Depending on the industry your in it’s important to know how to create mockups. What are mockups? They are quick designs of your projects and will allow you to manipulate elements until you find what works. It saves you the time of having to create an entire website then go back changing elements because your NOT happy with the final product. If you’re a designer, you’ll be able to provide your client with different layouts so they can choose which works. They can also ask you to change certain elements before they ask you to design the final product. At one point creating mock-ups would take enormous time however with so many tools available it can be done within minutes.

Today I’m writing content for bloggers and developers who do a lot of design work. My content will summarize in-depth how to design mockups within minutes using some FREE tools which are available to you. Let’s get started and your feedback is always appreciated. These are the top tools online which you guys have to checkout.



This is one of the best mockup tools online because it’s affordable, and provides a complete list of features. This tool provides a clean interface so you can drag & drop elements into place. It also has features so you have control over mobile application design and even banner animation. This tool became popular is of two things: First, it’s interface because it’s provides everything you need. Secondly, it’s very affordable so perfect for anyone getting started or those advanced developers.

Did I mention, you can quickly create .PDF brochures too.



This is another awesome tool because of the easy to use interface. It gives you complete control of design, and is very affordable. If you need a self-hosting tool which is affordable and quick to learn then UXpin is perfect for you. Here are some of the cool features included with this tool:

  • Unlimited projects so you can work with several at one time
  • Usage of grids, tables and quick snapping
  • Basic web and mobile elements so you can test project on different platforms
  • You can quick export in .PNG so you can send final mock-up to client for viewing & feedback.
  • Several integrations with the higher plans

As you upgrade your plan, you’ll be able to access some of the other features.



This is another very cool tool which starts you off with a FREE trial so you can test out the different features. The pricing is NOT too bad however you will be limited on the amount of projects you can complete with lower plans. Next, you’ll have to be part of the higher plans to really enjoy the features. Why would be use

If you are a beginner with very little projects then this online tool will be perfect for you. Let’s not forget the pricing is very cheap around $9.00/month for a beginner plan. Here are some features with the basic plan:

  • Drag & drop elements
  • Link between pages
  • Click between pages
  • Collaborate live
  • Easy export

Get started now with the free trial, and find out if this tool is right for you.



Amazing tool which has grown in popularity in recent years. It gives you a comprehensive list of features which will let you get almost every project completed. You have to be careful because the higher plans can be more pricy than others. I have used this tool for several months, and was impressed with the full features included. Let’s go over some of the awesome features:

  • Advanced prototyping
  • From Sketch To Polished
  • Publish & Share
  • Advanced collaboration
  • Online training

This tool does NOT have monthly pricing like others listed above so it will have to be bought outright. There are two different types of purchases you can make:

Standard: $289.00 and the other Pro Edition: $589.00


Final Thoughts

When choosing your mock-up tool I suggest always starting with the lowest plan so you can check out the interface. You want to find a tool which you are comfortable with so going forward you can produce the type of projects you want for your clients. This will also improve your company growth, and retention.

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