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I had a problem today, January 1st, and the response was EXCELLENT! in less than 2 hr I had the problem fixed!

I have another problem, I have been analyzing my page in ALEXA.COM and my load page is VERY SLOW, I just moved from and didn't make any changes, and my page load time decreased a lot

Mark Levin


I'm a new user of BlueHost services and a new user of WordPress. BlueHost has been very helpful in getting me up to speed. I've had to make a few phone calls and a few more emails to support and every request has been answered with great speed, friendliness, and thoroughness. I am very glad to have found BlueHost and look forward to their being my web hosting service for years to come. Thanks.

Flloyd Kennedy

Website: http:

The response to my request for assistance was fast, friendly, and effective.. I was offered a solution with access to full instructions, and the problem was sorted. This was during the holiday period, so I wasn't expecting such a speedy response

Chris Lott


Fantastic quick reply! They found that one of my WordPress plugins was at fault for my entire site shutdown. Truthfully I didn't believe them at first but low and behold it was a dormant plugin (jQuery) that was the culprit.

Gwen Thibeaux


Thanks, BlueHost, for your prompt, accurate and courteous customer service!



Awesome service, awesome rep. Thanks for always doing such a wonderful job taking care of me. You guys ROCK!!

Sue Mountain


Yet again, Support has proven to be exceptional which is so important to me as this is all new to me. Thank you BlueHost.

Stefanus Herryanto


I just want to say thank you for all your support for this year and previous years. My experience with bluehost is always the best. No matter how small is the website or the client, you always valued your customer. Well done! Looking forward for years to come with bluehost. I would never think to change the server eventhough there is lots of offer from other company and most of the time they are cheaper, but without solid proof of customer service, I just dont want to risk it. Thank you Bluehost and merry christmas to the team.

Matt Robinson


I deleted the wrong files and Kelcey got them back for me! She is amazing! And definitely needs a raise...



fantastic team

Carlos A. Oliveras


One of the many slogans BlueHost might use would be "come for the price/services, stay for the customer support". Not only BlueHost offers a very well-thought combination of funcionalities - it also manages to organize them in a simple but efficient way, and (last but absolutely not least) packs a fantastic customer support that has so far solved all my problems and doubts... in less than 24 hours!! (sometimes almost in minutes!). I'm really happy I found bluehost when I was searching for a hosting and domain solution for my site!



In the process of setting up and learning Wordpress. LiveChat has been invaluable in supporting my efforts when I get/got stuck.

Dr. Patrick Murray


We've had minor glitches in the past few years, and staff - support personnel have been timely, effective, professional and exhibited great follow through with admin and renewal concerns.

Even a dullard like myself has been able to address site changes and updates. I really approve of the "human resources" at Blue Host


Laurelwood NA



I have two hosting accounts with Bluehost and a total of 30 odd websites and even more domains. For the past 3 years I've been using them, Bluehost have been 100% reliable.

The Support people have answered every question I've asked and helped me through multiple problems.

Michael O'Leary


Everything works perfectly, and when there's a problem & from either side & it's usually solved in an hour. No company on the web can beat that. And it's ALWAYS like dealing with a real human being, not an automated response. Well done, especially for that one small thing.

Chantal Ni Laoghaire


Blue Host support is ASTOUNDING. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a hundred.



Great service using the chat, Eli and Kevin were very helpful; Kevin sorted my query with a simple fix. 10/10. Thanks.

Karl P Eklund


This was my very first time signing up with Bluehost and I can honestly tell you that I have NEVER had a smoother experience, everything was fast, easy and organized with help files when needed

For someone who need a site up and running quick and easy without mishaps and with a wonderful customer service I STRONGLY recommend these guys they put the "H" in Hosting!!!



Great webhost. Fast at getting my site back up when I make an error or an error occurs. Reliable! Dependable. I only had one problem with a tech in my many years of being hosted by them. I do wish they would get a better email list then dadamail, the developer isn't very helpful. I wish they allowed more subscribers in the mailman.

Linda Dufresne


My site is rarely down but when I request assistance with a support ticket, response and resolution is my case less than an hour. Sales, Billing, Support...doesn't matter. The quality and courtesy is the same...excellent!



quick response time, and emailed me to let me know my site was working again

Lynne Elizabeth


I was so grateful to get prompt response to my question about an odd international query I got suggesting my domain was in danger. I learned from Bluehost that the email was a scam and I could safely delete it.

Sandy Murray


The support I received was excellent. All of my questions and concerns were answered and solved within minutes. That's really amazing service. The support Team were very helpful to the very end.

Robert Taylor


I've had a couple of occasions to write to BlueHost to ask for assistance and both time they have been on the ball and most helpful. If only everyone worked this way. Thank you BlueHost.

Vivienne Springer

Website: and

Bluehost are responsive and the services are surprisingly easy to navigate.

Katherine Lloyd


I was given great help via email, then called because I had another question. Issue resolved in no time! Thank you!

June Gowing


I had a reply to my question and a very kind response to my comments. I am very happy with the help I was given as the problem was taken care of simply and immediately.

Thank you.

Kevin Seraaj


Excellent technical support. Can't say enough about the professionalism and attentiveness to my issue that was demonstrated by Matt, Jeremy and Aaron. Awesome customer service, above and beyond the call of duty, Matt!!!

Bela Palojtay


The answer to our issue (unable to connect to FTP-server) was fast and exact. Thanks.

Pierre Di Pol


thank you for the help and support. Very fast answer and completely clear!

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