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Mauricio Moreno

"I Love Green Geeks"


Yes, they may have a few short periods of downtime in the website, but greengeeks provides a very fast, very reliable and safe service. I've made a couple mistakes and they've been there to save my website (and my business) fast every time. Also, they provide a very intuitive platform so you can do the changes you may need to your hosting whenever you need.

And also, they are ECO FRIENDLY, so you can really say that you're helping to make a change. I just love Greengeeks


"Worry Free & Rock Solid!"


Our best day ever was changing our web hosting to GreenGeeks. We experienced a seamless transition, our stupid questions hounoured and our nonprofit site is humming. Thank you!


"Best Hosting Ever!"


Best hosting i've ever had, along with best tech support willing to help you even if you problem is something that you omitted. Very helpful and fast.

Alexander Senderovich

"Very Good!"


Not that my website is comlicated one, it's just a personal actor showcase with some information, photo gallery and some video clips, but the transfer from my previous host was very smooth, the staff was friendly and helpful, the price is great and everything works just fine. Exectly what I needed. Very recommended, thank you!

Geoffrey Linder

"Great Hosting Service"


I cannot fully express how pleased I am with Green Geeks hosting service. Their pricing and level of service for that price are unmatched. Their migration service is a great way to move your website. In the last 6 months I have used their migration service to move numerous customers and in each case it has been a trouble free and flawless process. In addition their level of tech support is incredible, fast, efficient and very helpful. I highly recommend Green Geeks to anyone considering a web hosting move.


"Great Support"

Have been doing business with GreenGeeks for years, the best part of the service is their support, most of the tech problems are resolved within 10-15 min anytime of the day or night

Allan Findlay

"Great Support"


I always receive personal and pleasant people the I need to call support. The problem gets solved by knowledgeable staff.


"No Encontré Problemasen El Servicio"


Hace 5 años que Greengeeks nos Hostel nuestra pagina y nuestro email y no hemos encontrado problema alguno por el cual quejarnos.

Las pocas veces que lo requerimos el servicio de atención al cliente ha estado presto para evacuar nuestras dudas.

Richard Cowan

"Quiet, Reliable, Trouble-free"


Of all the things I have to pay careful attention to, my web and email hosting is not one of them. I have had reliable, quiet, competent service that I can trust, so I am free to worry about getting clients and executing my own good servcei.

Johan Kotze

"Great Service"


I have had almost no issues with GreenGeeks, and when I did, it was fixed in a jiffy. Great service dudes and dudettes!

Trushar Parikh



Best service.

Charleson Reyes

"Greengeeks Is The Best"


I honestly think greengeeks is the best web hosting out there. They offer very competitive prices and services to their hosting plans. Support is also nice and very fast in making actions.

Gary Hall

"Great Service"


I am very happy with Greengeeks service and support. Whenever I had a question or minor problem, support was there to help. Service was fast and accurate. Friendly personnel were happy to help. Would recommend for your web hosting.


Robert Wong

"A Great Website Host"


I have used Green Geeks for over 5 years to host my website.

Besides being very cost competitive, the service they provide is excellent.

The few times I have had issues with the website, and its' configuration, my problem was quickly responded to and help given to correct it was effective.

Kudos Green Geeks.


Bob Savage

"Greengeeks Stepped It Up"


I've been with Greengeeks for several years now and while I'll have to admit, they went through some growing pains when it came to performance that at one time were frustrating, they've really stepped up their game not only on the systems side but while I rarely require tech support, my last couple support cases have been top notch.


"Good Support"


I have been using greengeeks for several years now; great support service and the best offer so far in the market.


"Values Aligned"


GreenGeeks has been great to us. They are one of the most affordable web hosting providers around, with prompt and effective customer support. As a non-profit that promotes green business, we also appreciate their commitment to generating three times the power their services require with renewable energy.

John W Guenther

"This Company Does A Good Job."


No problems with the site once it was up and running. Support is excellent. Easy to reach someone and kind and clear help when needed to figure something out.


"Website Hosting"

Been a customer since far so good..prompt accessible customer service which is great.

Alan Arthur

"Green Geeks Is By Far The Best!"


I have several hosting accounts and hands down times 100, Green Geeks is the best in hosting and service anywhere. I have called in so many times and never ever had a problem that could be handled right away. Every one there is so knowledgable. And the service itself is unparalleled. On other hosted sites, they have people that talk about basics but do not really understand...this is not the case at thank you guys for being what I consider to be the best! And thanks for the great service over many years.

