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"Worst Ever!"

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to be threatened by a gang of organized criminals hiding behind the disguise of a "business" then these crooks are for you. Otherwise, save yourself from the trouble, the threats and the attempted robbery and go with someone else. You're probably safer getting web hosting from some dark alley. If you cancel anything, make sure you have it in writing. Otherwise, even years later, they will attempt to charge you for "services" they felt they needed to provide you (without your permission). If you block payment on the card, they will threaten you. STAY AWAY





Anton B

"They Cheat"

I was surprised when received email with invoice for 15.17 usd. As according to the ads i must have got a domain ( .com) for just 0.99 usd per first year. I payed 1.17 usd. Then I received email stating that 15.17 usd will be charged for the forthcoming year. You are deceiving me or what? Please, comment the situation. I want my 1.17 usd back. Although you saved my card details and may want to charge me automatically i inform you that i blocked it just in case.

Another problem is that, plz, stop giving my email to spammers.


They have tried scamming me with a Microsoft 1and1 Xxchange account. Really disappointed with this.

Bill Eklund

Website: sharpphoto.net

Our sever hosted at 1&1.com had a "bad kernel" update early on a Friday morning and it shut down our site for 79 1/2 hours until Monday morning. I'm not sure if they only work M-F 9-5 but there was no way for us to contact them directly as we use a partner to host our site and they will only speak with the partner. They need to dramatically improve their service for any e-commerce.


Website: harlequinjetta.com

These guys flat out SUCK. Worst company to deal with EVER. I've registered domains with several other companies but let me tell you, nothing compares to 1and1. At other registrars, if your domain comes due and you don't pay or miss the date, it expires gracefully. Not with 1and1. They auto renew your domain, even if you want it canceled, they only send you a invoice AFTER they've renewed it and then threaten sending you to collections if you don't pay. I've been trying to cancel my stupid website for 3 years now through these jerks. I've transferred it to GoDaddy and will finally let it RIP. Crooks


TERRIBLE. Their Domain Center doesn't work so you cannot edit your domain settings or even transfer them off! They STILL haven't fixed it and it has been almost a month. Better yet, they know that it is an issue for some customers!!

Mike DuVarney

Website: fridayfunclub.com

I closed my business and no longer needed my site and 1and1 services. I requested a refund and they agreed. However for some reason the refund was not processed. They had a record of it however they never refunded my monies and it was up for renewal again. I called the main number and after a few frustrating times of being routed to different people, I spoke with a gentleman who was friendly and helpful. He agreed to send in my request and even follow up with me. He did both and I received my refund.

Very happy with them overall.

Emil Pokos

Website: set-studio.net

I've been using the 1and1 hosting services for almost 6 years now and not once have i considered changing the provider. There have been issues but nothing that wasn't quickly resolved even before I've posted a ticket about it.

The hosting packages are formed really good to suit everybody's needs, and there's no other provider that offers similarly optimized products.

Keep up the good work.

Teddy Kwan

I needed a website for my auto mechanic business and decided to try 1and1.com... and you thought mechanics screwed people. They claim to build your website for you, but all they do is edit crappy templates and the result is terrible! Why not just build it yourself on wix.com for $10/mo cheaper? Plus, Wix's tools are way better. Or if you want to spend $10/mo more, setmysite.com builds custom websites from scratch and covers all the updates and changes for you.

How anyone continues to get duped into signing up for 1and1.com bewilders me. This has to be the biggest waste of time for small business owners who don't have a lot of time to screw around with their website. It's not worth 20 cents a month let alone $20.

Habib Ben

Website: penikam.com

All the reviews are true. the last scam of 1and1.com is that they are selling Microsoft outlook exchange 2013 with a storage capacity of 25 gegs that they don't even have working. I did sign-up for three of these accounts to find out that I am on an exchange 2007 with a storage capacity is 1 geg. A nightmare experience that will I never forget. At first they promised that the service will be ready on April 22, 2013 and now they are shooting for two or three more weeks to get it working. Avoid them at any price.


I haven't had problems with price as other seems to have had in these reviews. i find them quite cheap for what i need. But i guess you get what you pay for. I am giving horrid rating because of their EMAIL services.

