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"Awful Support, Awful New Cpanel (box5104 Cpanel Does Not Work And Is Bluehost Beta Te..."

Many years ago we used bluehost and it was great. Wonderful introductory rates (which do, like most others, increase 300% after the first 24 or 36 month period, but that is a given). They recently (August 2017) started using a new CPANEL version, Box5104. Their support reps have reported that this is basically using customers for a beta test. The Cpanel has no access to functions and features promised in our hosting plan. It is as if it is for an end user that only knows how to use a word processor to design one single website, though the hosting plan is supposed to be for DNS management, email management and unlimited sites and emails. Support is just horrid. The people are reading off some knowledge base and have no training. Even worse the cpanel interface is not functioning and they act like it is an end user issue even though they admit it is a beta. If you have box5104 as part of your new cpanel, cancel your hosting and go somewhere else to save wasting time.




Low performance


"Do Not Go Through Bluehost!!!!!!!"


Hidden fees. tell you its easy to set up wordpress through bluehost, its not. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! Tried chatting, tried calling and still have yet to talk to a single person! features- ZERO, performance- ZERO support- ZERO recommend- HELL NO!


"Used To Be Good, Now They Are Worthless"

They used to have reliable hosting and good tech staff, but ever since EIG bought them, my site is frequently down (for hours!) tech support never answers the chat or phone, and nothing works the way it should. I am a developer who has been using web hosts for over a decade and have never had as many problems as I do with Bluehost. Currently in the process of finding a non-EIG hosting company to move all of websites to. I'd give 0 stars if I could.

Also, don't believe good reviews on any site - they are affiliates who get a kickback when you use their link to sign up.


"Bluehost Nothing Works, Email Errors, Back Office Errors And Downtime, Bluehost Tech ..."

Bluehost sold me a an infected IP address. They made me contact each email company, e.g. Microsoft Hotmail, AT&T, etc. 1 by 1 because the IP address they put my site on was previously a banned IP address, at best due to a Spam operator. When I call the so called VPS dedicated help line, I have to wait for hours and 9 out of 10 times, Bluehost never knows what the solution is. . Their servers are so incredibly slow, I am now ready to transfer my site to another host, no matter how seemingly complicated it may be. Although I only send and receive about 10 short text emails per week, their email servers are often down, extremely slow to load, and always giving error messages. Bluehost's recommended solution is to use another email service. Bluehost is a company which does not want to provide good website speed or performance. After nearly 2 years of back and forth accusations between Bluehost, the software companies and coders, I am now forced to find another hosting company. Bluehost doesn't answer their phone and no website can survive or succeed with Bluehost.

Bluehost Rep

"I Worked At Bluehost"

I worked at Bluehost for about 4 years. When I first came to the company it was literally the greatest company/job I had ever seen. The goals were realistic, they took care of their employees with parties, awards, challenges and the moral of the floor was sky high. EIG ended up buying out Bluehost and that's when the whole company went shady. They started increasing prices(claiming you were getting better software) started tricking customers into thinking they "NEEDED" a dedicated IP. Our whole training was to make a customer feel stupid and make them feel like they had to have what we were trying to sell(Called "The Challenger" sales book if you want more info). They made support, billing, cancellations and sales all upsell on every call. We were given unrealistic goals to hit and to trick customers into buying features they didn't need. We came out with "Sitelock Fix" which is supposed to clean viruses. After this product came out we would get 100's of calls a day about sites being infected(Funny how when we come out with this program suddenly all these accounts get infected and the customer has to pay $300 to get it fixed). Hari(the CEO) only cares about his stocks and is failing miserably so he randomly fired over 100 employees that had hit their numbers to save his ass. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Shady as it gets.Your prices will double and your service will become less and less effective. From your Bluehost Rep:)


"Worst Customer Service"


We have simple website and occasionally need help. When I call, the wait time is 12 minutes+ and then

I get disconnected. No excuse -- hire more techs!!

Also, the advice I get is not consistent!

Wish I had used iPage like I did for my other website. Much better service there!!


"Possibly The Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With"

I have been with bluehost for about 3 years and truth be told never really been satisfied with there service, but foolishly continued to give them my money. Today, however was the last straw.

I had a website launch planned for midnight last night, and I noticed the site was going quite slowly. I went on Live Chat to talk about some options, including VPS and Cloud Performance Hosting. The salesperson (I believe named Daniel G), said that the performance on Cloud would be better, less managed for us, and that migration would take 1-2 hours. I confirmed with Daniel multiple times about it taking that time. I underlined and stressed that I had a launch at midnight and the site had to be usable by them. He said it would be certainly done in that time and, when it was done, I would just need to re-install my SSL on it.