Steve Jouflas

"Great Hosting Services"


I've been a client for many years. I've found the service and support to be excellent.

SL Wong

"Green Commitment, Good Service"


I've been hosting my two websites with GreenGeeks since 2011. I chose them because of their environmental commitment. However, my sites have been safely and constantly up and the few times I've had issues, their online chat and email service people have been prompt and quick in resolving issues. They are also considering offering LetsEncrypt Wildcard certs which would be awesome.

Mac McGregor



I have been using Green Geeks for about three years because I wanted personalized service and I like the idea of being environmental friendly. I have gotten everything that I would have expected from this company and I will continue to use their quick technical assistance and support.

Kevin Petajan

"Great Service, Environmentally Responsible"

Website: various

I've had GreenGeeks hosting for several years. Service and support has been great. Plus, they are powered by renewable energy. Win-win.

Burt Andrews

"Get Host For My Company Web Site"


We have been using Green Geeks for well over 5 years and they have never let me down. All maintenance is communicated clearly in advance. They have all the features I need. They have been so reliable we have never had to us their support.

Victor Caruso

"Greengeeks Client For Many Years"


I have been a client of GreenGeeks for about 7 years. They were recommended to me by my web-designer and I have been very pleased with the services provided. We are a very small operation and perhaps need more "hand holding" than others since IT and related areas are not an area where we have in-house support/expertise. GreenGeeks has always resolved technical issues which, as a non-IT person, appeared daunting . With an announced commitment to major capital expenditures to improve on customer service in addition to revamping their hosting platform, we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Joel Makower

"Reliable, Responsive And Affordable"


I've hosted my website on GreenGeeks for several years and have been very pleased. It's a solid, reliable platform at a reasonable price. But even more important is technical support, which has always been ready, willing and able to help, with little or no wait. And they'll stick around until the problem is solved. That's worth a lot.


"Satisfied Customer"


I've been a customer with GreenGeeks for going on 7 years now. I have a shared hosting account with a few WordPress websites. In the beginning, I had some slow resource issues. Since then, my number of sites has decreased, and I use caching plugins. It's not been bad in 4/5 years. I also know that having shared hosting to expect this, though.

I love that they use renewable energy, and the pricing is fair as well. Support is quick whenever there are issues as well.

I highly recommend GreenGeeks and don't plan on leaving them anytime soon.

Micky Metts

"The Good And Bad"


Excellent service for many years. The one downside is that a few times my IP address has been blocked and I could not edit etc. Having to go through tech support to reinstate my IP is not fun. I am using the same IP (static) and wonder why you do not recognize me after many years as a client.

Rob Buzek

"Great Reliable Web Host"


I've been hosting with Green Geeks since 2010, and they are by far the most reliable web host that I've used. They have great customer service and their softaculous installer is pretty awesome.

Gwen White

"Still Very Pleased With Our Service With Greengeeks!"


We've been very pleased with GreenGeeks, who have hosted our website(s) for three years. After recently changing to an all WordPress site, they were great in helping us make the transition. Whenever there has been a question or an issue they have quickly responded and helped us resolve it. Also, their committment to using renewable energy is a very big plus to us.

Anna Kula

"Great Provider"


I've hosted my company's website here for many years on GreenGeeks; great cost, service, and performance. Love it that they're "Green" - Anna Kula


"The Best Support Service"


there are a lot servers provider more expensive but those have not the support that greengeeks offer.


"Great 8 Years With Greengeeks"


What drew me in were the price, uptime claims, and the environmental aspect. I have been hosting various websites with GreenGeeks for 8 yrs now. Prior to signing up I had worked through a handful of other hosting companies.

During my time since signing up I cannot recall ever running into a problem with server uptime. Speed of page delivery has always been fine and I've always been satisfied with upload performance.

Not being that technical, it would be wrong of me to comment on the technical side of the hosting. What i can comment on is that the staff was always very helpful when I ran into obstacles. On several occasions I put myself into a box I could not find a way out of and in each instance I received solutions and often helpful advice within a very respectable time frame.

In today's world it's very easy to constantly bounce around to the latest deal but based on my experience I plan to continue to use GreenGeeks for hosting.