If you rely on your email to be delivered to your customers, this hosting service is NOT for you. Reason? They are constantly BLACKLISTED. I can never know for sure if my email and my colleagues are actually arriving at their destinations. Yes i do usually get the email back from the SPAM reports indicating that 1and1 is blacklisted on more than a few SPAM monitoring sites usually several days later. What that means is that your email will not arrive at its intended destination.

I do much business from USA to China, Taiwan. I can never feel comfortable that my email actually arrived at its destination.. I have looked unprofessional to my clients and it has already caused business loss.

I have talked to their support staff, complained numerous times. Told them this was a major problem. It just seems they are INCAPABLE of resolving the problem of blacklisting.


a pannu

Website: bestpeopleinternational.com

I just signed up for webhosting packaage for business with 1and1 after a colleague recommended it.

I am not that IT literate and experienced so did find the control panel at 1and1 slightly confusing at first - how do i build a website by uploading etc

I did call support services - i know they are based abroad - and the line is not that clear.

But i have to admit on more than one occasion i found the call centre /support guys patient - and more than willing to help.

Then talked me through the whole process - and took my worry away.

However i have to admit i was chatty with them first and said i liked their accents.

maybe try that - next time..!


Website: dawidgibekphotography.co.uk

This company are a disgrace. They take money without asking, never reply to letters or email, and send threaten to send in debt collector to customers who complain about their poor service. DON'T GET RIPPED OFF BY THIS EXCUSE OF AN ORGANISATION!!!!!


Mike Stonefield

WORST WEB HOST EVER. Their tech support cannot understand english. They are not even remotely helpful for even basic tasks. There is no continuity between their communications. Their hosting is ok, but when theres even a basic problem, you're on your own. There are so many better options out there. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Gary Brazell

Website: floridahomecarespecialists.com

Do not use this company under any circumstances. My firm designs websites for clients. In that capacity, we have purchased more than 30 domains through 1and1.

If you are using your own name server, it can literally take two days to order a .com domain name and get the DNS settings active. Their billing system will continue to bill you for domains that have been transferred away and for domains that are set to non-renew. To stop the billing, you have to enter a special website and turn it off. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if the domain transfer has been successful, especially if a client is transferring the domain to another 1and1 account. So turning off the billing is a real crap shoot as to whether the client will lose the domain name.

We have frequently found that we could not log in to the account controls. We have to wait a few hours and try again.

On more than one occasion, they have added products to our bill that we did not order. On one occasion, they could not get organized enough to credit us back within 60 days. When we went through our credit card company to get the money back, they took our entire account hostage and demanded the money plus a $20 fine! This despite the fact that the had offered on multiple, documented occasions to refund the money, but simply couldn't get organized enough to do it.


They have the worst service and customer service I have ever seen in my life!! I have spent at least $5000 trying to hire IT person to resolve issues on Plesk and we still have problems. I emailed the customer service and all they said was you need to resolve the issue yourself. I sent an email back saying I am even willing to pay to get this resolved and nobody has ever gotten back to me. That was a week ago. I have found so many complaints on their service and Plesk incompatibility. We even re-imaged the server 3 times but still Plesk has issues. I made the WORST decision by getting their service and I will do my best to notify everyone on this. I have all the proofs and I will definitely make sure that their company pays for all the damages.

David Johnson

Website: australiaimmigration.org.uk

I have read many negative reviews here and feel it is right to offer my experience with 1and1mywebsite as a customer of theirs for 1 year. The mywebsite product is excellent. It is easy to use and provides a very professional looking result even for a non-webdesigner!

I have found their support personnel unfailingly polite and helpful. They seem to be based in Philladephia, USA. I have never tried to cancel a product, so can't comment on this, but I would recommend (and have done to several people who now use 1and1mywebsite) the product based upon my experience.


Cancelled my account, only to find out it was going to auto-renew in January. Horrible customer service and rude tech-support. Do not waste your time with this company, read reviews and see how many others have the same problems. There are much better companies out there with much better product to choose from - with much better customer service!

Christopher W

I've built my website and some of my clients websites with 1&1 and must say I am very happy with their product.

