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"Hostgator India Is One Of The Worst In The Market"

Hostgator India is one of the worst in the market. Their server performance is the slowest. The worst thing about them is the customer service. The customer care guys are the rudest and they never care to help the clients. I think they are severely underpaid.

Mayank Yadav

"Amazing Hosting Service"

I have good experience with HostGator India. Currently, I have various websites and I am very satisfied with HostGator. My friend and he suggested me this and I am happy with their service and support.

Avinash Mittal

"Overall Services Better Compare To Other Hosting Provider"


I'm hosting my big commercial website through HostGator India. It's almost two years and I never get downtime issue Technical support is also very good.

Rahul chadha

"Not Refunding The Hosting Money"


Mybsite was running on hostgator for last 2 years in perfect condition. Then they suddenly without notice change their policy. They reduced application pool size from 200 mb to 150 mb.

My site keeps om crashing they cant increase the application pool size as its shared hosting so i have to shift to another provider but hostgator are in no mood to return the money back for the months left in the hosting plan. There support is of very poor quality.

Kevin Holdridge

"Hostgator India: Awful"


DO NOT USE HOSTGATOR INDIA IF YOU VALUE YOUR WEBSITE AND SANITY. Hostgator India's payment gateways would not work for international payments (tried 12 times with combination of Paypal/credit card/debit card and their alternative gateway). Via support ticket I asked them how to pay for renewal. No response for over a week! During that time they suspended the website! No reply to more tickets, emails, and even tweets to their Twitter account. Finally managed to catch them on online chat. They blanked everything I said. They just kept repeating that their Paypal account was now working again and I can pay. Utterly unconcerned about the problem they were causing or their lack of competent service. Despite the website having been suspended and them having promised discount and my having complained about commercial damage caused, they just expected me to pony up for a year's renewal as if nothing had happened. Finally managed to pay - for the shortest possible period so that web service is restored and I can migrate imnmediately to a better host. Moving to and hoping for a better experience - couldn't be much worse. Transcript of the 'support' chat here: They bring shame on the Hostgator brand. What in earth is Hostgator doing franchising their India operation to these incompetents?

Sahajahan Mistry

"Worst Support Team, No Knowledge Unprofessional Service "

I have a dedicated windows server. Its go down every 2nd day, they do not monitor or after submitting ticket they don't bother to reply.


"Worst Tech Support Ever"


Hostgator India has the worst tech support ever. Firstly they never even understand your question/problem, they prvide the wrong solution to the problem. And sometimes they outright refuse to do anything from their side.

When I upgraded my plan from Hatchling to Baby they werent even willing to transfer my files and database from my old server to the new one. Alright I did it myself. I uploaded the backup to the file manager of the new server. Now all they have to do is restore the backup. They refused this too. I cant even do this myself as they do not provide root access to WHM.

Worst Customer Service Ever. I shall be leaving hostgator soon.


"Not Supporting Properly And Not Able To Solve The Problems Of Others"


I think that i have a website under india get bussinss online with a domain and email ***** to wrongly the website open with domain and then domain is coming out.

They have attached the hosting to and give the name url i requested to hostgator to correct the things. Then they registered the domain that was already registered with other person. then they may again register the domain but i can not found my website

I am trying my best to get back my website where i have uploaded some articles and that are my property. But in spite of may chatt sessions and sending them email as they are not giving any reply my to my emails. Chatting they close the catting session after some time without any logical reply.

I think that hostgator india inspite of their duty to solve the problems and they are getting paid but i think that due to lack of knowledge and ability they are unable to solve the problem. I think that less staff but competent ones are very useful. I also think that they do not try to understand what we want. It looks like that they try to avoid the chatt and close them as they do not think able to solve the problem. I do not think that there is any fault of mine but my adsense account is disabled due to this process and i have to waste my energy time and undue horrossment. They do not realise the problems of others.


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