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Jack J Utano


BlueHost Support Team was very helpful



Clear, prompt, professional help. Thanks!

Paola Devescovi


I had an issue with wordpress and could not access the admin panel anymore. I contacted BlueHost support and they promptly solved the problem. Honestly, my site activity was not affected at all thanks to support's prompt help.



Very good support

Kirsty henderson


Excellent support service. Quick to respond, very good communication, reassuring.



Great, quick responses to my issues. Thank you!

Derrick Welch


Excellent service.

Mark Philipp


A year ago I needed to decide which company to select for hosting services. With all the possible choices available, a friend recommended BlueHost. Within minutes I was able to navigate their site, services and was up and running. Considering I'm very new to building a website and everything that goes with that, quickly I found myself relying on their customer support team to help with different items. I can't say enough wonderful things about their knowledgeable friendly staff and the fact that no matter what time of day or night they were always available. Waiting was never a concern and they always offered an explanation in a way that reassured me and builds on my knowledge base too. This is one of the reasons I'm confident that I made the right choice with BlueHost.

Halona Black


I believe my website was hacked. I contacted bluehost through email who responded immediately to fix the problem over the course of a couple of days. They answered all my questions, gave me clear and simple instructions on how to fix my problem. Everyone who assisted was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I will always refer bluehost to others.

Pete Lawrence


Your response to question about email volument level limits was both very rapid and exactly responsive to my question. This was my first contact with BlueHost. I am impressed.

Sue Mountain

Website: ongoing

I'm at the beginning of everything involved in building and hosting a Web Site. Bluehost was on my shortlist of Hosts to consider. I needed a few questions answered to help my decision further and Support at Bluehost were wonderful. I'm a complete dummy with all of this but I know I will have complete confidence in using Bluehost when I go "live" with my Site.

lightning rasmussen


i LOVE Bluehost!! you guys are FABULOUS! i have never had a need with your support line. you are the best!!!

Dale Campbell


This review is for John who was wonderfully helpful. Not only did I need his help, but I needed the help from another department as well. He switched me over to them and I was unable to do the 'help' survey on the telephone. So... here's a '10' for you John.

Allen Smith

Slightly disappointing. My problem hasnt been resolved

Michael Price


Great customer support! Prompt response. Would recomend to anybody

Phoebus Papadopoulos


After all this years as a client to BH I like to say that I'm very satisfied 100% from all the departments and I don't think there is anyone else to support you for any questions about your website for the backups, sql even the billing department is there to help you any time you call. Thank you BH for all these years.



Bluehost is excellent. Best experience I have ever had with an Internet company of any kind. I use Bluehost for all of my hosting and registration needs, and have about 20 sites hosted there so far. The service is always fast and accurate, and I am treated well, which means a lot to me.

Since you ask about cons below, I will mention it: CPU Throttling. Why? And since you throttle based on some measurable parameter, why can't you tell me what it is that triggers the throttling? Which app or widget or plugin (I use Wordpress for all) is the culprit?

Peter Hope


professional, timely, and answered my questions

Scott A. Patrick


As always, Bluehost's customer service and technical support teams assisted me in a timely, rapid manner and were able to provide the solution I needed to resolve my problem. Very satisfied, and glad to be a Bluehost customer.

Jason Wynne


I tried 3 other hosting companies before choosing Blue Host. I had a third party software that I wanted to learn how to upload and install on my Blue Host account. The other providers could help me with an install to their hosting service and the ones that could wanted more money to assist me. Blue host was able to help me get it setup and functioning and they didn't charge me a dime. I have to say Blue Host has gone above and beyond to earn my business.

lori cannava


I want to give major props to John in tech support. I have spoken with 2 other people today about posting my Wordpress site from my old host and no one was helpful. I was about to cancel my hosting with Bluehost and go crawling back to GoDaddy... except John saved the day! Finally!!!

John went through my FTP WP site and fixed several problems, which other people failed to notice, and stayed on the phone with me while he skillfully fixed my site. It is perfect and is running the same (if not better) than before. I cannot thank John enough for his superior customer service and his adept knowledge of making the WWW work for me.

I wish his supervisor was available to chat because I cannot express my gratitude over email. I wish all of your tech support was as helpful and knowledgeable as John... and I wish I could have a direct line to him whenever I have an issue. John saved my contract with Bluehost and saved your reputation!

Pat Perry


Very helpful and fast my problem fixed by the end of the day! first

tme public with my site. Nice to do business with.

thelma harcum


I want to thank all of the technicians who help me restore my website back from a 500 http error report.

They were deligent in understanding my problem and finding the solution. The communication from them were direct and comprehensive. I learned a lot and I recommend anyone to use Bluehost as their

hosting company.

Thelma Harcum

Susan Anderson


Andrew was very patient and supportive. All support should be like him.

Gary C


I host MANY websites on Blue Host's servers. I have had limited problems with any of them. I have never had an outage or over burdened server. I am very pleased.The only two things that are still issues on a shared server are 1) email spam ranking. Since other's are not as ethical as another might be, the shared server IP address may be blacklisted as a spam source. The best solution is to pay for the unique IP address. 2) I have had a few script compatibility issues. This is due to version differences or libraries not available yet. Once those were resolved I have not had a problem. Over all a great price / benefit product



realy good support.

James R Stone


I wanted to send a short email to say that "Cindi" (a live chat specialist) was very helpful in answering all of my rather technical questions in regard to moving a client of mine from Network Solutions to your hosting services. Because of Cindi, I will be very pushy about urging my client to host with you. Kudos to Cindi for providing such great service and kudos to the staff that supports Cindi for hiring such a great performer.



This company is awesome they have the best customer service and know how to seriously help there customers. I am optimistic to see where Blue Host goes in the coming month with the new programs they are offering. I have really enjoyed working with them over this past year and they really know how to take care of people. Blue Host is a great group of people who really know how to treat their customers and are there to make a difference. They US Based and US employed and a great team.

Bridget Busutil


Very happy about the promptness and efficiency of your rintervention.


Bridget Busutil

Marge Little


I recently could not open up a second web-site, and had to ask for help - Not something I like to do.

I'm glad I did, because despite my tries to get the site to work, I could not, it was technical, and not my area of expertise.

The staff were fantastic, with easily worded answers, then they just did the php writing for me as I was floundering.

It took 3 replies, and everyone was quick, and very polite.

I do recommend BlueHost to everyone, and I think this is good advice for everyone

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