So, I bought this service, and waited. I waited for 3 hours before going on Live Chat again, asking if the migration was done and if, perhaps, the email had simply not arrived. This customer service rep now said--"Sorry, it's still under way, and will take 4-8 hours." I began to get frustrated at this point, realizing that the first person had lied. I voiced these frustrations, and the rep simply kept saying, "There's nothing we can do, you have to wait, it'll be done within 4-8 hours for sure."

I moved the launch to 8am the next morning, thinking this would give me plenty of time. I ended up going to bed at 1am (6 hours after the beginning of the migration) and it was not done. I set the alarm for 5am, thinking I would get up at that time and do the SSL. Still not done. Then, after a sleepless few hours, 7am. Still not done.

I have been on Live Chat since then, and have received appalling service again. The first person said, "Well sorry but migrations take 24-72 hours" and said there's nothing I can do. I kept at it and she managed to give me a phone number for the migrations department. When I called, it said they're closed until 9am MT (which would be 11am my time). When I asked, I was told there is no one on call.

I was offered nothing but a "sorry". I asked to speak to another person. She then told me that migrations take 12-24 hours. And the kicker is--she claimed that she "consulted with the technical experts and they said it would be done within then." Who did she call? The closed department?

Needless to say I will be cancelling my account with them ASAP. If you are thinking about using bluehosts services, consider yourself warned. I highly suggest you stay as far away from them as you possibly can.


"Run Away As Fast As You Can"

Read the reviews for Bluehost over the last year and you will have a good picture as to my experience. The type of service I have received is almost unbelievable it's so bad. I can only assume they just do not care about the people who use their hosting service. Anyway here is my Bluehost story:

I have been a customer of Bluehost with a number of web hosting accounts for ~10 years. in the early years, I had a positive experience, and at times, suggested Bluehost as a Web Hosting provider to those who consulted me about web hosting choices. About two years ago I started seeing issues with site performance and tech support.

Now to preface, I have an very diverse and detailed background in IT and have worked in large call center environments to boot, so if I am calling for support you can bet your uncle I have done a fair amount of troubleshooting and probably have a good idea of where the issue is. I also understand the call center environment: Ticket tracking, support boundaries, escalation processes, and of course customer care.

In this instance I am working on an ecom site and needed to import major SQL database changes to the production site one that is time sensitive and for which my clients are not going to be happy with delays. In order to apply these changes I need to access the SQL database tools from CPanel, but I received an error upon trying. The error was a cut and dry "Timeout connecting to server X". This looks like a firewall issue since it using a non-standard TCP port 2083 but I received this error at home which I do not have egress port filtering so I connected to my corporate network via VPN and get the same error. Hmm. Starting simple, I did attempted an ICMP ping to the FQN listed in the URL. Huh that fails. So I take a look at the path the traffic takes and it get into Bluehost's network and dies. ( for all practical purposes is Bluehost

6 ( 26 msec 21 msec 26 msec

7 ( 16 msec 16 msec 16 msec

8 ( 47 msec 37 msec 21 msec

9 * * *

10 ( 52 msec 52 msec 52 msec

11 63 msec 58 msec 63 msec

12 ( 68 msec 63 msec 57 msec

13 * * *

Well this surely is not my fault but just to make sure it's not a IP block I attempt access from a number of full tunnel VPN site around the world and all of them fail within

Now that I have my ducks in a row, I chat with some Bluehost's chat support. The first red flag was how I was ignored as to knowing where to start looking into this issue. I waste 20 minutes while the tech asks me for the specific error message and then proceeds to argue with me about their even being an issue since he could access my hosted website (not the CPanel tools hosted site). Once I convinced him there was an issue, I just brushed off and told to try back later. I had to force them to lie about contacting me and about adding notes to my account since no notes were ever added and no emails ever received.


It appears we have admins already investigating the issue


During their investigation, some services may become unavailable as they're temporarily paused, suspended or disabled for troubleshooting purposes


In most cases, administrators can address, diagnose, log and correct the problem within a short time of the initial investigation but it's difficult to say for sure since a full investigation has not yet been completed.


We don't have an official ETA on a fix at this time, but we are do have admins working right now in the problem. I sincerely apologize for the trouble.

8:57:57am Steve

No need to apologize.


Thank you, Ken


I just verified it


Is there anything else that I can help with for now?

9:02:56am Steve

Is there an ETA?


It will be fixed as soon as possible


Sorry, no ETA

9:03:44am Steve

OK and how will I be notified when the issue is resolved?


