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"Best Deal Out There By Far"

Website: ohiowebpro.com

It is unfortunate that a lot of reviews are spawned out of negativity. Future Hosting's service has been so good I wanted to return a thank you with an excellent review. I have been with them 3 years and the servers and support are out of this world. I have hosted with many hosts myself and worked personally on all the top hosts for different clients over the past 15 years. I have found that all the large hosting companies are terrible, Network solutions, Godaddy etc. and unfortunately my clients think that is where you have to go to get top performance and value. I am here to tell you that is not true. Stay away from those hosts and pick someone like future hosting, you will thank me. I see some reviews where they mention that future hosting's support was not that great and tried to up sell them a support package. If you cannot manage a server, do not get an unmanaged server and expect them to respond to anything but OS, network and hardware issues. The $10 or $15 is well worth the superior support and I argue that their sales team were doing the right thing. When you factor in value, support, flexibility and server performance these guys are the #1 hosts in the USA... And no, I do not work for them, I run a small Web Dev company in Marietta Ohio. Thank you Future Hosting!


"Good Service, Bad Support"

Website: secu-serv.net

Initial Setup

I ordered a VM4 "Managed VPS Hosting" plan. For some reason the initial 'welcome' email failed to deliver and I had to open a support ticket to have it resent.

Initial ticket opened at 8:54 PM the ticket did not finally resolve until 10:25 PM when I gained access to my new VPS.

Server Migration

There were a few issues with the server migration. It was mostly related to DNS issues and mis-communication with some of my associates who was hosting his own DNS and did not update his IPs accordingly.

The DNS issues unrelated to Future Hosting aside the Cpanel to Cpanel to migration was relatively painless. There was some issues in the automated transfer due to my new VPS having less dedicated IPs than my old one (2 vs 1).

Speed and Reliability

The memory upgrade was sorely needed and with my old 10GB SSD plan getting pretty full the extra storage space didn't hurt either. Overall the new VPS was fast, responsive, and had no significant downtime in the last 4 months.


The VPS was well within my budget at normal price, but when stacked with some of ther promotional offers from the Offers section it made the VPS a real value.


When trying to resolve these firewall issues I was continually nagged by their support staff to buy an extra "managed" plan upgrade despite the WHT advert I subscribed from stating the plan I paid for was a managed one.

I understand hosts not supporting 3rd party scripts but for basic things like firewalls when you are locked out of your own VPS or can't create accounts for clients for some reason I expected support, not some ticket rep trying to upsell me on "premium services".

Frankly, I was sick of the constant sales pitches every time I had an issue and opened a ticket, and the almost harassment by their support staff trying to pressure me to buy a managed plan... on a plan that was supposed to be managed.


Despite the great VPS the sales focused non-support has just become too much. I have backed up all my assets and am now looking to move to a new VPS host, one with a support staff whose focus is actually supporting their users instead of upselling their plans.

Its a great service for those looking for a cheap host that just works, just don't expect any help from their support staff. I should have guessed by the price that I had just moved from one "economy" host to another. I think in future, I will pay the extra for real support, as clearly it is something I value.

Despite all this if you don't need support, they are a great host. Uptime, reliability, and pricing were all great, just their "managed" plans aren't as managed as they would have you believe.

Stephane Brault

Website: webhostinghero.com

FutureHosting.com has been hosting WebHostingHero.com since its launch in 2008. Right now, I have one dedicated server and four VPS with them and there were barely any downtime in the last five years. Their network is also very fast.

Technical support is extremely competent, only expert admins, and they answer support tickets within minutes of opening them.

I can't recommend them enough.

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