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Added 2017-04-05

Enter this coupon code at checkout to save 30% on your first invoice. Valid on all new hosting plans including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

About Eleven2

Much of Eleven2's hosting plans share a lot of commonality between those of other providers. It's worth noting however, that unlike many other providers who openly claim to supply "Unlimited" resources of everything from disk space to bandwidth, Eleven2 clearly places limits on everything - which is good. It's not reasonable otherwise!

What really stands out about their offerings is the option for SSD storage. Right now, their shared hosting plans are bifurcated into two mutually exclusive sections - regular shared hosting, and SSD hosting.

SSD drives as we all know, deliver faster read/writes compared to regular drives. However, they're also a lot more expensive. Eleven2 gets around this by keeping the prices of SSD shared hosting the same, but halves the storage. All their SSD storage plans offer pretty much half disk space as their regular counterparts.

Datacenter Locations

Eleven2's datacenters are spread out across the globe. For their shared/ssd offerings, they have 3 locations, namely:

  1. US Based - Los Angeles and Dallas
  2. EU Based - Amsterdam
  3. Asia - Singapore

You can choose which of these datacenters you want to host your site on during the sign up process. Once set however, you can't change it.

Unless you use the "Cloud Hosting" option. One of the biggest benefits of cloud hosting is that the request will be served from whichever datacenter is closest to your end user. That's extremely useful!

cPanel and SSH Access

Unlike other providers, Eleven2 uses a customized control panel they call "ePanel". Unfortunately, it was last updated in 2012, and its features are now all standard in the latest versions of cPanel. It also has live chat built into it. The problem however is that their "demo" version doesn't seem to be working.

Also, you don't get SSH access unless you put in a customer support ticket. Which can be annoying if you regularly log into SSH to manage things on your server.

Plans also come with the RVSiteBuilder so you can get started on creating on site easily. But remember that migrating it out to another hosting account is going to be difficult and you have to rely on Eleven2 to help you out - which I don't know if they have a track record of doing.

In all, I would say that Eleven2 is sort of "ok". Their SSD offering is what really makes them stand out, and their choice of datacenters is nice - though other providers like InMotion also give us the same perks.

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