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Order any VPS or Cloud Hosting plan and pay only $0.01 per slice with this promo code. Get a Linux Cloud VPS with 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 25 GB of storage and 1 TB of transfer from only $6.00/month. Windows Cloud VPS available. See website for additional plans and configuration options.

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Enter this coupon code at checkout to get 50% off the first month on all Cloud VPS hosting packages. Valid for new customers only.

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InterServer is one of the more unique hosting companies we've reviewed on this site. For starters, they're not owned by any existing mega corporation like EIG, or GoDaddy, which is nice. Also, their suite of hosting services truly makes them stand out in an otherwise crowded space. But who are they, and where are they located?

Who Owns InterServer?

InterServer was founded way back in 1999 by Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri. They started off in New Jersey, so it's not surprising that InterServer's major base is in New Jersey. They have three data centers:

  • 2 in Secaucus, New Jersey
  • 1 in Los Angeles, CA

This means that they cover both coasts of the US, so this is great regardless of where your customers are located - as long as they're in the US. They're also private datacenters, which means that InterServer owns and operates them. They don't share their space with anyone else either.

Here's their address:

Interserver Inc
110Meadowlands Pkwy,
Secaucus, NJ 07094

And their phone number:

They're available 24x7 over phone, live chat, and via the ticket submission system. Though they place their "Live chat" icon right in the middle of their homepage, it's surprisingly not available from the "Support" category. Which is pretty weird!

Unique Features of InterServer

InterServer is pretty special when it comes to its prices and hosting plans. Here's why:

Price Lock

This one-in-a-million feature sets InterServer immediately apart from the competition. Other providers provide you with a discount for the first billing cycle and then charge you the full price whenever you renew. This is pretty much the exception regardless of hosting provider. Just a couple of them like DreamHost and InMotion take steps towards keeping the price constant - but even they have restrictions.

InterServer on the other hand has a "price lock" guarantee. Which means you continue to pay whatever you've been paying even during the first billing cycle. So for example, if you pay $5 a month for hosting, that's the price you pay year after year as long as your hosting plan is valid.

In addition, you need not pay your amount in one lumpsum at the beginning of every year. Instead, you can pay them monthly so you don't get a sticker shock every year. Though you get a 10% discount if you pay for one year in advance.

You can even "pre-pay" to any extent you like and InterServer will deduct the amount from your account. It's the most flexible way to pay for hosting I've ever seen.

Other Special Features

InterServer has some other unique aspects. One major problem in the shared hosting space is overselling. This is when hosting providers place a large number of customers on shared servers, assuming that no one is going to use all the space allotted to them. While this works out in the majority of cases, it causes major problems when one site decides to misbehave.

InterServer is unique in that they only allot 50% of their web hosting capacity. This means that there's lots of room for everyone else and they avoid overselling their systems. It's a promise that no other web host has made so far.

Special Storage for SQL Databases

Databases are often the bottleneck for dynamic websites. InterServer tries to mitigate this by placing their databases on special SSD storage for quick operations. By addressing the bottleneck, they speed up every aspect of your site.

As you can see, InterServer has a lot going for it. A private company with private datacenters, a unique price lock guarantee, and some of the most expansive promises regarding overselling and web hosting that I've ever seen. That, along with its special features truly set it apart and make it a company worth considering for your hosting requirements!

Disclosure: We receive a compensation from some of the companies whose products are presented on our website.