Jim Reed

"Dependable, Great Customer Service, Green Energy Responsibility"


I have been with Green Geeks for over 10 years with multiple hosting opportunities. They have an excellent product at a very competitive price, local USA phone customer support every time I call, great web interface to hosting tools, and all run on responsible green energy.

Andrew Deutsch

"Never A Better Provider"


I have been with green Geeks for many many years and have never had a single issue they did not jump on quickly. For the most part, a flawless relationship I intend to continue with in the future. They are the best!

Sharon K.

"Good Luck Cancelling"

I used GreenGeeks for six years (2010-2016). In the last year, they started blocking our ISP about once a week, even though we hadn't changed anything about our systems or use, and I would have to get assistance from support to restore our service. Luckily, we didn't have a website; we just used the domain for email. Anyway, after about 6 months of having to hit up support every week or two, I finally decided to find another provider. I sent GreenGeeks a request, via Support, to not renew our account at the end of our subscription, but apparently there is only ONE way to cancel and it's an immediate cancellation and has to be done days before your subscription is expired. Despite my cancellation request, they billed my credit card for THREE YEARS (nearly $200). I have battled with them to get it refunded by they refuse and said I didn't properly cancel the account. I disputed the charge but they convinced the credit card I didn't cancel. I wouldn't recommend them.


"Email Setting"

They did a great job and full of patience for my issue, really appreciate.


"Green Geeks Is Awesome!"


Love what they are doing over there at Green Geeks ....

I love their business model and customer service.

Trevor Montgomery

"Amazing Custom Service"


I've used GreenGeeks VPS hosting services for several years now. Throughout my time as a customer, I've been impressed with the quality and response times of their support team.

I recently needed some upgrades done to my server and GreenGeeks support handled the entire process. I had TONS of questions along the way - they always got back to me quickly and patiently answered all of my questions.

Their level 2 support team really knows what they're doing and I can rest easy knowing they are looking after my server. They are professional, skilled, and very responsive. I'm extremely happy and don't plan on moving anytime soon.


"Thanks For Your Help"



Just a quick review to say thanks to everybody I spoke with and communicated with via messages today. I have not being on to work on my website for quite a few months but when I tackled it today I came across basic and not so basic problems...and you all responded immediately to my calls for help. Very much appreciated.

Keep up the great work everyone in Green Geeks. I look forward to developing my projects through your medium of green hosting.

Happy journeys all


Terry Matthews

"Great Help"


Vance was really helpful in getting my site up and running again. This has been typical of the support that I have gotten from Green Geeks for all of my sites. Support staff has always been friendly, patient and understanding. Even when I do something stupid.

Thanks again


"Great Service"


I had great experience of GreenGeeks since i have started using them and customer service is beyond the expectation.

Holly Fortenberry

"Fantastic Service By Vance K!"


Tonight I really put GreenGeeks through the ringer. I had several questions and needed detailed, very specific hand-holding. Vance was AMAZING!!! He stayed with me for quite a long time helping me through a complicated (atypical) setup with private nameservers and DNS at my Registrar. My setup is atypical and much more complicated because due to the fact that I split my email off from my web host, I must host my DNS settings at my registrar instead of at GG. AND I have private nameservers on top of that. Vance actually logged in with me and walked me through what to do. I was so appreciative because this setup was very confusing and I had already been working on it off and on for a few days without getting it completely figured out. He also helped me with a question I had about my primary domain cpanel being access separately from the cpanels of my clients. This was different than what I was used to at my other host so it was not intuitive for me. Although I actually like this setup better now that I understand it. I was extremely appreciative of all his patience and knowledge and professionalism. And he was very courteous. Vance deserves a raise!! Thanks again Vance at GreenGeeks!! :-)

Sandy Chernoff

"Great Customer Service!"


Whenever I have has a question or a problem support always returns my email almost immediately. When I call and speak to someone they are always helpful, sympathetic and attentive.

I have been using Green Geeks services for several years and have not had a bad experience with anyone with whom I have had contact.....that is a remarkable record of customer service. Many other companies cannot make this promise, but Green Geeks can as they obviously train their technicians well.

I highly recommend this company to host your website or email so that your can enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that they will take care of you!


"Fantastic Support"


I've been a GreenGeeks customer for about 2 years. I have a resellers account. I am a stickler for old fashioned customer support and this is one of the most important things for me. I want quick access to speak to a real person, not an automated support system.