You can check back after a couple of hours

9:05:22am Steve

I would like to be notified when this issue is resolved which is standard for anyone doing support..


Okay, we will try to send you an email when the issue is resolved, no worries, please

9:06:45am Steve

And what email will you be sending that to?


To the email address on file

9:09:55am Steve

Thanks. I do have a time sensitive change to make so I will be waiting for your notification. What ticket # can I refer to regarding this issue if I need to call back ?


This is a known issue, so it will be fixed soon.

9:12:58am Steve

What is the ticket number for the known issue? Do you not track issues in a call tracking database?


We do, this s a general issues and I have added a note on your account, so a ticket is not required

So I wait a day and find the issue is still at hand and try chat again. I cut and paste my last Chat script and it's ignored and I am asked for the error message I am receiving. I ask him to read me the notes from yesterday and would ya know it there were none. So I do the same dance and this time 30 minutes later (puts me on hold for 15 minutes while he verifies there is an issue and again I am told they know about the issue and are working on a speedy recovery. The chat support then attempts to close the chat. I again ask for a ticket number and he tells me he cannot create one but assures me he as placed all our correspondence in my account notes to which I in no way believe him. Wanting some way to track this issue and my work on getting it resolved, I ask for a ticket #, but I am ignored and have no choice but to end the session. While I did send the chat script to via the checkbox on the app (if that even works) I failed to copy that session's data.

Waiting another day and finding the issue still not resolved, I opted to try phone support. Called into layer 1 and find there is no information on this issue in my account info. I am not surprised by this but I am getting agitated at having to explain all this for the third time in three days. Also wasted three days of work and probably three days where someone could have been actually troubleshooting this issue. Layer one finally transfers me to Layer two once it's verified there is indeed an issue. Layer 2 tells me they are working on it and will get back to me. I do get a ticket # at this point and let the support person go.

About 12 hours later I get an email stating that this server is the victim of a DDOS attack and I just happen to be unlucky to be included int the IP range that's being blocked to protect the server. Bluehost states that most DDOS attacks are resolved in hours but could take up to three days resolve. I replied back with 6 different ISP Blocks from 3 different Counties detailing that the "DDOS block is quite massive" and with such a large attack this in indeed a serious matter. I then requested to get a copy of the incident report which would be required with an event of this magnitude. I have yet to get a response.

I contact my clients with the bad new and this info and am told to wait until Monday and address tech support.

Monday comes and I call in and give my Ticket info and get directed to Tech support which tells me they can do nothing about this. Dumbfounded by this I ask to be moved to a new server since for all practical purposes my site is down. I am told that he can make this request but I will be at the mercy of the whomever deems my request worthy. Asking how long this will take he states up to 48 hours. WTF!!! How hard can it be to point the CPanel tools to a different server? I asked my call to be escalated and after holding for 5 minutes I am connected to a escalation manager. I explain my situation and I am flatly told there is nothing she can do due to the DDOS attack. She then goes on to say that DDOS attacks can last up to a month and there is nothing she can do. I ask about moving to a different server and she refuses to do so since my site is not technically down.

I take a different tack and ask if they can allow a single IP address into the server since it's evident this server is not receiving traffic from any IP addresses. I was told that was impossible which of course it isn't it's that I am not important as a customer. I am again told that there is nothing they can do and that I just have to wait for the DDOS attack to be resolved.

I ask for her supervisor and she tells me she has none. None? Really there is no one you report to? No one who reviews your performance? She tells me "nope". I ask for her name and I get a first name only. She will not give any other information as to escalating this issue. I tell her I will be removing my services from Bluehost and she tells me to have a nice day.

Setup new services with a local non-conglomerate hosting company within the hour. Good riddance Bluehost. What a joke.

My takeaway is this:

1. Bluehost does not give a rip about you as a customer

2. They will lie to you and tell you whatever will get you off the phone/chat

3. There tech support people know very little about technical issues or customer service

Charles Reid

"Unable To Access My Emails While In Europe"

I switched to BlueHost less than 12 months ago to provide website hosting for my 2 email accounts. Easy to use in the U.S.; however, on a recent 3-week trip to several countries in Europe, it was almost impossible to access our emails. I did have one live chat with them, but they offered no solutions to my connection problems. I will be switching to another service provider soon.


"I Would Not Recommend"


I would never recommend anyone to trust their business or website with bluehost. They have unethical people working there. Support? Geoduck with that because no one is supporting you unless you're their customer, and they will put you on hold and never answer if you're not paying them or already paid them. Bluehost is a very unethical company so do not sign up with them.

