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Misled website owner

"Steer Clear Of Hostgator And Any Hosting Service Under The Egi Umbrella"


Endurance International Group (EIG) are the epiphany of big bad capitalist corp - they take over 'aquire' many web hosting companies and have a serious monopoly - This in itselt wouldn't be an issue if the service was good, however it is extremely poor and only you and your website viewers will suffer at their profit.

Don't take my word for it- do your own research and see!

Gaurav Kochhar

"Bad And Unethical"


I got some one year free offer while buying two and decided to give them a try. but had a pretty bad experience and wasted money.

I don't know that true or not but i feel like these guys intentionally do this: Soon after 45 days money back period all of sudden alll my files in public html folder goes missing. Support was so unprofessional that broke my heart. I was told to move trash files and told that will help.

Then i was given three offers:

1) to pay some 40$ to analyse what happened

2) to pay to avail backup facility

3) to pay 15$ to restore to one backup they have and that too was 30 days old

Mine was a small site and decided to make again. next day it was again gone and hostgator was clueless. My badluck. This is something never happened with me in past 7 years .

Cutewriters Writing Service

"Hosting Services"


Hostgator is nice. The staff are nice. However, they take long to respond to client's querries due to long lines in the queue. They should employ more staff to give faster service.


"Bad Company"


Been with them since 2008 but the service has become shockingly bad since 2012 when new owners took over, staff are rude, and prices have nearly trippled. What used to be cheap is now very expensive

Lisa Smith

"Best Scalable Cloud & Affordable Hosting"


I have experience of buying Hostgator's WordPress Cloud hosting plan for one year. I will deliberately call it as premier web hosting company of world due to following reason.

1: affordable price

2: Scalable Cloud

3: Faster Speeds

4: Resource Management Statistics

5: Data Mirroring and Automated Failover

6: extensive promotions and discounts

7: very impressive uptime

8: 24/7 available support team

9: attractive cpanel

10: 1click script installing

Laura Riera

"Hostgator Is Awful"


HostGator sucks. Very slow response to customer requests. Long waits on hold to try to speak with tech support. Too many useless forms to fill out. Billing wrong (bait and switch). Tech support not knowlegable.


"Avoid This Company"

Avoid if you can if your website is any part of generating your income. This companie's tech support is lacking in basic web hosting knowledge, is under-trained and incapable.


"Worst Hosting Company"


Nothing worst than this


The worst hosting company in everything. I have lost my money and my time. I didnt even got the refund. Terrible service, they call you as Hello one time and another time as Sir/Madam.

If you listen to me, please dont waste your time and money.

One friend recommend me this website, and i am not to going to forgive him for this cheating.

above are my webhostingreviews for hostgator


"Website Administrator/social Marketing "


It is is a very good company.


"Very Speed"


nice hosting



Response times vary greatly. Some times it's lightening fast, other times it's horribly slow.

William Cody Winter


Host Gator is a very high quality web host with excellent support.

Their prices for basic hosting is very good, but reseller packages are a little overpriced.

Kathleen Poole


I would give them a rating of 8 out of 10. Not bad for a company with humans at the helm.

When I call for help the solutions are right 8 out of 10 times. I think they are honest in their dealings.

As an affiliate, I've been compensated 4 out of 5 times.

sarah sherman


hostgator has been great - but I recently realized that i am paying twice for hosting and i am having trouble getting help to change the dns back to the other hoster which I paid for already. otherwise awesome customer service

joseph ramos


So far so good

Gary Brazzell


Fair prices. They do what they say and bill what they say. Their customer service agents are easy to understand. Moreover, they are knowledgeable, and can solve problems beyond regurgitating the help files. They actually have problems solving skills.

Gary Palman


Decent features, affordable hosting - it's a 'known' name, so a safe choice for most personal and small to mid size companies.

If you need advanced tech suppor or lots of customizationt, this may not be the service for you.



hostgator is my favorite hosting. The speed is very awesome. Almost 2 years I have used hostgator to host my sites there. I am very satisfied with their service and support. Their support always help me if there is error in my site. my site is ever hacked by someone and hostgator staff fix it just in 10 minutes. Very recommended for blogger



I am on hostgator currently with an dedicated IP address. I am having this problem that my website takes more than 30 seconds to load in China. I don't know why neither the tech support can figure it out. I am thinking to get another dedicated IP to replace my existing one and find out whether it helps.

anyway, hostgator is great for their online technical support which Godaddy dosen't provide.



I have used both go daddy and hostgator who i am currently using. i love the support from hostgator and the speed of the shared servers that they have. my site was constantly going down when i was on go daddy but sense i switched i think it has gone down once in 3 years of use. if you want a good hosting company that will help you with any question and a tech support that actually knows what they are talking about, go for hostgator. they are the best out there right now from my personal experience.


I have a VPS with Hostgator and I am very satisfied so far. Provisioning was fast once I ordered. Great provider.



Since you have an "unbiased comment section" here, I hope this comment will also remain here.

Reading your review and comments from others gave me the final inspiration to get another one of my websites hosted at hostgator recently.

It the most awful internet experienced I've ever had: After payment for a domain-reg plus payment for hosting went through (=paid with credit card!), I've got an email from them requesting photos of myself and a scanned image of my credit-card. WTF? AS I said, payment went through - it is out of my banking account! it is paid to Hostgator!, comprehend?

Why would someone ask such crap? I would like to paste the emails from Hostgator here, unfortunately it will be to long.

I cancelled everything with Hostgator cause I will not listen to such sh.t. Besides all logins were blocked and the whole thing was useless to me.

2 weeks later - I still haven't got my money back! What about the 45 day money back policy?

As with most companies, when they get big, they get ugly!




I got shared hosting a long time ago, and it was good, one downtime. I moved to another host for VPS, but moved back. It's worth it, and I know this could be longer. I'm still enjoying the hosting. I'm on a unmanaged dedicated server, yet it's great!


Their service seems to be perfect and server is nice and allows me to host my site without concerns. Support provides is great overall and for the price i couldn't get anything better, so if your looking for hosting than Hostgator is the stop for your. Keep up the good work!

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