People are looking for ways to engage their users, and have found the more authority they have when creating content, the better. It’s all about the value and the bottom line you provide to your readers which will help you succeed in this market. For example, Google hasn’t been shy about what constitute high quality content and have mentioned the tweaks they have made to their algorithm. At one point, writing low quality content with a bunch of links would be good enough to rank within the SERP’s, however things have changed dramatically over the years. It’s all about having high quality content that provides value to the people searching. You have to make sure you are solving a common problem within your niche, and at the same time, have content which is structured correctly, has the right keywords, etc.

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Today, we’ll be looking at ways to make your content more authoritative. It’s important you add the right elements to your content that’s add value to your bottom-line. For example, you can have high quality content, but if you don’t have the facts to help illustrate your point, you’ll run into problems with engagement.

We’ll be looking at the following factors when trying to build authority in your niche:

  • Using images;
  • People linking to your content;
  • Case studies;
  • A simple content form;
  • Stay relevant and focused.

Each of these elements will help build authority with your readers which is perfect when you’re trying to generate profits and build your brand.


I believe that authority comes from the right amount of research because when you know what to write about, you’ll be more focused on your end goal. For example, if I’m writing about the “best link building strategies”, then when researching, I’ll make sure that I focus on pulling the right kind of information. I’ll make sure that I find out more about my audience, and ensure that I cover everything that needs to be covered to reach my objective. At the same time, I’ll even visit my competition to see what they are doing and how I can create something better than them.

Once I have done my research, I can focus on putting together my content in a way which not only connects people within my niche, but helps me become an authority at the same time. If you have been reading my other content, then you know I use two methods to research my topics.

First, I’ll use Google Trends because this will give me a good indication of rising “keywords”. If I know what new keywords people are searching, I’ll be able to get a jump on my competition. Staying ahead of my competition will allow me to write content before them and start to network to get my article in front of the right people.

Secondly, I’ll take some time going through my competition looking at what they’ve been doing. You’re going to have competition in almost every niche so learn from those before you. For example, if I’m thinking of writing content on a specific topic, then I’ll research my competition to find out what they have been doing. Then, I’ll find ways to make mine better because if they have had 10,000 shares, I’ll be able to generate way more simply by writing something better.   

The Use of Images

Sometimes it’s tough trying to illustrate your point especially when you are talking about a complicated topic. This is why images and videos have grown in popular as a tool to use within your content. Images have become more engaging allowing people to click on charts, graphs and other moveable objects. For example, these types of images are known as infographics and are very affordable for every blogger. When we think about videos, we think about and how much that platform has grown in recent years. Some of the best tutorials and video content can be found on YouTube, and it’s very in-depth providing people with a complete solution.

Blogging platforms like WordPress have made it easy for people to incorporate videos into their blog by installing a simple plugin. With videos, your able to get your point across more clearly which in the end adds on to your content value. The better you are able to illustrate your point, the better for your bottom-line. I believe authority can only be achieved when your able to portray your message to people in an effective way.

The Right External Links

If you have been blogging for many years, and have researched the evolution of the search engine, then you’ll be able to understand the importance of external links. Google, for example, understands the authority can be understood by looking at the way websites link to each other. If authority websites link to other authority sites, then you know both of them have something valuable to offer. This is why it’s important you obtain links from authority websites, and avoid spammy links from other sites. I have worked with clients for over 7 years, and have walked them through the entire process of obtaining the right types of links. Here’s some of the best ways to focus your attention on the right blogs when building external links to your content.


First, it’s important you do research so you can make a list of authority blogs within your niche. Creating a list will help you save time when you start to contact the owner finding ways to partner up. Secondly, visit each of the blogs on your list and find out if they accept guest posts because this is a great way to get a link. Many top blogs do accept guest posts because they always want another writer’s point of view on specific topics. In return, they’ll allow you to add 1-2 links within the author bio if you are published on their blog. Third, some sites are open-platforms which means all you have to do is register for an account and you can submit your content. However, I’ve found that open platform sites tend to be spammy because they are less moderated.