It's true that the sell manage website can be glitchy but with a bit of patience I can get it to do most of what I need or want.

I've dealt with technical support on numerous occasions, it's true that some of them have English as a second language and it's not always easy to understand or be understood but they have always been very polite and in 90% cases beeen able to help me.

I feel some of the criticism is from people who want to spend as little as possible while having 15 000$ worth of quality, design and service.

For what I pay, I am very impressed with this system. The really over the top negative victims in here need to understand that you get what you pay for in life.

If you want a 100k website pay a 100k. In the meantime for 20-30$ a month what they offer can't be touched.

No I don't work for them but I manage and I've built my own and about 6 other website that function really well.


Website: mjseeds.org

avoid this dodgy , scam , fraud , con of a company - read the web , thousands of ripped off domain holders out there and im another one , same story , charged for a so called free trial of website builder plus even after cancelling within 30 days , then cancelled domain and hosting weeks ago and just got bill for another year , why are this company still trading ? hate the fact that this kind of legal theft is apparently ok , never read a good review about this lot that didnt seem to come from an employee , ive used them and will never again , just wonder how much i will be conned out of before i can sleep in peace , bit worried about being billed for the rest of my life after reading others comments , but will get legal advice and have contacted trading standards and trying to use the web to let people know not to use this company


When I asked them if they price match or feature match with competitors, they said no and instead suggested that I pay exactly 12x more money to upgrade with them to get the feature I wanted. When I said that was not within my budget and that I would probably switch providers, they send me a rude email and blocked my IP address from my own site. Childish and illegal behavior. Worst support I've ever experienced.


Website: u2moblie.net


I will never do business with them again

scam contract attached to the trail period... don't be late trying to cancel this product.

They will not let you out of it and are crude about it.



This company is the worse. Their cancellation policy is horrible. They will keep charging you even after you stop paying them. They say they send you bills but you never receive them. To cancel you have to fill out this paper work and half the time it doesnt work and you have to call their horrible costumer service to cancel. After you cancel, they automatically put your owed money, which they still have not told you you still owe, in a collection agency. This agency also doesnt tell you they want your money.

They only way I found out that I owed money is when I tried to refianance my mortgage. I can't do it over 40 dollars!!! Thanks 1&1.

When I tried to contact them about the problem, I got a response that was rude and basically stated "its not my problem, its yours".

By the way, the reason why I canceled is because half the time my website was down and most of my uploads did not work.


Now would you like to call customer service and be greeted with " Yeah what do you what?"

Or what the Hell do you want me to do about it?

Or "That's not my problem.....That yours.

Customer Tech Service is just ridiculous.

I mean everyone has a bad day. But come on. This is standard procedure with them.

The only nice people I met on the phone was the sales people. That's it!!

When my contract is up. I'm out of here!!!


Website: razorsharpflies.co.uk

Quite simply 1 & 1 are the worst and most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. Above and beyond the poor page set up, automated support which does not help in the least, being absolutely useless if you wish to actually sell as you cannot access payments made, the system is extremely difficult and confusing to use.. In my case 1 & 1 opened a Second shop, with no domain name and nothing on it. They used a separate number for this but only communicated with me using the active shop number, leading to on going confusion, and them taking extra money for a contract which I had no knowledge for a shop which did not exist. Emails go unanswered, phone calls are passed around, answers are not really given or promises made on the phone do not then materialise. I have now closed my shop. I will start again and loose the last three years work on the site, rather than stay with 1 & 1 and have them steal ny more of my money. Trust the many reviews and do not go anywhere near them.


The company 1and1.com are very untrustworthy and deceitful. They told me I had to ring verifications (3am my time) and when I rang them they told me I hadn't needed to call. But no registration 48 hours later, so another round of phone calls. This went on back and forth - I was verified, no I wasn't verified and needed to call them (3am in the morning overseas expensive phone calls) and I got sick of it after the fourth time and canceled with them. They then sent me an invoice telling me it had been verified, when the last thing they told me was that it had not been verified and I needed to call verifications team! They can't get their story straight. I wasn't going to waste any more time, including sleep time, with them, nor my money. However, they are fighting me hard. Completely ignoring my emails canceling the service, reporting the sorry tale of their so-called service. Do not fall for their cheap rates, you will end up paying MORE. Your time is money too and phone calls are expensive.


