How to Create a Landing Page for Campaigns and Track Conversions in WordPress

How to Create a Landing Page for Campaigns and Track Conversions in WordPress

Landing pages play a huge role in your site’s marketing strategy. If you have an email campaign or are taking out an AdWords advertisement in the Google search results, you need to design a specific section of your website where people can visit. This contact point is crucial because it is the first interaction between the user and your site. Landing pages typically aim to convert first-time visitors based on a variety of metrics. Either the goal is to get them to fill out a form, visit another page, get their e-mail ID, or get them to subscribe. Either way, without a proper measurable landing page, you will never know whether or not your campaign is a success. In addition, there are certain designs and templates that are proven to be effective. Luckily, there are dedicated tools to create a landing page that will help you with this.

These are not your regular website pages. While they can certainly be based on your theme, a good landing page is something unique and different. Let’s take a look at how to create one using a variety of inbuilt templates.

WordPress Landing Pages Plugin

Let’s create a basic landing page using a simple template consisting of a form. Users who click the form count as a conversion. Download and install the WordPress Landing Pages plug-in and on the left-hand side, you will see a new menu item called “Landing Pages”. Click the “Add New” link in the submenu and you will be taken to a screen with a variety of templates. Each of these is uniquely suited to a different purpose. The premium version of this plug-in has a large number of specially customized pages. But even the free version has a very wide selection. In this example, I choose the Simple Solid Lite template and if you click it, you will be taken to a screen where you can enter the name of the new landing page as shown here:

select template and create

Proceed to the next screen and we can start building out the template. There are two editors here. The first is the familiar title and content. But when you scroll down, you’ll see a new section where you can enter the form details. Let’s build out a new form by clicking the “Marketing” button as shown below.

new marketing form

This plug-in has an inbuilt form creation process even though you can use third-party forms as well. Click “Build a Form” on the popup and in the next screen, you can choose the starting template:

form template

You can see that there are three preset options. I choose the last one that requires people to fill out their company details, and stick with the default options since this is just an example for test purposes. Save the form, and the shortcode will be entered into the visual editor:

form shortcode

Our landing page is now essentially complete. Save it and view the custom post in a new tab. Here is what the default appearance looks like:

final landing page

There is a large amount of customization you can apply to the page, including the color, the form fields, the logo, and social sharing buttons. One of the best features is the ability to add a variation on the landing page as a form of A/B testing. Simply click the “Add New Variation” tab in the first editor in the design page.

new variation

As people visit and sometimes fill in the form, you can keep track of the percentage. Visit the “Landing Pages” main page that is accessible on the left-hand side and you can see the conversion ratios for all page variations at a glance. This is a great way to not only create a landing page, but also find out what works best for your users.

conversion stats

“Landing Pages” is a fine edged tool that serves its purpose very well. It may take a while to go through all the options and learn how to use it effectively, but it’s one of the most comprehensive landing page plug-ins for WordPress.

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