Chinedu Ngwu

"Review Of Bluehost Webhosting Service"


Indeed, I will recommend bluehost to every webmaster. I have been using bluehost for a couple of months now, and as a matter of fact, it appears to be the best webhosting service I have seen so far. For once, I have never experienced any form of downtime or similar issues.

Richard Schulman



They do not provide any help to get w3total cache plugin working.

They say the error msgs are the plugin fault.

The plugin says the server must make the adjustments.

Im not happy.


"Stay Away! They Will Lie To Get You To Upgrade"

I should have listened to all the bad reviews on the web about BlueHost but I decided to give them a chance. WORST IDEA EVER!

First of all, you get what you pay for. Horrible hosting service - my website kept going down multiple times in a week, more on the weekends. Also, Tech Support had no idea what they were doing. I was even told that they hire people who have no experience whatsoever and that BlueHost just teaches them the basics. One time the TechSupport guy had to google my question. Other times, they will flat out say "I don't know" when asked a question.

The best part is that they will lie in order to have you upgrade. I was told that if I upgraded and wasn't satisfied within a month, I could get a refund of the extra amount I paid to upgrade. When I called to cancel because I didn't notice a difference - I was told that I was given incorrect information. So their employee gave ME incorrect information and they won't help me. Horrible customer service, over 30 minute wait times to speak to someone, and incompetent employees. I wish I never had to deal with BlueHost. Save yourself the headache and go with another hosting service... ANYONE but BlueHost.

fabrizio gurrado

"Just Stay Far From Bluehost, Especially If You Are In China Or Europe"

They provide such a bad service! They work only in their day time that usually doesn't correspond with the worldwide one. So no way you can chat with them if you have problem. If you stay awake during your nighttime to chat with them you can wait hours in front of a windows that tell "estimated waiting time 1 minute"!!!! They block you services with silly excuses and the don't refund you for the wasted time. I decided to rescind from the contract and... It's also so difficult even to get a simple cancellation... You are required to call them by phone to a number that cannot be reached by normal national mobile number


"Blue Host Sucks"


For the past 6 months I have had to constantly contact Blue Host. I did this through the chat which is located in India. No one could help me because they themselves admitted that it was the server in Utah that was the problem. No solution was offered for my slow site and the fact that webpage images could not be shared on any social media platform because of the slow speed. Needless to say, this negatively affected my traffic. Blue Host instead wanted me to upgrade and spend more money. I had to way! I was left with the message that the server will be fixed SOON. Ha...what a joke.

Jeff S.

"Probably Should Have Dropped Them A Long Time Ago -- I Guess I Should Do That Soon"

After having bad luck with a number of other hosting providers, I moved to Bluehost about 6 years ago to host my company's website and for corporate e-Mail. They seemed okay to start, but they seemed to always have excuses for not providing even the most basic level of care.

First off, my site was hacked. Instead of them trying to fix the problem, they decided to first blame me and almost terminated my account. After talking to a number of their employees, they eventually convinced me (incorrectly mind you) to get a fixed IP and VPS account to avoid this in the future. Foolishly I bought this b.s. and still have this band-aid on my system today.

If that weren't bad enough, their Terms and Conditions prevents individuals from storing files on their site unless they are absolutely necessary. In fact, if you are caught holding what they consider to be a large number of files (completely arbitrary), they will send you nastygrams and freeze your account. Apparently some of my coworkers decided to use Bluehost to archive some files. Bluehost didn't like it at all and sent me a number of messages that immediately went into my spam folder yet curiously, all the other spam I received got white listed. Eventually my corporate account was frozen and my coworkers started to panic. I did some digging on my side and everything seemed okay. At that point, I decided call bluehost technical support where their incredibly rude support person told me that I was in violation of their TOC. I asked them to help me with removing the files where they told me that wasn't my problem and then pushed me to their compliance department who was even angrier. I explained my situation to them and finally found someone who "out of the goodness of their heart" helped me with getting rid of the offending files since I couldn't get into my account.

Yet another time, I discovered that someone hacked their servers and injected a series of files into my account. Supposedly the VPS/fixed IP was supposed to mitigate this problem (clearly it didn't) and their porous security they provide didn't protect me. Because of this, I had to go through another set of fights with tech support and compliance to get them to remove the offending files, even though they sent me a message telling me which files were corrupted. Since I was locked out yet again, I found another person to help delete the files for me since I couldn't do it myself.

