In the end, it’s all about finding content that others love to link to because this is what will increase your organic rank going forward. However, not everyone is on the same page as to what it takes to get others to link to your content. At one point it was as easy as writing and you would start to rank and drive traffic to your content almost immediately. However, it’s not the same anymore after Google has made enormous tweaks to their algorithm. Now you have to add value, be relevant and continuously update your content so that it stays relevant no matter what the date. The most important thing is getting people to link to your content because this shows value, and it’s what the Google algorithm is completely built on. For example,


They determine how value a website is by tracking down how many other websites link to the page. However, there is also a criterion that MUST be following in this sense to. For example, the site linking to you MUST be of value and MUST be relevant to your blog too. Today we’ll be exploring the following:

First, how can you write content that provides value and others will love to link to. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure your content is targeted which involves enormous research and dedication. The more time you spend researching, the better your content going forward. Third, you want to focus at getting targeted links from relevant websites because these add value. For example, no point in building links from sites which have nothing to do with your content…right? Fourth, you can increase your chances of external links by networking with the right people in your niche. Some of these can lead to links which can build momentum quickly and with very little work on your end.

Let’s get started and discuss my top 4-5 strategies to write content that people love to link to. Your feedback and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


In order to write the best content, it’s important you research every aspect of your topic and niche. It’s important you stay up-to-date with the changing trends and focus on what your readers are looking for. If you can write content that resonates with them, you’ll have no problem generating links and building momentum. With that said, what’s required in order to write content which provides the MOST value. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Relevance – It’s important you research using relevant keywords and on relevant blogs. By doing this you start to collect ideas very close to your bottom line and this will help you resonate with your readers. For example, no point in researching using keywords that have nothing to do with your business or blog…right? Always use your “target” keyword and related keywords to search topics and find blogs that are relevant to.
  • Competition – One of the best ways to perform research is by visiting your competition. They have been around longer and can provide you great insight into your niche. View where visitors on their sites are moving around and how they leave comments.
  • Forums – Great place to find content ideas and value because they are in real-time. For example, thousands of members are constantly writing and leaving posts which you can pull enormous information out of.

After you have done your research, it’s time to put your content together, but you have to keep in mind a few very important points that I’ll discuss below.

Writing Your Content

Whenever I write content I’ll pay close attention into what I’ve learned over the last few years. For example, I’ll go back and visit blogs I use to read or still do and look at how they structured their content. This is important to me because well-structured content will engage readers better than before. With that said, here are a few things I’ve learned about writing and structuring content.

  • Spacing – try to keep as much space between lines because this makes it easier for people to read going forward. Without spacing things looked cluttered and this will push readers away.
  • Images or infographics – it’s a good idea to use images and infographics because everyone can resonate with them going forward. You’ll have readers all over the world and some will NOT be able to engage with simple text so it’s important to have alternatives. This is why you’ve noticed many people will have written text and include audio transcripts.
  • Divide paragraphs – your paragraphs should not be longer then 5-6 sentences because again this feels like clutter. When this happens your bounce rate will increase and less people will engage. The less people who engage means a decrease in link opportunities.
  • Video – a great way to build engagement and get people to link to your content. Videos are practical and allow people to understand the material better which can be a huge bonus.

Case Studies

There are many different types of content you can write and from my experience the best are case studies. These provide raw data to be and help them avoid some of the unnecessary headaches of having to find things out on their own. I love case studies on marketing because they show me where NOT to invest and what I can do to make sure I get the MOST out of each click. In the end, the more clicks, the higher the ROI which is great for my bottom-line…right?

However, creating a case study does take time because you have to choose a topic which is trending or solves a major problem. Some of the best ones I’ve read over the years are:

  • Results of building links for 3 months;
  • PPC marketing case studies;
  • Social media case study;
  • Traffic increasing strategies.

All of the above case studies shed enormous light into what I should be doing to go from point A-Z with very little error. This is exactly why I prefer to read case studies than any other kind and over the years why I have personally linked to several case studies throughout my blogging.

  • I’ll be as vocal as possible – If you want enormous links to your content then create an awesome case study that solves a major problem. With that said, here are a few tips to help guide you in the right direction.
  • The topic – In order for you to resonate with your readers, it’s important you focus on a topic that solves a major problem within your niche.
  • Results – A case study involves serious effort because you are expected to keep track of results daily so you can show readers what you did every day and the results of your efforts.
  • Structure – It’s important you write out the results in an organized matter so that people have a clear conclusion in the end. No point in conducting a case study where results and data are NOT clear enough.

Once you have completed your case study, you can start to share in two ways. First, you can start to share it on social media which can generate enormous buzz in a very short period of time. Secondly, you can start to network which I’ll discuss below.


This is another awesome way to build links quickly to your content simply because of the value you provide. Bloggers are always looking to provide their readers which additional resources so will love to link to content they feel will accomplish this. I’ll admit, you’ll have to reach out to several bloggers on your own letting them know about your case study and how it relates to your niche as well as theirs. As an added bonus, I like to be very strategic in my approach and offer to make the authority blogger a part of my case study because this increases the likelihood of them sharing once I’ve published. If you have a handful of blogs you have been reading, then it’s great because you can reach out to those owners, however if you just started out then I would recommend doing the following.


Head over to Google and do a targeted search using your keywords or LSI (related keywords). Choose the top 3-4 results from every keyword and start to create a list so you can create a solid outreach campaign. In order to ensure the best outreach possible, please take your time writing your email and always construct customized emails depending on the blogger you are contacting. The show genuinely and makes you come out authentic in your approach.

Reach out to each one presenting your content asking them to share as it would help you out greatly. It’s a great idea to let them know why your content will be an asset and what you’ll do in return i.e. share their content, create an interview based on the blogger, or even write a product review.

I’ll admit many of them won’t answer in the beginning which is why it’s important to create a excel sheet outlining the bloggers you have contacted and which ones require a follow-up. Your efforts will NOT go un-rewarded because soon you’ll have a few write back and they’ll share with followers of 20,000+.

Final Thoughts

If you want people to link to your content, it’s important you follow the blueprint above. First, make sure your content is of value and provides substance. Next, make sure the structure is solid and the content is very easy to read. Third, find out what type of content resonates well with your readers. This is important because some will perform better then others. Finally, networking is a great way to get people to notice your content.  

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