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"Most Horrible All Around Experience With Any Ecompany Ever!"

It started with issues dealing with recurring payment. My card would be rejected, I would contact support and they would remove my credit card info. I would enter the same exact info and we were good for another month. I would start a support ticket, they say we're all good, but we weren't. It's been ongoing for at least 6 months. Today they changed my server name and never notified me. I spent 12 hours trying to reach support. After first chat window going dormant, I reached out again and was finally told I had the wrong server name in all my devices. The person on the other end out and out lied and told me the new server name was what I had always had. I guess someone snuck into the house and changed all the mail settings on all the devices. Worst company I have ever dealt with. I'm changing ISPs in the morning.

Mike Saunders

"Excellent Speed "

Website: techiemike.com

I have been using a small orange for a month now and my page full load times are under 4 sec using GTMatrix with a score of 95 95

Michael Evans

"Automatic Charge For Renewal, No Customer Support, No Refund After Cancellation"

Website: adjustingtoaging

If you are thinking of writing a blog, I recommend ignoring all of the promotions sent to you by A Small Orange.

Promotions from this company imply that payment to them is necessary to register the domain needed to write a blog. It is not necessary to register a domain with A Small Orange to write a new blog.

My recent experience with A Small Orange has been filled with exasperating frustration. This company automatically charged my bank account to renew my domain registration without advising me until the transaction had be processed and posted to my account. When I cancelled the domain registration account within the required time period, the company refused to refund the renewal charge.

The Terms of Service posted to the A Small Orange web site state that the company will bill their renewal fee, “up to 15 days prior to your renewal date.” The invoice billing my renewal is dated 20 days prior to my renewal date.

The Terms of Service state that the domain registration account must be cancelled, “at least 48 hours prior to the renewal date.” It states that if the customer does not cancel during this time period, the customer will be billed for the renewal and is responsible to pay the renewal charge. I cancelled my account 3 days prior to the renewal date.

The Terms of Service require the customer to contact its billing department by email if there is an error made by A Small Orange in their billing. When I attempted to email the billing department, my message received only an automatic generic message directing me to the company’s web pages for customer support and the chat page. The two days I attempted to connect to these web pages they were not functioning.

The $65.00 renewal fee taken from my bank account pays A Small Orange, a year in advance, for use of a domain that is cancelled and not in use. The $65.00 collected by the company amounts to a donation from a customer who will receive no service in return for the money paid.

When I read through the Terms of Service for all of the services offered by A Small Orange the general message becomes clear. The proprietors of the company, Garret Noling and Mohsin Kamal, designed and operate A Small Orange so that it will exploit a popular social trend, mislead and confuse the prospective customer, promote a service fee as necessary when it is not, collect as much money as possible, and perform absolutely no customer support for domain registration customers.

The proprietors of the web site even boldly and arrogantly state in the last sentence of paragraph 6.7 of their Terms of Service, “ In addition, A Small Orange reserves the right to refuse a refund at any time for any or no reason.” (The underline is mine.)

You can register a domain with other web hosting services such as Wordpress.com for a much lower fee. You can write a blog without the frustration of associating with companies like A Small Orange.


"The Worst Of The Worst"

Website: soulsun69.com

Godawful Company and service. Rather than go on a rant will just get to the point.

I have had many different hosting accounts with several different companies. This company is in a league of it's own when it comes to terrible service. If you take the time to search for reviews for this company you will see some consistent themes.

Terrible downtime. My site was down for over a week before I moved my service to another provider. At no point did they contact me or provide an apology. You read correctly a WEEK, not minutes or hours. This cost me thousands of dollars, wish I had paid more and dealt with a real company.

Customer service does not exist. Its either bots or people just copying and pasting the exact same message over and over again. I'm not joking here, I received the exact same email each time after responding to their emails. Including one where I asked them why they keep responding with the exact same message. Not acceptable on any level.

Add to the mix fraudulent billing practices and you have a completely useless provider. Stay away, not worth the couple dollars you'll save every month.


"Avoid At All Costs"

Website: tarotbyarwen.com

Let me be clear. I was a very happy customer for a long time. A long time. Then about January of 2016 the support when straight down hill. Where I had been getting 24-48 responses, it was taking much longer. I finally cancelled my domains (all of them) and moved to GreenGeeks.com (couldn't be happier.)

I currently (today's date is 9/11/2016) have three support tickets marked "need to reply." Two of those are from August 9, 2016.

Now they are telling me that they have refunded my money (I paid for two domains up front) to my account balance. They are refusing to give me my money and have told me "it's on your account for you to use." I'm not sure what part of "I'll use your services when he!! freezes over" they are missing. As of this writing, A Small Orange is refusing to return my money and I have no open domains with them.

Nancy Swarey

"Ordered On Thur, Still No Welcome Email On Monday! "

Website: energylifters.com

With several dozens of current hosting accounts, have never waited so many days for a Welcome email. 22 yrs of hosting websites. Ordered Thur afternoon July 28th, it's now Aug 2, 12:30 am, still no word... other than 6 emails, including 4 upsell efforts. Despite fair price ($150 for 3 yrs, incl 1 yr of free domain reg), regret to feeling impelled to give A Small Orange 2 thumbs down. Respectfully suggesting webmasters avoid this host.