The straw that broke the camels back is that my team contacted me today to see why they have not been receiving some messages. I said that I would go into our control panel to see if we have an issue regarding quota. I did not receive any messages saying that we are over our limit or anything at this point, so I need to go into cPanel to change my password. I called up their support which they said to do on their website but then I had to deal with a support rep who told me that the only way he could change my password is to send an email to my account which won't work because I don't have access to that account currently. At that point he said the only way he could help me is to send me an email (which I said was not a viable answer) or to call them during business hours and maybe they can find someone in billing to change my password. That's insane -- that is basically telling customers that if they are locked out of their system they are at the mercy of their miserable bankers hours and MAYBE they will be able to reset it for me if I am lucky.

I can go on and on here -- I guess the key takeaway is if you have a very simple website and you are willing to accept their absurd restrictions about storage and their unwillingness to do anything besides basic support, then use them. Just be forewarned that you will be confronted by support reps that clearly hate their jobs because they refuse to help unless forced to do so and tormented by their TOC Nazis if you don't follow their poorly written user agreement.

I can't wait to get off their site -- they are too hard to deal with.


"Really Terrible Service!"


Biggest complaint is that customer service is no where to be found. Long wait times that extend into longer wait times. Also often hanging up on me after waiting over 20 min. No response to chat to help tickets. No reply to an email I sent to a manager. Makes it pretty worthless to me. I tried to cancel within the thirty day money back guarantee window and they made wait on hold for over 40 mins then told me I needed to fill out forms and call another number. Ssems they wish to make as difficult as possible for us to quit.

Now they can deal with Amex dispute dept. I'm so sick of wasting hours of my life with this shoddy company. Never again!


"Lots Of Downtime And Terrible Customer Service"

I am moving sites away from Bluehost as fast as I can. Two reasons: Bad Hosting and Bad Customer Service.

Bad Hosting: My sites are monitored by and They send me an email when my sites go down. They go down for periods of 20+ minutes a time several times a day. Bluehost will do nothing about it.

Customer Service: Half an hour wait on phone until they hung up. One hour wait on chat. No response. Sent an email to No response for TWO WEEKS! Opened a trouble ticket- no response until I opened another a week later. No response to second ticket whatsoever. No response to postal mail sent to VP of Customer Service, Ben Lewis. Get the picture?


"My Website Is Always Down Because Of Their Server"

Bluehost is such a terrible company to do business with. My website is being going down for a week now, a couple of hours daily. You try to contact their support and you get in line that says "wait time: 30 minutes". But instead you stay in line over 1 hour and minutes counter will not move. I am hiring another website host company.


"Really??? How Many Problems Do You Want?"


Bluehost may be cheap, but you get what you pay for. Estimated hold time every time we have an email or hosting issue is 25 minutes - and then it's actually much longer. Have an email problem? They only keep email logs for a short time, so if you have a problem with an email and contact them RIGHT AWAY, then they can't find it because too much time has gone by. Really???

Really nice people working for a company who completely doesn't get service.

Kendra Shuman

"Poor Customer Service"

My daughter had a college class that required her to set up the domain. After a few weeks she realized it wasn't necessary so we cancelled the domain name. We rec'd a credit on my credit card for the remaining time left on the yearly fee. A year later we were charged again - they said we never turned off the auto renewal feature for the domain name. However, if you cancel - why would it be assumed you want any part of the domain on auto renewal. Sure enough, embedded in my daughter's profile was a box saying you had to turn off auto renewal - otherwise you would be charged. After talking to Bluehost's customer service - and seeing that they were unwilling to give us credit - I disputed this charge with my credit card company. Bluehost can disclose all day long that they were acting within their 'rights'; however, it's very poor business practices to basically be defrauding a 20 year old who just didn't realize that cancelling one part of the domain REALLY didn't mean that it was totally cancelled. In addition to always having long wait times on hold - the basic integrity of the customer service department is something that I question.

Darren Starr

"Total Crap Now"


Bluehost used to be fine when I first got it around 2 years ago. My sites ran fast and rarely had any downtime.

Support would usually be instant on live chat and maybe a 2-3 minute wait on occaisions.


Jetpack frequently emails me showing downtimes which happen often, I check the site and can't access it. I have deleted and fresh installed the website multiple times with multipe approved themes and plugins, it still happens. The sites are very slow to load now also 5-20 seconds or more. They suggest upgrading my package and blatently deny any downtime at all.

The waiting for live chat is set at 30 mins, but you may see that 30 mins sign for 1 hour as I often have before it starts reducing. The support team are now based in India. They lie sometimes. They say they have fixed something and it'll take a short while to be corrected and a short while later they haven't done it, it was just to get me out of the queue, so then I have to queue again.

It's really horrendous.

It's exactly what Hostgator did when they sold out. Their service and customer service dropped and myself and hundreds of peers dropped them.

When my hosting expires, I'll be dropping bluehost too.

