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"Fast, Detailed Service"

Website: thetaustore.com

I have had to send up several trouble tickets in order to get my new website functioning the way I want it, and the replies have been swift and spot on. Many thanks.


"Best Hosting Ever"

Website: aleskecman.a2hosted.com

Extremely fast and very helpful support. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service provided by A2 Hosting.


"No Stone Unturned. "

Fast, detailed response to support queries. No stone unturned. I felt they were really trying.

Richard Widener

"Great Support"

Website: thetablefellowship.com

Techs are great. Great service. Very patient.


"Excellent Service!"

Website: smartmonkeywebworks.com

As a reseller I couldn't be happier than I am with A2!

Buzz T

"Excellent Technical Support"

Website: http:

We really appreciate the technical support provided by A2. Their support techs are quick to respond and not only solve the problem, but provide tips to prevent problems in the future. A2 also keeps us informed about necessary updates, but doesn't flood my inbox with useless messages.

michael Hammond

"I Wish I Had Switched Years Ago. "

Website: uniquebychris.com

I wish i had switched years ago. I have been with another hosting company for 15 years.

The support staff is awesome. When i contacted my original hosting company they gave very little support and always tried to up sell something.

This is the first site i have hosted with A2. The site is fast and very responsive. I have only praise for the staff and service at A2. If you have any doubts forget them. I have been working on websites since the dial up days and I am very impressed with the service and staff.

Brian Beck

"A2hosting Customer Service Is Excellent!"

Website: srbsolutions.net

Jeff W. was amazing and he went above and beyond what may be required but he understood my situation and lack of knowledge.

Jeff is really professional and gave a level of understanding to my situation and that things would be alright. Very Very Much Appreciated!!!!

This unfortunate situation also created a confidence in having A2Hosting for my hosting service and them as my Team Support. I will share and recommend to others for sure.

Max Mogensen

"Great Support Service"

Website: mainecreative.co

Amazing. The migration service is awesome. Easy and super quick. Great support.

Demetre Minchev

"Great Support And Blazing Speeds"

I had two very technical issues which I struggled with for hours, before giving up and finally writing to support. One issue was regarding Ion Cube the other was about Refreshing DNS.

I wrote the email and went to bed. When I checked my email in the morning, both of my issues had been solved within hours.

I should have started with that email.

I will definitely be staying with you guys.

Bryan B

"William Bland Is The Best Tech Support Rep @ A2 Hosting"

Website: unitedeqty.com

Tech Support William Bland has been the most patient, knowledgeable and helpful representative I've ever had the privilege to assist me regarding my ignorance, needs, and issues. It's because of Technical support reps like him that makes it hard for me to leave A2 hosting even though I'm way in over my head when this platform. Thank you William.

Cheryl OBrien

"Fast And Helpful Support"

Website: multiple sites

I got a fast and helpful answer to my question with an offer to provide more support if needed. Couldn't ask for more. Their support is always great.

Francis Chong

"Website Unable To Show Content"

The support team by A2Hosting is really amazing and the best I have experienced. Fast and efficient. Well done! Give you all 2 thumbs up and 5 stars.

Anthony j Barbera

"Great Response And Assistance"

I made a blunder. A2 was very prompt and helpful in getting my site ASAP. Anthony Barbera-Author

Tina Cook

"Best Support Ever And Great Performance"

Website: tina.media

After a decade with another hosting provider and hearing multiple raves about their great hosting, I switched to A2 Hosting. Their UI is so user-friendly, documentation is excellent and their friendly and fast support is the best I've ever experienced. Wish I'd switched sooner.

Ben Masters

"Amazing Hosting And Support"

Website: frolicpictures.com

Wow! I received a prompt reply from A2 Hosting on a weekend! The response was exactly what I needed to know. Thank you for your fantastic support and incredible hosting! Fast and reliable, end of story!


"I´m Creating My New Website And With A2hosting It Is Too Easy And You Can Receive Fa..."

