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2.5 10 Reviews

"Clueless Support And Endless Downtime Forced Me To Leave"

I had 3 dedicated servers with Codero, one of which dedicated MySQL server. Codero then migrated my hardware to a new datacenter and I was told 5 hours downtime maximum. After 8 hours my websites were back online but completely broken. Turns out they had not configured the IP of the database server correctly. I explained this to them but still it took them over 4 hours to correct the issue. 12 hours of downtime in one day! We lost a considerable amount of money and have since moved elsewhere.

Gregoy Baines

"You Get What You Pay For"


Codero may be cheap, but in this industry... you get what you pay for.

Codero's support department are quick to respond, but on most occassions had no idea how to solve even simple problems. This may explain why there is constant downtime every single month - almost on a weekly basis! No one can run a business when your server is up and down like a yoyo.

Save yourself a massive headache and find another host.


"Why So Much Downtime?"

Codero promise a 99.9% uptime guarentee. However there is a cap on how much they will compensate you when their service is down. You will only be refunded a minimal amount compared to what you are paying in hosting.

Unfortunately their servers are down constantly throughout the month, most of the time due to "scheduled maintenance" which is not covered by their uptime guarentee.

I've never known a host to have this much downtime.


"Very Bad Uptime"


I am very skeptical of the other positive reviews I have read online about Codero.

Given that they have on average 6-8 hours of downtime a month due to maintenance (not covered by their "100% uptime guarantee") I find it hard to believe people have positive things to say about Codero.

Save yourself a headache and if you're looking for a dedicated server, look elsewhere. You'll only end up moving again if you come to Codero.

Unhappy customer

"Support Is Great"

Codero support is absolutely the greatest! They are always willing to help and are very patient.

However, when it comes to cancelling, that's a whole 'nother nightmare! You have to submit a support ticket before Billing will even talk to you (I guess at their convenience). You give a seven day notice and according to them, it takes seven days for the service to be disconnected, AND you're charged for those extra seven days!!

If there are any disputes, they will read every chat and ticket, not realizing you may have had an actual 'live' conversation with a support rep (never mentioned about listening to any of the conversations).

Would never recommend Codero!

Jason W

"Poor Customer Service, Nickel And Dime, Fees When You Come And Fees When You Leave"

Gave codero a try with their first month introductory offer. I had problems the first day of service because the invoice said you get 5 ip's however I only had one. I had to "ask" them where the others were and was told you had to go through a process to get the other 4. I've hosted with a number of other providers and when they say you get 5 ip's you get 5 ip's. I ended up getting them but only after I threatened just to cancel because on day one it wasn't looking good.

The bandwidth reports never worked on the account for the month that I tried the server. The company told me I wasn't using much but how am I suppose to know how much I can use if their reporting doesn't work? Of course I could of put my own MRTG together but at the end of the day what I say im using doesn't matter; it's what they say im using and it never worked.

When I cancelled because of the above problems they immediately and without my knowledge attempted to bill my credit card a cancellation fee. Nothing in their tos says anything about a cancellation fee; however if you read it word by word you will see how they say they will bill you for the difference of a promotion but what company bills an unhappy customer to begin with? Obviously a company that needs to bait in people for $20 has alot of unhappy customers and people that just refuse to do business with them.

Don't waste your time with them unless your alright with customer support that will say "okay" but can't fix an issue or with run-around from staff that when you call during business hours say they aren't behind a computer. Really? your entire business is online and during business hours your not behind a computer? What exactly are you behind?

They were not able to bill my credit card since the card is only used for on-demand transactions and was not funded. However in the event we had extra funds we would be charging it back. A complaint was filed with Visa for their improper tactics and also for their TOS not being clear.

Danny Haringer

"Surprised By Service!"


I've used a couple web hosts for my site and app. So far, Codero has had the best support I could have asked for. Granted, their knowlege makes up for my new-ness into server management, but they were really helpful when I needed them.. a LOT.

Based on service alone I'd recommend them. Their infrastructure is supposed to be top notch as well but that's hard to determine..I don't spend time on ping speeds etc.. but never had downtime.. so that's a plus.

Highly recommend if you need a bit of a higher end host.



At Tutor for Good, we provide free online math tutoring to students, regardless of grade level or household income. Because we serve a variety of individuals, we require a host with a stable, scalable infrastructure, and 100% uptime.

Prior to using Codero, we were using two separate shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. Although the shared host had decent customer service, they were lacking in terms of scalabiity. They did not offer dedicated hosting, and when we inquired, informed us that they did not plan on doing so in the future. Meanwhile, our dedicated host was lacking in terms of customer service, and quality. Everytime we called, there was a 10 minute wait and the techs were inexperienced.

The tipping point for us was when our servers got attacked by a malicious, unknown force. We consulted a technology expert who suggested that we try Codero. Switching to Codero was a refreshing change that has impacted our business for the better. The speed and performance of their servers has enabled us to increase our teaching base and provide students with increased storage space for their online tutoring sessions. We have enjoyed Codero\'s easy to use interface We also appreciate that Codero's technicians are willing to perform additional services that our previous provider would have charged us extra for.

Thanks Codero for being so reliable and secure. We trust that you will continue to do so in the future!

Sean Johnson


I've been managing servers with hosts since 1999 and by far Codero has been my best experience!

It is Codero's outstanding technical support and the a-la-carte options have made me a customer for life.

The account executive did a great job representing the company, as I did not believe I was really going to get the service level that he spoke of... after just four months with Codero I'm just amazed at the consistency of the support that I have received.



We have two dedicated server with Codero and both servers got hacked!!!! We turned to Codero for assistant on getting the site up and running but the answer was unsatisfactory. Our site was hacked; our backup was compromised so we had no choice but move to a new hosting company. We couldn't count on them in time of needs, on top of it; they won't allow us to cancel our service because they have a 7 days prior cancelation policy.

Codero refused to cancel our next term even though the cancellation was confirmed one day before the anniversary date. They made us paid 1 year service fee of $2870 for 0 day of used service. The company tricks you into enrolling their automatic billing so they can bill you with or without your consent... Horrible business policy.

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