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About DailyRazor

DailyRazor is a hosting company that first came online on the 3rd of May 2005.S So it's been around for a while. Unlike other hosting companies, they make it pretty hard to get actual details of where they operate from, and it's nigh impossible to get the names of their management team, and who works there. None of this of course has a direct impact on the quality of their service, but a lot of people like to put a face to their hosting company, and DailyRazor just doesn't do that.

All the information that I've been able to get regarding them is from 3rd party sources like checking the Internet Wayback machine for when their site first appeared. Their office is in Maryland at the following address: 4500 Forbes Blvd suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706.

Services Provided

DailyRazor provides more subsidiary services than any other hosting provider I know. In addition to regular domain and website hosting, they also offer to design your website from scratch, install WordPress, create your social media accounts, give you a free domain name, and $100 dollars in Google Adwords credit (after spending a minimum of $25).

They also have a "SEO Package", that I'm pretty sure is a waste of money since they don't actually create any content for you. With their most expensive package, they will "optimize" 30 pages with 30 keywords and just do what you can learn in 5 minutes - optimize the title, and meta tags, images, and headings. You can do that yourself, as well as set up the search console and analytics.

Their main services are of course, hosting. And here's where they stand out.

Hosting Services Overview

DailyRazor has some of the cheapest hosting prices I've ever seen. Their prices are lower than other service providers even after you add a discount! Within their basic web hosting, they have an amazing bunch of specialized hosting options where they set up the frameworks for you depending on the type of technology you're using. Again, much of this might be redundant since you could set it up yourself, but that depends on the level of your technical expertise.

Most of it is just regular web hosting with a few bells and whistles. They offer a lot of Windows based technologies if you're using the appropriate programming languages like ASP.NET

Java Hosting

This one is the real deal. Unlike normal web hosting where you can pretty much install the packages yourself, Java is a whole different ballgame. Hosting a Java application is no easy task and requires a lot of modules and set up, as well as a specialized Tomcat hosting server. DailyRazor offers Java hosting in three different flavors - private, shared, and cloud. Each progressive option gives you more space, and more power.

VPS or Dedicated Hosting

DailyRazor offers no dedicated hosting whatsoever. It's only VPS plans. However, those plans are 100% unmanaged, which means you can do whatever you want on them with full root access - they're yours! They do offer management services for $50 an hour, so you can take them up on that if you get into trouble and need them to fix something for you.


DailyRazor's datacenters are located at Washington, DC metro area. The servers have all the facilities one would expect from a state of the art datacenter, including 2N redundancy, HIPAA compliance for sensitive health related data, mantrap entries etc. The servers are also equipped with the following:

Intel Quad Processor Quad Core Servers
1000Gbps Network Connections
RAID 10 Ultra-Fast Hard Drives

So that's a pretty comprehensive set of features and you couldn't ask for more!

Customer Support

Probably the weirdest thing about DailyRazor is that they offer no technical support over the phone. It's only via a "ticketing system" that they guarantee will be answered in 1 hour. That might make quite a few of you panicky who need something fixed now and need a real time conversation with someone to fix it! Personally, it would make me very wary indeed.

Regardless of how good a service is, it's going to go down some time or the other. And in those times of crisis, I prefer having a conversation with an individual either via chat or the phone to sort my issue out ASAP.

Disclosure: We receive a compensation from some of the companies whose products are presented on our website.