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Bob Green

"I Like Godaddy"


I've used them since 2001. Love their 24/7 American tech support. Good, knowledgeable people that are willing to take whatever time is necessary to get you through your issue. That's what I've found anyway. I've been designing web pages since 1995 and have used them for many dozens of clients over the years.


"Bad Hosting"


always have script time issue, also 70-80% uptime rating. customer service don't reply

Mohammed Leon

"Plz Don't Buy Godaddy"


Plz Don't Buy Godaddy


"Great Services"


They are providing good services and support...


"Dishonest Company"

I have been a customer of Godaddy for many years. Over the past few years, I have had no issues with their service. However, I was reviewing my credit card charges today and realized that godaddy is currently charging me for a service that I have not used for over a year. I find this quite disturbing. although the amount charged is not a lot, it is the principle of this act of taking money for a service not rendered. also known as stealing. I tried to contact their customer service person and was told that the company will auto renew services indefinitely. I have not received any notification and have not used the service for over a year. It appears that godaddy is more concerned with a few dollars than to provide honest customer service. I have to say, I am very disappointed.

Haren Rajbonshi



It's very good I got 1 year Domain+1 year wordpress hosting at only Rs 720(Real Price 1200 but I used Promo code),Set up is quick and easy

John Walker


GoDaddy is the best Website Host I ever expected! It's speed is so high and the servers are reliable. The support team are very knowledgeable so there are always quick responses, phone or mail. If you know how to use it, you'll love it.

Maclynn Shetty


Very difficult people to deal with. Support just doesnt exist



Their basic web hosting plan with Joomla is TERRIBLE, every page super slow, server time out every second page, unusable in 2013.

Customer support by email comprises of giving out standard computer generated responses for days without reading your email properly.

0 out of 10.



I can no longer recommend GoDaddy's online services due to their unethical billing practices. I was a loyal customer since 2005 (an eternity, by internet standards), but after the experiences I've had with their "customer service" (or lack thereof) over the last month, I have terminated my account and am no longer doing business with them. I have never encountered such rude, condescending, curt, unhelpful people in my life!



I started off by buying a domain with godaddy and later on I purchased the deluxe shared hosting. This is my first internet experience and I installed Zencart . After some time my website was not loading but after some research this was because of the images not optimized. My next step was to install two wordpress blogs , buy another domain and installed joomla. I noticed that there were times were the site would be fast and at other times slow. I replaced the joomla installation with wordpress and bought another domain on another wordpress. All my sites went down a number of times each day. After tweaking the wordpress sites all my sites seem stable now . I think the problem is that the system process tools hosting do not give enough information so you know if you have used the resources or not. Emails are delayed from the applications . For low traffic and people on limited budget hosting should be ok provided you know how to tweak your applications



Great for securing the domain. Awful for hosting. I've used other hosting services and never had an issue. Thought I could use Go Daddy for slightly cheaper. Not at all worth it saving a couple bucks. Site is constantly down and is back up for an hour or two before going down again. Keep getting fatal errors. Will suddenly go down for "schedule maintenance" at random times during the day. Morning, noon, night, doesn't matter.

Never had a single issue with another hosting platform and am super disappointed I even tried go daddy for hosting services.

Sandra B

We paid GoDaddy almost $600 for a website and hosting. They sold us on the ability of metatags would cause our site to come up in searches. There was not one satisfactory thing about them. After many weeks, you can't even get the site to come up if you type the actual name into google!!!

Steven Higgins


I don't understand why several here are complaining about a lack of phone support. Are you actually using GoDaddy? I have been with them for 2 years and they have always had their customer support number at the top of the webpage for 24/7 support. I have had to call a few times and never wait more than 5 minutes.

I have only had my website go down once in those 2 years as well, so I'm happy. I just think that the only people who tend to write reviews are people who are pissed. Happy customers have no need to spend their time. I felt obligated to simply because it seems some complaints are based on a lack of knowledge of what GoDaddy offers.