David Lavender

"(what) Customer Service (?)"


Chat time to wait? Normally 30 minutes.

Phone support? 8 minutes on a clock that runs down and then resets to 8 minutes. Effective wait time? 30 minutes. And then disconnected.

Rating: 0, because it is impossible to connect with anyone to state the problem.

Katherine Walde

"A Slow And Steady Slide Downward"

Although I have had nothing but excellent customer support with Bluehost, their technicians can only do so much within the parameters set by their employer. I used Bluehost for about 7 years and was relatively happy with them. I even recommended them to friends. However, their downtimes are ridiculous as of late and their Wordpress support is laughable, For over 18 hours all my Wordpress sites were down due to a 'server error' on their part with they acknowledged was an error on their part. This was the last straw. I have a plugin that tells me when my sites go down and over the months it has become ridiculous. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, day after day. If you are a casual blogger Bluehost would work for you - but for professionals who need a downtime rate of less than 3 percent, Bluehost isn't for you. You get what you pay for.


"Annoying Non Cpanel Domain Gui"


They make adding a domain name to the web hosting a much more annoying process then it should be. If you are buying aftermarket domains from GoDaddy or elsewhere and someone else had an account previously on GoDaddy and you don't have an EPP code yet since you just bought the domain, you won't be able to add the domain name to your account because of the overly complicated security check process.

The last account said marked for deletion in the control panel, if they would just get rid of this mess and let you add domains like any other company in the cPanel, they have a custom cPanel security check script for the domain names. Trying to even find the cPanel itself can be difficult oh and they also block any catch-all email addresses too.

Even if you call in they say "can't do anything for you, sorry."

Ron Kaplan

"Don't Trust Bluehost's Motto Of "we Are Always Standing By And Eager To Help""


I set out to do a simple renewal of my 3 year hosting contract and ended up wasting hours fixing the problems caused by Bluehost lack of attention to the details of the renewal/upgrade. I lost my email for 24 hours due to incorrect configuration guidance. Even though I paid for a 3 year renewal I received an errant expiration notice and waited an hour on hold to get someone to address the mistake. I found that Bluehost is neither standing by nor eager to help. Don't be lured by their aggressive pricing. What should have been a few minutes to renew my account turned into an ordeal of five hours of wasted time, and I am very technically savvy


"Terrible Customer Support, Don't Waste Your Time."

Email Correspondence after weeks of stuffing around. #poohost

Maxwell, this has been such a ridiculous waste of my time

1. I asked if you guys would honour your previous quote of $99, and was told YES. A supervisor looked at my request and said YES. (I have saved transcripts of these conversations)

2. I was told to check my Cart, where the product had been added for $99. I was told I could checkout with this product, which I tried but it came up with a cache error.

3. I was told to contact billing operations to sort out this issue, which I did, but on several occasions I messaged billing ops when they were not online (more time wasting) because apparently my request could not be dealt with without me being present!

4. After several failed attempts i got onto Billing Ops, who rudely stated they couldn't help me. Am i being unreasonable asking for something that i was told was available to me? You tell me

5. I contacted billing ops one more time and was given two email address to contact you guys. One of the emails bounced, the second was no longer active!

6. Finally you've contacted me and told me again that i was using the wrong email that YOU guys gave me!

7. You're trying to offload me to someone else!! After all the stuffing around I've been through

I've been a Bluehost customer for a long time and recommend you guys constantly, but this experience has totally destroyed my confidence in you guys.

If you had told me from the beginning that the original price could not be honoured, I would have been on my way, instead I had to stuff around for a couple of weeks chasing down something that wasn't even possible. Not to mention being treated with utter contempt.

Thankfully you guys send all your transcripts out, so i have a record of everything. I'd hate for anyone else to have to waste their time as I have, so I'll do what I can to make sure no one else has to deal with this bs.


"Wouldn't Recommend"


I'm so incredibly disappointed in your customer service. I've wasted THREE hours of my day and your company was still NOT able to assist me!!! You've taken money from my family, yet you can't give me any information. I've sent you TWICE my info to verify my identity, you validated you received and then tell me I have to wait ANOTHER FOUR hours for you to EMAIL me. It's unacceptable. Your "small business tip" on Facebook 2 days ago is to "welcome feedback from your customers. Listen and adapt", yet you have all comments and ratings disabled on Facebook AND Google+. Aren't you talking out of both ends of your mouth? Just when I was about to have you host 2 more domains for me. I'm so disappointed in you, Bluehost!!!

Warren Papas

"Bluehost Review"


Excellent support and uptime, but my hosting speed is a bit slow.

