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About Hawk Host

Hawk Host is a Canadian company owned by Tony Baird, who is the CEO. The company has data centers located all around the world: USA, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong and of course, Canada.

Hawk Host actually has a pared down set of hosting plans, to keep things simple. To start with, their shared hosting is pretty cost effective and comes only in two tiers. This is unlike the plans offered by many big companies with 3 or even 4 tiers! It’s clear that these guys like to keep things simple and have clear distinctions between their hosting plans instead of mixing one into the other.

A great feature is their inclusion of SSD disks in all their services, regardless of tier and cost. SSDs make your site’s heavy database operations quicker and since just about every site today is based off a CMS like WordPress, this is a very nice bonus feature.

They also have “Semi-dedicated” hosting, which is their in-between plan before VPS servers. It’s basically for customers who want to move on from shared hosting, but don’t want to go into the details of managing their own server and all the attendant consequences. It’s a brilliant plan, and reminds me of SiteGround’s “Semi-dedicated” hosting.

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