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Michael Kulyk

"Avoid - They Only Want $"

terrible company - i xferred my domain and website to them and they made me do work and when i did the work, they said i didn't do it - cody in tech support was bad and then i was on the phone with anita 45 min and then wad disconnected- both of them REFUSED to give me the 1st name of their supervisor - i am now SEArching for a NEW host - cirrus was a BIG mistake - please AVOID !!!!


"Great Service, Good Choice"

They have supportive customer service, it has been 3 years since I've been with them and anytime I had a technical problem they've been very responsive. Also very reliable and no downtime, everything runs very smoothly with them. their pricing is very good according to their service, softwares and plugging they offer.


"Be Wary Of The 10/10 Reviews - No One's That Good. "

Cirrus has the WORST customer service I have ever seen. If there's anything wrong with your site - your fault or not, they will not help you at all. Our site was somehow hacked - something that's never happened on any other host. And they suspended it. Then told us what the problem was, fixed it, and then said they wouldn't turn the hosting back on until we could guarantee it wouldn't happen again.

Please never host with these people. They're the worst of the worst in terms of smug jerks.

Jing D.

I never wrote reviews on internet, so please take this serious. I was reading those bad reviews and thought they maybe not true, and I want to have a try because I want to host my website in a Canadian company. End up, those bad reviews are totally true. Bad server, FTP very very slow, took 10-20 seconds to connect, they were trying to fix it for two days. Got DDos attack on the first day, all my website can not be accessed. They blame it was my website has been compromised I have never had such problem before. I immediately move all my websites to another hosting company which is very stable. I asked for cancellation and request a refund. They throw me their TOS and said I was not eligible for a refund and they can not do anything about that. I said it was their problem to make me leave, but they keep saying that their service is just like "No Exchange, No Refund" one dollar store stuff. By the way. I bought the $80/month package which was not cheap at all. If you have time and money to waste, go ahead and try. Otherwise STAY AWAY!

Josiah Umezurike


I am glad to know Cirrus hosting. It had been almost 5 years or more since I signed up with Cirrus hosting. I have enjoyed my time with the techs and sales team at Cirrus hosting.

The company has continued to save me money. I am sure that they will save you a fortune too.

What I really find striking is the honesty: A tech at Cirrus hosting advised me to obtain a small business plan for my website in lieu of a brand new personal hosting plan. I was really shocked because he didn't have to tell me that. In any case I got the new plan he suggested and my current site did not even go down during the conversion which included a newer site: I mean everything went smoothly and they even helped me with loading the files to the new directory.

It was awesome, you must give them a try today. I will always use Cirrus hosting.



These people are completely useless, worst service ever complete rip-off. Had basic hosting it was slow then they told me I need VSP hosting. Their VSP the like hosting on a turtle that never moves. The only person that has any tech experience is James, everyone else I dealt with was pretty useless. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

Frank Melanson

I had Cirrus Hosting services for past 13 years and for all the time they have supported my personal website and my business server exactly as I expected. The price is great and at the same time the professionalism of their staff helped me not to have any problem tickets left open. I just needed to elaborate the problem and they fixed it in the first call/ticket.

Danielle Fortin


On behalf of our Dental Office I would like to thank Cirrus Hosting for the support they have provided our office with. Cirrus hosting has provided our Dental office with exceptional reliable technical support. Anyone I've spoke to on the phone from this business has been very courteous. If your looking for a reliable host that meets your business needs, look no further!

Richard B.

We were hosting with Cirrus for about 5 years, until recently when we decided to move, based on advises our organization was getting!

Our experience with other providers, really proved we have been in good hands without even knowing it.

Thank you Cirrus

Danielle Fortin


Our Office has used Cirrus Hosting for just over 1 year now. I'm very impressed with the efficiency of their service. Anytime I need to add additional information, or change information on our site, I speak directly with their staff and its changed immediately.

The staff there are very friendly, efficient, reliable, and personable.

The support they provide for our office site is excellent! Our office is open long hours and weekends- It doesn't matter what time of day I contact their tech support, the problem is always dealt with in a very timely manner.


We have used Cirrus Hosting service for a long time, Technical support was great. The staffs were knowledgeable, last but not least the price were great.


This has been the worst experience I have had buying anything, ever.

The signup process was about average. Once signed up though, you have to sign a form to authorize your credit card with a front and back photocopy of the card as well as your driver's license.

Communication with sales was deplorable. I had to tell them on 3 occasions I was not going to fax copies of things to some company I don't know for absolutely no reason. When asked to cancel they offered to waive the need for photo copies but still have not confirmed cancellation.

Not to mention a salesperson neglected to note the time zone difference, and called me early as hell to speak to me in an Indian accent I couldn't understand. When I paused to try to figured out what he was saying (about .8 seconds, not bad considering I had just been sleeping) hey would start freaking out, "Hello? "HELLO?! ARE YOU THERE!"


Had their VPS hosting for a few years. Hoping they have improvement, but their server keep getting worse and worse. Needs to restart multiple times daily to work.

Bob sonsons


Worst service ever , they are basically the most poor support , DO NOT SIGNUP WITH THESE PEOPLE

Kyle Jones


This host has billing on autopilot except for accepting payment. What this meant to me was that when my payment didn't go through the other day, I didn't get notice until my two day grace period was up and 30 customer websites went down, and me without access to any part of the system (source or dbs). Oh and did I mention that it went down by a cron job in the middle of the night on a weekend. When they have no billing staff in until Monday. Their "24 hour support" was unable to assist.

jason lindo


I don't know why it did not take me longer to realize what these people are truly about. I stuck around for a year and a half hoping they would improve, but things just got worse.

Poor customer service, rude tech support and very unresponsive. An absolute nightmare. Arbitrary interruptions of service.

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