems I had

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