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If I had to use one phrase to describe Hawk Host, it would be "They have a face". And it's this that really differentiates them from the competition. But first, a little bit about the company itself.

Who Owns Hawk Host

Hawk Host is a Canadien company owned by Tony Baird, who is the CEO. Here are the contact details:

CEO: Tony Baird
Phone: 1-800-859-8803
Email: support(at)hawkhost.com
710 Tower St South PO Box 50081
Fergus Ontario Canada N1M 2R0

These details are on the site, as well as backed up by the "WHOIS" information. So the ownership seems pretty transparent. It was founded in 2004, and so has been around for quite a long time. They're not going anywhere, and are a stable business.

Their Datacenters

Out of all the companies have reviewed so far, HawkHost has by far the largest number of datacenters I've seen. Here is a complete list to date:

Dallas, TX
New York City, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Amsterdam, NL
Singapore, SG
Hong Kong, CN
Toronto, CA

That's 7 datacenters altogether. Moreover, a unique feature about Hawk Host is their transparency. They seem to display an unusual amount of information about all aspects of their company - including their datacenters. So much so that they have a separate network page with a dedicated tab to each of their hosting locations. And all of them have complete hardware specs, speed tests, datacenter dimensions and features.

That's very impressive for me - I wish more companies would be as transparent about their infrastructure.

Hawk Host Hosting Plans Overview

Hawk Host actually has a pared down set of hosting plans, to keep things simple. To start with, their shared hosting is pretty cost effective and comes only in two tiers. This is unlike the plans offered by many big companies with 3 or even 4 tiers! It's clear that these guys like to keep things simple and have clear distinctions between their hosting plans instead of mixing one into the other.

A great feature is their inclusion of SSD disks in all their services, regardless of tier and cost. SSDs make your site's heavy database operations quicker and since just about every site today is based off a CMS like WordPress, this is a very nice bonus feature.

They also have "Semi-dedicated" hosting, which is their in-between plan before VPS servers. It's basically for customers who want to move on from shared hosting, but don't want to go into the details of managing their own server and all the attendant consequences. It's a brilliant plan, and reminds me of SiteGround's "Semi-dedicated" hosting.

Unlike SiteGround however, Hawk Host doesn't have a single Dedicated server offering. Their plans stop entirely at the VPS level. However, their Cloud hosting seems to form a big part of their future strategy, so perhaps the idea is that cloud hosting will be able to scale up indefinitely to even dedicated hosting levels.

One area of concern however is that they say that their cloud servers are located in New York City. That means they're not utilizing all their global servers to store your site and can't make use of geolocation - the ability to sever customers from the closest server. That's unfortunate!

Customer Interaction

This is where Hawk Host really hits it big. Their customer interactions are fantastic. First off, they have a very active blog with human blog posts about their business, the troubles they're facing etc. Second, they have a well managed and populated forum which they monitor, and provides a great platform for all their customers to come together. Their knowledgebase is also rather comprehensive, with details on how to perform lots of common cPanel tasks.

One area where they're lacking is live support. It seems that at one time they had both live chat and phone support, but both those options are gone now. Reading the forums, I see that they always had issues with both, and weren't able to respond to queries in real time. So now you can only submit your problems via the ticket submission process which gets good reviews from everyone who's used it.

So these are the plus and negative points of Hawk Host. A friendly and human company, with some very human flaws. Their plans are well segregated and cost effective. What more can you ask for?

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