GreenGeeks support is the best I've ever had from a hosting company and I've been through a lot of them. Their are always ready to deal with simple problems with their livechat system and when the level1 tech can't fix it, he upgrades it to level 2 and they always get back to me within the hour. Can't fault the customer services at all.

The actual hosting itself? It does run a little slow at times, but what do you expect from a cheap shared hosting plan? It's stable and that's important for me. I always use cloudflare with my customer's websites and that helps give the cheap shared hosting a little speed boost.

Overall, I am very happy with GreenGeeks and if things continue this way, I will likely to be their customer for many more years.

David Gaz

"Great Support"


I see a lot of bad reviews here for GreenGeeks, but my experience has been excellent. They get back quickly when I have issues and in most case they take care of it themselves. I run a web development company and rely on their servers for my development sites. I have an average of 5 sites per shared hosing account and at any given time have 20 or so sites running. It's a true stress test.

From a developer's POV, you have to select a hosting service that fits your needs and select a plan that can handle the resources of your website and I've found GreenGeeks to be excellent.

John Lalonde

"Are You Kidding Me - Greengeeks Sucks"


Down for >2 days. No response from support. Always charge my credit card, thought. We are moving as quickly as possible. DO NOT TRUST YOUR BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

Trevor Misfeldt

"Shady Cancellation Practices"


I signed up. The hosting itself was decent. Then comes the auto-renew. Interestingly, there's no way to delete your credit card from their system. It's not possible. The cancellation page cannot be found except through a support request. When you get the hidden cancellation page and try to login, you can't. That's right, you can login to any other page on their site without an issue. You just can't login to the cancellation page. They have no intention of fixing this as it seems to be by design. They just renewed another year of hosting even though my company has closed. I assume I'll be charged again next year, as well. Stay well away from this shady company.


"They Are Money Hungry With Worst Customer Support. Don't Go For Them"


Today i faced worst customer service and policy. I have been with them past 3-4 yrs and there servers were having downtime if 3-4 visitors browse a website at the same time, but as i used it for my showing demo websites to customers and only some low cost websites i host with them, i did not care about it much because of cost.

Today i asked them to remove my credit card details saved because it was of my friend's and they did auto payment for something, which i agreed upon but as i am a developer and i know something about saving someones credit card details. I have read they can save it but not all details cvv,expiration and everything alteast they have to remove one thing which requires only me to enter manually. Even if they can save it if rules have been changes, they have to remove it if i ask for it. But they refused to do so, there customer executive closed the live chat when i asked for more details. He talked to me like i am some type of criminal. I am writing about this at many places and will share link here to show you screenshots as i think i can't upload it here.

Below is transcript of the chat:

George S.

Hello. How may I help you?

Rakesh Yadav

8:48 pm

i want to remove my credit card from account

George S.

Are you looking to cancel your account?

Rakesh Yadav

no i just want to remove credit card saved into my account

George S.

I'm sorry, CC info can not be removed it can only be updated.

Rakesh Yadav

that is of my friends

and i dont want to purchase anything accidentlly

why is that

George S.

Update the CC info with yours Credit card

Rakesh Yadav

but i dont have any

George S.

In that case, I'm sorry the CC info present can not be removed

Rakesh Yadav

can i update wrong details so they dont work automaticaly

George S.


Rakesh Yadav

but u cant do that this is illegal

George S.


Explain, please.

Rakesh Yadav

that is my credit card and you are saying you will have it saved in your database without my agreement

what will happen if it got hacked

George S.

2 mins back this was your Friends CC now it is yours.

Rakesh Yadav

it does not matter

its mine or my friends

George S.

Sure, it doesn't

Just doesnt sound good

Of course.

Rakesh Yadav

why is that

George S.

ANything else I can help you with?

Rakesh Yadav


this is going to be on hosting talk my friend

i myself is a seo analyst

lets see where this policy of your heading

George S.

Rakesh, we can not remove CC info, your account is under Auto renewal, you can only update CC info.

Rakesh Yadav

why is it on auto renewal you cannot force it on me

George S.

Sure, you are not be forced to renew

Rakesh Yadav

i want it to be manual

George S.

you get your renewal inoices 14 days prior from due date

You can request cancellation right when invoice is generated

SO you do not get charged

Rakesh Yadav

but will your company refund me if my credit card details got hacked

and how can i trust your security

George S.

Your CC info is safe

Rakesh Yadav

thats not enough my friend

you cannot save all credit card detauils



George S.

Thank you for your chat.

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