Website: abestvalueinyourcity.com

I have been with 1and1 internet for 4 years, problem with them is their Tech Support communication is very poor, Philippine english is a second language, hard to listen to articulation bad, many talk softly. Tech Support is the Engine of any Organization, and 1and1 internet Receives an F from me. Prior to 1and1, I was using IPower for many years, their Tech Support India, not as bad in communication, but their prices went up.

1and1 internet needs to revamp Tech Support with English Communication.

G Brown

Website: sparesaver.com

We have lots of 'outages'. In fact we came into our office this morning and have no service whatsoever we can't even log into our PLESK panel. It has been offline now for at least 5 hours and the helpdesk is not accepting calls.


1&1 recharged me last year without my permission. Then when I asked for a refund, they told me to fill out some time consuming paperwork and file a petition (all for a mere $10) It wasn't worth my time, which is what they were counting on, so I paid the fee and requested that they terminate my account by the end of the billing cycle. They just recharged me again, and this time reversed the charge but only after it had already hit my account and now I have to wait 7 business days to get my money back. They stole from me and TOTALLY took advantage of me. The rep today was fine, but the representative last year was a nightmare to deal with. I feel like I need to warn as many people as possible about this company.This is my official complaint. From here I will go on to as many review sites as I can find and copy this complaint to warn others about 1&1's shady business practices.


Website: resweld.com

We are paying for 1and1's business plan and getting 30MB of RAM on a shared server. I found out when Wordpress was crashing all the time when I was developing a new site. I guess we are on their old business plan and need to upgrade to the new plan so that we can get the 80MB service. I looked into inmotionhosting and for less money I can get their business plan with 512MB of RAM. We have had 3 employees with emails that were ending up in customers spam folders and after many attempts and talking with many people in the Philippines I started hitting my head on my desk. I want to change hosting companies but 1and1 is so bad my boss is afraid to change now that I have the bugs worked out. 1and1 has contacted me to try and sell me upgrades to our package so that we don't have as many problems. I loath 1and1 hosting.

Jeremy Byington

Website: jeremybyington.com

I thought this would be just another domain registering company like any other but after being with them for a while they suddenly started advertising on TV and calling me about twice a month trying to sell me a service. The last time they called I told the sales rep that my brother is a programmer and I do not need the service. He signed me up for it anyway using the credit card I have on file and now I am stuck with a bill for $60 on a service I never used. Now I am going to every review site and letting people know. They just charged me $60 but now they are going to lose the $100/yr account they have with me. GREAT JOB.


Website: sequimportangelesrealestate.com

I've been using 1and1.com to host a few websites for about 5 years now, and just a heads up for all of you who are looking for a good host, this has been a nightmare for me. Not only is website builder extremely quirky and inconsistent and full of program glitches, but even worse the tech support is the worst of any tech support I have worked with since my first website in 1995. 100% of the tech support folks speak English as a second language, and they typically don't understand what you are saying very well. Even simple discussions demonstrate that they do not understand. They repeat things many times, and you will spend 20 minutes and get absolutely nowhere. If this happened to me once or even half a dozen times in 5 years, I would just pass it off as life, but this has happened to me probably over 100 times in 5 years. Yes, I know, I am extremely patient and gentle in working with non-English speaking techs, but I've really had it with the nonsense, the glitchy programs, the horrendous customer support. I've tried to talk to supervisors, but after being on hold for an eternity, I'm always told that the supervisors are busy. This is 1and1.com folks. This is not an isolated experience. This has been my experience for 5 years with multiple websites. Unfortunately, my main website cannot be transferred to any other company, because no one will accept a website built with that glitchy website builder program. My strong recommendation is never use 1and1.com. You will be truly frustrated and sorry like I am, and then you won't be able to move your website like me


I was fascinated to see the overall very negative reviews about 1&1 on here, by previous users, because so many of these reviewers have experienced the same as myself.

To be honest, I have to admit that my experiences date back quite a few years now, but 1&1 were one of my first-ever hosts, and after doing all I could to check them out, I finally fell for their hyped-up pretty advertising, and gave them my hard-earned cash...