Tim Ryerson

"Bluehost Is Unethical And Arrogant!"


Bluehost is unethical and arrogant! Sold me a cloud based host that shouldn't have been on the market with known errors with databases. Support team is arrogant. Not just on one call, but over the course of 20-30 calls. A few good people work there, but way too often got people who treated me like crap. Numerous times they lied and did things my developers said were the most unusual and unethical they have seen. Stay FAR away from HostMonster/Bluehost!

Rogerio Carvalho

"Very Good Service"


The overall site performance is excellent. The support via chat is very fast. In short, support and excellent performance.

sam balet

"Good Server For Volunteer Work Ecuador Website"


I use Bluehost VPS standard for my websites and I have good results with it... I recommend it for people that know about hosting.. otherwise they have good cloud plans !


"Don't Buy Cheap"

If you are the tech guy who REGULARLY updates and maintains your own website, and never need to contact customer service, bluehost might be OK for you. If you cannot update and maintain your website on a weekly basis OR you depend on someone else to maintain the website, Bluehost is definitely not for you.

Your website will be infected (today or tomorrow) with malware if you don't buy a costly plan. You need recovery and bluehost customer service will be ready to sale more services!! to you. Your pocket will drain out because you didn't choose a hosting which is little bit expensive, but have a good customer service.

I maintain a couple of websites with more than one hosting account. The sites got infected a couple of times in the last 10 years. My previous hosting provided used to send me an email about the infection and gave me 24 hour to fix the problem. If the problem is not solved in the given time, they would temporarily deactivate the account. The deactivation makes the websites unavailable but still have access to cpanel. They would reactivate as soon as they get a request from me. I was satisfied with their customer service.

I changed my previous hosting provider and moved to bluehost just to save a couple of dollars. My site got infected within 3 months because I couldn't update the available updates in time. Bluehost would not reactivate my account UNTIL I manually look into the thousands lines of code and remove the malware manually from FileManager or I remove the whole website content. They will also offer $200 service for removing the malware and keeping it malware-free for a MONTH.


Be aware, save time and money. Avoid Bluehost.

Katie Scott


By far the worst expeience I have ever had online. DO NOY USE THIS WEBSITE! They will RIP YOU OFF!!!! I would have given this site all zeros if I could.

Marianne Torres

"Bluehost Webhosting"


Bluehost is a big disappointment. I had four major issues with Bluehost.

1. Their starter plan indicates that it includes 5 parked domains. But they don't explain that you have to pay extra for each domain.

2. When you set-up WordPress, the online workflow makes it almost impossible to select a free WordPress theme.

3. I purchased the Starter plan for $60 but was charged $119. When I complained to Customer Service, they provided a partial refund. When I asked why they overcharged me, they indicated that I must have used the refresh button on my browser during the check-out process, so all the default added services were including in my purchase. But their online e-commerce workflow does not include a confirmation page or a receipt page or a confirmation email. If it did, I would have seen this problem immediately. Instead I saw the problem when I got my monthly credit card bill. But Bluehost only does full refunds within 3 days.

4. After having so many negative experiences, I decided to move my domain and web hosting to another service. But ICANN regulates require that you wait 60 days. Hence, after moving my domain and cancelling my Bluehost account, they refused to give me a full refund under their 'money back guarantee policy' which is only good for 30 days. That is useless when you consider the ICANN regulation.

If Bluehost can't manage with their current pricing, they should raise their price or change their marketing or be more specific about what is included and what is extra. But I want to control how my money is spent and I don't appreciate their scam tactics and unethical business practices.

Jonathan G

"Server Response Time Sucks"

I have a website/blog that has a page speed of 86 on Google. But it doesnt help cause I have a server response time of 1.1-1.9 seconds, this is all due to Bluehost. It looked good at first. But man, choose any other plan than the shared hosting. And I have done research on other websites and found out that the next "level" of hosting sucks as much.


"Do Not Use Bluehost!"


Bluehost has become a huge upsell for Mojo themes , any respectable web developer has moved on from blue host. No traditional Cpannel not possible to do normal server task's without being charged. Wait times for support say 30 minutes then end up being 3 hours. The worst hosting experience iv had and i have over 5 hosting companies i deal with.


"Not Recommended!"

Website: (several)

Their Shared hosting plans have slowed WAY down since I first started using them. Now, they focus on upselling you to their $25/month Wordpress hosting plan or another more expensive plan if you have Shared hosting. Site speed tests at etc show really slow page loads. Hold forever if trying to get through by phone. A few days turnaround on email replies and they don't quote your original ticket so it's easy to lose details and the replies are often inadequate.

