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  • Digital San Diego
    GoDaddy review by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Platform: Joomla

    I have been a GoDaddy user for several years. I signed up for their online web storage and their support was almost nonexistent. I emailed them to cancel the service and they sent back a set of instructions that I had to do myself to cancel the service. BUT when I signed up for the online storage all I did was call them, but when I wanted to stop it they make me work for them! I followed the instructions and a few days later I tried going onto my web site and all I got was the parked domain display screen from GoDaddy. I emailed them and they said there was no web site online because I had cancelled my hosting services with them. BTW - I am fully paid with them for all my hosting services through the end of 2013 so why would anyone at GoDaddy think I would want to cancel all my services when I had just emailed them to cancel only their useless Online storage!!?? They have no direct phone support and their email support has been just a series of scripted �canned� responses almost every time I have needed assistance. Now with this monumental screw up where they totally took down my web site I am positive the place is run by a total group of IDIOTS! I am looking for another web hosting company and my lawyer will deal with the money I lost by them taking down my site etc. My suggestion� stays as far away from GoDaddy as you can unless you like being �screwed by idiots�!!!

    Pros: there are none... I wish there were negative ratings!!!
    Cons: totally unscrupulous business without any care for customer at all!

  • David
    Review submitted by on

    Service: Website Hosting
    Platform: Joomla

    In my opinion I would say that GoDaddy is the best Website hoster out there. I have been using it for many years not and have had no problems with it. It has every feature a website owner could want. It does take a bit of time to get used to, but after you do you will never go to another web host again.

    Any time I have had a problem (which isn't that often) customer service has been so good in getting back to me ASAP and always helping me out.

    I would recamend GoDaddy to anybody.

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