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Vin Dicarlo


All of my websites hosted on bluehost VPS Standard Package. 4 months ago I moved all of my sites to bluehost from hostgator. Now all i can say about bluehost is rock for my wordpress powered websites. After migrating to bluehost my websites speed increased dramatically and as well as SEO ranking. I strongly Recommend Bluehost for all...



Just moved to Bluehost on black friday. I got there shared hosting for $11.98 for the whole year. For this price I did not expect much but I was wrong. Bluehost has the best support I have experienced. The most I ever had to wait on the live chat was 1 minute! The staff was very knowledgable and to the point and where able to solve my problems almost imeediatly. So far I have had no downtime or any other problems to speak of. Its only been a few days but so far I am very impressed and glad that I moved.



I had a VPS with bluehost for the cost of 30$/month. I had a few hours of downtime every month and the response time recently got out of control (over 3-4 seconds according to Recently their Provo data center suffered a service interruption (a few hours). It was impossible to talk to any agent via chat or phone. My website was slow for 2 weeks. I tried to speak someone on the chat and got it closed on my face over 15 times since I'm with bluehost. Then you have to wait 15 minutes again to speak with someone and get your story from the beginning with the new agent who closes the chat on you again. I decided to submit a ticket and had no answer for 10 days on why my server is so slow. I now moved to a new host and will cancel my service with bluehost.

Brendon Schenecker


I am not a fan. After 3 long outages in 3 months. Have to switch, which is hard to do when you can't get your files because their service is down.



Thank you!!! Your directions to fix my problem was direct and perfect!

Thanh Vu


Bluehost team is very helpful in supporting their users especially the old people like me with less knowlege in IT. Many thanks indeed.



All it's ok, thanks

Subash S L


My website was down from last Sunday. BlueHost was very responsive. I can name, Jared, Dereck, Matt from among the several people from Support and Terms of Service who were very prompt in attending my problem. My site was back on, yesterday i.e Saturday after I manually fixed several issues. But the promptness in which Support and Terms of Service acted was certainly noteworthy of mention. Thanks for the support guys. I have two of my sites on BlueHost and another I help to maintain for my sister. I have two clients more asking for websites and I will certainly recommend you. Thanks, Subash

Marcvo Francescatti

In the beginning I was not very satisfied, 'cause replying to the email of TOS team I didn't receive any answer. After opening a new ticket I received a quick answer and everything was ok in a few minutes. Thank you.

Deb Makiri


Awesome job...I accidently replied with a blank email to bluehost and they responded anyway just to make sure everything was ok! Unbelievable! and impressive!!!



Here's my Bluehost review: I have been with them since Jan 2006. I have several domains hosted through them and not one time have I ever thought about switching hosting companies. I have dealt with billing and support services and they have always demonstrated a professional and helpful attitude. Bluehost has grown since I first signed up with them but they still treat each customer as their most important client. You are more than an account number with Bluehost!

Tirth Bodawala


Very good live support, best hosting for PHP hosting



Within 15 minutes of finding out that their was a problem on my website, I had emailed tech support, received a response, and was back up and running



It took a couple of quick rounds, and I ended up uninstalling wordpress and re-installing it and doing another site import, but the issue was resolved.

Quick note: I also manage a couple of sites using dreamhost's webftp feature and I love it; it would be great to see something similar here.



The support I've received while setting up my new website and transferring my domain was incredibly helpful. I don't know how I could've done it without the patient live-chat helpers.

Debora Santini


Whenever I need the help from bluehost, I feel like I can contact the support team and they will listen.

For example, I was having problems verifying the ownership of a domain, the dns code provided by bluehost was not being accepted last week. I contacted the support team and a few days later the problem was solved. I don't know what was done, but Im happy its working now.

Thanks for letting us feel welcomed when approaching bluehost.

Amanda Coy

Website: jaryco development

The Bluehost support technicians were great and resolved my issue in timely manner along with a friendly attitude.

Nick Lauro


Fast response to my query.

sandy hutchison


I always get great help from BlueHost whenever I ask for help.






You guys are the magic makers - Thank you for your diligent and patient tech support!

Kuai Xiaodong


Service is good and timely.


Website: breast cancer info

I could not log into my site. The response was very helpful.

Miranda M.


BlueHost support is awesome. I'm so happy to be able to CHAT with someone and not have to be on the phone. But even more so, I'm happy that the support with BlueHost is actually FRIENDLY and awesome.

Thanks, Cameron K. for the help!

Suzan Erem


I haven't had such a great experience with a customer service department in YEARS! This is just an incredibly well-trained group of problem solvers. Thank you Blue Host for restoring my faith and hope in web hosting services that you can relate to the common person and help us all enjoy the benefits of the web!

Sandra Kitt


To be honest I was hoping I could get my current web designer to take care of the domain transfer for me, but they were not available. So I called technical support and asked someone to walk me through the process. Melissa could not have been nicer, and Jeremy's follow-up was a nice surprise. I ultimately finished with another support person (so sorry I can't recall the name) who was also awesome. They were all great...and I was relieved when it was all done!



Good day!

Wonderful service! Great support!

I will use it again and recommend to others!

Best regards! Tatiana.

Malc Abbott


After a fairly stressful 24-48hrs (due to an issue accessing our host/website), along with extensive live chats with both HM and our ISP, we have reached a successful conclusion!

I would like to thank HM's Customer Support Reps, especially "Jacob C" (staff ID:100). Jacob realising that our issue was ongoing, spent almost 1hr "digging deep" to attempt to correct the issue.

We are glad to say that he worked hard on our behalf, and after extensive checks, discovered that we had ended up on some kind of blocker list due to an extreme amount of spam and/or ftp issue.

The bottom line is, we are now up and running thanks to his efforts and expertise. In our eyes, he is clearly an asset to Host Monster and the reputation your Live Chat supports receives.

Thanks for all you do!!

Kind Regards from Access Okanagan (



Jordan was great, he helped me when the e-mail support didn't just fit perfectly; step by step is needed sometime, thank you Jordan. Very patient and funny too. I recently switched this web site from Network Solutions to BlueHost, and setting up my email on the iPad was the last step in making everything work. Chat is definitely better than email support for something like this.

Dave Tavres

I've signed up with dozens of webhosts through the years and NEVER had this much trouble setting up a new account - and NONE of them have asked for a copy of my driver's license and credit card!!

If you're trying to setup a site fast, DON'T USE BlueHost!

2 days of trying to setup the account - finally I called them on the 3rd day and was told I had to send them a copy of my license and credit card. I asked them to please wait while I send it, and they said NO ONE WAS AVAILABLE TO REVIEW IT UNTIL TOMORROW!

This, combined with people just didn't seem to care about me as a new/potential customer means - AWFUL customer service!

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