I've bought hosting and domain from GoDaddy as it seems very professional in this business. But after purchasing the Delux Hosting Plan for a year and installing wordpress, site goes down every single day and some time site is not available. Email system don't work as it should work.

I don't want to contact to customer support as they take almost 5-15 hours for replying, and reply contains more stuff for selling their content and less for the problem discussed.

They should add a live chat support for all customers and also try to sell Quality, Not Quantity.

I'm planning to move on any other REALLY "Good" and "Reliable" Webhosting company. I have heard about HostGator but Can't judge if it will be same like Godaddy!

Well! bye

Digital San Diego


I have been a GoDaddy user for several years. I signed up for their online web storage and their support was almost nonexistent. I emailed them to cancel the service and they sent back a set of instructions that I had to do myself to cancel the service. BUT when I signed up for the online storage all I did was call them, but when I wanted to stop it they make me work for them! I followed the instructions and a few days later I tried going onto my web site and all I got was the parked domain display screen from GoDaddy. I emailed them and they said there was no web site online because I had cancelled my hosting services with them. BTW - I am fully paid with them for all my hosting services through the end of 2013 so why would anyone at GoDaddy think I would want to cancel all my services when I had just emailed them to cancel only their useless Online storage!!?? They have no direct phone support and their email support has been just a series of scripted �canned� responses almost every time I have needed assistance. Now with this monumental screw up where they totally took down my web site I am positive the place is run by a total group of IDIOTS! I am looking for another web hosting company and my lawyer will deal with the money I lost by them taking down my site etc. My suggestion� stays as far away from GoDaddy as you can unless you like being �screwed by idiots�!!!



Hi guys,

I used webhosting service providided by a few big hosting companies to host my website Unfortunately the site went down from time to time and support couldn't do anything to solve the problem. I suppose there could be some routing issue because I am from Russia. However when I moved my website to the site the issue disappeared. No I don't tell GoDaddy or any other hosting provider is bad. I just want tell that some hosting company could work for you and some not.

Additionally I recommend you to read TOS (refund policy) before you order some hosting account to make sure you can get you money if you decide to migrate. Moreover make backups periodically.



Bad customer service. Every time on the phone they talk down on me as if I messed up something, AND THEN try to sell me more of their services.


Worst worst worst hosting, investing money on ads not on infrastructure.. 4G technology is just a worst experience. When ever u had error u have to mail or cal, if u mail they ll respond in 2-12 hours so funny . until our website is offline..

I changed to bigrock .now that works good .



I have been using GoDaddy for several months now and recently upgraded my hosting plan to a Super Reseller plan. Since upgrading I have had nothing but trouble! Now it's gotten to the point my URL isn't even recognized and I get a "500 Error" anytime I try to access it. I have called GD several times a day since this started and they keep running over the same troubleshooting process that ends exactly the same...with my website down! Today they pushed my ticket up and said they would have it fixed for certain. A few hours later my site was up and running....until I logged into the admin area, then it immediately shut down and went back to the 500 Error. They say they can change my server but I would have to pay more money. Many of the support people don't have a clue what they are doing and I've been fed false information more than once by an incompetent! I'm seriously considering cancelling them tomorrow if they don't fix this problem. I definitely do not recommend them for hosting! And most surely do not buy their reseller package!!

Bill Ashlock


WORST ever. Cyber bully. Rip off. AOL is alive --- once subscribed cannot ever end.

lisa spitzer


I have a number of sites with Go daddy. I believe they are over selling on their servers and are putting profits over service. My sites load very slow and my web guy is frustrated making changes and has given up. It has taken over 12 secs to load with server not found codes. They have offered to move me to a new server and seem to be unable to fix the problem. They say 10 secs for loading is just fine. Google will mark you slow and you will lose rank. My business depends on my sites and right now my business is taking the toll of Go Daddys profits. if they are so big why dont they just add a server to accommodate all the new biz the are getting. I am not happy with a load time of over 12 secs and i am very worried i will lose my wonderful first page rank, They have suggested dedicated and I would. I am not cheap. But, i need support for that and I would need them to move the sites for me. Other companies do do that for you but not GD. I am not a web genius. They may be profitable but they will not maintain it if they do not re think their biz model. They may be great for domains but hosting is not their forte. I am hopeful for a change. I am hoping this review will help me get some service.