"Cancellation Reason For Asmallorange: Worse Customer Service Ever!"

Website: decipherbuild.com

During sign up process the information provided was that I could enter the EPP number of the domain I want to transfer from GoDaddy after completion of sign up process.

When I returned to the site to update EPP number, they asked for $15 fee to transfer, which I was willing to pay BUT the web interface kept saying product not in the cart to complete transaction.

I chatted with their agent who was not helpful at all and opened a ticket

After 2 days I opened another ticket but no response.

For such a simple thing when you are acquiring a new customer, they have such BAD customer service... I just cannot imagine what it will be like afterwards. And they do not have any phone number to call either.

Also, they said 90 days money back guarantee and now while cancelling they said my account was non-refundable... simply amazing customer service.

I have NEVER experienced such bad customer service from anyone for new customers in my life even not from telephone service providers who are the worst.



"Stay Away"

Website: it-ghosts.com

I was a happy customer of theirs until today. They had cheap and reliable services. However; their support and billing policies are horrific. I cancelled my hosting for one of my sites and it turns out that when you setup the automatic payments through asmallorange's website with paypal you have to cancel it manually in paypal.

I was charged for 3 months after I cancelled and ASmallOrange refused to give that money back even though they know fully they were providing no services to me. So they took my money and didn't give it back for no services provided. STAY AWAY.


"Terrible! Run From Aso"

Website: dontuseasmallorange.com

ASO has good up time normally, but that's about it on the positive side. Their support is awful, which is really apparent when one of their unmanaged systems causes your website to go down. Multiple times our site would be down, due to a mistake on their end forcing it to shut down, for hours or days without communication.


"A Small Orange Is Rotten - Awful Web Host"

Website: surveysam.com

We moved to A Small Orange from our previous host after doing extensive research. Even though ASO was a bit more expensive than some other hosts, we went with them as they had great reviews and promise a "Homegrown Website Hosting" service with great support.

Oh boy. This company, who is now a part of the huge EIG conglomerate, is a complete mess.

We've had numerous issues with them. Here are just a couple of them:

- When we reported spam that we were getting from a 3rd party, they locked OUR account, without investigating who the abuser and who the victim was.

- The downtime is extremely frequent, and happens weekly.

- They will often block outgoing emails via SMTP, using MailChannels

- They deleted a bunch of files on our hosting, without letting us know. This was apparently due to a false positive by their updated malware scanner. They did not contact us to let us know that they had updated the scanner, or that any files were deleted. When this was reported to them, they took TWO WEEKS to get back to us, despite numerous emails.

- If you have issues with abuse or mail deliverability, live chat or regular support CAN NOT and WILL NOT help you. They will create a ticket and forward it to the abuse team, who does not work 24/7.

On top of all that, their tone and their approach is nonchalant and unapologetic. They really sound like they do not care about their customers, and it shows.

A Small Orange has been a huge disappointment, and hosting with them is simply not worth the hassle. We've had numerous hosts over the years, but A Small Orange takes the prize as one of the worst web hosts ever.


Raymond Reddington

"Horrible Support And Unprofessional Background"

I was several years ago on A Small Orange and was nice to have, then for bigger projects i went to an other provider. Now i thought coming back which i did.

But it is and was horrible.

I setup PayPal for automatic paymenets. They went into a problem with paypal to charge my account with creditcard as backup but they could not fix it. So they supsended the account. So i made the payment manual but because it was late payment what is there issue i need to pay 20$ as a late fee.

The next problem i was faced to that i needed a second account so i ordered it, but they got an internal issue and so the account was flagged as suspended. I thought again payment so the technical support did not considered is would be technical so he send me over to the billing support which was only availeball monday to friday.

But then the billing support told me i need to contact technical support because the system has some old data from x years in the system so it could not created.

6 Days was needed to solve all. After that i canceld all and went over to other hosting service.


"Stay Away - And Here's Why"

If you look at the reviews below, ALL REVIEWS PRIOR TO 2015 ARE POSITIVE.

A Small Orange USED to be a great company. ASO is now DEAD. They were acquired in mid-2012 by Endurance International Group (EIG). EIG is a massive corporation that takes over great small companies and destroys them while running them under the same name they always had.

So they use the good will that's been rightly built up over years, destroy what made the company great, and squeeze as much cash as possible out. A SMALL ORANGE IS DEAD. IT'S NOW ENDURANCE INTERNATIONAL GROUP USING THEIR NAME.

I had a VPS with ASO. The CEO who was there when ASO was acquired stayed until summer 2014. As long as he was there, and for 6 months afterward, everything was perfect. I began to experience regular glitches in early 2015. On Christmas Day, my VPS went down and didn't come back up for more than 6 days. THIS IS A BUSINESS VPS WITH MULTIPLE BUSINESS WEB SITES ON IT.