In my experience, I got a great support yesterday. I took a swift hosting plan with a2hosting, I put my Wordpress site and It did not work, therefore I contacted to support services and they helped me so fast.

100% recommended

Guy Merchant

"New To A2 But Very Happy"

Website: gjmnaturemedia.com

We have just migrated 3 websites to A2. The process was aided by A2 Support and happened smoothly. We are very happy with our choice.


"Web Mail And Email Services"

Website: cbestrefrigeration.com

Been with A2 Hosting a long time now and have tried many other hosting companies. A2 Hosting is simply the best from A to Z. The very rare few times we need help A2 Hosting is fast and professional and just makes you comfortable handling any question or help plus very personably and respectfully. A pleasure to work with and a great feeling of confidence knowing you have them behind you. FIVE STARS!


"Your Company Comes Highly Recommended."

Website: thetimeshare expert.com

Your company comes highly recommended. After 8 years with HostGator, I'm switching over. My first ticket was answered in minutes, unlike HG. Thanks for the great support.

Jim Siebold


Website: myoldmaps.com

A2Hosting was very supportive in helping me establish my website two years ago and continued to be very supportive whenever I have had technical issues along the way

John Upton

"My Review On A2"

Website: kinkyfever.com

There services and prices are very good. I have found there customer support excellent, they go the extra mile to ensure your well informed and genuinely help resolve problems.

Ovidiu Savescu

"Best Host I've Used"

I simply don't have anything bad to say about them.

We use a VPS from A2Hosting on which we host our client's websites. There has been zero down-time so far (6 months or so) the performance is MUCH better than any previous host, and the support is excellent.

About the support in particular: I don't feel like the support techs are just trying to get rid of tickets, drag their feet or are trying to just put the ball in my court, so to speak.

Instead, they're genuinely motivated to solve whatever issue I have, even if sometimes it might be an oversight on my part and not necessarily having to do with their services.

Their responses are fast and on point, with practical solutions and fast resolution times. That's what I like the most about them.


"Simply The Best Shared Hosting & Technical Support"

Website: wphobbyist.com

Over the years, I have tried a number of well known web hosting companies. And, without question, A2hosting is simply the best in web hosting performance and technical support. Their technical support, is amazing fast to response with clear and concise answers to my questions.

Marlon Banerjee

"Great Service"

Website: media-expert.co.uk

The A in A2 stands for Awesome! Great products, tons of features and most importantly superb customer service. Need I say more!


"Review Of Support"

Website: swissgolfshortgame.ch

A2hosting support is just incredible. I am an amateur working with websites, DNS settings and migrating sites. But support guided me right through every step. It was quite an experience. I never thought I could do it myself and even asked a friend to help me if I got stuck. Did not need my friends help. I would recommend this company to anybody just because of the support you get. I have never experienced such quality in any high level enterprise and I am sure A2hosting will be a major player in the near future. Thanks.

John Thurow

"Very Helpful"

Being new to A2 Hosting and IIS8, I had several problems getting my website operating correctly. The tech support was very helpful pointing me in the right direction so I could get my website into production.

Annie-Danielle Grenier

"So Glad I Switched To A2 Hosting!"

Website: maviedezebre.com

I switched to A2 a few months ago. I've been amazed by their support service (client and technical). Very friendly, polite and helpful! So fast too!

The C-Panel is very user-friendly, I love it.

My website is finally problem-free, no downtime at all. I'm also paying LESS to get all that!

Bob Stenson

"A2 Very Helpful"

Website: seekfind.net

So far, I've found A2 to be very helpful as I'm learning their architecture and migrating my sites.

Susanne McMillan

"Great Technical Support"

Website: guayabitosrental.com

Amazed at the quick response that answered my problems. You pointed me in the right direction on how to fix one self created problem myself, and fixed another self created one for me that I had no way of fixing.

Eduardo Bracho García

"Best Service"

Website: sysoncrm.com

The best service that I have received from any hosting, the most fast and helpful.

Alan Muscat

"Really Pleased So Far."

