Creating the Right Type of Flow in Your Content Writing

Creating the Right Type of Flow in Your Content Writing

If you are an online business or blogger then you have to pay close attention to content writing. Having the right type of content is what attracts visitors to your website and this is very important for user engagement. If you can build momentum with your visitors then this will increase the chances of you achieving your bottom line. Depending on your niche this means more profits, traffic and conversions. However, here is the issue and it starts with being able to write engaging content which resonates with your readers. For example, one of the biggest issues I find with many blogs is the content is simply NOT structured correctly and this makes it hard to keep users on the page. When users abruptly leaves it’ll increase your bounce rate which lowers rankings within the SERP’s, etc.

Whenever you write content it’s important to create the right type of flow so you’ll be able to capture the reader’s attention. Let’s look at some of the fundamentals.

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Poor Research

One of the main reasons why bloggers are NOT able to write engaging content is because they simply don’t do the right research. I’ve noticed when I have the right information in front of me it will help me write content more accurately while making sure it’s structured correctly. You have so many tools available to you that are not only FREE, but provide valuable information. For example, Google Keyword Planner is the best to find trending keywords within your niche and you can implement them within your content going forward. Next,

You have competition online which you can learn from because many of them have been in the business longer and have done their research. Whatever is helping them resonate with their readers will help you because both of you are in the same niche.

Start by conducting the right type of research so you are guided and have focus when writing your content.

Content Structure

When writing content it’s important you have the right structure to streamline the reading process. What do I mean?

You should make sure you content is divided up into sections all focusing on a different sub-heading. This will allow you to write based on a different relevant, but “targeted” keyword. It will also make skimming very easy which is important especially because people are looking for information quickly. Another cool thing is it divides up lengthy content making people feel comfortable when reading through. One of the biggest things I hate when reading content is to deal with lengthy cluttered content. I find it makes things hard to read and it’s even harder to find the solution I’m looking for.

Start with 4-5 keywords and each one should be a sub-heading. Don’t forget to label them as H1, H2 or H3. Search engines will love this and will help you get indexed for the intended keywords.

Your Own Voice

Have you noticed brands have their own identity and voice which is very important in building your business. You want to be identified as someone different who is adding value to the niche. Whenever, I write content I’ll always write it out in my own voice then send it to get edited after. This will protect my content from losing its original flow which I feel is important to my success. The cool thing is writing in your own voice is NOT hard because all you have to do is focus and speak like you would to anyone else however this time your writing it down on paper.

Add Visual Aids

The great thing with an online blog is you have people from all over the world which can access your content. The bad thing is many of them will speak a different language which is why it’s important to incorporate visual aids where applicable. What are visual aids? Here are a few:

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Clipart
  • Charts

Having content with images will help people understand your content better and allow them to engage.

A picture does truly tells a 1,000 words

Think about how embedded an image next to your content will help your content get across to readers from different places in the world. It’s amazing how the use of images, videos and infographics has increased 10 x over the last 5 years.

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