Oops! Big mistake! I immediately found that their site was an abomination to operate!

Then discovered that any *real* support was tantamount to non-existent!

Then that the "£300 worth of free software" was mostly junk, and so, although I am a very patient sort of being [you have to be if you're a teacher!] I finally decided I couldn't stand all the hassles anymore and decided to ask for my cash back.

Errrrrmm ... Blood out of a stone anyone?!! Certainly the German offices were a complete washout. Thankfully the UK-based people were much more helpful, and I did get *some* of my cash back, but this was all very disingenuous of them -- as I seem to recall they had some "instant-money-back-if-not satisfied" line in the advertising at that time?

Either way, for this ex-customer, I will never *EVER* go near this company again.

Good luck to those who have had okay experiences with 1&1, but I'm certainly not one of them.

Nb: I'm having a complete rest from being a webmaster at the mo' & so can't put any url in, for my website address, but hopefully folks reading this will suss it's from a real ex-user of 1&1 though, and not a put-up job from a competitor! ;)


Website: hotmail.com

Firstly, they are not UK or US based.

At all

OK yes they have a trading company but all servers etc are in Germany. They have NO backup, if their German datacentre has a problem then all of your DNS is to pot. I have checked this directly with them when asking about backups and or tertiary DNS. I was told that this wasn't an option.

They have no support for the simplest things, txt or SPF in DNS. If your domain happens to be hosted by them then don't try to use an anti spam company or any online Microsoft or other cloud based services as you cannot because their DNS doesn't support it. In fact their DNS doesn't support most things, oh and nor does support. Last chap I spoke to didn't know what DNS was.

Their UK support was in India but has now moved to the Phillipines where they are less polite and less knowledgable and certainly less helpful. If you need second level support, move your domain to another company and then call them. Oh hang on moving away from 1and1 takes a week because they purposely make life hell on the way out. 72 hours to adjust the IPS tag, a few seconds on the way in. Just been left on hold hoping that I would go away, when the operator realised I was going to wait she laughed and disconnected me

By this time tomorrow I'm hoping I will never ever ever have to deal with this company again

joy !

HOWEVER, if you are a masochist then I suggest that you absolutely transfer all of your most critical assets to this company, it should provide you with lots and lots of your special torment !

S Smith

Website: corpevent.com

If you're trying to run a business and need RELIABILITY with your emails; I strongly urge you NOT to use 1and1. I have been a loyal customer for years and am switching domain and server exchange immediately! The last several months have been filled with technical issues causing my system to shut down --- my business (due to non working emails) have been shut down 3 days this month). And their technical and customer service departments DO NOT CARE. It's that simple. They constantly blame another department - it's been a living hell dealing with them and their rude departments as well.

Very - very disappointed!

Philippe Cochy

Website: pecita.com

Really, I do not understand the criticism I read here.

I am a customer of 1and1 France for 7 years and, although i am a very critical guy, I'm pleased about every aspect: price, automation, support.

I have a Linux Virtual Private Server package that allows me to use freely a powerful equipment for... 10 euros per month.

Il n'y a pas photo!


Website: 1and1.com

I bought domain names from 1and1, and then I wanted to cancel my domains. You know it was almost impossible to cancel them.

Their panel is suck. It's really difficult, so I called them to cancel my domains. They said they would and then a month later they charged the fee on my credit. I complained they said no refund and no way. I asked them again and again to have the refund because it was not my fault. Just they keep saying sorry we cannot. So, I do not want to use 1and1 service anymore. I asked them removing my information such credit info, etc. They said they would not remove my credit information. It doesn't make sense.....Suck...This is my email which I got from them.


Thank you for contacting us.

I have spoken with our billing department regarding the payment method

on the account information. They have informed me that a payment method

must be on the account information at all times. This is something I can

only apologize for.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



Damion Son

Customer Service

1&1 Internet


Tony Raimondo

I have been using 1and1 hosting for 5 years and have signed up a number of sites to them. None of these sites have had any problems. Whenever I had a question, their tech support answered correctly. I recommend their services.