Social media is a great way to get your content in front of the right people which can lead to authority links. Many bloggers are on major social media platforms looking for interesting content to read. Sometimes your content gets found and they’ll link back to it because it provides their readers with an additional resource which they’ll find useful.

Case Studies

This type of content transformed my blogging and built enormous authority on my end. Case studies are probably the best source of information because they are a play-by-play of what to do from point A to B.

For those of you not aware of what a case study is, let’s take a quick look at this definition:

“A case study is an account of an activity, event or problem that contains a real or hypothetical situation and includes the complexities you would encounter in the workplace. Case studies are used to help you see how the complexities of real life influence decisions.” –

In other words, you choose a topic which is based on a hypothesis or your trying to find out how to accomplish a certain objective. Then you start implementing different strategies while tracking everything within 30 days until you find what works. The cool thing is you are writing down everything from day 1 so when presented as content, the reader has everything they need. It’s a great way to find out what’s working and what’s not while not wasting your time on things that don’t produce results.

Google loves case studies because they provide enormous value and have enormous authority. Over the years I have probably linked to over 20 case studies because they were great as an additional resource to my readers. If you are looking to build authority, it’s important you get links from authority websites. I’ve always loved to share case studies on social media and my other networks because they provide enormous value increasing the likelihood of a link back.

To learn more about case studies, it’s a good idea to visit blogs which have some of the most engaging ones in your niche. You can find them by doing a quick search typing “case studies” + “keyword”.

The Contact Form

Having a contact form is a great way to build authority with your visitors because it helps build comfort. Think about how many times you have visited an online store, but never purchased because they had no contact form or phone number. Having a simple form adds authority because it indirectly shows people that they can get a hold of you if they have a concern or feedback. However, it’s important that if you have a contact form that you reply to messages in a timely manner too.


If you are using WordPress then Contact Form 7 is probably the most simplistic plugin to add. All you have to do is install the plugin, then paste a short-code on your contact us page. However, you have several other options available to you in terms of contact forms so do a quick search in Google to find other popular ones.

Stay Relevant and Focused

Building authority also has a lot to do with focus and staying relevant. Authority comes from building your brand with a group of visitors, and then having these same people come back to your website sharing your knowledge with others. However, these visitors have arrived on your website for a specific reason so if you change around your focus, then you might lose your readership. It’s important to understand your objective and make sure you stick to it to matter what. It’s important you provide your readers with the same value you have always been providing them.

Keeping your focus is not hard as long as you know what your main objective is and understand your entire process so far. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when trying to stay on track:

  • Have your vision and/or objective written down so you don’t lose insight;
  • Base your content around a main keyword relevant to your niche;
  • Ask your readers by having a poll. This helps because people are on your blog for a reason and understanding them will help you stay on track;
  • Create small objectives you should complete every day. As long as your objectives are based on your main objective, you’ll be able to stay on point.

Final Thoughts

Authority is important when you’re trying to build your brand because it’s what makes you stand out compared to everyone else. It’s important you know how to build authority because there are certain fundamentals elements you have to add to your content and when networking that will definitely help. Above, I have discussed what I’ve learned over the years and will like to go through them in short form.

First, it’s important you always start with research because this helps you stay on track and helps you discover what your readers are looking for. The more you write content that your audience is looking for, the easier it will be to build authority. Secondly, using images is a great way to engage those people who have a hard time understanding text content. With infographics and other forms of images, you can create clickable content that people can navigate through. Third, case studies are a great way to show people exactly what to do to solve a common problem. Case studies are an awesome format because they save time and provide enormous value all at once. On social media, you have noticed that case studies have the highest share volume. Other bloggers also love to link to these types of content because they provide enormous additional resource to their readers.

Having a contact form also adds authority because it allows people to keep in touch with you. It allows people to know that if there is a problem that they can reach you for your support. Finally, make sure you focus on your flow and objective because one of the easiest ways to lose authority is by forgetting your focus. You have a readership so it’s important no matter what, you stay focused on their interest and why they have been coming to your blog in the first place.

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