Jean Marie Walker



I signed up for this service a couple weeks ago, but saw immediately that it was not at all what I wanted. Everywhere I went to do something with my site (add text, links, images) was just trying to sell me something. Despite their "no hidden fees, anytime money-back guarantee", there were plenty of hidden fees, and, although I sent a cancellation request within an hour or two of applying for the service, I did not get a full refund. They kept $50, saying that my cancellation was not within the 3-day period (how is this an "anytime money-back guarantee"?), because they completely disregarded my initial request, and, when I followed up a few days later, further delayed the cancellation process by saying that I had to first confirm the account before I could cancel it. Despite my efforts to resolve the matter, they continue to refuse to issue a full refund. I don't see how I could see this as anything other than a scam. Do yourself a favor; don't waste your money on this company.

cuong nguyen

"Bad Bluehost"


I'm using shared hosting. My site have problem with connection to outside, and I created 3 ticket. 3 days pass, my site still not working. I start ask for live chat support. Waiting time from 9 mins up to 13 mins. Finally I got Bluehost staff.

My problem is CURL not working, I make a test script.

- "Failed to connect to 2607:f8b0:4007:803::1013: Network is unreachable"

they said:

- "Oh its trying to use IPV6, it needs to be IPV4"

then after 30 mins, They do something, I test again and got:

- "Failed to connect to Invalid argument"

they said

- "looks like its having a problem specifying an address - checking on that with the server people",

"They are going to continue working on that, but I don't know how long it will take.",

"Could be 24 hours or more."

Really? I was waiting for 3 days.

they said:

"Well considering that this is just a shared hosting service, there are going to be limitations, and downsides for such an inexpensive service."

So they asking for for pay more money for their error?

They always offer upgrade.

So please NEVER EVER USE bluehost. Poor hosting, poor support.


"Bluehost Hosting A Horrible Experience"


I was using bluehost for last 3 years but now moving my sites to other hosting providers. Suddenly raised price of my renewal plans without any notice and when I asked to degrade it, they are unable to do so. They will shutdown your site and ask for upgrades. So, beware of this hosting.


"Very Happy Customer"


I have been using them for a few months and they have exceeded my expectations. I always get technical support to guide me through technical issues that I am not very good at, and they always help me and most importantly I solve any issues I may be experiencing. I would recommend them without any hesitation.



Horrible. My URL with Blue host is now "non-existent" - this is a 503 or a server problem with Blue Host and they refuse to correct it. My domain which I paid to have transferred to Blue Host from Go Daddy months ago and have the receipt for and followed all procedures AND Blue host told me I was domained with them has now vanished. Another URL appears - I found this out from Mojo Marketplace when I signed up for their export service. I have no idea what this URL is and after eight messages blue Host has not answered any of my questions. I paid in advance three years. Bad business and I wish i had never signed up with them, this is awful. Oh BTW, since my blog is "non-existent" or a 503 I am not showing up on google. So, is Blue Host vulnerable?" Have they been hacked? Seems like that to me and they are not communicating. BEWARE. I am angry about this.



Using for a couple of years now. Support are generally helpful and consistent, but the simple performance is not good. The site repeatedly goes down due to host issues and it loses me money.



Where should I start....Bluehost, is horrible!!! From the technical support to customer support, I've had nothing but issues with this organization. On several occasions, I've experienced downtime (I mean for hours at a time) no apology no nothing.



Absolutely horrible. I thought bluehost was suppose to be a good hosting company for wordpress. I have had issues with not being able to edit my wordpress sites for a week now. Bluehost has 2 tickets in with no answer to my problems. Left hanging with a support tech stating i can understand how frustrating this is . These companies train people to act sypathetic, about your problem, but it's only more frustrating to hear them babble without any answers to fix your problems. High level support does not even get back to me.

Mike Anderson


Waited for 1 hour in the queue. incompetent staff :(

got placed multiple times on hold again.....



Wonderful, friendly service.

Terrible performance at base level.

I have 2 sites with BlueHost.

Last year, they went down for a few days with no communication, no apologies. This year, service has been consistent, but speed is terrible.

****Blue Host... you are so close to wonderful, please get it together and I will recommend you!****



I've been using Blue Host for a few years now.


Support is excellent. I never wait more than a couple minutes to talk to someone. Also, it's 24/7 which is important if you are located outside of the US.

Interface is good. There website is clear and concise. Plenty of tutorials.


I've had issues with site speed. I run a few sites, and they seem to lag up to 5 seconds or more before loading. I run Wordpress sites so I'm not sure if the issue is my site or Blue Host. Either way, my site doesn't load nearly as fast as I want.

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