Website: pelokee.com

After visiting the site and reading the reviews of 1&1, I have to add my opinion in the seas of all of the negative reviews I have read.

I have been a 1&1 MS Business hosting plan customer for about two years and have not had the same problems I am reading about. Granted, my websites only get about 1000 hits a month, but I have yet to be aware of any downtime.

Also, I have contacted tech support a handful of times regarding various issues - mostly how to do things that I, as a novice webmaster was not familiar with. I have always received prompt and useful responses from tech support. They could probably use a lesson or two in professional communication, but so can a lot of other tech support entities.

To set the appropriate stage, I have always used e-mail to contact them and have not tried telephone support.

I just wanted to share my experience because as a beginner, I loved the value and flexibility of 1&1's services and overall have no complaints.


Website: 1and1.com

Don't use 1and1, their servers frequently crash, and take hours to get back on line.

Their 99.99% uptime guarantee is useless, it's just words on a screen and means nothing!

If you want your site to run interupted and don't want to have to spend half your life on the phone to customer support (who don't speak proper english and aren't very helpful) then use someone else!

AVOID 1 and 1!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is 10:37 PM, spent all evening on the phone with 1and1 going in circles: Our managed dedicated server has been down since 9:30 AM or so, we can't get answers from anyone other than the server is being replaced and will be ready in 2 hours, 12, 13 houes later still not resolved. Spent the evening talking with tech support, explain everything to them, then they say we will transfer to server dept, rings, no answer, back to a tech support person then start all over again, did that for over 90 minutes, got nowhere, and all our clients sites are still down, 128 domains. This will put us out of business as clients are saying they will pul out. This is the service we are getitng from 1and1 after being a client for over 4 years.


1and1 was good at one time but in recent months we have had nothing but troubles. We have several managed dedicated servers and they have been offline for entire days three times costing us troubles with clients and several clients lost entire days of business.

Today, again, we were told early in the day the main server was down and would be swapped out in two hours. All day we heard the same story even from a supervisor named Ryan. Tonight once again we called as over 128 domains are still offline. Another call just now and we were told the ticket was never started. Since early today, for now around 10 hours all our clients sites have been offline.

Three times now in past two months. 1and1 in our opinion is not an option anymore. It has cost us stress, angry clients and one threat of having to pay a clients losses for the day.

We can not get a straight answer, been told all day the same story, so in fact, 1and1 is not an good host anymore. We have been withthem for 4 years. We are going to transfer out at great expenese. Our opinion, stay away from 1and1. They have issues with mail also.


As if the other reviews on the site state that 1and1 does indeed suck, here is my review. They still do. Signed up with them in July 2007, canceled in early September due to the downtime of my site. They fought with me over the 90 day money back guarantee. Got $4.51 back after paying $29.99. What happened to the other 25 or so bucks? No response after 18 days and many emails to billing department. Waited an hour on hold to billing department, no response. Finally got back to me, said they credited me the rest of the money. Two weeks later, still wont respond and no money has been credited. This company is full of false hopes and is a bunch of liars and crooks. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY, you will regret it.


Pricing with 1and1 is incredibly competitive; and the variable offers of service (such as Hosting Exchange, SharePoint, VPS, Dedicated, etc) can potentially allow for simplicity of a site or IT admin.

Unfortunately 1and1's service is incredibly lackluster. While I give them credit for providing a phone number that always reaches a human, and not a phone tree, speaking to someone from India who has no idea what my problem is or what I'm saying can be overwhelmingly frustrating.

1and1's policy on changing/transferring hosting accounts or account types or moving domains from one package to another is ridiculous. Their backups are non-existent. When I've asked to have a brick layer restore, silence fills the other end of the phone line.

While I've never had shared hosting issues with them, I did try out their VPS service. Three words for you: Horr-i-ble. The 'burstable' RAM was a total joke and non-existent. My server crashed 42 times - this was before I EVER PUT ANYTHING ON IT. They refused to refund any money and claimed that the risk was part of the TOS.

I would strongly implore ANYONE to select ANY other hosting company for ANY of their hosting needs - it's for your benefit.

Disclosure: We receive a compensation from some of the companies whose products are presented on our website.