Important Content Marketing Trends to Look For

Important Content Marketing Trends to Look For

With blogging it’s important to find how things are changing around you. For example, think about how much your niche has changed in recent months, and how you had to adapt at the same time. I’ve always recommended to my clients to pay close attention to your competitors because you can learn a lot from them over time. Next, I’ve always recommended performing research to make sure you are following the right trends because every decision you make will influence your bottom line. Content marketing continues to grow over the last several years, and you have to stay on top or you’ll fall behind your competition. Today, I’ll be discussing something very important…

We’ll be looking at the important content marketing trends taking place, and what you should do to stay ahead of the game. Let’s get started, and your feedback will be appreciated.



I’ll like to start by reiterating the importance of research and how you should always make sure no matter why it’s part of your content marketing. Through research you’ll be able to highlight tweaks you need to make going forward. If you have been blogging for years then you should know where to focus all your attention.

Shifting Types of Content

One major trend I see is the way content formats are changing within recent years. For example, you’ll notice much of the content online is now images, infographics, and videos. There are a few reasons why this is taking place. First, people are looking for a more efficient way to comprehend content. Being able to view an image will quickly allow you to pull value out without having to read 2,000+ content. Secondly, they are much cheaper to create which was NOT always the case. With new online tools images and infographics can be developed for FREE or premium subscriptions for as little as $9.99/mo. Third, social media networks have been tweaked to display images and infographics in full-width as well as optimized. Videos are great, and we all know the success of…right?

One huge trend to pay attention to is content formats, and how you can shift content around to fit formats which resonate with your readers.

Social Media Interaction

Here’s a trend which keeps growing 5%-10% each year, and if you haven’t tapped into it than your missing out on enormous traffic. Social media is massive, and can be used to drive relevant traffic to your blog growing your business + profits in a short period of time. One trend which I continue to see is an increase in social media content and shares. The increase just shows people have been using social media to market content, build engagement and increase profits.

Here are some tips to follow when setting up a content marketing + social media campaign…

  • Research social networks to find which ones perform the best;
  • Create images or infographics that are optimized for social media;
  • Research high converting and performing #hashtags;
  • Use the right headlines.

Google Trends

I personally love Google Trends because they provide you EXACTLY what you are looking for: Trending Topics. This is a FREE tool so I recommend everyone should use them no matter what your niche. Start with a focus keyword, then start narrowing down depending on “rising” and “breakout” data. In the end, you would have compiled a list of awesome keywords, and trending topics that are perfect for content marketing. You can even use the same keywords when adding #hashtags to your social media campaign.

Register for a Google account right now so you can make use of all these awesome tools you have access to. What’s the trend? I’ll tell you…

Much of the information found within Google Trends is implemented into content and social media. This wasn’t always the case because it was really hard to find the information you needed. Now days this information is more abundantly available.

Final Thoughts

In the end knowing the right trends can help which is why I recommend you do your research during your content marketing process. What’s even more surprising is by finding out the content marketing trends, you can apply the same strategies moving forward. Content marketing is NOT going anywhere because it’s increasing each year no matter what your niche.

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  1. Google Trends is amazingly useful. What are your thoughts on the Google Keywords tool?

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