I only joined A2 Hosting in the last week or so, during which I have had to migrate my websites to their shared hosting service. I have need to contact support a few times as I have needed them to make changes that are buried deeper within the server not available via the Plesk (I'm on a windows shared hosting server) control panel. I have been amazed at the willingness and speed of response of the support guys. So a definite five stars from me so far.

aziz benhaida

"A2hosting Rocks"

Website: emarketinghacks.com

A2hosting rocks. We migrated over about six months ago and the uptime has been flawless. We run a marketing blog and have over 300 members accessing our content on a daily basis which requires a lot of resources. We haven't had any issues since our migration, which is fantastic. The support staff is always very helpful and their technical team is too. Highly recommend it for WordPress users.

Benoit bodart

"Support At Top! "

Website: http:

Probably the most reactive and intuitive help over the hosting industry! Thank you! Highly recommended by us!

Jeff RIchards

"A2 Hosting Support Rocks"

A2 support to the rescue again. Helped me solve an issue with my WordPress site that required memory allocation to be increased. They stick with you and help you to understand the problem. Love these guys!!

Larry Ranke

"Good Guys"

Website: square-deal.com

Quick and efficient service! Thanks.

That's just what we need.

Coral Atlas

"Question Asked"

quick and adequate

Robin Singh

"One Word Awesome!"

Website: robinsingh.name

We just love A2Hosting. It has been years we are using then and referring them to others.

Eric Larson

"Awesome Hosting Platform And Service At The Best Price On The Market"

Website: ericlarson.org

I've worked with a lot of other hosting services and A2 has been the best experience, by far. They helped with migrating my site - FOR FREE - and my site speed is as good as ever at a much better price. I'm perfectly happy with A2 and I expect to be with them for a long time to come.

Steven Rodriguez

"The Best Option"

Website: suwebcr.com

So far A2 Hosting is the best option you can choose.

They have fast support and great services.


"Great Service, And Great Features And Usability So Far"

Website: m2pmarketingllc.com

I had a huge list of questions to clarify my options before jumping into a hefty VPS plan and both Patrick and Scott were very responsive and both understood my questions as well as knew how to answer them accurately and thoroughly. We hope the hosting experience with A2 and our clients sites is very successful and long lasting!

I should add I contacted several other providers using their contact forms and it took close to a week before I received a response. A2 was extremely responsive during the sales period, as well as for my inquiries after purchase. I look forward to working with A2 Hosting for all of our clients sites, and I hope its a long lasting relationship.

dinh dung

"Good Suport"

Website: soft68.net

I like the way chat support online, it helps me solve the problem quickly and efficiently

Tanvir Ahmed

"I Am Very Satisfied With A2hosting"

Website: shopping24bd.com

I am very satisfied to get reply from your sales team with details solutions, exactly what I want to know. Now I prefer A2hosting in terms of their offered product equipped with very latest and also very good customer support. That's the thing every customer expect I think.

Kelvin Teh

"Highly Recommended Platform!"

Website: dmh.a2hosted.com

Fascinating service and features, highly responsive and detailed support! Highly recommended for this one of the top hosting.

Rowan Wolf

"Great Tech Support"

Website: uncommonthought.com

I have hosted with A2 for years and their tech support is the best that I have found from a host, and I have had 4 others hosts.

Faruk Ozturkmen

"All My Questions Are Answered"

Website: shoppingwebsites.com.au

Excellent. All my questions are answered.

William J Bailey

"Phenomenal Service And Support"

Website: coupons4foodpantries.com

The customer support from A2 is phenomenal and has been since I have been dealing with them.

Leonie Killeen

"Addition Of Softaculous To Account"

Website: websitemarketingfirst.com

Once again A2Hosting and Billing were helpful with my purchase request and upgrade of Softaculous was successfully installed. Excellent communication keeping me informed of every step.



Website: betterbeautyhealth.com

Always prompt attention to request.

Rizwan Sajid

"The Only Hosting Company"

One and Only One Hosting which is perfect in all terms, Cost, reliable, fast, easy with the quick support. Highly recommended A2 Hosting.

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