I have been using GoDaddy for about 3 years now and I can say it it one of the best hosting companies out there.

I will say this though, for a beginner coming to the website it can be a bit confusing at first but after a few visits you start to get used to the way the layout is.

I have used many hosting companies and I think GoDaddy is the cheapest there is and the great thing is is that anyone can use it no matter how skilled you are with websites there is something for you

I did have one big problem about a year ago when some of my hosting was acting up but the service team was quick to help me out with that.



I have been using Godaddy for over a year now to host multiple websites on the Deluxe hosting account. During this time I have not had ANY issues with speed or uptime. I find their Cpanel very easy to use. I also emailed their support staff a few time with questions that I had and just like they said, all my questions were answered within 24 hours. I would recommend Godaddy to anyone, and with their coupons that you can find just about anywhere on the internet, they are usually half the price of their competitors.



GODADDY WILL KILL YOUR SEO RANKINGS!Servers are very slow killing rankings, go with or

Daniel H.



For the past two years I've been a GoDaddy client (holding 2 grids, 2 virtual and 1 fully dedicated) their customer service is by far the worst customer service (in general, not even in the world of hosting). and the quality of their servers are poor. We have lost over 80 hours of downtime on the dedicated servers that are not working and when they figure out the problem was with their hardware they refuse to refund. Although their prices are low the quality of their dedicated server is just as good as a cloud space on Rackspace.

Do yourself a favor and don't start with GoDaddy, review other options.



In my opinion I would say that GoDaddy is the best Website hoster out there. I have been using it for many years not and have had no problems with it. It has every feature a website owner could want. It does take a bit of time to get used to, but after you do you will never go to another web host again.

Any time I have had a problem (which isn't that often) customer service has been so good in getting back to me ASAP and always helping me out.

I would recamend GoDaddy to anybody.

Chris Bittler


I'm not a web expert and have only hosted a simple web site for the past several years, so I have a different take on The site is confusing. The FAQs and Tutorials are circular and use too much jargon. Every time you select and option it opens a new window or tab--usually to the same page you were just on. My password and user name or number are often flagged as invalid--even though the phone support can't tell me why. In fact, the phone support staff, as quick and helpful as they are, seem unaware and unconcerned with the poor architecture of the site in general. It seems that people who know their way around the jargon have a good experience with Godaddy. But I'd advise the casual, I-want-to-start-a-blog types like me to go somewhere else. Unless you want to spend time and money chatting with one of their phone reps everytime you want to log in.


I've hosted a few (8+) websites with GoDaddy, and so far I've been impressed with the quality overall.

Their support has a few options when you need to get in touch with them. Their FAQs are fairly wide-spread ranging from basic questions to a moderate-level of expertise. I've received a few phone calls from their customer-care, or whatever they call it, department regarding my user satisfaction. And I've been quite impressed in that regards. They answered any questions I had and made me feel assured that they care.

Price-wise they are very good. $10 domain names and a cheap $3/mo hosting is pretty good. Unless you're hosting large media files on your server, bandwidth and storage wont be an issue.

I haven't had too many problems with reliability. Servers are fast and I've never had any problems, or heard of any from customers, about the website being down or load times.

Overall, an excellent hosting provider.


I've hosted a lot of sites w/ godaddy, its cheap, reliable and servers are very fast. I haven't ever had a technical problem. I've only had a few minutes of downtime in last 2 years. The technical support is limited to extremley basic and simplistic questions. If you need to ask any questions out of ordinary you're on your own.

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