I recommend everyone to stay away as far as possible from EIG. They go under almost a hundred different names. BEFORE YOU SIGN UP WITH ANY HOSTING COMPANY, BE SURE THEY AREN'T OWNED BY EIG.


"Buyer Beware!"

Website: scorzi.com

Absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. We pay a premium for basically nothing... Our sites have been down since the day after christmas. Currently still down & all they say is "we will have this up shortly". I guess shortly for them means a week. I never knew a company that provides hosting to businesses would ever think any downtime is acceptable let a lone more down time than uptime. We are losing business. Our clients are losing business. I would hate to know how many other businesses these guys may have literally ruined due to these issues. We have already bought a different hosting however we are unable to move any sites because everything is down. Atrocious. They won't even provide a refund either. BUYER BEWARE!

Michael K

"Poor Support, Even Poorer Customer Experience"

Website: michaelkormos.com

We run a busy photography studio, and our site averages 300 unique visitors per day. We signed-up with A Small Orange hosting and their Small Business hosting plan ($400 USD/year) largely because we thought business accounts are treated better than their $2/month accounts. We also wanted to be hosted by a small company, as our experience with large hosting companies has been negative. Apparently, we were wrong on this assumption. We pay for site uptime monitoring, and receive an e-mail every two days that our site is down, usually for about an hour. Their support is also slow and e-mail only. When we initially signed up, they offered tech support by phone. Over the years, that option has disappeared. When our site was recently down for a number of hours consecutively, during our busiest season, all we could do is e-mail them and hope and pray. The final nail in the coffin was when they e-mailed all of their customers on Black Friday, about a ridiculous deal, where they offered 75% OFF on all hosting plans. Upon inquiring, we were told the deal is only valid for NEW customers. Who on Earth does this? Who e-mails a deal to current customers when it's in fact only valid for new customers? After speaking to Anna J. in sales, they tried to get us to upgrade to a more expensive plan at a discounted rate. No thanks. We'll be looking for a new host come January when our term is up.


"Avoid - At All Costs - 50% Uptime Guaranteed"

Website: brandtosell.com




"Not The Hosting Company You're Looking For"

After constant server outages and terrible response times from support staff I can only advise others to look elsewhere for their hosting needs. Yet another fantastic company that is being run in to the ground now by Endurance International Group (EIG).

Their advertised uptime isn't even close to reality.


"Avoid - Lots Of Down Time!!!"

Website: www.bootcampdigital.com

Have had consistent down time issues since switching.

Never even close to their 99.9% uptime guarantee (which apparently doesn't apply to all accounts and they don't come close to meeting it).

They have tons of scheduled maintenance - my site has been down for scheduled maintenance twice this month for hours each time.

If you have a business and need your site to actually be up consistently don\'t go here.


"The Best Hosting There Is"

Website: dorogobid.com.ua

amazing! simply amazing.

josh modano

"A Small Orange = A Big Problem"

Website: goscoop.tv

I run a startup news site and when a website is in its incubation period, reliable hosting matters. I signed up an got a business hosting under A Small Orange thinking they have the capacity to deliver but unfortunately, in less than a month of being with them, I have experienced terrible downtimes. In fact, as I am writing this review, my site is experiencing downtime. and it has been down for more than an hour already (going two).

One thing that attracted me to their hosting services is the load of the servers. According to them, they have 'lesser' load per server that's why the efficiency and speed won't get compromised.

YES. Their hosting is pretty fast, they have a clean cPanel and really professional support BUT not of those can compensate an UNACCESSIBLE website. as I write, i am losing readers clicking my social links, organic searches and referrals.

I think A Small Orange is a good hosting company for personal blog sites who have 1-10 readers a month as they need not worry about downtimes. But for startup companies, SME's and bloggers, STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSTING COMPANY.


Website: reelestatebrevard.com

Best service I've ever used. I moved 14 domains here because the service is so good. Quick answers to every question I've asked. If you aren't with ASO you should be!


Website: nightbringer.net

What stands out to me about A Small Orange is their ridiculously amazing customer service. Their customer service is ridiculous because it exceeds my expectations every time. I've sent an e-mail to the ASO support staff on a number of occasions: when my website got a virus, when I wanted to switch domains, when my server was loading really slowly... Each time, I got a lightning-fast response with details on how to fix my issue, and an offer to fix my issue for me.

Bob Irving

Website: bob-irving.com

I'm always surprised that ASO isn't better known. They don't pump ad dollars into TV or web ads, I guess. I've been with them for over 5 years, and I have had nothing but awesome experiences with them. You could probably get something slightly cheaper, but their customer service is so incredible that I don't think it would be worth it. They do answer things almost immediately at any time, and they FIX THEM. They stay with you till it's take care of.

I recommend them to everyone who asks.

Ray Hollister

Website: deemable.com

I have had nothing but an incredible experience with A Small Orange. Their customer service is insanely awesome. I have been given help at crazy hours of the morning, late at night, and the middle of the day, and each time they were very helpful, friendly, knowledgable and talented. I made the mistake of trying two other "cheaper" web hosts, and I regretted it both times.

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